Bridal Shower Family Feud: Questions, Answers and Rules

Welcome to the fun! Today, we are spicing things up with our bridal shower version of the ‘Family Feud’ game. Grab a copy of the family feud game template, join a team, and see who can guess the top answers to make this day as memorable as our bride-to-be!
Introduce the Bridal Shower Family Feud Game to the Guests
Here is what you can say:
“Before we dive into the cake and champagne, we’ve got a super fun game lined up called ‘Bridal Shower Family Feud.’ Trust me, it’s easy, …

Casino App-Themed Wedding Ideas to Make the Event Extra Fun

A wedding is a celebration of love, joy, and the promise of a lifetime together. For couples seeking a unique and entertaining twist for their big day, why not roll the dice and bet on love with a casino app-themed wedding? This is especially perfect for couples who meet in the casino, work in one, or are fond of it. Explore the excitement of a virtual casino with personalized casino apps, adding a modern touch to your wedding festivities.
Making a casino-themed wedding may not be a conventional choice, but the element of fun …

Should You Serve CBD-Infused Foods and Drink at Your Wedding?

There has been increased CBD food and drinks at cocktails and events recently. This acceptance has helped CBD grow into a billion-dollar industry. Weddings have begun infusing this substance into items on the menu, including the cake. Some even experiment with exotic cannabinoids like BudPop’s THCa, adding a unique twist to traditional recipes.
A Little About CBD
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a derivative of marijuana without THC. THC is the substance in cannabis that gives the psychoactive effect of euphoria. CBD is widely used to treat ADHD, anxiety, sleep disorders, and pain. It…

7 Creative Ideas for a Vape-Inclusive Wedding

Are you and your partner vape enthusiasts looking to incorporate this aspect of your lifestyle into your big day? You’re not alone! As vaping becomes more prevalent, couples are seeking unique ways to include it in their wedding celebrations.
Luckily, we have compiled seven creative ideas that will help make your vape-inclusive wedding memorable while ensuring it’s enjoyable and comfortable for everyone. Elevate your wedding celebration with a touch of modernity by seamlessly integrating top vaping products into your big day.
Enhanced …

Tips on How You Can Incorporate CBD on Your Big Day

Wedding preparations are indeed stressful. As much as possible, you want to feel more confident in the decisions you make for your wedding. Luckily, you can have that relaxing feeling when you add CBD or cannabidiol to your routine. So how can you include CBD on your big day? These tips will surely help:
It’s been a trend to give a lot of effort into weddings as much as the gifts you’ll receive on your big day. You can make a sophisticated box for groomsmen and bridesmaids and fill it with amanita muscaria gummies that can help them feel relaxed …

Getting in Shape for a Wedding with a Little Help from SARMS

A wedding is a cherished milestone in life, celebrating love, commitment, and the start of a new journey. It’s only natural to want to look and feel your best on this special day. Whether you’re the bride, groom, or a guest, incorporating Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMS) from recommended retailers into your routine can help you achieve your fitness goals in time for the big day.
1. Setting Clear Goals
Before embarking on any fitness journey, it’s crucial to define your goals. Are you aiming to shed a few pounds, tone …

Vape Wedding: The Newest Trend for the Teenagers

Smoking is known to provide more harm yet it is such a difficult habit to break. That is why the culture of vaping, especially in Laval has been recommended and its use has been more increasing because it eliminates most of the damaging aspects of smoking while still enjoying the relief it brings.
And because of its popularity and its tone-down effects, events have been adopting it as a social activity and to some degree, teens have been using it as a wedding theme.
Wedding Planners
The trend can only be a success if there is total management …

The Perfect Beach Wedding

Beach weddings have been a trend since the early 2010s. The sea always looks romantic, so having your special day beside it would be perfect and really intimate. If you’re planning to have one, here are some of the home and garden hacks that might actually help:
Be Ready for the Weather! Since you’re having a beach wedding, be ready for a windy event. Let your hairstylist know about it and ask for some recommendations. It’s better to have soft braids or free-flowing hair with no harsh hair sprays. Hair sprays harden the hair which would make it frizz a lot during a windy day.
Bless the Dress….

Wedding Blues: How to Get the Moms together

One of the most awkward situations you could’ve been into is getting your mom and future mother-in-law to get together. The key to that is to make them feel involved. Here are some of the tips that you might want to sneak at:
Talk. Ask your moms about their wedding day, how they did it, how did it turn out. Talking with them about their life stories would make them feel important. Also, if you have personal anxiety issues or nervousness about being engaged, they surely are the ones who would help you and give you the best of advice.
Have a date. Fit …

The Top 5 Wedding Color Schemes for Summer 2019

Coral and Green. Coral is 2019’s color. Combining it with green would give an elegant yet flamboyant look. Coral tends to complement green since it is a popping color and would be great for any color combination.
Tangerine and Fuchsia Pink. This fruity color combination really looks like summer. It’s gorgeous, fresh, and non-suffocating. It would also look good for bridesmaid dresses, and it’s good to have as accents for male suits. As a bonus, these color combination is recommended by designers since it creates an illusion of the body where their details become more firm-looking than what it …