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November 11, 2011

we LOVE NattyMichelle and her hand painted wedding invitations + stationary + maps

{ spreading the joy of snail mail, one card at a time! }

The other day, while working on Bobbie + Dave’s Country-Rustic Wedding blog, I stumbled upon NattyMichelle…. and I’m officially in love love love with her work!!

Natalie makes fabulous, hand-painted maps of your wedding destination that can be framed, scrapbook-ed, or used to share information with guests… and I ADORE them!

| creative professional wedding photos |

| invitations |

Paula Issacs of San Jose, CA made these “Message in a Bottle” invitations for her daughter’s and future son-in-law’s wedding “Meet and Greet” using Natalie’s work!

| framed wedding keepsakes |

| Thank You notes |

All of NattyMichelle’s artwork is illustrated and watercolored by hand and all sketches are pre-approved before painting is completed – so all the details are completely customizable!

To see more of Natalie’s work, check out her Favourites on Facebook! ¬†and be sure to check out her blog!

To order your own custom-designed map, you can find Natty on Etsy and say hello!

Happy Customizing!

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