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August 9, 2014

Royal Canadian Yacht Club | Toronto Wedding Venue

{ Virtual Venue Visit – RCYC }

As seasoned wedding planners who have seen the best (and the worst) of wedding venues, sometimes we find ourselves lucky enough to stumble upon a gem of a function space that blows us away…..

Cue: the Royal Canadian Yacht Club.



When we first met our August 3rd couple, they had nothing but lovely awesomeness to say about the venue they’d booked for their I Do’s (despite the fact that the space itself was booked sight-unseen!) The RCYC is located on Toronto Island and is inaccessible in winter months, so many couples take a leap of faith and base the biggest decision of their wedding plans on stunning photos and impeccable rapport.

In the case of our couple, their initial experiences with word-of-mouth referrals and the Club’s administrative staff was enough to encourage their final decision. They put their faith into the beautiful photos they’d seen – and we trusted their opinions entirely! As it turned out, last weekend, our expectations were not only met, but vastly surpassed.

Everyone at the RCYC, from the Event Coordinator with whom we worked closely from Day 1, down to the Banquet supervision and Day Of service teams, (even the ferry captains and Quartermaster!) were an absolute pleasure to interact with. It’s not often that, as Day Of Coordinators, we feel so incredibly supported by the onsite team – and because of this, the wedding production went off without so much as a hitch.

Beyond the ease of working with its staff, the venue itself boasts a timeless elegance – accented with character, charm, and classic details – the picture-perfect backdrop to a fairytale event.

Wedding guests begin their experience aboard the RCYC ferry, departing from Cherry Street and Queen’s Quay, in downtown Toronto. A fifteen minute boat ride, with a picturesque view of the city skyline and just beyond the jetty, guests arrive on the rolling lawns of the Club.

Brides and Grooms can choose from a variety of onsite ceremony locations: a willow tree lawn, the front lawn, or the Club’s beautiful rose garden – all with a perfect rain plan back-up location if required.

Front Lawn West Ceremony Setup - Facing Club

Front Lawn West Ceremony Setup - Facing Water

Rose Garden - Ceremony

Cocktail hour takes guests from one part of the property to another, each with a beautiful view to take in while sipping on carefully crafted cocktails and indulging in top notch hors d’oeuvres. Indoor cocktail hour space is available if the weather chooses not to cooperate.

Rose Garden Reception

West Front Lawn Reception2

Enclosed Verandah - Tables

As per yacht club tradition, the Quartermaster announces the call to dinner and guests move indoors to the Ballroom.

Ballroom - Rented Silver Chivari

Ballroom - Long Head Table with BQT Rounds

Ballroom - Rounds with BQT Chairs

The RCYC only allows one wedding onsite per day, ensuring a private celebration and meticulous attention to service and detail.

Merriment ensues with dancing to follow – either in the Ballroom, in the adjacent Patricia Room, or on the covered verandah.

Patricia Room - Empty from South

Patricia Room - South View

Patricia Room - Wedding Set Up

Ballroom North Verandah

Patricia Room - East Verandah


Overall, this function space is getting a glowing review and an emphatic WG seal of planner-approval. The food is delicious (even the vendor meals), the service is stellar, and the setting couldn’t be more gorgeous.

We’re so honoured to be preferred Planners / Coordinators on the RCYC Vendor List, and are looking forward to returning soon.

For details on planning your big day here, make sure to Get In Touch!

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July 29, 2014

Priya + Ryan | One King West | WG Fusion

{ fusion Love }

Authored by Leah Sandhu, WG-Fusion


There’s something so special about seeing two cultures come together. The joining of two very different families and seeing them share their traditions with one another is truly beautiful, and Priya and Ryan’s wedding was no exception.

Toronto Wedding Planner Leah Sandhu

The brightly coloured sari’s and the bride’s handmade red reception lengha were stunning. I mean, really, how gorgeous is this bride?!?  All of the outfits were handpicked across the globe in India, making the cultural elements that much more authentic.

Toronto Hindu Wedding Bride Bridesmaid Saris

The Grand Banking Hall at 1 King West was the perfect fit for this sophisticated affair. The moment Priya and Ryan walked through the doors, the architecture immediately caught their attention and they knew it was where they wanted to celebrate their marriage. As explained in their Thank You speech, the Newlyweds had opted for a private ceremony surrounded exclusively by closest friends and family, while their lavish reception was the party they threw to thank everyone for their unyielding love and support. And what a party it was!

Leah Sandhu Toronto Fusion Wedding Planner

Ribbons Twine Photography Wedding Toronto

Toronto Indian Hindu Wedding Planner Leah Sandhu

Leah Sandhu Toronto Wedding Planner

Toronto Hindu Wedding Planner WeddingGirl.ca

Toronto Indian Wedding Planner Leah Sandhu WGx

Urban Indian Hindu Bride Toronto

One King West Toronto Wedding Venue

Sandra Kennedy Floral Design Toronto Wedding Decor

Ribbons Twine Wedding Photography Toronto

The oh-so-talented Grenville Pinto entertained the guests during dinner with his alternative take on a traditional sound. The passion he has for his art oozes from his every note and he draws guests into the magic while enveloping them in the sounds of electric violin. The night unfolded with food, dancing, and a stylish Scotch bar.

Scotch Bar Wedding Toronto One King WestFusion Hindu Indian Wedding Planner Toronto Leah Sandhu

{{ Vendor Love }}

Venue: One King West Hotel & Residence

Photography: Ribbons & Twine Photography

Décor: J Company

Floral Design: Sandra Kennedy (Family Friend)

Hair Stylist: Fancy Face Inc.

Make-up Artist: Lush Brush Hair and Makeup

Wedding Dress: Mori Lee Designs

Shoes: Le Chateau

Suits: Vera Wang

Bridesmaids Sari’s: Purchased from India

Invitations: Seahorse Bend Press

Menu Card/ Scotch Menu: Emily Stephenson

Ceremony Program: Leah Sandhu

Entertainment: Grenville Pinto


Leah_Indian Bridal portrait1

Leah Sandhu is a Fusion Wedding Expert and Bridal Lifestyle Blogger at WeddingGirl.ca.

To have Leah’s creative input and meticulous attention to detail for your Fusion celebration, make sure to Get In Touch!

Find Leah on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest |  leah@weddinggirl.ca

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July 7, 2014

Legion of Honor | Fine Arts Museum | San Francisco, California

Bianca Guarnaccia | Wanderlust Weddings by WG | WGx


Every amazing couple begins with an incredible story.

The Legion of Honor has over 4000 of them.

Vincent Au Photography California

Located in the heart of oh-so-romantic San Francisco, and overlooking the world renown Golden Gate bridge, The Legion of Honor offers your wedding guests both the timeless elegance of Paris and the enriching history that has made it so special to its visitors.

Dedicated to the fallen soldiers of the Great War, this museum is a symbol of strength, commitment and loyalty – a beautiful testament to marriage as well. Celebrating in a venue that represents all the reasons you feel in love is the perfect beginning to a fairytale ending.

Legion of Honor in the Fog

Legion of Honor San Francisco Wedding Venue

Besides welcoming local brides in the San Francisco area, the Legion of Honor hosts numerous destination weddings as well. Couples who live outside of the city fly here specifically for the backdrop itself – believing that it brings their love alive.

Sphynge Photography San Francisco Wedding Planners

“It was the purpose of my wife and myself to contribute to the beautification of our native city – something not only beautiful in itself – but also something devoted to patriotic and useful ends; something which might be dedicated as a suitable memorial to our brave boys who gave their lives to their country in the Great War, and also lend itself as a home of art and historical treasures, to promoting the education and culture of our citizens, and especially the rising and coming generations.”

 - Adolph B. Spreckles, Founder

To celebrate your wedding at California’s beautiful Legion of Honor, make sure to get in touch!

Bianca is a Bridal Lifestyle Blogger and Travel Writer with WeddingGirl.ca.
Follow her worldwide wedding planning adventures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!
WGxPhotoshoot (327 of 444)

{{ blog love :: photog credits }}
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June 24, 2014

How to Plan Your Own Wedding Bar :: DIY Wedding Alcohol Planner

{ DIY Wedding Planning }

Wedding Day Fund Mason Jar


Brides are getting smarter.

Budgets are getting tighter.

Many of the weddings we’re planning are opting to skip out on the all-inclusive one-size-fits-bride venues and couples are dancing the night away in what we refer to DIY Venues.

These often-hidden-gem spaces  are reception locations that charge couples a flat rental fee for use of their space (sometimes unreasonably affordable – other times.. not so much), and the Bride and Groom are then responsible for bringing in their own rentals, decor, catering, alcohol, etc.

While DIY venues are (mostly always) the more cost-effective wedding option, they are, undoubtedly, much trickier to plan.

DIY venues usually require you to consider bringing in your own tables, chairs, flatware, stemware, tableware, to make your own catering arrangements, and most importantly, to plan your own bar.

It seems ironic to us as wedding planners that the elements of your big day meant to save you the most money tend to be trickiest to plan!

No worries, though. We’ve got you covered.

{ planning your DIY bar }

Note: Every wedding is different.

Depending on the type of guests you invite (older vs. younger, drinkers vs. not), some weddings will boast a much heavier alcohol consumption than others.

Details of your particular big will also play a role in alcohol consumption: time of day, length of cocktail hour and dinner, availability of shots and varieties of liquor / mix on your bar rail.

We’re basing these particular nuggets of wedding-planning knowledge on the average event.

So, as we were….


{ insider insight }

Between our own (extensive) experience at the weddings we’ve planned, and with the expert advice of a few trusted industry insiders….here’s what you need to know:

1) The average wedding guest will consume one alcoholic drink per hour throughout the wedding

So. 5 to 7 drinks per person for the night, plus two glasses of wine at dinner.

Got it.


2) More specifically put, the average wedding guest will usually drink 2 drinks during cocktails, 2 drinks during dinner, 2 drinks while they’re dancing, and 2 drinks in the last couple hours of the night (this includes shots).

Therefore, if you’re looking to tighten the reigns on alcohol consumption we usually suggest limiting the availability of shots, slowing the bar toward the end of the night, and serving exclusively signature beverages during cocktail hour.



3) Liquor is the most widely consumed alcohol at the average wedding (particularly in the form of shots).

Wine comes in second (and is typically the drink of choice during dinner).

Beer comes last.


4) Red wine is FAR more popular than white wine (usually at a service ratio of 2:1)

If you’re offering wine to your guests during dinner, ask your servers to come around with a “First Pour” rather than opening a bottle of red and a bottle of white on each table. This allows guests to choose their preferred wine at the onset of the meal and servers can be instructed to provide bottles to tables if explicitly requested.

Oh – and it looks classier too!

As has been the case with nearly every wedding we’ve coordinated, more often than not we see whole bottles of white wine go entirely to waste.



5) If Premium and Import beers are offered, they are usually consumed at a substantially higher rate than any Domestic labels.

Plan accordingly.


6) The most popular liquors consumed at a wedding, in order of popularity, are: Vodka, Gin, Rye, Tequila, Rum, Scotch, Amaretto, and Apple + Raspberry Sours.


7) The most popular mixes, in order of popularity, are: Club Soda, Tonic, Cranberry juice, Coca Cola, and Clamato juice.


8) Signature drinks are surprisingly unpopular.

Yes, they look super cute with their colour-coordination and themed straws with personalized flags… but guests will drink signature cocktails only because they’re offered (usually in the proximity of white-gloved servers passing around shiny silver trays).

Once the bar opens and guests can order what they want, the hefty majority stay lightyears away from colourful and fruity drinks.

Skip the drink flags.



{ wedding Signature drinks }

But so long as we’re on the topic of the oh-so-popular signature cocktails… there are ways to plan these so they don’t suck!

As wedding planners – we actually love the personality and creativity that goes into signature drinks…- don’t let us discourage you from the idea entirely – just make sure to choose a drink that tastes good (and isn’t just mixed to be electric yellow so that it matches your 70′s wedding theme).

Most of the signature drink rave reviews we hear involve refreshing, subtle blends like champagne spritzers and light sangrias (think bubbles + white cranberry juice adorned with a berry or two at the bottom of the glass).

Kir seems to be popular too – black current liqueur topped up with white wine (a touch heavier than sparkling + juice – a more popular option for Fall and Winter affairs).

Some of our couples are opting for a choice of drinks: Moosehead for him, Apple Pie Martinis for her.

A handful of skillful (and passionate!) bartenders are even willing to take a couples’ favourite flavours and custom-design a concoction from scratch – so get creative!


Of course, cocktail hour drinks that suit the style and theme of your wedding are always classic (assuming they’re tasty too!).

Chilly autumn weddings are complemented nicely with hot apple cider and rum, while sunshine-y summer wedding guests appreciate ice-cold sparkling numbers and flavour infused waters (even if they’re non-alcoholic!).

DIY Wedding Bar Infused Water Jenn Sean

Cocktails that come with a custom-story are always a big hit too…

“The Bride celebrated her acceptance to medical school with one too many margaritas!”


“The Groom’s been known to get messy with martinis!”


{ a few tips }

Regardless of whether you’re planning an open bar all-day-long, or signature cocktails followed by dinner wine and dancing – alcohol is meant to enhance your celebration, not overshadow it.

Guests are encouraged to have a great time but over-indulging often leads to embarrassing moments and constraining conflicts that nobody (your coordinators included!) should have to deal with.

Take your guest demographic into consideration when selecting your alcohol line-up.

Make sure to overstock (liquor in Ontario can always be returned to the LCBO with a receipt!).

Keep all of your proofs of purchase (event alcohol must be purchased with a valid Special Occasions Permit – which must be clearly displayed behind the bar before the first drink is poured).


{ extra help }

We know that planning a DIY wedding can be stressful and overwhelming, but if envisioned properly and executed seamlessly, it can help save you thousands of dollars!

Our WeddingGirl team offers Reception-Planning consultations for DIY Brides to help ensure that no dishes go overlooked, no water jugs un-ordered, and that alcohol service goes off without a hitch.

Make sure to Get In Touch with any questions you might have!

Little Black Dress Photoshoot Palais Royale


Much love,

the WG team <3


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June 22, 2014

Two Girls. Two Dresses. One Love. | #LoveIsLove

{ When Briar met Amanda… }

LGBT Wedding Two Brides Toronto Planners

:: the First Meet

Briar and Amanda met in 2009 through a mutual friend. Their connection was instantaneous and the rest is history!

:: the Big Question

Amanda proposed to Briar one evening in February of 2012. She surprised her with a card saying they were going on an adventure back in time, and re-created some of their favourite memories all around their home. Each memory ‘station’ had an envelope that lead to the next. 
“We initially met over a game of pool so the first visit down memory lane was over a game of ‘table top pool’ and beer. From there we continued on to have a drink inside our tent in the living room, play some NHL hockey on the Xbox, enjoyed some beer and wings and played a great game of 20 questions (at this point we clearly had all the answers!).”
Briar thought the end of the evening was over when Amanda gave her the last envelope and proposed to her with a ring pop!
“To this day she lies to me and says she was surprised when the real ring came later!”

:: the Planning

“That’s when the real fun began…the planning!!” – the Newlyweds tell us.
They chose a date that was 18 months after the proposal.
“We wanted ample time to get ourselves organized and create some fun DYI projects”.

Before their engagement, Amanda and Briar would spend hours hiking in Balls Falls Conversation Area, so it didn’t take the two girls long to decide they wanted to get married in its gorgeous, quaint chapel and have a rustic barn wedding reception.


Rainbow Bridesmaid Dresses LGBT Lesbian Wedding Planners Toronto









“We carefully and lovingly selected each and every one of our wedding vendors by hand”.

 Judith Twells officiated the girls’ ceremony - “and she was absolutely amazing! It was intimate, personal, and loving.”

“Our photographer, Joel Hannigan was an absolute no-brainer.”

In her own words, Amanda had been creeping Joel’s work for many months before she proposed – “and knew I would do anything to have him capture our wedding! It certainly paid off! Huge shout out to Joel and his second shooter Eva Derrick.”

Kelly and Stacy from Ooh La La Designs created the Brides’ beautiful floral arrangements.

“We had a lot of small details that represented us both, right down to the hockey jersey table numbers and Briar’s running shoes. We wanted to make it unique with our own personal creations. We literally made everything that was there (table numbers, banners, chalk boards, centre pieces, etc.). The day of the wedding, Amanda’s Aunt Leslie took all of the DYI items and decorated the barn from floor to ceiling (incl. lights, lanterns, tulle, etc.). She executed our vision perfectly!”

Bridal Gowns + Bridesmaid dresses: David’s Bridal, Canada

Catering: Kent Heritage Farms

Food Truck: Thunderin’ Thelma | Caplansky’s Deli




All of us here at WeddingGirl.ca believe that #LoveIsLove and that #LoveIsNeverWrong.

To feature your #SameLove wedding on our blog, or to feature your Community-Friendly wedding business, please make sure to Get In Touch!

WG= Logo

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May 19, 2014

Casino Resort I Do’s | Fallsview Casino Wedding

{ Casino Wedding Celebrations }

If your love story tells the tale of fate and excitement, have you considered a wedding celebration that reflects the same?? Located just one hour north of high-profile Niagara Falls, our planning team over here at WG has been getting more and more inquiries about casino resort weddings.

The Do’s and Dont’s of a Casino Wedding

Don’t listen to anything Hollywood tells you; anything you’ve ever seen go wrong with a casino wedding had more to do with silver screen scriptwriters than leaving your nuptials to chance.

Casinos are becoming increasingly glamorous, fun, stylish venues for elegant ceremonies, great photos, and rocking receptions. Here’s a How-To guide to making sure your casino resort wedding goes off without a hitch.


:: Don’t get drunk to get hitched

Think Ross and Rachel, the guys from The Hangover, and even Britney Spears (the first time around) – the perils of a not-so-sober decision to get married in Vegas are endless… but that’s not exclusively what casino weddings are about.

Like any big life decisions (and legal contracts, for that matter!) getting married requires time and planning. Happily Ever After isn’t about necking too many mojitos and scuttling off to the chapel with the first croupier you lay eyes on.

:: Do your research

While Las Vegas has an abundance of wedding chapel options from the good, the bad, to the downright ugly, rest assured that our more local Ontario casino options will help to create a classy, tactful, enjoyable planning experience.

You’re engaged and lucky enough to be madly in love and getting married: make sure to leave no planning stone unturned! Take the time to pay a visit to your ceremony chapel and give some thought to reception spaces, guests’ accommodations and local amenities. Not every casino will have everything you need conveniently located outside its doors (especially if you DO opt for Vegas and find yourself out in the middle of the desert!)

Niagara Wedding Planner Mary Bratko Fallsview Casino

:: Don’t do a tacky theme

Unless everyone that you know and love knows (and loves) that you’re seriously hooked on Texas Hold’Em, if you’re opting for a casino wedding, skip the Vegas wedding theme. Yes, with bright lights, excited patrons and entertainment everywhere, it can be tempting to try and theme your wedding. Take it from a wedding planning expert, themes (while sometimes executed beautifully) can often turn disastrous, fast.

Regardless of wherever you choose to say “I Do”, keep your wedding style tasteful. Choose your favourite colours and textures without regard for the madness and chaos of the gaming floor. Please keep the tacky 3-D dice and fake dollar coins to a minimum.

Niagara Wedding Planner WeddingGirl.ca mINK Creative Photography

:: Do set a budget (for yourselves AND your guests!)

A wedding day is about celebrating being lucky in love, not about everybody else’s changes to win big. When planning a casino wedding, talk to your friends and family about enjoying the festivities without breaking the bank at the Blackjack tables. Politely suggest a set amount of gambling money – it can be easy to get carried away.

The same budget boundaries apply to planning your nuptials as well: set aside funds for a trip to the slots, but keep in mind that weddings are pricey affairs and nobody wants to overshadow their celebration with concerns about paying the bill at the end of the night.


:: Don’t set geographic limits

Sure, Vegas is notoriously the obvious choice for a casino wedding, but the world is brimming with amazing casino resort options – and new ones are cropping up every day! If you don’t want to renew your passport, the luxurious Fallsview Casino is a perfect option.

If you find yourself leaning more toward celebrating with a bit of wanderlust in your veins, check out some other gorgeous casino venues including Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, Ibiza Gran Hotel in Spain, and the stunning Hotel De Paris which features the Casino de Monte-Carlo, a setting some may remember from the first James Bond novel, Casino Royale.

Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort

Casino Royale Hotel De Paris Monaco Resort

:: Do have fun

Casino weddings bring a whole new element of entertainment to the wedding celebration table. They give you and your friends and family the chance to get a tiny bit crazy, a little bit competitive, and have a whole lot of fun in a light-hearted, yet still opulent and elegant, environment. Make the most of your once-in-a-lifetime festivities: play wisely, drink champagne, and know that you’ve already beat the odds with your once-in-a-lifetime love.


For more details on planning a casino resort wedding, make sure to Get In Touch.

{ Blog Love :: photog credits }

Rob Lapensee Photography

mINK Creative Photographic


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May 17, 2014

Crazy Hotels | Wanderlust Weddings by WG

{ Crazy Hotels }

Be Surprised.

Stay Inspired.


What better mottos are there for everything to do with life, love, and the Universe? There’s no denying that just about everything to do with Crazy Hotels totally made us fall head-over-WG-heels for them.


Founded in 2012, Crazy Hotels is a worldwide collection of extraordinary, amazing and unique hotels providing unforgettable travel experiences – the kind of hotels you’ve always imagined but never knew existed.

Follow them on Twitter for a continuous dose of travel pictures and befriend them on Facebook to fall in love with places you’ve never seen.

Some of our favourites:


CrazyHotels Hamburg Germany Karim Rashid

NeonMuseumLasVegas SocceryGirl296

Rosewood London Marble Staircase Hotel

{ Wanderlust Weddings by WG }

If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug like we have and want to celebrate your love abroad, make sure to Get In Touch with our team of destination and travel wedding planners over at Wanderlust by WG.



{ Photography Credit :: in order of appearance }

Marianne Hope, Picturely Spoken - The Netherlands

Karim Rashid, Prizeotel – Hamburg, Germany

@soccergirl296 via Matador Network

Rosewood London staircase, circa 1914 (valued at £40million)


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May 13, 2014

A Castle Wedding Venue fit for a Fairytale Princess Bride

{ Ripley Castle, England }

Fairytale castle wedding United Kingdom England




What more could a bride wish than for her wedding to fascinate and entertain her guests, while leaving an unforgettable impression of their once-in-a-lifetime love?




England Castle Destination Wedding

The stunning Ripley Castle and Gardens are a fairytale wedding setting-come-true, located just three miles from Harrogate in North Yorkshire, England. On the edge of the stunning Yorkshire Dales National Park, this historic space is open year-round to host joyous festivities and makes for a beautiful backdrop to any celebration.

Ripley Castle England Wedding Fairytale

Few venues in all of the United Kingdom can rival Ripley Castle’s  years of experience, professionalism and ability to turn bridal visions into wedding day realities.

Ripley Castle UK Wedding England

For more details on celebrating your storybook love abroad, or to connect with a destination wedding planner from our Wanderlust By WG team, make sure to Get In Touch!

 England Wedding Planners WeddingGirl.ca




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May 8, 2014

The Original Wedding Soirée | 2014

{ the Grand Carnival }

A few weeks ago we helped to unveil Toronto’s finest Original Wedding Soirée at The Warehouse Event Venue — putting on a wedding show of epic proportions: the first intimate and interactive wedding showcase in Ontario.

This curated + themed experience promised to delight and inspire every bride, guest and industry visionary, so of course we had to send our team of WeddingGirls to experience the festivities!


A Sunday afternoon with the WeddingGirls at The Original Wedding Soirée?

Uh, yes please!! It was a great experience, and our team had tons to say.

First off, the Soirée was meticulously planned, beautifully executed and well attended. We have nothing but all the respect in the world for the planning team behind this event! It was a gorgeous showcase of high-quality vendors, delicious eats, and unique entertainment – row after row of lovely things for the WeddingGirls to share with their followers.

We especially enjoyed meeting some incredible businesses owners with an awesome passion for what they do; it was brilliant chance for brides and industry professionals in the Toronto area to meet, greet, and network.

Original Wedding Soiree Toronto 1

We arrived at The Warehouse Event Venue, walked through lavishly-draped curtains, onto a red carpet reception. At once  we were surrounded by spectacles engaging every sense: refreshing tequila and grape cocktails,  a life-sized wedding dress dessert stand {complete with gorgeous bride inside doling out delicious cupcakes}, aerial acrobatic performances, sweet serenading by talented vocal group Cadence, ice cream made in front of our eyes with dry ice, a string ensemble providing ambiance while entertainers {think stilts, ballerinas and acrobats} roamed throughout… the list went on. This really wasn’t a show to miss!

Original Wedding Soiree Toronto WeddingGirl.ca 3

Original Wedding Soiree Toronto WeddingGirl.ca 2

Original Wedding Soiree Toronto WeddingGirl.ca 6

Original Wedding Soiree Toronto WeddingGirl.ca 5

Our very own Carmelina especially loved the gourmet snow cones. Just imagine your summer wedding guests cooling off with inventive, all-natural flavoured apple cider or lemon lavender essence!  Carm appreciated the incredible variety of vendors, and how well they all designed their booths to contribute to show’s theme and ambiance.

Original Wedding Soiree Toronto WeddingGirl.ca 7

Our in-house travel expert, Miss Vanessa, praised the show for having something for everyone – even the munchkins! A team from MelonHead were offering haircuts and stylish do’s for the little ones. Favourite show moment? watching four WeddingGirls turn to mush as a 2-year-old, sporting a tiny blue mohawk passed by – it was the cutest!

Vanessa also especially loved our photobooth fun. We had a blast posing with the goofy props and were warmly welcomed to snap multiple pictures and selfies. Oh, did we ever!

Cocolily Original Wedding Soiree WeddingGirl.ca

Our photo strip will always remind us of Soirée fun – so if you have a silly, photogenic guest list we highly suggest you consider having one of these interactive entertainment stations at your wedding reception!

Linda even managed to sneak a shot of Lisa’s mini make-up session. These ladies were having a great time, giving visitors touch-ups and chatting up other vendors. They embodied the elegant, friendly vibe of the show – a total delight!

Our resident Marketing Maven, Bianca, loved the custom invitation options at the Vibrance Designs booth. There was so much talent to take in and endless options to include personal details at every turn.

We ventured outside with our Social Media Rockstar, Miss Laura, to check out the options for lunch. WG Lifestyle Writer, Linda, is a huge foodie and especially loved the inclusion of food trucks. A wedding she attended last summer brought in a late night poutine truck, it was fantastic!  Kudos to the Soirée for helping support the urban food truck movement.

Original Wedding Soiree Toronto WeddingGirl.ca 4

The Original Wedding Soiree earn a sparkling 5 stars from every one of the WeddingGirl’s in attendance. WG Planner Lisa raved that it was one of the best shows she’s ever attended; the variety and quality are what stood out to us and rocketed the Soirée to the top of our list for shows not miss next year!

We’re all looking forward to seeing what this fabulous team does in the future, and extend many thanks on behalf of all the WeddingGirls for inviting us.


If you’re planning a fabulous event and want to get it noticed, contact media@weddinggirl.ca for event promotion options with weddinggirl.ca and the #WGx team.

Bitcoin Wedding Planning Toronto Canada WeddingGirl.ca team

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April 10, 2014

Radisson Blu, St. Martin | #WANDERLUSTxWG

{ Radisson Blu, St. Martin }

#WANDERLUSTxWG was recently on location in beautiful St. Martin.. and Sint Maarten! -a small island in the south Caribbean shared by France and The Netherlands. Borders are marked by flags and wandering herds of goats: things are fairly laid back there.

For four days our wandering WeddingGirl, Linda, found herself at the island’s most luxurious resort, surrounded by lush green mountains and endless blue skies. Add the odd iguana and colourful local culture around every hair-pin turn, and you have this island in a nutshell.

Nestled on the beautiful north shore, a winding road in over steep hills really gives the sense you’ve discovered a secret paradise when approaching the Radisson Blu.


Driving under huge palm tree arches and seeing smiling faces everywhere certainly sets the tone for a relaxing vacation. The resort exhibited truly exceptional hospitality and customer service from the moment Arthur at the front desk greeted us with a friendly ‘Bonjour!’ and drink (never underestimate the power of rum punch on a tired traveller!) to being delivered to our suite by golf cart.. they didn’t want us lifting a finger and did everything to ensure we were settled in and comfortable.


The resort has everything you need, but to experience more of the island our WeddingGirl rented a cute little car to explore some of the roads less-traveled.  She found beautiful empty beaches and charming churches in vibrant neighbourhoods. There are activities to entertain all kinds of adventurers: skydiving, paintball, guided snorkelling or dive tours, environmental reserves to explore. She found dozens of fun things for couples and families to enjoy.


Local grocery stores are well stocked and prices are reasonable for vacationers who like to really get involved and make some of their own meals.

Fun Island Fact: Alcohol is inexpensive and available everywhere! Imagine the reduced cost of THAT wedding reception bar bill?

The Radisson Blu resort itself was stacked with wedding resources:

Imagine your guests dining in a bright & beautiful indoor ballroom with sliding doors to let the tropical evening breeze blow through..

Imagine your wedding party having full access to spa & fitness facilities, a stunning private beach and beautiful hot tub & pool.

Imagine evenings leading up to your special day spent relaxing at one of the many beach-front bars at the resort or in one of the dozens of the private sitting areas on the property.

Imagine every wedding need being taken care of by the charming and helpful resort staff..


The warm temperatures of the island were mirrored in every interaction with the local people. It was a delight to be somewhere they embrace the tourist culture with open and friendly arms.

Interested in getting married on St. Martin or Sint Maarten? Check out this document our team found with all the requirements for curious couples who want to tie the knot on the island.

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