Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding Consultation and Planning Services

Are you planning to have your big day under the hot tropical sun in Asia or say your vows in the winter snow of Europe? If you’re planning a wedding outside your country, then check out our Wedding Girl Planner’s Destination Wedding Package!

Destination Wedding Package


Each client will be given his or her own destination wedding specialist who will guide them all throughout. The destination wedding specialist will help you plan everything – from the setting to the number of guests.


From hectic book travels to hotel or resort accommodations, we’ll take the duties all the way! We help our clients choose the best possible place fit for their budget plans that would not only make them but most especially their guest to be at the most comfortable and satisfactory state they can be. Moreover, we also take charge of catering overseas guests—we connect flights, airport transfers, and travel insurance bookings and negotiations.


Place – First, you’ve got to choose a place. Don’t worry though. We’ll help you with that. We can talk about your personal preferences, and our team could make a good suggestion that might help you know where your memorable wedding day should take place.

Date – You would need to choose and set a date. This would make a timeline of preparation we would be needing while making consultations and doing the planning processes.

Wedding packages – Once your place and date are already set, our team will coordinate with the chosen location and inquire about their wedding package offers. Then, we will present to you the choices, so you can evaluate which is the best for you and your guests.

Confirmation – Contract signing will be critical in this business relationship in order for us to have a strong bond and go over the process soundly.

Wedding Invitations – When everything is set, we provide you custom-designed PDF invitations of your preferred style and theme in which you can choose and modify such until you get satisfied with how it looks like.

Coordinating with your team – We’ll take care of everything. We will be coordinating with your events team and tell them to make your day the best you’d like it to be.

Budget forecasting – We provide budgeting forecasts for you to be able to track your expenses and prepare for possible amounts needed for the completion of the project.

Online consultation – We provide 5 hours of wedding consultation via e-mail which would be convenient for long-distance and fully-scheduled clients.

Legalities and Stuff – Whenever needed, we are ready to help you comply and submit legal documents required by the government.