Wedding Blues: How to Get the Moms together

One of the most awkward situations you could’ve been into is getting your mom and future mother-in-law to get together. The key to that is to make them feel involved. Here are some of the tips that you might want to sneak at:

Talk. Ask your moms about their wedding day, how they did it, how did it turn out. Talking with them about their life stories would make them feel important. Also, if you have personal anxiety issues or nervousness about being engaged, they surely are the ones who would help you and give you the best of advice.

Have a date. Fit in your schedule a girls’ day out with your moms on their favorite café or department store. Then, maybe take them out to help you decide on your wedding dress and accessories. After all, what’s a better girls’ date than shopping? Having a girls’ date with your moms would give them time to bond and be more comfortable with each other. They will see each other often, so it’s better to help them get to know each other well and welcome one another as a part of one big family.

The Guestlist. Let them take over the guest list and invite their beloved friends. They would surely love to see them on your wedding day.

Give the moms a chance to be together, so they can be comfortable with being a part of one family.

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