Needing an abrupt proposal or looking for the perfect wedding? Don’t know what to do or where to start? Worry not as you came at the right place. Here at the Wedding Girl Planner, we’ve got you covered! Welcome to your One-Stop-Wedding-Shop!

What Does the Wedding Girl Planner Do?

We act as wedding planners for generally all types of weddings there is. We cater to those who already have their dream wedding in mind, we accommodate couples who want exotic or unique themes for their special day, and we guide those couples who are yet undecided on how their wedding should go. We give them ideas and additional recommendations that we think would help them know what they want.

We have been in the industry for quite some time—enough to give expert opinions to our clients. Also, we provide budgeting forecasts and an overview of expenses that could possibly be incurred. We do not want our clients to be surprised by the hefty amount of money their wedding requires and have unexpected out-of-the-pocket expenses in the end. We do what you want us to do. We support. We guide. We’ll help you plan your special day.