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March 24, 2010

What is Day-Of Coordination?

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If you think of your wedding as a puzzle, your Day-Of Coordinator’s job is to 1) make sure all the pieces are there, and 2) make sure they come together properly.


About 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding, your coordinator gathers all your vendor information and goes through the arrangements, detail by detail, to make sure everything is accounted for. For example, that the photographer is scheduled for long enough to capture the cake cutting and first dance, that the DJ brings the right equipment to plug into the venue’s sound system, that the cake is delivered to the right hall (especially if the venue has multiple rooms). Based on this information, your Coordinator creates your Day-Of Itinerary.

With WeddingGirl.ca, Day-Of Coordinators have a schedule of the entire day, starting from the moment you wake up and accounting for every 15 minutes of the day until the house lights come on at the reception.  This itinerary lists where everyone is, what everyone is doing, and outlines all relevant contact information just in case someone is not doing it. This itinerary is sent out to all the vendors in advance, so that the Bride and the Planner know that everyone is working from the same timeline.

So, once we know that all the puzzle pieces are there, our job, on the Wedding Day, is to make sure they come together properly. We follow the schedule to make sure the DJ starts setting up on time, that the decor is set up the way the Bride wanted it to be, that the favours are put out how they should be, that the photographer has a list of the “must-have” wedding shots, etc.

On top of orchestrating the day-of schedule, your Day-Of Coordinator attends your wedding rehearsal and ensures that everyone knows where they’re supposed to be and what they’re supposed to be doing. Little details like reminding the bridesmaids to walk (almost painfully) slowly down the aisle, arranging the spacing between members of the wedding party, and explaining the purple of the Save-A-Wedding kit, get covered at the rehearsal. The Maid of Honour and Best Man are informed of how to get a hold of the Planner should anything go wrong (and are reminded NOT to tell the Bride and Groom about it!)

The one thing I’ll never forget at my own reception was when someone came up to me saying, “I know I should be asking your wedding planner…. but… ” and I had to deal with it all (by default, people tend to go to the girl in the white dress!). It’s YOUR wedding day.. you shouldn’t be wearing a watch, or carrying a schedule, or wondering if your reception venue is set up the way you wanted it to be… these are the things WE’RE here for!

When WeddingGirl.ca does the coordinating, a lot of “extras” are done too…. arrangement of centerpieces, transfer of decor items, placement of favours, lay out of escort cards, decoration of the ┬áhead / cake / receiving tables, floral arrangement, etc… whatever it takes to stay under budget.

Whether you’re hosting an intimate, boutique wedding for 50 guests overlooking Niagara Falls, or putting on a grand affair for 400+ guests in a large conference center, a Day-Of Coordinator takes care of all the details so that you don’t have to! … besides, wedding dresses weren’t designed with wearing a watch in mind, so let someone else take care of it!


For more information on Day-Of Coordination, or to see a real-wedding sample of a WeddingGirl.ca Day-Of Itinerary, click here!

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