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June 12, 2014

Traditions + Trends | Wedding Flowers on a Budget

{ oh-so-Flowers }

Soft, flirty florals? or bright, bold blooms?

One thing we can’t ignore is the turn in wedding trends toward all-things-budget and all-things-less-traditional.

Eco Rustic Shabby Natural Bride Succulent Bouquet Kristen Pete Fraiche Studio


{ time are changing … }

… and so is (almost) everything about weddings these days!

Is it really bad luck to see the bride before the ceremony? Not at all. We’ve seen some ‘First Look’ photos that capture such insanely intimate emotion between couples that the magic oozes from the pixels.

Wedding Day First Look Leah Bryan Wendy Alana Photography

And did you hear the recent uproar about the not-so-virgin who wore a white dress down the aisle?? Nope. Because it’s not considered scandalous to deviate from outdated traditions surrounding wedding day attire. Actually, brides are rocking some gorgeous non-white alternatives on their wedding days these days; our favourites include stunning champagnes and beautiful blushes.

Candlelit Wedding Aisle Decor The Flower Shop @ WG copy

Regardless of how far some weddings are gravitating away from tradition and opulent expenses, there’s no denying that flowers continue to withstand the test of time and, against all budget odds, remain a huge part of wedding decor and overall big-day design.

But like like wedding dresses and photography trends are constantly evolving, so too are options for flowers; giving every bride an opportunity to style her floral dreams based on beautiful new inspirations for theme, colour, and personality. As inquiries for 2015 begin to roll in to the Fraîche Floral Studio, we’re seeing everything from simple and timeless to over-the-top-trendy. We can’t help but be madly in love with every single stem!

Indian Wedding Flowers Gold Red Bridal Bouquet Yellow Fraiche Floral Studio


 { the investment }

“But flowers are expensive! Why would I spend all that money on something that’s going to die?!”

… if we had a nickel for every time we’ve heard a bride express concern about the cost of wedding flowers. And they’re not wrong! With over five years of experience in planning weddings, we’ve seen everything from luxe-turned-disaster with gaudy, over-the-top arrangements to the stunning, timeless beauty of everything elegantly understated. Sure, we’re biased – we looooove peonies and anemones and hand-crafted Italian lace accents, but we’re here to set the record straight: flowers don’t have to be expensive! (And as for them dying… well.. I mean.. you’re only going to listen to your DJ play once too, right?)

Over in the fraîche studio we aren’t looking to give you “cheap”. It’s easy to toss together a half dozen boring roses and call it a Bridesmaid’s bouquet. The magic of our styling comes through when we can help enhance value and create brag-worthy arrangements that rival the city’s most high-end designers without putting you in the red.

Blue Purple Celestial Inspired Bridal Bouquet fraiche floral1


{ fancy flower alternatives }

Styling those gorgeous, wildflower-inspired bouquets is pricier than most brides realize. The bouquets you see splashed across magazine pages are meticulously styled and usually made up of a dozen varieties of flora – blooms, twigs, seeds, and stems.

The truth is, a classic rose bouquet can be elegantly designed to evoke just as much a high-end feel as its pricey couture counterparts. It’s all in visualizing colours that wouldn’t otherwise come together, and utilizing shapes and sizes that complement each other well.

fraiche floral studio vintage rose bridal bouquet

And guess what? Contrary to what the lovely ladies of Sex And The City tell us, carnations aren’t just filler flowers anymore. Add a hint of class, vintage charm to your classic rose bouquet by mixing in the lovely textures of same-c0lour carnations to enhance its designer feel without breaking your budget. All it takes is a couple of sprigs of this-or-that, here-and-there, to transform a bouquet entirely.

Winter Bride White Blue Bridal Bouquet Fraiche Floral Studio Designs

If you feel your bridal style leans more toward trendy than traditional, think about gravitating toward exotic bloom designs or non-floral alternative all together! Succulents are the perfect accessory for ec0-chic and rustic-inspired designs. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and shades of green. These hearty little lovelies are available year-round and can even be planted after your wedding. You can tie in your earth-friendly theme by accentuating designs with wood, burlap, twine, raw cotton or pine cones.

Rustic Purple Green Bridal Bouquet WeddingGirl.ca

We’re starting to see more and more brides incorporate hints of fabric and lace among their natural bloom counterparts to really set off the romance and whimsy of their designs, while others are opting for contemporary wire and metal accents.

fraiche floral studio purple red modern bouquet

One bride opted to carry an entirely artificial bouquet made from fabric, lace, and brooches and we styled complementary fresh bouquets for her bridal party.

Fraiche Floral Blush White Sparkle Bouquet Fabric Bridal Wedding Peony Baby's Breath

It seems that the new rule for wedding flowers is that there are no rules! So long as arrangements are styled on a budget, and carefully constructed with meticulous attention to detail, no one will know you opted to skip versus splurge. Most of the modern brides that contact our studio are looking for unique, one-of-a-kind spins on their favourite Pinterest-inspired dreams – and all of us here get pretty excited about infusing arrangements with personality and character.

Every day we’re sending out stunning Wish Lists made up of new and inventive designs that just continue to inspire us further.

Get In Touch with all-things-gorgeous and we can’t wait to sprinkle on a bit of our own je ne sais quois to turn those fabulous floral dreams in to your wedding day designs.

Much love,

the fraîche team.

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Fraiche Floral Studio Pink White Green Bouquets

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