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March 3, 2014

Do I really need a wedding videographer? | #WGx

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{ confessions of a bride with a wedding video }

Authored by: Brenda Hanks

WGxPhotoshootum (200 of 444)


According to Wikipedia, only two people have been documented as truly having a photographic memory. What does that have to do with weddings you ask? It means that in the whole wide world, only 2 people out there don’t need a wedding videographer.

“But we will have a really good photographer so we don’t need a videographer!” – Said by couples everywhere.

Sure. Photos are wonderful and they really capture the moment. Looking back at a photo can make you laugh, make you cry, make you remember the special day like it was yesterday.

But you can only remember what you remember – does that make sense?

What about the stuff you don’t remember or never saw?

My husband and I are a shining testimonial to videographers everywhere.

Brenda + Kris - Rick Denham Photography C Hotel Hamilton Carmens WeddingGirl.ca planner Photography 12

We had been planning our wedding for a while, looking at photographers and thinking about a videographer, but the prices just seemed so high. We had decided we wouldn’t bother as everyone would have their cell phones and video cameras and we’d just get a copy from them for free! (sounds familiar, right?)

Lucky for us, we ended up winning the very first WG wedding threesome contest. Free planning, free photography and free cinema! We really had it made here. We saw a few videos made by our cinematographers and fell in love with their style. We met with them and discussed what we were hoping for and knew from the start they would do a great job.

Soon after, our wedding day arrived. Like all couples we were both a bit nervous about the day; would it go perfectly?

Would I trip and fall in the aisle?

So many things to worry about it, so little time.

Everyone says your wedding day will fly by in the blink of an eye, and they are not lying.

Our cinema team (and photographer, but we’ll discuss this in another article!) showed up nice and early to capture all our prep. We knew we were getting a Same Day Edit, which means that they would be filming and constantly feeding their editor new data to work with so we would have a video in time for our reception.

We did things a little backwards – which is becoming the new normal these days. We got ready, did a staged “first look” and did all our photos as a couple and with our wedding party prior to the wedding.

Fun Fact: Not actually married during our official photos!

Anyway, The cinematographers worked hand in hand with the photography team to capture everything. We didn’t even realize we were being filmed sometimes, but those candid moments are great memories.

During our reception, just as dinner finished, we played our Same Day Edit. Without a doubt the best wedding video I’ve ever seen!  As hard as you try to “be in the moment” there is so much missed. Of course there are things you did not see as you were not there like the groomsmen getting ready, but there are also things you did not see because YOU were what everyone was looking at.

I have compiled a list of things most brides will miss seeing at their wedding:

1. Your bridal party getting ready. You personally have so much prep you will miss out on this.

2. The look on your partner’s face when you reach the end of the aisle. The aisle is longer than you expect and most brides don’t have binoculars.

3. Seeing yourself walk down that very long aisle!

4. The look on your family and friends’ faces during your ceremony.

I could spend all day adding to this list, but I think this gives you an idea. Nerves really have an effect on our memory and on what actually gets a permanent home in there. Having a wedding video gives you the best of both worlds: you get to experience it all first hand, but then you get to relive the moment as well as see new and wonderful things you may have missed out on otherwise.

Will you watch it again? Definitely! Our Same Day Edit was posted online during our honeymoon. It was video-love. We watched it, like, 20 times while were away. Recently we got our hands on even more footage from our wedding (thanks to Captivate Cinema) and I spent an evening clicking through it all. They really captured so much that day. More than two years after our wedding I am seeing things I didn’t even know happened – seeing myself do things that I had forgotten. We are so lucky to have won this and will always have this video to remember one of the most wonderful (and definitely the fastest!) day of our lives.

So who really needs a videographer for their wedding?


Try to find space in your budget for a talented videography team and I promise it will be money well spent.

{ Blog Love :: Photog Credit, @RickDenham }

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June 11, 2012

It’s the beginning of the end!

{the W3 v2.0 contest is coming to a close}

…. and here’s how it’s all going down….

And ofcourse, we wouldn’t be us if there wasn’t a bit of behind-the-scenes ridiculousness for all to see….

{ threesome road-trip }

…… this is how our roadtripping tends to take place……

… apparently wedding planners aren’t cinematographers or photographers and don’t realize that iPhones need to be held horizontally when filming.

{ threesome rules }

 …. and then we went for lunch.


{ more roadtripping }


{ drumroll, please! }

Congratulations, Loretta + Jackson!


A huge Congratulations also goes out to all the couples who made it to Phase III of our 2012 Wedding Threesome Contest. We have something special for all of you, so watch your Inboxes!

with all our love, Mary + Rick + Jay <3


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June 1, 2012

2012 Wedding Threesome: Phase III Submissions

{ phase III – Produce }

The 2012 Wedding Threesome v2.0 contest was about to come to a close and Mary had the top secret final judging criteria safely in tow to be delivered to Rick and Jay.  She needed to get the Threesome together before 11:59 p.m. when the final Phase III production submissions were due. Could she make it in time??

Hurriedly, Mary said goodbye to her trusty pup-sidekick, Ella, and set off to race against the clock on the long journey ahead of her.

After what seemed like forever waiting for her top-secret train, after her super-long walk to their top-secret location, and with a secret password and knock to get her inside, the Wedding Threesome was finally reunited. A couple of Sol’s and some Mexican grub were a sneaky decoy for what was really going on….. the final deliberations for Phase III W3 contest judgment.

And while the last four competing couples submitted their productions, Rick and Mary wasted some time taking silly self-portraits in beer-sponsored mirrors (while Jay looked on and shook his head with disappointment).


FINALLY the time had come! The final submissions had been posted, the links had been sent, and it was time to check out the competition!! For fear of being discovered in their top-secret cantina, the Wedding Threesome moved to one of their usual spots – the scene of numerous previous Threesome crimes. They laughed together, cried together, and couldn’t rip themselves away from the incredible productions that played out before them.

With Phase III officially closed, with all four couples having done such an incredible job on their submissions, but with only one winner to be awarded, it’s time to announce our final judging criteria!

{ the Criteria }

These following elements MUST be included in each submission to be considered for final selection:

- Who -

The Wedding Threesome (Mary, Rick, and Jay)

The Bride and Groom

The Maid of Honour and Best Man

A second bride

- What -

A wedding cake

A family pet

Wedding rings (or some creative alternative)

A skeleton key

- Where -

The morning-of

The ceremony

The reception

The honeymoon night

W3 Productions did not need to be filmed using fancy equipment. Films had to include Opening Credits, Closing Credits, and a super-fabulous storyline that would make the world want to see the winning couples’ ACTUAL wedding day as captured, captivated, and coordinated by US! Couples were instructed to get creative. We were looking for something creative, unique, and entertaining. We wanted to see submissions that would make us go “Awww!”, that would make us “LOL” and that would make us look at eachother and exclaim something to the effect of – “Holy $&%* – that was awesome!”.


{ the Judging }

 The winning couple will be selected via points. Here’s the breakdown:


1) For every 10 views that the Production gets on YouTube, the Bride and Groom get 1 point. (So, 184 views = 18 points. 297 views = 30 points, etc).


2) Mary, Rick, and Jay, will secretly vote for their favourite Production by assigning them a ranking of 1st place (10 points), 2nd place (8 points), 3rd place (6 points) and 4th place (4 points).


3) Last year’s Wedding Threesome winners, Brenda and Kris, will each submit their secret rankings, as will Jenn + Ned – last year’s runner-up Threesome winners.


4) Finally, Rick, Jay and Mary will select three secret judges to provide their final scores according to the same ranking system.


Between YouTube views, and rankings as scored by 10 separate judges, final scores will be compared and the winners will be announced to the world on Monday, June 11th!

Good luck to each of our couples!

We can’t wait to meet our winners!


Oh… and here are some fun Behind The Scenes shots from our day today. Clearly, we have too much fun doing what we do! (with a special Thanks going out to Instagram for giving us that extra BTS edge)


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April 24, 2012

W3 v2.0 update :: Welcome to Phase III!

{ … the end is near! }

Can you taste the victory?!

The Wedding Threesome team could not be more excited about the neck-in-neck contest that we have on our hands here. Each of the final four couples has made us fall in love with them a hundred times over with goofy photos, sincere stories, and some crazy-creative ideas!! If you missed any of their wild blog antics, be sure to check out the links here and take a peek! And now that it’s finally upon us….. here are the much-anticipated details for Phase III of the 2012 Wedding Threesome contest.


{ Phase III :: PRODUCE }

 In Phases I and II of this year’s W3 v2.0 Contest, our brides and grooms have been asked to Pimp (which they did!), Press (which they did!) and now… Produce!
As explained in our official W3 v.2.0 launch post,  PRODUCE will be our last and final stretch of our $10,000 contest giveaway, and this Phase, Boys and Girls, will be putting you to the test!
Now that all of US have had the chance to learn about all of YOU (and your families, friends, and stories) we want to see it live! If we’re going to be a part of your big day on camera and in film, then we’re looking for a sneak peek.

{ the Details }

Each couple participating in Phase III of the W3 contest must produce a video of their wedding day. ALL the following elements must be included in order to be considered complete submissions.

- Who -

This is a list of people that must be cast in your video, introduced to the viewers, and incorporated into the majority of your script.

1) Your Wedding Threesome (Rick, Jay, and Mary)

2) Your Maid of Honour and Best Man

3) You two, starring as … well…. yourselves <3

and 4) a Second Bride (insert ominous music here)

- What -

This is a list of things that must be incorporated into your video (the more creative, the better!)

1) A wedding cake

2) A family pet

3) Your wedding rings (or some creative alternative)

and 4) a skeleton key (replay ominous music)

- Where -

This a list of places that must be captured in your video and be somewhat related to your actual wedding day details.

1)  The morning-of

2) The Ceremony

3) The Reception

and 4) your Honeymoon Night (Cue: ominous music)


W3 Productions do not need to be filmed using fancy equipment. Cell phone cameras will do just fine! Your film must include Opening Credits, Closing Credits, and a super-fabulous storyline that will make the world want to see your ACTUAL wedding day as captured, captivated, and coordinated by US! Note: get creative (for example, you don’t have to use your actual spaces). We’re just looking for something creative, unique, and entertaining – and we promise that this will help in how the final winner will be chosen! (hint hint)

Videos must be posted to Vimeo or YouTube no later than Thursday, May 31st at 11:59 p.m. – PLEASE keep in mind that upload times with a video of this length may be much longer than with typical short clips. Late submissions will not be considered for final judging.

The links to all Phase III Productions will be posted on the Rick Denham Photography + Captivate Bridal + WeddingGirl.ca blogs on Friday, June 1st, 2012.

If you have any questions or require additional details, please do not hesitate to Contact Us!

Good luck, and Happy Producing!


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April 16, 2012

W3 v2.0 update :: Congratulations to our Phase II Couples!

{ W3 v2.0 Phase II Contest Update }

Well well well, it’s officially here!

The announcement date for Phase II of our 2012 Wedding Threesome Contest!

{ the Story }

For the past few weeks, our Wedding Threesome team has had the incredible opportunity to follow the lives of four amazing couples competing to win our $10,000 Wedding Threesome contest. In exchange for a wedding package that includes Cinema, Photography, and Planning / Coordination, Jenn and Max, Loretta and Jackson,  Erin and Aaron, and Jaime and Chris have been keeping blogs that we asked them to create so we could learn a bit more about them. As we’ve followed these couples around and learned about their love stories, wedding plans, musical stylings, and extracurricular involvements, we couldn’t help but fall in love with each one of them.

From proposals that gave us goosebumps to “meeting” wedding parties that we knew would make the Wedding Day an absolutely unforgettable experience, Phase II for us really was about learning the behind-the-scenes of two people we’re about to embark on a new wedding journey with!

Our Couples’ blog links were showcased on the main page of the WeddingGirl website for the past couple of weeks and we’ve even gotten feedback from random contest followers pointing out particular posts and entries. People would contact through the site and place random “votes” for videos they watched, photos they saw, or stories they read. This is how fabulous these four couples have proven to be!!  (if you’re just reading this now and would like to visit some of these fantastic blogs, you can find all the links here!)


{ the Verdict }

After much deliberation and review, our Threesome Team has decided that we simply can not narrow down to only three couples from Phase II. All four love-teams have worked so hard, continued to surprise us, and we would consider ourselves lucky to be a part of any one of these Happily Ever Afters!

On that note, the verdict is in and it’s official….. Phase III of the 2012 Wedding Threesome contest is going to have four couples – Erin + Aaron, Jaime + Chris, Jennifer + Max, and Loretta + Jackson! We are so unbelievably impressed by all your efforts and regardless of whether you blogged the most or the least, frequently or not, whether you had the most visitors or not as many, we want to invite you to follow us one step closer to your Wedding Day Threesome!


{ One More Thing… }

Before we go ahead and give you guys your official golden ticket into Phase III, we are looking for one final blog post from you. We want to know what it’s been like to keep these blogs for the past few weeks! We know how much time and effort all of you have put into this project but we want to hear from you on what the experience has been like…. and be honest! Was it time consuming and monotonous? Was it exciting and encouraging? Did you learn anything about yourselves? You’ve captured your past, present, and future in a single spot, and shared it with the world – what are your afterthoughts??

{ the Afterthoughts }

 Your Afterthoughts blogs must be posted by Sunday, April 22nd at 11:59 p.m. and all the details you need to know for Phase III will be posted for you on Monday, April 23rd! (Hint: It’s very possible that your Afterthoughts might come in handy for Phase III.. but that’s all we can say!)

Congratulations to all of you!


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March 25, 2012

{ Blog Love } – Our W3 v.2.0 Phase II Contestant blogs

Last week we excitedly announced our Phase I Wedding Threesome contest winners and gave them instructions for participating in Phase II. We introduced our successful contestants to all of you and this past week, they’ve been taking us on a whirlwind tour of their lives via blog posts. We’ve read and seen who they are, what they do, why they’re in love, and why we should pick them for our $10,000 Wedding Threesome prize of planning + photo + cinema! We’ve loved getting to know them better, and hopefully you do too! (we may or may not be asking for your input on who we should choose in the very near future! *hint hint*)

Here are the details of our Fab Four….

{ Jenn + Max }

You can find Jenn and Max’s Wedding Threesome blog here. So far we’ve 1) seen what will happen to Max if they don’t win this contest. 2) met their super cute pup, Loki, and 3) learned about their complementary nerdiness and Frenchiness. Love it!


{ Erin-Squared }

Erin and Aaron are now affectionately known as Erin-squared. You can find Erin and Erin’s Wedding Threesome blog here and read about their stay-cations, hear about the tune of their marriage proposal, and see a count-down to their Big Day! There’s also the ago-old debate about hip-hop vs. soccer. They may need you to help them settle this one!


{ Jaime + Chris }

You can visit Jaime and Chris’ excellent Wedding Threesome adventure blog here! There, you’ll find romantic engagement-day and post-proposal photos, a fabulously comical Newlywed Game transcript, and even a special shout-out from actor/celebrity Stephen Tobolowsky!


{ Loretta + Jackson }

And finally, we have a ‘Couple of Nuts’ – Loretta and Jackson’s blog.  Loretta and Jackson’s blog boasts some awesome Love-Story Coles Notes, family interviews (“bloggy-style threesome action” – according to Jackson), baby lambs, and even a sneak attack (we had to feature it!)

{ Mandatory Post }

Now that you’ve had a chance to take a peek into the worlds of our Fab Four, make sure to let them know they have a mandatory blog post coming up! All Wedding Threesome contestants must create an “All About Our Wedding Party” blog post, complete with anything and everything they can come up with to make it fun + exciting! We want to learn about who their main peeps are, why they were chosen, and how they’ll help make the wedding day one for the books! All Wedding Party blog posts must be posted by 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, March 28th, 2012. Any contestants without a Wedding Party post at this time will be out of the running toward becoming Rick + Mary + Jay’s next Wedding Day Threesome.


Good luck!

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March 17, 2012

Congratulations to our Phase I winners!!

The results are in!

The official results are in and a huge Wedding Threesome congratulations goes out to the following couples who successfully PIMP-ed at least 100 of their nearest and dearest on Facebook and made it through to Phase II of our 2012 Wedding Threesome contest! Here’s an OFFICIAL introduction to this years’ competitors!

These couples are going head-to-head to win a prize pack of Wedding Day Photography (from Rick Denham), Cinema (from Captivate Bridal), and Planning + Coordination (from WeddingGirl.ca) – valued at over $10,000!


{ Erin + Aaron }

{ Jaime + Chris }


{ Jennifer + Max }


{ Loretta + Jackson }


All four of these couples showed all kinds of creativity, dedication, enthusiasm and commitment throughout the Phase I process, and we’re certain that now that they’ve been officially promoted to Phase II, their Facebook friends will finally take a breath of relief from all the wall-spamming! (…. or will they??)


{ Phase II :: PRESS }

 In Phase II of this year’s W3 v2.0 Contest, our brides and grooms are taking their love to press. WordPress, that is!


As explained in our official Phase II launch post these guys will be creating a WordPress blog and helping all of us get to know all of them!  (but keeping in mind that their fellow competitors will have access to their blogs too!)


With their initial instructions listed, and their secret passwords mailed out, we’re anxiously awaiting the blog bio introductions to our Fabulous Four. And in the spirit of the season, may the luck of the Irish be with you! Cheers!

- Love, Mary + Rick + Jay



Note: If you were one of the competing couples in Phase I who did not make it to Phase II, or you believe that we have mis-counted and you should be in Phase II, please make sure to get in touch with us! We have something for you!

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March 14, 2012

Phase I of the Wedding Threesome {v.2.0} contest is officially CLOSED!

{ Phase II is upon us! }

If you’ve recently been one of the hundreds asked to Like + Join + Add the WeddingGirl.ca profile + the Rick Denham Photography page + the Captivate Bridal group on Facebook, you must be wondering what all the madness is about!

If you haven’t already seen it, make sure to check out our Valentine’s Day Launch Post that explains all the details (and even comes with a fabulously thrilling mini-series written + produced by the Captivate team). The friends that you helped support on Facebook are competing head-to-head in a wedding contest valued at over $10,000 – a complete Photography + Cinema + Planning and Coordinating package courtesy of…. well…. us!


So who are we, you ask? Rick Denham is the photog-extroardinaire behind Rick Denham Photography. Jay Lupish is the mastermind behind Captivate Bridal. Mary Bratko is the lover-of-all-things-pretty behind WeddingGirl.ca We are a small bunch of wedding vendors who LOVE what we do and LOVE doing it together! We have a great time. We laugh (A LOT).. .and we want to have a great time and laugh (A LOT) with some amazing wedding couples!




Last year, we launched the first-ever Wedding Threesome contest, and it was a HUGE success! We ended up awarding our Grand Prize to Brenda and Kris and together we captured, captivated, and coordinated their wedding day (and had an amazing time doing it!) Brenda actually wrote an awesome blog, Confessions of a Threesome Winner, outlining her experiences in the contest.  If you haven’t already seen it, be sure to take a look!


This year, we decided to do the Wedding Threesome contest all over again… version 2.0 …. and it’s crazy to think that it’s already been a MONTH since we announced the details of Phase I! We’ve had so many couples get creative in the PIMP Phase – getting at least 100 of their nearest-and-dearest on Facebook to Like + Join + Add us. We know it hasn’t been easy, but we definitely hope it’s been worth it!

So now, Phase II is upon us! It’s time for these brides and grooms to take their love to Press!

{ W3 v.2.0 Phase II – Press }

The three of us love working together, and we want to love who we’re having our next wedding threesome with! If you’re one of the couples who is successfully moving ahead in our contest, we want to get to know you!

Every couple moving on to Phase II needs to create a WordPress blog – and title it like this:  www.wordpress.com/Bride&GroomsWeddingThreesome  (make sure to replace the Bride + Groom titles with your actual names – and your password will be automatically assigned to you by the three of us. We will be checking your Blog Stats regularly to see who’s reading about you!)

We want to learn about the two of you: your names, your ages, your shoe sizes  (… okay, well, maybe not your shoe sizes) – who you are, what you do – we want to know as much as you’re willing to share (within reason, ofcourse!)

To kickstart your Press phase of this contest, write an introductory blog post that tells all your readers who you are, and why you’re entering the contest. You MUST include links to all three of our websites in your introductory blog. Get creative and make sure to capture readers’ attention! Be visual, be different, and make sure to stand out!


{ getting started }

1. Create a Wedding Threesome email address – “Brideandgroom.w3v20@gmail.com” to register your Blog

2. Your blog Headline should capture the sentiment that you want your friends and family to help you win a $10,000 Wedding Contest from Rick Denham Photography, Captivate Bridal Cinema, and WeddingGirl.ca. Give people a reason to keep checking back! Your webstats will be a huge help to you!

So if you’ve collected a minimum of 100 Likes + Joins + Adds on Facebook, send an email to all three of us and let us know! We will cross-reference with our calculating monkeys, make sure you’re not pulling our leg, and we’ll send you your WordPress Blog password.


{ timelines }

You will have ONE WEEK to create your Love Blog. All Phase II blogs must be active by 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, March 21st, 2012.

Once you’re up and Press-ing, the two of you need to keep a blog for THREE WEEKS.  We want to see what it’s like to live in your world : photos from dates, ticket stubs from shows, napkins from dinners.

Throughout Phase II, we will be posting mandatory Blog Topics that we want to read about. These might be about you as a couple, about your family or friends, or about your wedding plans. Couples who do not complete these posts within the allotted time frame will automatically be disqualified from the contest. Don’t worry – we know you have busy lives and we promise to take this into consideration! Every mandatory blog must include all three of our website links (you will be reminded of this so don’t worry if you forget in the meantime!)

Phase II will be completed on Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 and we will be choosing our final three remaining couples based on your blog’s readership and our own personal secret votes. These votes will be ranking the couples in order of First (100 pts), Second (50 pts) and Third (10 pts) to add to your total blog views at the end of the three week period. The top three couples will move on Phase III of our contest and will be announced right here on Monday, April 16th!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either one (or all three) of us!



Good Luck + Happy Press-ing!

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February 18, 2012

Confessions of a Threesome Winner :: A note from our 2011 winning couple

{ Confessions of a Threesome Winner }

Written by Brenda (our 2011 Wedding Threesome winning bride!)


{ phase I }

Its hard to believe it was only one year ago that I was asking (begging), reminding (nagging), and hoping (praying!) that I could find 100 friends to actually like/join/add all these facebook pages! After all our hard work, we were able to get past the 100 minimum and make it through to round two of this exciting contest. 

{ phase II }

So fast forward to round two announcement day. This round involved us writing a submission about who we are, whats different about our wedding, and why we should win the contest. Now personally I thought this was going to be a piece of cake because who in the world is there that we would know more about than ourselves?! The WHO was easy. We wrote about ourselves, our separate pasts, and how we finally started dating after 10 years of friendship. The WHAT, also pretty easy – this was explaining what was different about our wedding. We were planning a winter wedding and we had great ideas and hoped they would be interested. Lastly, the why. WHY?! There were lots of people trying to win this. We were all happy, all in love, all excited for our weddings. What makes us more worthy than any of the other couples? We had a hard time with this one, so finally we decided, why should we have to write this? So we didn’t. We emailed our wedding party and had them write it for us. They liked us! They really liked us! (the wedding party I mean). We got some seriously sweet, and some funny, reasons why we should win this. We submitted our entry with an introduction to our wedding party followed by their reasons of why they thought we should win this.

A few days later there was an update – the weddinggirl.ca blog had a new post with the results of phase two. It started off with an introduction about everyones submissions and how there were powerpoint presentations, fancy PDFs, and slideshows, and I thought to myself, how would my measly email compare to an online slideshow? I quickly scrolled down to find out that SURPRISE! They liked our submission! It seems their attempt to narrow down to three couples didn’t go as they had planned, and I’m pretty sure six brides breathed an excited sigh of relief that day.

{ phase III }

Finally, round three was announced. This turned out to be my very favorite round of this contest. It was like a photo scavenger hunt for wedding stuff. This was so much fun. Also, this is where all our friends actually got super interested and wanted to help out. The goal of this round included taking pictures of three items in each category, and the categories included people, places and things. Read up on the details here: 

Here are some fun facts about our submissions! 
In order of the posting on the link above…
1 – Wedding night spent with the wedding party. This actually nearly happened, except the party wasn’t in our hotel room, and we managed to sneak out for some sleep around 4 AM.
2 – Wedding day family photo at a famous landmark. We went to Niagara falls and gathered up some random family on the street. Most people didn’t ask any questions at all, just hopped into the picture!
3 – Our wedding threesome. We knew we wanted Mary, Rick and Jason, so we recreated what we thought our threesome would look like, with masks. If you ask me, the black and white really class them up.
4 – Another wedding. While in Niagara falls, we found a couple waiting to tie the knot outside one of the local wedding chapels. 
5 – Recreate proposal in costume. Kris proposed to me at Niagara Falls in Sept 2009. So we did it again, wearing my sister and brother-in-laws halloween costumes from a few years ago. This was a real crowd pleaser! 
6 – Reverse Wedding. This picture was taken at a wedding chapel site in Niagara falls. Kris’s dress, we bought cheaply on kijiji, and the flowers are my mom’s flowers from her wedding to my dad in 1980.
7 – Something sassy made from the wedding dress. The girl on kijiji gave us her dress very cheaply when we told her we were planning to cut it up. That wedding ended in divorce so she really liked the idea.
8 – Make a wedding cake. The hardest part of this contest may have actually been convincing kris to help making this cake. Turns out he’s pretty good at it, but don’t tell  him i told you that! ;)
9 – Recreate your engagement ring for a giant. Single men, blow your girlfriend’s mind with the gift of a giant diamond shaped paperweight from michaels! It also helps if you have a regular sized one to match it. 
The deadline for phase three was April 4th, and they told us the day they would announce the winner. They said the winner would be surprised at work or home, or somewhere and just go about our daily lives as per usual. This was the longest day ever. First off, I wanted to make sure we wore something nice in case we were the lucky ones they surprised. Then I wanted to make sure we didn’t do anything out of the ordinary in case they showed up and we weren’t there. I even tried to convince Kris to stay home when they guys invited him out that night… Alas, nobody won. As you can guess, this caused a riot in the facebook contest community. When we got updated (announcement delayed by family emergency), everyone once again, breathed a sigh of relief. The winner would find out the next day. At the time, Kris and I worked for the same company (different teams, different floors). When the teaser photos were posted on facebook….

{ the Teaser photo }


….. I actually walked around the building looking out each side to see if we had grass or sidewalk anywhere that looked like the posted picture. Of course we didn’t.
I was waiting patiently for the winner to comment on facebook… Finally, after wrapping up a work item, Kris and I went down to the building’s cafeteria to get some lunch. Apparently we ordered, received our food, and were on route to pay before we noticed some balloons peaking out around the corner. It was done! Mary, Rick and Jay were hiding in our office cafeteria to tell us we had won!!! It was a great day!

{ this is how the Big Reveal unfolded! }


{ the Threesome in action }

Over the next few months we started really getting into the planning. We exchanged TONS of emails. We met with Rick for engagement pictures and talked about the wedding day.
We met with Jay from Captivate to talk about what we wanted from our video.
And then there was Mary. We met with Mary numerous times. She introduced us to our florist and our hair and makeup team. She chased our vendors for answers and information. She gave us tips on our invitations and design ideas. She made sure every detail was taken care of. On our wedding day, amongst all the other work she was doing, she made sure every piece of ‘snowflake shaped gel confetti thingys’ on our guest tables were placed the right way up <3.
If you dont know me, I am a bit of a “super-planner” (control freak) and I found it hard at times to let Mary do her job. On our wedding day, Mary replied to every single one of my texts, even during dinner when I texted her from the head table. Every time I asked about a detail, she assured me it was done. When she told me how gorgeous our hall looked before the wedding, I asked if I could run over to take a look. Although she firmly said no, she did return a few minutes later with pictures to reassure me it was even better than we had imagined. I never would have thought we would have benefitted from a wedding planner or day-of co-ordinator, but now I would recommend it to anybody getting married.
Mary, Rick and Jason really helped make our wedding. We have fabulous photos, and we are still hearing compliments from our guests about how they loved our video. 
We couldn’t have pulled this off without you all and your teams. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! <3

{ To this year’s contestants }

 To all the brides who are now doing the asking (begging), reminding (nagging), and hoping (praying!) to get through Phase I of the contest – DON’T GIVE UP! Once you get to the last few, it’s so much easier than you think! (and all your family and friends will totally understand if you explain why it matters so much).
Whatever these guys make you do, DO IT – it’s totally worth it, and it’s so much more fun than I could have expected! I’d do it all over again if I could.
Have fun, and GOOD LUCK!
Brenda & Kris

{ a teeny tiny sneak-peek of our Big Day }


Brenda+Kris :: 12.03.11 :: +Accentuate SDE Film from Captivate Bridal on Vimeo.

Brenda+Kris were the lucky winners of our wedding threesome video. Check out their story here:

The Idea – http://vimeo.com/19796075

The Drive – http://vimeo.com/22125250

The Winners – http://vimeo.com/22133086

Cinematography: Jay, Adrian

Editor: Adam


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February 16, 2012

w3 v.2.0 – Contest Q+A :: Win a $10,000 wedding package!

{ Phase I – the race is on! }

Wowee! It’s only been a couple of days since we launched the 2012 Wedding Threesome contest details and we already have some super eager brides going head-to-head to get through Phase I of our contest! Couples are required to have a minimum of 100 of their Facebook friends Like + Join + Add all three of the Threesome Vendors on Facebook (it’s not as easy as it sounds!)

Last year, we saw some serious creativity in Phase I: Notes, Groups, Tagging, Emails, and even some begging + pleading and (playful) threatening! One bride emailed us that she was hosting an Open House + Wine and Cheese night at her place, and friends weren’t allowed inside until they sat down at her computer and Liked+Joined+Added all of us, while another one donated a dollar for each “vote” to a local charity!

This year, our competing brides are already stepping it up! We’ve seen websites with linking instructions, highly efficient tracking systems, and very (VERY!) well-instructed friends! Good job, Ladies!!

We’re curious to see how everyone steps up their game this year. There are lots of creative ways to get people involved!


{ helpful hints }

Rick + Jay + Mary decided to share some hints for Phase I…. so here are a few to get you started!

1) You ARE allowed to have other people {PIMP} their friends to join on your behalf (so long as those friends are posting that they’re supporting YOU) – (hint: give them a set of instructions that they can re-post!)

2) You ARE allowed to use our contest details, photos, and instructions across various social media without requesting special permission

3) Make sure to show some LIKE to all those peeps who worked hard to help you out (hint hint)

4) People are more likely to oblige when they know why they’re helping – so be sure to direct them to THIS POST to have it all make sense!


In the midst of all this excitement, Rick, Jay, and Mary have been receiving all kinds of questions about the details of what we’re doing… so we compiled them all, answered them as best we could, and wanted to share the details with all of you!

{ Q + A about our Wedding Threesome }


1. How are we keeping track?

Rick: “Well kids that part is up to you. What we suggest is you have your friends put something along the lines of “vote #57 for steve and kelly”.

Mary: Or you can track back and see our respective walls, “Like” the comments you’ve taken a note of, and keep track yourself. One bride is actually keeping track that each friend like + add + join ALL THREE pages (which they need to do) and she’s tagging the friends who haven’t in specific notes to (kindly) remind them to do so. Brilliant!!

Again, we’re not counting the LIKES + ADDS + JOINS…. you are! (though we will cross-reference to verify!)


2. OMG! This is so hard! How do I keep track of who Likes + Joins + Adds?

 Rick:  “Get them to tag their post, not just mention you. This way every time your name is mentioned you will receive a notice from fb. Simply count daily and make a post at the end of each day on our wall, or hire someone to make a computer program that tracks it for you. I bet someone on the Captivate team would be your monkey!”
Jay: *scowls at Rick*
Mary: *rolls her eyes*


3. Who can enter?

Rick: Anyone can. We’ll travel anywhere you want us to go…. just keep in mind that travel expenses are not part of this contest. With that being said, to spend about $2000 on travel to get a $10,000 wedding package is a pretty sweet deal in our opinion!

Rick follows up….. “Though, there are some certain “sketchy” destinations we probably won’t travel to, so if you’re questioning, it’s probably good that you contact one of us to check.”

Jay: You don’t have to be engaged. You just have to be planning a wedding in 2012 or 2013. (This is just a $10,000 incentive to pop the question!)


4. What if we’ve already booked one of you?

Mary: If you already have a standing contract with one of us, you can still enter the contest. Just be aware that your contract details still stand – you just receive 3 for the price of 1!

5. Is this for rizzle, ma nizzle?

 Jay: “What the hell does that even mean?”
Rick: “I have no idea. I think they are asking if this contest is for real or if it’s fake?”
Mary: “Just ask Brenda + Kris – last year’s winners!” (click HERE to meet them!)

6. What is Phase II of the contest, and when is it happening?

Jay: “The first part of the contest is completed at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday March 13th.”

Rick: “As for what the next stage is…. well, get your pencils sharpened boys and girls, you’re heading back to high school! (not literally!).

Mary: “Oh, and by the way, there will be a third stage as well”.

Rick: “Rick. This ain’t gonna be a cake walk.”



7. Are you guys crazy? Why would you give all this stuff away?

Rick: “Well that all depends on who you talk to. If you talk to our doctors, the answer would probably be yes”

Jay: “Umm, speak for your own doctor, Rick! If you talk to our past clients, then the answer would be more along the lines of “No, they’re just super awesome people that love to have a great time”

Mary: “And clearly, we’re having a great time!”

“Clearly” – Rick adds.

Jay:  “We know there are lots of deserving couples out there that would love to have us be a part of their wedding. So we figured we would go out and find them and make one of them really happy.”

Mary: “Yeah, hopefully the non-winners don’t hate us.”

Rick: “So long as we announce the winner on time this time.”

Mary + Jay: *nod in agreement*

8. Will you be doing this again?

*Rick looks at Mary…. Mary looks at Jay….. Jay looks at Rick (smiles and waves), and all three of them simultaneously take a deep breath and do some serious thinking…..”

All Three (in unison) : “Yeah, why not!”


9. Did Mary really dye her hair red?

 Rick: “Yes, but only parts, not all, it looks super uber cool….such a fashionista!”
Mary: “Thanks, Rick. And Valvano Salon Spa!”

10. Did Rick finally shave?

Jay: “Not yet. He was spotted walking through the forest by bigfoot stalkers and now has to explain himself to the authorities.”
Mary: *rolls her eyes*

11. Is Jay’s arm sore from putting on and taking off his glasses the whole time you guys were filming?

Rick: “Yes, it’s currently in a sling and he is laid up in bed being fanned with palm leaves and fed grapes by little monkeys.”
Mary: “It’s true.”

12. Who the heck are Adam and Adrian? What role do they play?

Rick: “Watch this - http://youtu.be/JcSUWP0QNeY - the dude on the left with the beer stein is me, the old dude on the right is Jay, the monkeys represent Adam and Adrian”.

{ a quick Contest Rules review }

Just to remind all of you…..

Contest Rules:

1) Contest entrants can be located anywhere in the world

2) Participating couples must be getting married in 2012 or 2013.

3) A minimum of 100 Likes | Joins | and Adds are required to enter Phase II of the w3 v. 2.0 contest

4) Contest entrants must keep track of their own PIMP-ing totals (although, we will be cross-referencing to make sure we’re not being duped!). 

5) Contestants can use any means necessary to get their friends to Like + Join + Add our pages (short of threats and other illegal stuff that can get us in trouble). Last year, contestants got super-creative with events, pages, groups, websites, emails, and tagging. Feel free to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pin, Call, Text…. whatever you have to do to help your $10,000 cause! (bonus points and honourable mentions WILL be awarded for creativity!)

6) The Threesome Vendors reserve the right to use any and all images of contestants for promotional purposes (unless specifically stated otherwise by the contestants themselves)

That is all!

Good luck to all Phase I contestants!

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