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August 11, 2009

Introducing WeddingGirl.ca’s Muskoka Bride: Revised!

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A HUGE congratulations goes out to Adrienne and Courtney – who recently got engaged and, in the process, ended up completely revising their wedding day plans! A few months ago I wrote a blog about my Muskoka bride, planning an Asian-inspired ceremony and elegant destination reception. Now, with a ring on her finger, Adrienne decided that she would rather pay for a new house, and a new car, and a future with her husband, rather than an expensive wedding.

How the Muskoka bride has saved money:

With an originally budget of about approximately $21,000, the initial plans were for a destination wedding at a resort in Muskoka, Ontario.  The venue was more expensive than a venue at home would be, but with a maximum guest count of only 120 people, it was expected the costs would end up being similar. The original quote was about $16,000 for the ceremony and reception.  However, they didn’t factor in all the extras…and there were so many! The only place for guests to stay locally is at the resort, and they had a minimum two night stay at $300/night for a “cheap” room.  The next closest accomodation was in Bracebridge at $169/night, but they wouldn’t block off rooms for the group.  That was also a half hour drive down a dirt road, not something the bride and groom wanted their guests to do. Without any taxi services, they looked into busses and very quickly costs spiraled up to $27,000, without all the details even being taken into consideration!

Since they had paid a $3,600 deposit at the Muskoka resort…and it was non refundable, they elected to still have our ceremony there.

Wedding Savings #1

- The wedding was changed from a grand affair with hundreds of guests to a private ceremony with only 30 in attendance (the large-scale reception will happen back home, a few days after the wedding)…. a savings of over $13,000!!

Wedding Savings #2

- The ceremony will now be on a weekday instead of on a Friday or Saturday … a savings of over $1000!

Wedding Savings #3

- The Muskoka bride found a local pastry chef who had agreed to make, deliver, and set-up their cake for $100…a savings of about $400-$500

Wedding Savings #4

- the at-home reception guests will be served cupcakes instead of a wedding cake (also done on a budget)

Wedding Savings #5

- Wedding dress: her aunt is making her wedding dress. She is an amazing seamstress, she does all the theatre costumes in Scarborough, and has done many bridal parties before. Cost of dress…around $500, custom made (labour ranges from $80-400, depending on style, plus the cost of fabric). Think of all the savings on alterations!!

Wedding Savings #6

Veil: Free!!! The bride is going to borrow one from a friend who has recently gotten married

Wedding Savings #7

Adrienne is purchasing artificial flowers through some of the wholesale contacts with WeddingGirl.ca – the arrangements will be very simple, the groom has elected to not wear a bout at all…and no corsages for the parents. So, the cost of flowers…around $100!

Wedding Savings #8

- no transportation since the ceremony is onsite at the resort, and the at-home reception is much less “formal”

Wedding Savings #9

- invitations will be Do-It-Yourself, purchasing the paper through a WG wholesaler

.. and with no wedding favours, centerpieces included with the venue rental, Chinese-inspired decor purchased directly from China Town in Toronto, and a family member playing the bagpipes – Adrienne plans on saving even more!!

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