The Top 5 Wedding Color Schemes for Summer 2019

Coral and Green. Coral is 2019’s color. Combining it with green would give an elegant yet flamboyant look. Coral tends to complement green since it is a popping color and would be great for any color combination.

Tangerine and Fuchsia Pink. This fruity color combination really looks like summer. It’s gorgeous, fresh, and non-suffocating. It would also look good for bridesmaid dresses, and it’s good to have as accents for male suits. As a bonus, these color combination is recommended by designers since it creates an illusion of the body where their details become more firm-looking than what it actually is.

Fuchsia and Aqua. This color combination is often used for beach weddings and is best for tropical country destination weddings. Both colors are dominant, so neither of the two is being overpowered. It’s a pop summer color scheme that would be appealing to all types of guests. Having this color combination for center pieces and bouquet would make the location look lively and feel more like summer.

Teal and Ivory. Everything that’s incorporated with ivory gets better. Teal and Ivory would bring out each others’ color. These two colors are both summer symbols and are appealing. This color combo tends to attract bohemian vibes.

Pale Yellow and Pastel Blue. The color combination of pale yellow and pastel blue gives off a fresh, airy summer ambiance. Combining two pastel colors look low-key classy and smart. This color combo is starting to be a trend for beach weddings and hotel receptions.

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