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March 17, 2010

Florida Keys (pseudo) destination wedding hotspot – Islamorada!

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One afternoon we accidentally stumbled upon what was, without a doubt, one of the prettiest spots in all of Florida!


The Islamorada Fish Company, a restaurant and fish market where we unassumingly went for a casual lunch, turned out to be an absolutely breathtaking venue built on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in the Florida Keys. The food was to-die-for, the service was fantastic, but the sheer magic of the location was what took my breath away.

I always get nervous when brides book destination weddings based on advertising photos they’ve seen of the venue, because all too often, the pictures have been digitally enhanced to portray an image completely different from the reality. But here is a photo I took at the IFC with my iPhone (again, because I wasn’t expected the venue to be anything special, I didn’t even bring my camera!)


Located just an hour and a half from the Miami international airport, and right on the Oversees Highway in the Florida Keys, Islamorada is a perfectly accessible and very affordable destination spot for an intimate destination wedding. With a wide variety of accommodations available within a short distance, and dozens of tourist activities to entertain guests within walking distance, this spot will definitely be high up on my list of pseudo-destination referral spots from now on.

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