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April 11, 2011

And they all lived Happily Ever After….

A few months ago, Rick, Jay and Mary got together to create the Wedding Day Threesome contest. The inspiration behind the idea was to join fabulous forces and give one lucky bride and groom an amazing wedding package that included photography, cinema, and event design and planning. With some sassy marketing, some creative talents, and lots of time, effort, and dedication, the Threesome Contest was born.

Phase I of the contest, Sharing, left dozens of brides in a frenzy to get 100 of their Facebook friends to Like + Add + Join the Rick Denham Photography Page, the WeddingGirl Dot Ca Profile, and the Captivate Bridal Cinema group on Facbeook. It didn’t happen without some competition, though! Brides begged, pleaded, and bribed friends and family to join in the madness. There were anonymous letters of speculation emailed to us about brides creating “fake profiles” and brides not following through on promises made in return for “votes”. In the end, we decided it was more important to trust our couples than to cloud our judgment with anonymous accusations. While many tried, few succeeded…. and we welcomed our Phase I finalists to Phase II.

Wedding day photography, cinema, and planning / coordination requires a strong personality fit between the bride and groom, and all the specific vendors involved. Beyond the pictures themselves, the video captured, or the itinerary created, personalities must accentuate one another and complement one another to seamlessly transition from the hectic planning beforehand, to the stressful moments on the Day Of — all to come together to create a perfect Ever After for the newlyweds. Phase II, Submitting, of the Threesome Contest was designed to get to know the couples behind the profiles. We wanted to see the who’s, what’s, where’s, when’s, and why’s, and get to know each wonderful pair the same way they had gotten to know us! Initially, the plan was to only have 3 couples advance to the third and final contest Phase… but after laughing, crying, and sharing our thoughts on what we’d read from our submissions wit one another, we knew that 6 couples needed to advance. With that, we welcomed some Terrific Two’s to the third and final phase of the Wedding Threesome contest.

Beyond getting to know our couples on paper, Phase III was designed to see personality, creativity, and dedication come pouring through in a Wedding Threesome Photoshoot. We joined efforts in creating some unique challenges and anxiously awaited the results our finalists submitted. Phase III, like the previous two stages of our contest, came with its ups and downs. In the end, we got together to review the photos that had been posted, compared them against what we expected and had hoped to see, and while initially, we hadn’t planned on explicitly stating whose photos won each category, in light of recent developments, we’ve decided to  share our individual results:


Wedding Party Honeymoon Night

Wedding Day Family Photo at a famous landmark

Wedding Day Threesome


A photo with another Bride and Groom at THEIR wedding

- First place went to Jen and Ned (and their fabulous wedding-crashing story!) — {photo unavailable}

Proposal Scene, in costume

Wedding Ceremony Role Reversal (a TIE!)


Wedding night attire

A Do-It-Yourself Wedding Cake (also a TIE!)

- a tie for First place also went to Melinda and Mike (and their amazing wedding-cake creation) — {photo unavailable}

And last but not least….. a DIY engagement ring re-creation! (another TIE!)

- the tie for First place went to Jen and Ned (and their beautiful bright blue design!  – {photo unavailable}

The Selection….

Phase III of the Wedding Threesome contest allowed us to see personality, creativity, enthusiasm, and commitment come shining through. All of our couples put in a tremendous amount of effort – which they all deserve an amazing amount of recognition for! We loved the work that we saw, but in the end, we had to choose one winner. Winning 7 out of 9 photo categories, Brenda and Kris were the Wedding Day Threesome contest winners!

Second Place….

A special Congratulations goes out to our  Second Place Threesome prize winners, with 3 out of 9 photo categories, the awesome Jen and Ned!

Everyone’s a winner….

Rick, Jay, and Mary all recognize how hard each finalist couple worked to complete their Wedding Threesome Photoshoot. In an effort to reward everyone for their commitment to our contest, special consolation prizes will be sent out to each couple!

** all prize details will be sent out to each couple personally!

A personal note from Mary….

When Rick and Jay and I first decided to create the Wedding Threesome contest, we were excited to showcase a new idea and meet some amazing couples. We could never have expected the tremendous response that we received and we’re all so flattered that this endeavour has meant so much to each and every one of you!

As any pilot project has, our First Threesome contest came with wrinkles that needed to be ironed… details that needed to be sorted… and lessons that needed to be learned.

We are all real people: with real jobs, real commitments, and while we love what we do, we are still doing our best to balance it all with day-to-day responsibilities.

We wish to extend our sincere apologies should any aspect of this contest process have caused confusion, frustration, or impatience. We have had a great time together (despite the ups and downs) and we look forward to a bigger and better Threesome contest next year!

All our love,

The Threesome team.

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April 8, 2011

Our $10,000 Wedding Day Threesome Contest :: The Big Reveal!!

Once upon a time…. (about 2 months ago)

Rick Denham, Captivate Bridal Cinema, and WeddingGirl.ca had a secret…

The Secret from Captivate Bridal on Vimeo.

Then, they shared some outtakes….

Wedding Day Threesome : All Clapped Out from Captivate Bridal on Vimeo.

… and announced the details….

Win a Wedding Threesome from Captivate Bridal on Vimeo.

Phase I of our contest was a mad scramble to get 100 Facebook friends to Like | Add | Join all three of our Pages | Profiles | Groups.

Once the liking, adding, and joining was complete, Phase II required some pen-to-paper! — we wanted to get to know our couples’s Who’s, What’s, and Why’s via written contest submissions!

Originally, the plan was to have 3 couples advance to Phase III of our Threesome contest (notice the trend?!) — but we opted to include 6 — since we loved each and every single one of them!

Phase III of our contest likely took the cake for the most crazy|original|creative|ridiculous|exciting plans any of these couples have ever made together!

Our final 6 brave couples worked hard for 3 weeks to take 3 photos from 3 categories we gave them: People, Places, and Things!


1) We wanted to see what Honeymoon Night #1 would look like if the entire wedding party was in the room

2) We wanted to see a Wedding Day family photo at the couples’ nearest famous landmark

3) We wanted to see a photo of our couple with their Wedding Day Threesome!


1)  We told our couples to take a picture of themselves with a bride and groom at THEIR wedding (with proof of the date!)

2)  We asked our couples to recreate their proposal scene, in costume

3) We wanted to see what our couples’ ceremony would look like if the bride was the groom and the groom was the bride!


1) Our couples were instructed to take the dress the groom wore from the role reversal and alter it into something the bride would wear on her wedding night

2) We instructed the brides and groups to create a DIY wedding cake!

3) … and last but not least, we wanted to see a giant recreation of the engagement ring (submitted with a photo next to the actual ring).

… with the contest closed, we headed to our favourite local hang-out to review the entries…

We got some AMAZING contest submissions, but one couple really stood out:

Brenda and Kris were our Threesome winners, and we set out to pull off our Big Unveil surprise!

Here’s how it all went down!

We Have a Winner :: Brenda+Kris :: Our Wedding Day Threesome Contest Winners from Captivate Bridal on Vimeo.

And the Wedding Day Threesome lived Happily Ever After….

… but it’s not The End yet! Special 2nd place and Finalist prizes will be announced tomorrow!

Same time. same place. Stay tuned!

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