Vape Wedding: The Newest Trend for the Teenagers

Smoking is known to provide more harm yet it is such a difficult habit to break. That is why the culture of vaping, especially in Laval has been recommended and its use has been more increasing because it eliminates most of the damaging aspects of smoking while still enjoying the relief it brings.

And because of its popularity and its tone-down effects, events have been adopting it as a social activity and to some degree, teens have been using it as a wedding theme.

Wedding Planners

The trend can only be a success if there is total management from the wedding planner. People trying to have a wedding want a wedding planner who has extensive knowledge in vaping so that it can be incorporated in almost all aspects of the wedding in whatever scale of the detail.

If vaping was set to be the main theme, the would-be-wed couples have to invite guests that can accept the radical approach. It will be the wedding planner’s job to train them for etiquette, set social standards, and offer new vaping experiences.

Wedding Photography

There are many things you can do to the smoke creatively during vaping compared to smoking. Thus, this can lead to many great manipulated effects that can suit well for a photoshoot and videography.

Accredited sellers said that their accessories are also being purchased for the purposed of vape wedding. It will be no surprise since videographers will always find solutions in order to create amazing finishes for every shot without the reliance on computer graphics.

Social Media Explosion

Social media are always effective and affordable platforms for businesses. The audience reach can spread so wide and the interested viewers can be so diverse. For a new trend as a vape wedding, online platforms are the only reason why such an idea exploded into a craze.

Obviously, newlywed couples post their wedding shots on social media, and wedding coordinating businesses take full advantage of their clients. Seeing photos of the couple engulf artistically by the meticulously crafted smoke from vaping is already enough to encourage a few more couples to try the same too or even take it to the next level.

Toasting Replacement

Toasting with champagne seems a bit formal and even expensive. For a couple enjoying vaping, this can be a great avenue to replace the old tradition. Though it may not be for everybody, it is to be expected on a vape wedding.

Guests will be distributed flavors to be used for toasting. The tradition can even extend to souvenir giftings, and even in reception activities.


It is expected that teens will try to pick up vaping instead of smoking, especially the privileged ones. Yet, the idea of a wedding might be a bit extreme, and so merging the two can be a disaster. However, this doesn’t limit them from not having a vape wedding once they will be entering the appropriate age and situation as they continue to practice the habit of vaping.

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