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March 21, 2012

Millinery love with Blair Nadeau <3

{ the Definition }

millinery [ˈmɪlɪnərɪ -ɪnrɪ]


1. (Clothing & Fashion) hats, trimmings, etc., sold by a milliner


From the moment we laid eyes on it, we couldn’t help but fall in love with Blair Nadeau’s gorgeous work.  No doubt you will too!

Milliner Blair Nadeau releases her

2012 Bridal Millinery Collection


S/S12 Fascinator Collection

{ Photography Credit goes to the fabulously talented Tara West. }


{ the Details }

Blair Nadeau Millinery is handmade in a beautiful, bright, loft in Toronto Ontario.  The designer handcrafts beautiful bridal and fashion millinery for the both the bold and the classic, utilizing traditional millinery techniques set with a modern edge.  Classically trained in Fashion Design, she incorporates trends the latest runways, colours, fabrics and motifs to set her designs apart.  Blair has designed for 5 day old new borns to 78 year old fashionistas and everyone in between all the while creating a loving following ranging from bridesmaids, to the audacious Red Hat Ladies.

Released on Feb 19 2012, Blair Nadeau’s new 2012 Collections embody all things whimsical and wonderful for both the audacious bride, the classic bride, the whimsical wedding guest and the Fashionista.  Each bridal piece and fascinator is lovingly hand created by the designer herself, crafting every design out of luxurious silks, jacquards, organzas, voiles and shantungs.  The fascinators are accented with geniune swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, hand-picked feathers, whimsical buds and twigs in the most creative and playful of ways.

“Inspired first and foremost, by my Grandmother and of the carefree summer days of yester-year, our 2012 Bridal Millinery Collection and S/S12 Fascinator Collection blossomed and bloomed into a beautiful tangle of Twigs, Ribbons, Flowers and Butterflies.”

 The Collections are created with beautiful muted palettes of Golden Ochre, Sage Green, Moss, Twig Brown, Rustic Orange, Country Blue, Creamy Ivory and Dusty Champagnes. Victorian Vintage is a soft and whimsical tale fashioned by those easy innocent late summer days strolling through the meadow, in the late 1800s.


{ the 2012 look book }









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