Full Wedding Planning

From day 1 until the big day, we will be with you. We promise to give you your wedding the way you envisioned it to be. Let our wedding specialists guide and assist you from the littlest detail up to the largest center-of-attraction detail on your special day.

Inclusions of Full Wedding Planning

  • Consultation and Initial meeting with the prospect clients. This is the stage where we exchange thoughts and personal information in order to get to contact one another. We oath to have confidentiality with our clients’ data.
  • Online consultation and full-time availability of the wedding planners when it comes to catering their clients
  • Planning and meeting schedules according to the client’s rules and specifications
  • Budget planning and forecasting
  • Preparation of contract timeline and wedding checklists
  • Assistance provided by our wedding specialists during bookings and reservations
  • Planning the over-all color-scheme, theme, style and ambiance of the wedding
  • Provision of wedding etiquette advice

Our wedding planners will provide you with a wide range of choices of vendors and suppliers to cater the celebration until you choose the one that would best fit your preferences and budget allocation. Some of the vendors or service suppliers you would need are:

  • Baker  and Pastry supplier
  • Food Caterer
  • Florists
  • Musicians and Wedding Singers
  • Photography team
  • Wedding Apparel Rentals
  • Videography team
  • Wedding Attire Designers team
  • Transportation and Chauffeurs team

As we are the ones who will provide you with these choices, we are also the one who will coordinate with them for you. We only give you the best and experienced wedding team partners to ensure the quality of services and products that they will provide. We will also give the client real-time updates on the changes and progress of the negotiations we had with the team.

Planning of the Whole ceremony

Final walk-through with the client on the location of the ceremony

Inventory accounting of supplies, giveaways, food and displays a day or two before the exact wedding date

Our team will be with the client during the final rehearsal to know about some last-minute changes and work on it immediately. Our planning team will be within the client’s reach up until the rest of the accommodation days and until all the wedding photos and videos are received with the client. We are very willing to help our client and provide after-care assistance services.