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March 18, 2010

Find your inner Pole Goddess at S.A.S.S.!!

Tonight, I had the opportunity to try one of the most uniquely incredible workouts I’ve ever tried… pole dancing!

SASS (Shanyn’s Artistic Strength Studio) is about expression of strength, beauty and art through the movement of your body.


Shanyn is a young mother of two who shares her time between being a mommy and a pole dancer.  She has absolutely no experience as an exotic dancer and is 100% self-taught. With a background in gymnastics, she saw a dance pole as nothing more than another apparatus, and even without ever having touched one, she knew she had to try it.  Shanyn bought a pole, installed it in her dining room and discovered an effective way to release all the days stress while staying in shape and revealing the goddess within.

Now, Shanyn teaches women to shed their outer layer and reveal the beautiful and confident women within. She has combined her pole dancing skills with her personal training certification and gymnastics background and has designed a program for all women, any size and shape, to begin and continue to learn the art of pole dancing.

According to Shanyn,

Pole dancing is no longer for the women who we could never imagine being like, it is for the women who are just like us.  It is a great way to get an amazing body while feeling completely empowered and beautiful while enjoying your workout.  It is all about using something that has, for years, been seen as a sexual apparatus and using it as our tool to better our bodies and self esteem.”


Tonight, I not only watched Shanyn teach three Level 1 graduates some more advanced pole dancing moves, I was lucky enough to be included in the class and “give it a whirl” myself! (she makes it look so much easier than it is!)

I was also lucky enough to have Shanyn perform some incredible pole dancing choreography, as well as show me her amazing talents on the “silks” (which she is available to perform on at weddings!! – Contact me for more details!)

For those of you in the Niagara / Hamilton / GTA area, interested in coming out to a private WeddingGirl.ca beginner level course (Pole Dancing, Level 1) starting in mid-April with Shanyn, please contact us for details!

For more information about the amazing work Shanyn does, visit her website at PoleFit.ca!

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