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February 19, 2013

Alixandra Gould :: Toronto Budget Wedding Photography

{ The Importance of a Relationship with your Photog }

Written by Alixandra Gould, Toronto Wedding Photographer

Cheap Toronto Wedding Photography

There can be dozens of vendors taking part in your wedding—limo drivers, caterers, florists, dress designers, cupcake vendors, you name it—but unless you have a Day Of Coordinator, the only one who will be with you from start to finish on the big day is your photographer!

Here are five reasons why it’s important to have a great rapport.

1. Your photographer is going to be a big part of your day—they’ll be with you while you’re getting ready, in the car with you as you go to the ceremony, and interacting with your guests during the reception—so it’s better that you like them! Think about it, you wouldn’t want that guest that you had to invite but actually find kind of annoying following you around all day, so the same should apply to your photographer. If you get a great one, they can add a whole other element of fun to the day.

2. Much like with your future spouse, trust is a vital part of a your relationship with your photographer. Your photographer knows how to get the great shot, but they need you to be able to let go a little and follow their lead. Even though a certain suggestion they give you about how to place your feet, hold your hand on your face, etc. may seem a bit odd, just go with it. The results will be amazing! If you don’t get the sense that you can trust them, book someone else.

3. Feeling comfortable is equally as important. In order to get those candid looking, natural shots, there needs to be a relaxed subject in front of the camera. Sometimes you’ll be directed to do awkward poses that make you feel a little silly, but if you’re comfortable with the person behind the camera, it’ll make the whole process easier. You also need to feel comfortable enough to draw the line with certain directions, and say no.

4. You’ll have a ton of questions along the way—questions about locations, timing for photos, services offered—and you are 100% entitled to ask them all. Your photographer should be there to pick up the phone and answer emails, because being reassured that everything is going smoothly will just make the whole day seem that much less stressful.

5. If you’re getting married, chances are that you may need a photographer in the future as well. Maternity, newborn, anniversary, and event photos of all kinds could be something you may want down the line, and having a photographer that you know and trust in your back pocket is a great asset. Often, photographers will give discounts to return customers as well. Not all wedding photographers offer these other services, but if you think you may want them at some point, maybe hire a wedding photographer who does!

:: If you haven’t booked your wedding photographer yet, check out Alix’s website and send her a note! She’s super sweet and we have no doubt you’ll love getting to know her as much as we have!

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January 13, 2013

Wedding Photography :: on a budget


A few months back, we introduced all of you to the super-cute Alix over at Alixandra Gould Photography. She recently submitted a great article to us on how and why brides should make wedding photography choices armed with all the details, a ton of information, and a bit of insider-point-of-view. Have a read and head over to Alixandra’s website to get to know her better!

Written by Alixandra Gould


{ Five Reasons to Go with the Little Guy }

 Why bigger photography studios don’t always give you better results

Alixandra Gould Photography Toronto

Full disclosure: I am an independent photographer, so clearly, this article could be seen as very self-serving, which it kind of is.

But it’s also what I actually believe! And if I were getting married, this is what I would live by.

 Yes, it’s a generalization to say that all larger studios possess the characteristics outlined below.

Some larger studios can be great! But I’ve found through talking to many, many wedding professionals, brides and grooms, that these generalizations can be pretty accurate.

That being said, here’s why I think it’s better to go with the little guy.

{ Not just a number }

When you work with an independent photographer or a boutique studio, they treat you, the client, as more than just a number. Because bigger studios have huge volumes of weddings to do every year, you can get lost in the sea of brides and grooms. Phone calls can get lost, emails can get misplaced, and requests can go forgotten. But this is your special day! And your photographer should treat you as just that.


{ Cost }

Larger studios have a ton of overhead. They have to pay for their work space, their secretary, their retouchers, their photobook designers, their printers, their book keepers, and on and on. And of course, that cost gets passed on to you. When you hire a photographer rather than a studio, it’s likely that all that work is done by one or a very small number of people. Clients usually assume that the more you pay, the better your photos will be, but that’s almost never the case. You want to spend your money hiring a talented individual with vision and a personal connection to you, not some book keeper you’ve never met (no offense to the book keepers out there).


{ Personal connection }

I’ve heard horror stories about couples who went with a bigger studio, only to have a photographer they’ve never met before (who most likely read the itinerary in the car on the way over) show up on the big day, not knowing anything about them or their guests. When you hire an independent photographer, you hire a person who will get to know you, your story, your style, and what you want from day one. It’s a relationship that goes beyond client/photographer.


{ They take their work VERY seriously }

Many people go with larger studios because they think they “know what they’re doing” and that independent photographers aren’t as organized. Sure, this is sometimes the case, but more often than not it can be the opposite. Independent photographers take their work extremely seriously (I know I do) because it’s their name and reputation on the line. It’s also up to you to inquire if the photographer has adequate back-up methods for your photos, whether they can offer guaranteed turn around time, etc.


{ It the nice thing to do }

In a time where Walmart, McDonalds and Starbucks get soooo much of our money, why not support the little guy? Think of us independent photographers as your local bakery, the indie café around the corner, or the mom and pop shop you’ve been going to since you were little. There’s something about buying from them that just leaves you with a good feeling.


A Personal Note:

I love what I do, and I want to be there every step of the way with you! Here are some of my favourite moments with a few of the favourite couples I’ve worked with, from the moment she said “Yes” to the moment they said “I Do”, with all the little details in between.  I love being a part of this special journey, and beyond!

Toronto Budget Photography 1

Toronto Budget Photography 2

Toronto Budget Photography 4

Toronto Budget Photography 5

Toronto Budget Photography 6

Toronto Budget Wedding Photography 7

Toronto Budget Wedding Photography 8

Toronto Budget Wedding Photography 9

Toronto Budget Wedding Photography 10

Toronto Budget Wedding Photography 11

Toronto Budget Wedding Photography 1

Toronto Budget Wedding Photography 2

Toronto Budget Wedding Photography 3

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July 14, 2009

Will and Jen’s *professional* photos, on a budget!

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On Will and Jen’s wedding day, I had the privilege of meeting Clint Russell of Renaissance Studios – anyone who says budget wedding photography has to look budget, is so wrong!

Making a decision about budget wedding photography is about a few things:

1) doing your research – take the time to visit a number of different photographers’ portfolios, and look for the photos that you would want to hang on your own wall at home!

2) being flexible with your budget – saying “I’m spending no more than $1000″ isn’t fair to the amazing photographer who will do 10x the job for $1300 as will the photographer who charges $800… (consider going back to re-read the WeddingGirl.ca blog post on VALUE!)

3) a good photographer is not only about taking a good picture, it’s about knowing the ins and outs of digital imaging software and creating art

Here are some of Clint’s great shots of Will and Jen’s wedding day – with hopefully more to come!

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