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October 5, 2011

Welcome to the WG Garage Sale! | new + previously loved wedding decor

{ the WG Garage Sale }

I recently moved into my new place and realized how much random wedding decor I’ve accumulated in three years! Vases, candles, ribbons…. it’s time to sell it all!

Browse the WG Garage Sale and get in touch with any questions you have!

{ Vases }

If the number of vases being sold is too few for your wedding plans, make sure to ask us about whether any additional pieces are available from our wholesalers! You can easily complete your set and save!

- tall -

Note: All the vases listed here are over 20″ tall.

There are 11 of these sleek 32″ tower vases available. They have a 2.5″ opening and can be filled with coloured water, vase filler (i.e. pearls or iridescent strands) and topped off with branches, feathers, or a floral arrangement.

Tip from a wedding planner: If you’re topping your tall vase with a heavy arrangement, make sure to fill the bottom of the vase with something substantially heavy (i.e. sand or water) to prevent the vases from toppling over!

I also have a few traditional eiffel tower vases, tall cylinder vases, and tall rectangulars.

(they’re a little hard to see, but imagine wedding guests surrounding the cylinder vase aisle and it’s an instant splash of colour on an otherwise drab walkway!

- medium -

Medium vases are anything between 12″ and 20″ tall (at least in the WG world). If you’re looking to create mounding or rolling tablescape centerpieces, intersperse Medium with Low vases to add lots of dimensions on a budget.

I have so many previously-loved assorted cylinder vases that you can use to create some gorgeous, tiered centerpieces – like what WG Brides Megan and Emily did!

Tip from a wedding planner: When looking to fill your  centrepiece vases, use ribbon, petals, candles, vase fillers, and water (clear or coloured!) to save money on pricey floral arrangements!

- short -

Short vases are anything under 12″ that are perfect to create sleek, simple, elegant dimension on any wedding table! Use these in tablescapes or on their own to add candlelight or colour. You can get all kinds of ¬†short cylinders and squares, but some of our favourite new short vases include coloured ceramics and mint julep designed pots! The great thing about silver vases is that they reflect whatever colour your table linen is, and they do a great job at bouncing votive candlelight around your table! Use these to create mini-bloom arrangements around your larger centerpiece, or as part of your rolling tablescape. You can also add height to your short centerpieces by saving money and using branches!

{ Candles }

No centerpiece should ever be complete with candles: pillar, votive, tapered – doesn’t matter! Candles add an incredible amount of romance, warmth, and dimension to your decor (not to mention a gorgeously ambient glow when the lights go down for dancing!)

Tip from a wedding planner: Looking to create candlelight on a budget? Use water and various sized vases to create a tiered candle effect – like what we did here for a New Years Eve wedding in Toronto’s Distillery District!

… or here for Megan and Chad’s venue decor!

{ Votive Holders }

Tip from a wedding planner: Most venues require a minimum of 1″ of glass surrounding any candle flame. Make sure to tuck your votives into votive holders that accentuate your wedding style!

{ .. ask + you shall receive! }

If there’s something specific you’re looking for, and you don’t see it here, be sure to ask us about it! It’s very likely we have it or can get it for you.

Also, if you, or someone you know, is a recent bride looking to sell her previously-loved wedding decor, please get in touch and we’d be happy to list it for you!

Happy Hunting!

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