Day of Coordination

The Wedding Girl Planner provides an all-in Day of Coordination package to keep you at ease on your wedding day. Having professional service that would cue your music, coordinate with your vendors, and ensure the decorations and venue set-up during your special day will take all the hassle and stress away.

Your day is not the time to make mistakes. Your day is not the time to ask for your family and friends’ assistance.

Your wedding day should be flowing perfectly and will leave you and your guests happily engaged with the moment. On the wedding day, we need the bride to just sit back and enjoy each moment of her most-awaited life event.

Day of Coordination Package includes:

  • Planning and meeting with the client, approximately one month before the wedding. This is to give the planners the information they need about the vendors, the supplies, decorations, and the exact setting of the event.
  • We provide updates to the client online or personally, and we make sure that we are readily available every time the client has queries.
  • We provide a custom-made wedding timeline with rehearsal schedules to the client and to the important guests.
  • Confirmation of wedding vendors a week before the wedding day
  • We are also with you during the final on-site rehearsal. Plus, during the wedding day, we also have a wedding emergency kit ready!