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June 28, 2010

Bridecast! | Wedding Day Floral Design with Fleurish Design Studio!

When I first created WeddingGirl.ca, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the insanely talented Jessica from Fleurish Design Studio. Jessica is not only one of the most talented floral stylists whose work I’ve seen featured at weddings I’ve planned, but her sincerity, kindness, and genuine warmth has made her one of my favourite vendors that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!

Wedding day floral choices tend to be very overwhelming for any bride. What colours? what shapes? which designs? – these are all questions that any florist should be able to answer, but that take a floral stylist to design and match to your own personality and unique, creative style. In today’s Bridecast, Jessica tells us about making your flowers your own!

WeddingGirl.ca | Bridecast 7 | Fleurish Design | Jessica Bakker – Dreyer from Studio67 on Vimeo.

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