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October 17, 2009

Flair share …. how to ‘jazz up’ a wedding reception!

I met with a couple last night that’s trying to decide how to add some creativity and uniqueness to their elegant, classic, beautiful wedding reception (being held at a lovely local winery). The bride wishes for flair bartenders and acrobats, while the groom is having a difficult time agreeing to a caricature artist. Together we weighed out the pros and cons of each idea, and hopefully will come to a decision soon… but it got me thinking….what’s with the flair?

Last night’s couple isn’t the only one lately who has been inquiring about something really modern and trendy to incorporate into their wedding reception. I have a ‘mismatched’ bride who dreams of a colour-soaked reception hall complete with flair bartenders and a live jazz trio and oldies band. A “tropical elegance” bride is looking into steel drums and maybe some hula dancers! I’ve heard everything from live animal shows to comedy skits… and certain trends like interactive dessert options like chocolate fountains and on-site crepe/waffle stations, as well as live marble slab ice-cream mixing, are popping up more and more frequently!

It seems to be that every couple is looking to be different now. We’ve all received the same, boring DIY invites. We’ve all been to the same, boring, monotone weddings. We’ve all left with the same, boring useless wedding favours… and now brides want to be the “wedding the guests remember!”. From drenching the ceremony and reception in tropical coloured orchids, to renting a red carpet with red velvet ropes to usher guests into the hall, brides want to be original… though typically, originality comes with a hefty price tag.

There are some budget-friendly ways to spruce up your wedding day:


- choose mismatched and bold colours instead of traditional and subdued ones

- use common elements to create a wedding party rather than identical uniformity (i.e. bridesmaids wearing only identical jewellery instead of identical dresses, carrying various styles of flowers within a certain colour range)


- change up the traditional music options and walk down the aisle to a contemporary love song instead of Canon in D or the Wedding March…. hire a soloist or guitar player rather than a traditional organist
- if you’re having a non-denominational service, write your own script to include elements of your character (or at least write your own vows)

- create a feel rather than just a look – use elements of decor and colour to create an atmosphere in a room (you can give stunning impact with tall centerpieces alternated with short centerpieces to offset the cost)
- hire some entertainment (i.e. a live band, a flair bartender or a caricature artist) – but take into consideration the hall’s regulations of these, and think about elements like wait times due to guest count, etc.
Side note:… I once went to a wedding where the father of the bride had hired scantily-clad flamenco dancers as surprise entertainment… and it was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen live! (minus when one of the dancers slipped and broke her knee)
- research creative favour options – for example…. give a lottery ticket with a tag commenting on being “lucky in love” rather than a shot glass with the wedding date engraved on it
- as the bride, change into a bold-coloured evening gown part way through the dancing for a new look and added style!
It’s impossible to write out all the most unique wedding ideas I’ve ever come across, so I’ve created a Message Board in the WeddingGirl.ca Forum specifically for this! – share your ideas and influences on creating the wedding of the year!
Happy personalizing!!
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