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November 26, 2010

Blo-wn away at Blo Blow-Dry Bar in Bloor West Village!

… They say it’s because you can’t Blo yourself!

{the invite}

It was the hot pink branding and the sassy slogans that caught my interest when Blo-girl, Ashley,  first contacted me about coming in to experience a Blo-Out!

I checked out Blo’s website (Blo me dry.com) after Ashley called me earlier this week to introduce herself. I was surprised at the fact that I’d never heard of this Blo phenomenon – which, I see now, has certainly taken the world by storm!

{don’t use the s-word}

Originating in Canada’s very own British Columbia, Blo Dry Bars can be found across North America. Ashley invited me to come in and see her at Bloor West Village, Toronto.

It was an early start to our day yesterday… 8:30 a.m. to be exact… and I was surprised to learn that Blo is open (by-appointment) from 7 a.m.!

I also learned that you never refer to Blo as the S-word (salon). It’s a Blow Dry Bar. They have no dye, and they have no scissors…  just Wash, Blo, and Go!

{the menu}

As I sat down in the funky lucite ghost chair, Ashley handed me the Blo Hair Menu – a fabulous list of stylish do’s to choose from!

{the visit}

Ashley set to work on my Blo-out and we chit-chatted about what she does, about what I do, and about how Blo has taken a new spin on classic salon appointments. Remember how our grandmothers used to go have their hair done once a week? Now Blo Bars make it so that you can too! Women are getting Blo-wn before work (Ashley said that some of their clients don’t even own shampoo – they visit the Bar upwards of 3 times per week!), before nights out on the town, and sometimes just to squeeze in a bit of extra pampering into a hectic schedule (most Blo-outs only take about 30 minutes).

{the last thing a bride needs are scissors and dye}

As a wedding planner, I can completely appreciate the fact that Blo styles are precisely what a bride is looking for on her wedding day – no cutting, no colouring, just a perfect hairstyle! With this said, the Blo on Bloor is offering a free bridal consultation to a lucky WeddingGirl.ca Bride-To-Be!   All you have to do is visit the WG Profile on Facebook and take a peek at the Blo Hair Menu styles in the photo album I created of my visit with Ashley yesterday!

Just “Like” your favourite Blo style from the Hair Menu, and a random “Like” will be selected to win some Blo swag!

Good Luck!

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