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March 14, 2011

Win a $10,000 Wedding Day Threesome | Phase III is upon us!

Welcome to Phase III!


This morning, Rick, Jay, and Mary got together to review Wedding Day Threesome contest submissions from last week’s Phase II announcement.

The goal was to narrow the choices down to three final couples for Phase III of our contest.

Between Powerpoint presentations, wedding party interviews, .pdf files, online slideshows, and some incredible stories,

we ended up with six couples.

Six is close enough to three, right??

Introducing….. (in no particular order)

{Melinda + Mike}

{Jen + Ned}

{Brenda + Kris}

{Nicole + Jose}

{Vanessa + Dave}

{Kate + Riley}

Congratulations to all of you!

Come back tomorrow to see what Phase III entails!

(and get your cameras ready!)

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March 7, 2011

It’s Phase II day! | Win a Wedding Day Threesome – $10,000 Wedding Contest

Happy Monday everyone!

So it’s been an absolutely crazy three weeks since Monday, February 14th when Rick Denham Photography, Captivate Bridal Cinema, and our WG team launched our Wedding Day Threesome contest – a $10,000 Photography + Cinema + Planning / Coordination giveaway. If you missed the details a few weeks ago, check them out here!

So many couples have been frantically recruiting their Facebook friends to Add + Like + Join the WG Profile, the Denham Photography Page, and the Captivate Cinema Group and we are so excited to meet the brides and grooms who are moving on in our contest and getting one step closer to winning their  threesome with us!

W3 – Phase II – SUBMIT

Who | What | Why

Today marks the official launch of Phase II of our Three-Part threesome contest…… Who? What? Why?

{ who }

We want to love who we’re having a threesome with. If you’re one of the couples who is successfully moving ahead in our contest, we want to know who you are!

We want to hear all about the two of you: your names, your ages, your shoe sizes ¬†(… okay, well, maybe not your shoe sizes) – who you are, what you do – we want to know about you!

We’re picky about our threesome and we’re looking for the most fabulous twosome to join us!

{ what }

Once you’ve told us all about who you are (and we mean ALL about who you are!) then we want to know what makes your wedding different.

When and where are you getting married? Why did you pick there? How many people are coming? What colours are we going to see? Any wicked / wacky / fabulous themes? What makes yours different? What’s going to happen that will knock our socks off?

We want to hear all about the stage our threesome will be set on!

{ why }

Finally, once we’ve heard who and what, we want to know why.

Why do you want to have a wedding threesome? Why do you want Rick and Jay and Mary to capture, captivate, and coordinate your wedding? Why should we pick you to join us? (please keep this one to 300 words!)

Once you have compiled your Who  + What + Why email, send it over to us.

Send your Threesome Submission emails (with supporting photos…. appropriate ones!)

to all three of us (Rick + Jay + Mary).

In one week, on Monday March 14,

we’re announcing the FINAL THREE couples that will move on to Phase III!

(final email submissions must be received by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 13th)

We can’t wait to meet you!

(make sure to follow all the instructions! missing information will be counted as an incomplete submission and will be disqualified – as per the legal team)

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