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March 22, 2010

Congratulations Grace and Ajay! – An Asian-Fusion Wedding in the GTA

Grace and Ajay met in school, fell in love, and on March 20th, the first day of Spring, celebrated their blooming love!

The night before the wedding, the bridal party stayed overnight onsite at the The Old Mill Inn and Spa. Bright and early, Maggie Ng arrived to do hair and makeup, while Boston Images took photos.

I arrived at the reception venue, the Oakville Conference Centre, bright and early, to verify setup (ivory damask table cloths with black chair covers), put out the votive candles we picked up at wholesale, and tuck Grace and Ajay’s personalized wedding favours (plantable seed cards) into the pocked-folded linen napkins at each place setting.

After ensuring that everything was set up at the reception venue, I arrived at The Old Mill with the ceremony flowers and personal flowers created by Jessica at Fleurish Design Studio. The men wore lime green cymbidium orchid boutonnieres, while the girls and Bride carried brightly-coloured, Spring-inspired bouquets wrapped in purple satin ribbon,  with the bride’s bouquet finished off in classic ivory satin.

At the Old Mill Chapel, Reverend Allan Logan married Grace and Ajay in a candlelit ceremony in the presence of a small group of their wedding guests. (This photo is from the Old Mill website. Unfortunately, with the low-lighting at the chapel, it was impossible for me to take any photos of the Ceremony with my little, hot pink, point-and-shoot camera, so I’ll have to wait until Boston Images work their photographic magic and send me some teasers!)


An organist, made available by the venue, played romantic renditions of processional classics while the Mothers of the Bride and Groom, and 5 groomsmen, made their way to the front of the chapel. They were followed by 5 bridesmaids in stunningly elegant knee-length, purple dresses.


Throughout the day, I had the opportunity to work alongside some fantastic vendors for this event, including Chris from Fresh Canadian Content , who was chosen to capture highlights of the day on video. Also, Zorka, Paul, Eva, and their associates, at the Oakville Conference Centre, where Grace and Ajay entertained over 400 guests for dinner and their culturally-infused wedding reception.


A unique Guestbook Alternative greeted wedding guests in the pre-function space: a scroll custom-created for Grace and Ajay while the two were in Hong Kong. At the “photo booth”, the couple put on wedding attire and their images were superimposed onto some creative backgrounds. (a more standard guestbook was also hand-created by the bride for those wishing to leave lengthier messages).


The couple sat at a sweetheart head table, behind their stunning wedding cake created by Zahra at Art House Desserts.


Though I knew that the event would be Indian-infused, I hadn’t given much thought to the incredible blending of Asian (Oriental and Indian) culture that would take place when 400+ guests came together in a single room. From the spectacular ethnic clothing to the food (with special Indian appetizers delivered by Avani Asian Indian Bistro in Mississauga), right down to the Bollywood dance performances put on by school-aged children (taught dance lessons by the groom’s mother), this wedding reception was one to remember! (All in tune to the fantastic musical stylings of Rav, DJ Double AA himself – one of the top South Asian DJ’s)

Lessons learned throughout this event:

1) Save A Wedding kits are useful to save more than just the wedding  - (two other weddings required the use of helpful items in my kit prior to the commencement of the actual wedding I was coordinating)

2) Reliable wedding party members are a wedding planner’s best friend (thank you to an amazing group of bridesmaids and groomsmen!)

3) Indian culture is absolutely fascinating – and their wedding attire is breathtaking!

4) Outgoing and personable MC’s are the key to a smoothly-flowing event (Thanks to a cousin of the bride and the sister of the groom, we kept this wedding reception running like clockwork, literally down to the MINUTE!)

5) Local, recreational dance groups are a fantastic option for performances at a wedding!

6) Personalized, plantable seed favors are a HUGE hit among guests! The bride and groom ordered theirs at Botanical PaperWorks

7) Regardless of any budget, candles are a MUST!

For more photos of this wedding, add WeddingGirl Dot Ca as a friend on Facebook and browse here!

Congratulations Grace and Ajay!!

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