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September 15, 2010

Wedding Centrepieces vs. Wedding Tablescapes | Above and beyond traditional decor….

I wrote yesterday about how how I love wedding centerpieces (or centrepieces!) to be different – about how square vases fit perfectly together to create a single decor piece that incorporates various elements of design, and how the clean lines and straight corners really embellish contemporary, modern, funky design styles. By the time I finished writing yesterday’s blog, I realized that it’s not only the conjoining of various elements that I’m crazy about, it’s also the dynamic visual appeal of multi-leveled, tiered centerpieces… which I realized have a name….. tablescapes!

Just like the name implies, a tablescape is a landscape for your wedding table, rather than just a single, solitary centerpiece. According to Suite101.com, a Tablescape refers to the interplay of decor elements that create a sort of vignette of the table. Your wedding tablescape is made up of table linens, serving platters, flatware, china, and the decorative flowers, candles, and other elements you use to exaggerate your wedding theme. Your tablescape is made up of all the elements of your wedding design: flowers, colours, textures, and overall feel of your event. Like I asked yesterday…. are you going for modern contemporary or classic timeless? will you be using candlelight or LED’s? pretty peonies or bare branches?

Here are some examples of wedding reception tablescapes:

Wedding tablescapes can range from insanely expensive to ridiculously affordable, depending on how you plan on combining all your decor elements. Rentals (like the above black vintage-contemporary lamps) are pricey, and so are multitudes of florals like in the photo above that one…. but candles, vases, and elegant touches of florals can be combined to be stunningly beautiful, and done on a budget!

My favourite way to create a tablescape without breaking the bank? water!

Using various heights of vases with various levels of water in them, you can float candles and/or flowers to create a dynamic tablescape centerpiece without spending more (or sometimes even spending less!) than you would on a standard, floral, topiary-style centerpiece. You can take another $2-$3 from your budget, buy some food colouring, and have your decorator, florist, or Day-Of Coordinator tint the water for you to add even more splash of colour to your reception space!

IMPORTANT: If you’re looking to create a tablescape rather than centepriece for your wedding reception tables, consider the following:

- Does the venue have a candle rule? (most venues are okay with candles, so long as they’re enclosed in glass). Some venues even allow open flames but ask you to consider drafts in the rooms that will cause certain candles to burn much faster than others

*** very important – DO NOT buy your candles at the dollar store! they burn much hotter (two wicks) and more smokey (poor wax quality) than standard candles, and this WILL set of venue smoke alarms (I speak from experience)

- How much serving space will your catering staff require on each table? if you are having a family style dinner, more platters will be put on the table than if you’re serving a plated or buffet-style meal

- How will you get rid of all the centerpieces at the end of the night? will guests take individual vases? will someone pack them up so you can sell them afterwards?

…. just some tips to think about, care of a wedding planner ;)

Happy Tablescape-ing!

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July 27, 2010

Wedding Decor that’s nothing short of *Simply Beautiful* | by Studio67!

Today, I’m showcasing what happens when my favourite cinematographers, Wanda and Brian at Studio67, meet my favourite decorator, Angelica at Simply Beautiful Decor, and create a promotional clip that is nothing short of spectacular…..

Although, I really shouldn’t be surprised!!

Simply Beautiful Decor from Studio67 on Vimeo.

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November 4, 2009

Planning your wedding reception like a pro…

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Every once in a while, TheKnot.com sends me random emails with articles about planning a wedding. I found the latest article particularly useful in illustrating the ways in which every bride can make her reception memorable, so ofcourse – I thought I would share!

1) Match your wedding reception mood to your wedding reception space

- if you’re getting married in an old, Victorian mansion, use vintage elements of decor… while a modern, contemporary ballroom calls for a more funky/edgy design concept

victorianmansion-wedding- if you’re getting married outdoors, embrace its whimsical nature (no pun intended) and avoid tightly-bound modern floral centerpieces (opting instead for more loosely, hand-tied bouquets of wildflowers)

2) Create common elements

- a wedding ‘theme’ doesn’t necessarily have to be made up of Halloween decor or medieval costumes…. just find common elements of decor (i.e. white and silver or gold and ivory, sparkles, pearls, a certain kind of flower, etc) and tie these in throughout the venue


3) Lighting

- one of the most dramatic ways to enhance your reception space and audibly hear guests gasp upon entering: lighting. Definitely worth the high-ticket expense! ( and can easily be offset with budget alternatives for other details)


4) Ceiling

- if it’s unsightly, cover it up!!


5) Floor

- …. refer to #4!! (you can rent carpeting, a wooden floor, or just “puddle” your linens)


6) Fill your space

- borrow antique furniture from a relative or furnish your vintage wedding with Flea Market finds, or splurge on contacting a movie props company for furniture rental or large set decor


7) Texture breaks up the monotony of standard reception spaces


8) Be creative…

… with clothesline escort cards, mason jar votive candle holders, and branch decor.


9) Be mindful of first impressions


10) Don’t forget the hallways


11) Embellish the bar

- it’s a great idea to do something unique to make your bar area just as elaborate as the rest of your reception space, but avoid putting anything on the counter itself (i.e. flowers) – it disrupts the bartender’s activities. There are some companies that will rent lit-up or themed bars for events.


12) Mix and Match your table sizes

- if you’re looking for a more intimate feel, opt for large square or rectangular king’s tables rather than standard banquet rounds.


13) Dazzle-up your chairs

… but make sure they’re still comfortable to sit on! (this picture also shows mismatched tables and decor – and how well it can be done!!)


14) Don’t forget the bathrooms…


15) Don’t let anyone get lost!


16) Tiny little extras…

… like personalized cocktail napkins or themed napkin rings, carry your decor right through to the dinner table… and throughout the night!


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