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December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to all! | from Lush Florals and Events

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

Joyeux Noel!

Wesolych Swiat!

Feliz Navidad!

Buone Feste Natalizie!

Regardless of how you say it, may the warmth of the holiday season upon us bring you joy, love, laughter… and of course, happily ever after!

Today’s extra special Christmas Day blog comes to you via the amazing, loving husband of an incredible wedding vendor that the entire WeddingGirl.ca team would like to welcome to our Vendor Showcase! We have been secretly exchanging emails back and forth to give Melanie, from Lush Florals and Events, a very special Christmas surprise…. and today, our blog post is dedicated to her!

{about the Girl}

Lush is a home-based wedding floral specialist  and is owned and operated by Melanie Ripa of Fort Erie.  Lush is a bold and unique wedding florist that is friendly to couples on a budget (making them a perfect fit for WG!)

This is Melanie!

{about the Beginning}

“I started this business as a creative outlet for myself and because I felt there was a need for an inspired and artistic floral designer that not only kept up with the most popular floral trends, but also was not afraid to try new and creative things!

Melanie comes from a creative family.  Her grandmother is a talented painter, her father is big into carpentry, and her sister, Valery Gore is a popular Canadian musician and budding photographer.

“I guess the need to express ourselves creatively is just in our blood!”

{about being a floral designer}

“Sometimes I’ll get requests from brides that have everything specified down to the number and type of each flower in a bouquet or centerpiece.  They know what will make them happy and that’s great…. but it doesn’t leave a lot of room for creativity on my part!  What really inspires me is when I’m given a budget, a venue, and a colour scheme to work with and am given some freedom to create something special and unique for a couple, with the Bride’s final seal of approval of course!”

Melanie’s favourite part of the whole design process? the delivery!

“When I get to personally deliver the bouquets to the brides and bridesmaids and see their initial reaction of delight,  I imagine it’s how Santa feels when he delivers toys to children!  The sheer glee that comes over a bride when they receive their bouquets makes all of the long days and late nights worthwhile.”

Photography: Precious Laplante

{about working from Home}

Design + Interaction

“I really enjoy going to wedding shows and meeting different brides and grooms for the first time.  Everyone is different and has such a unique style that they are after.  If they are interested in a free consultation I’ll have a bride, groom, bridesmaids, and sometimes their families over to our house and we’ll sit down and scour my portfolio and the internet to find examples of things that they like and don’t like to come up with an idea of their personal style preferences.”

Photography: Tracey Paterson

Melanie enjoys “just hanging out” the most… sometimes for hours… and having fun with the floral planning process. I can usually save brides a little bit of money being a home-based business with limited overhead expenses.

“In the end, the couple gets something that is uniquely theirs while being assisted by my experience and knowledge of the flowers and what is in season.  I have a lot of fun with the couples.  I usually end up becoming Facebook friends and keeping in touch after their big day.”

Photography: Ryan Racine

Lush Florals’ work can be seen on the cover  of, and inside, Toronto Life magazine’s 2011 Wedding Guide and online at www.lushflorals.ca.

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