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September 17, 2014

Made you look…

{ coming soon … the WG real-world Look Book! }

Carrie Bradshaw Wedding Gown

The gorgeous Grace Ormonde Wedding Style tells us that being in love never goes out of style.

While little girls dream of what their fairy tale will look like one day, girls-engaged find themselves pouring over pages and pages of bridal styles trying to find what speaks to them. But are we really the only ones intimidated by the bleak-faced, stick-thin models rocking the frocks we hope will look just as gorgeous on our real-world frames??

With the 2014 wedding season slowly coming to a close, all of us at WG Headquarters are eagerly anticipating the fresh new looks that will adorn the pages of our favourite magazines and wedding blogs in 2015, but the truth is, we’ve never really been good at sitting back and waiting for things to happen. Over here, we make things happen. And it’s with that mindset that the WeddingGirl team is excitedly launching a new blog project – the WG Look Book.

We think that it’s about time designing the look of your dream day became approachable, affordable, and inspiring.

Our Real-World Look Book project was dreamed up by a team of artistically fearless creative visionaries; girls who seriously love being in love. But we can’t do it without your help!

Audren Hepburn Wedding Gown

{ real world models }

We need models.

And we don’t mean the Parisian runway kind…. we mean the real-world, real-life, naturally beautiful kind.

Not every bride-to-be is eager to sport white.

Not every bride-to-be is a Size OO with waist-length tresses.

Not every bride-to-be plans on posing for her couture wedding day shots with a questionable frown on her face.

Let’s face it…. those high-end bridal magazines aren’t exactly a realistic depiction of what Happily Ever After is supposed to be!

Whether you’re a bride-to-be eagerly counting down the days to her big day, a newlywed who sometimes secretly puts on her wedding gown to do the dishes, or a mother of three who can’t help but love all-things-in-love, we want to make everything around you beautiful.

Use your own wedding gown, or let us pick one for you.

Imagine being styled by a team of stylists for the day – hair, makeup, fancy frocks, serious shoes.

There’ll be flowers.

There’ll be details.

There’ll be a team dedicated to making you look and feel beautiful while you help us set the stage for upcoming trends we’re dying to see. You’ll even leave the shoot set with a bag of stellar swag and professional photos of all the gorgeous.

Sparkly Stilettos Yves Saint Laurent

{ real world dreamers }

Oh… and one more thing? You’ll have creative input in the style!

Whether you’re a gypsy-souled wanderer or a polished princess, whether you prefer diamonds on your neck or flowers in your hair, your story will inspire your style.

Have you always dreamed of being a character in an upside-down Alice In Wonderland world?

Do you secretly wish your wedding day had been in a barn instead of on a beach?

The team behind our new launch of WG Look Book has it taken care of.

You might end up in white. You might not.

You might be styled with a lavish floral bouquet. You might get a killer, sparkly clutch.

Either way, you’ll be making heads turn (and bridesmaids jealous!)


{ the details }

Think you’re up for playing dress-up with us? We want to hear from you.

Send an email to info@WeddingGirl.ca with the subject line, WG Look Book.

Tell us about yourself.

Send us photos of yourself.

Gush about everything you love and all the things that make you you!

Couture Bridal Photography Taylor Jackson


We can’t wait to make you look.



{ blog love :: }

One Fab Day – Coco Chanel Inspired Wedding

Yves Saint Laurent



Taylor Jackson Photography

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September 11, 2014

Wedding Guest Dress Codes :: de-coded

So…. what does ‘Creative Black Tie’ even mean?

Authored by Leah Sandhu

Some weddings have very specific dress codes and as a guest it can be hard to know what to wear. So, I thought I would share some notes for you to refer back to next time you get an invite that says Creative Black Tie, and mostly have no idea what that means.

bowtie - invitation

{ White Tie Wedding }

A white tie wedding is formal.

And by ‘formal’ I actually mean ultra formal.

Like, super, crazy, over-the-top, red carpet formal.

Ultra formal black tie event Black Lively Ryan Reynolds

What to Wear

Ladies: If you’re attending a white tie affair, you best be rocking a floor-length ball gown.
Gentlemen: You, Sir, must be in full dress: white tie (bowtie or ascot), vest, shirt with cufflinks, top hat optional (if you don’t know what an ascot is, you may want to just go with the bowtie).


{ Black Tie Wedding }

A black tie wedding is formal too. Just not as formal as a white tie one.

Black tie formal wear

What to Wear

Ladies: Rock a long evening gown or a fancy cocktail dress – either is appropriate for this affair.
Gentlemen: Black Tie on an invitation indicates, unequivocally, that the host expects tuxedos to be worn. Don’t be the dude that shows up in a suit – you will stand out… not in a good way.


{ Black Tie – Optional Wedding }

A black-tie-optional wedding is a semi-formal shindig.

Semi-formal attire

What to Wear

Ladies:You’ll look best donning a long dress or a formal knee-length gown. Feel free to get creative with your frocks, but just make sure they’re not too revealing! (perhaps your hostess will prefer you skip the plunging neckline).
Gentlemen: Black Tie Optional (or Black Tie Invited) on a wedding invite suggests that men wear tuxedos but not to insist on it. A dark coloured suit and tie would be another option, but skip shirts with button-down collars; they are too casual for this occasion.


{ Creative Black Tie – Wedding }

Okay…. so….  some Nearlyweds get just as creative with their invitation wording as they hope their guests will get with their outfits. “Creative Black Tie” indicates that formality is optional.

Creative Black Tie Wedding attire

What to Wear

Ladies: Cocktail dresses and dressy separates. Follow instructions – get creative! Have fun with colours and patterns and funky accessories.
Gentlemen: Modern tux, tie optional. Think: grey suit, blue shirt with brown shoes. Trust us. It works.


{ Informal - Wedding }

Informal weddings are dressy-casual.

firenze_jumpsuit - dressy casual attire

What to Wear

Ladies, bust out your cute little sundresses or polished jumpsuits.
Men: Dress pants, button-up shirt, casual shoes. A tie is optional.
Note: Casual does not mean you can wear jeans to a wedding. It’s usually referring to an element of comfort that the couple wants to extend to their guests. Be appreciative of their gesture – don’t take advantage by showing up in cargo pants.


{ Beach Formal - Wedding }

Now we’re getting casual.


What to Wear

For the ladies, a beach wedding calls for breezy knee-length or maxi dress attire

(No, bathing suits aren’t appropriate… even if they are underneath).

Boys, show up in a button-up short sleeve shirt and shorts. While sandals are okay, please do NOT wear cargo or palm printed shorts …. even if it is a beach resort wedding! Nobody likes that Hawaiian design as much as you think they do.


If you find yourself in doubt about what to wear to a particular celebration, remember you can always ask the host or hostess directly! They’ll likely have way more appreciation for the fact that you cared enough to ask… and opted to leave your band tee’s at home.


Leah Sandhu is a Fusion Wedding Expert and Bridal Lifestyle Blogger at WeddingGirl.ca.

To have Leah’s creative input and meticulous attention to detail for your Fusion celebration, make sure to Get In Touch!

Find Leah on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest |  leah@weddinggirl.ca

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August 21, 2014

Custom Designed Wedding Gowns | Toronto

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{a Fab WG find}

E.L.A. Designs Toronto Logo

Looking for a fun and creative option to picking a bridal gown off the rack or from the mostly unattainable pages of your favourite wedding magazine?

You should probably consider working with a designer to create your dream dress… and guess what? it’s not even going to break your budget!

Wedding Dress custom design

We were recently introduced to E.L.A. Designs by the lovely Amena, who wanted to share her mother’s beautiful dresses with brides-to-be everywhere.

Contrary to rumoured wedding beliefs, having your wedding and bridesmaid dresses custom designed (and created exactly to your specifications!) can often cost less than any bridal boutique price tag. Oh, and you’re guaranteed the perfect fit, every time!

Custom styling that works with your unique body shape, as well as a dedicated designer to bring your dress dreams to life? Sounds like a match made in bridal heaven!


Fashion Designer Elizabeth Lee Adeghe is an oh-so-talented creative who has been creating gowns for brides in and around Toronto and Ottawa for nearly a quarter of a century. This woman knows bridal gowns!

Together with her daughter and business partner Amena, they’ve recently opened a Toronto-based showroom where they host private consultations. It’s where the stuff that gorgeous is dreamed up, designed, and brought into existence. So, pretty much, magic happens!

This magical land of all-things-gowns is currently booking one-on-one consultations for mid-September. Get your leading ladies together, head over to meet Elizabeth and Amena, and let your wildest dress dreams run rampant. The only thing you’re limited by is your imagination, so be sure to come with an open mind and creative spirit (and maybe bring the stilettos you plan on strutting in!)




Check them out in our Vendor Showcase!

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May 28, 2014

{ WG How-To: Travel with Your Wedding Dress }

{ ATTN:  destination brides }


Planning a wedding from around the world is stressful enough, without having to worry about keeping your beautiful dress out of harm’s way. Transporting a bridal gown from Point A to B is something all destination couples must plan for appropriately.

Will all the embroidered crystals stay intact?

How wrinkled is that dress going to be when it arrives?

…. and what if it doesn’t arrive at all?!

These are only a few of dozen possible destination-delivery-disasters running through a brides’ mind in the months leading up to her big day.  By taking a few easy precautions ahead of time, you can rest assured your gown will arrive at its final destination in exactly the same state that it left the store.

Prince Of Wales Wedding Photography NOTL Rick Denham

Here are some suggestions from the our WANDERLUSTxWG team to help keep your dress-related stress levels in check.

 { Traveling by Air }

There are a few ways your dress can travel safely on an airplane.

1. Store “her” in the overhead compartment.

2. Pack your dress in a separate piece of luggage and check her with your other bags so nothing can do any damage.

3. Call the airline in advance and inquire about storage closets on the aircraft (You may be able to hang your dress for the flight!)

If none of those options work for you, the safest thing may be to purchase “her” an extra seat beside you for the trip.


{ Traveling by Land }

Most bridal shops will pack your gown really well if you tell them you’re travelling.

You shouldn’t have any issues loading a garment bag in the car but if you’re still concerned and want to be extra cautious, lay it flat in the back seat on top of everything else you’ve pack. If you feel your dress needs extra protection, pack tissue paper around and inside the bodice itself to preserve its shape. The same tissue can be used to pack around the skirt to avoid being overly-wrinkled.



{ Traveling by Sea }

Packing your dress for transport by sea is similar to packing for travel by car. Your gown will be with you the whole time and once onboard, most ships will offer pressing services so any wrinkles or lines can be dealt with right away.


{ Shipping your Dress }

While not our recommended method, shipping your dress to your nuptial spot remains an option. This method is recommended ONLY as a last resort. When sending your dress before you leave, allow plenty of time between the day she’s sent and the day of your arrival to account for possible delays or errors in transit.

It’s also a good idea to establish solid rapport with whoever will be receiving the dress on the other end. Speak to them in advance to arrange the who, where and when of receiving your dress, and make sure they know exactly what your expectations are (both of how she is to be received as well as how they are to care for her once she’s arrived).


{ Arrival }

Once you and your beloved (fiancé!) arrive at your destination there are a couple of ways to get your dress back to her “just left the store” condition. If you’re working with a destination or resort wedding planner have them arrange for onsite pressing or steaming services to take place the morning of your big day.

Alternatively, you can purchase a portable steamer and bring it with you. (also great down the road for Girls-Nights-Out!)

Brent Foster Wedding Photography Toronto

{ Getting Home }

After you’ve said “I Do” the last thing you want to think about is going home… it’s time for your honeymoon!

If you plan on travelling elsewhere, ask a trusted friend or family member in advance to bring your dress back home with them.

Another option is to have a “Trash The Dress” photo session before your photographer jet-sets back as well.

Oh, and there’s shipping – which becomes infinitely less risky after you’re blissfully wed.


Pop Quiz: What doesn’t travel as well as your wedding dress?

Answer: Flowers!

Our team at fraîche Floral Studio custom-creates stunning bouquets made from durable, artificial blooms. You can get the bouquet of your wildest bridal dreams that will definitely stand the test of time and travel.

Oh… and for more advice on planning your destination wedding, make sure to get in touch with our Wanderlust team.


About The Author:

Bianca is a Travel Blogger and Destination Wedding Writer with the Wanderlust By WeddingGirl team. Connect with Bianca on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to follow all of her jetsetting adventures!

WGxPhotoshoot (204 of 444)

{ Blog Love :: photog credits }

Rick Denham Photography

Silverlight Photography

Brent Foster Photography

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March 6, 2014

Details, details…. | hangers, ice cubes, and manicures, oh my!

 { Wedding Day Details }

Authored by: Laura Arbelaez

Laura A.


I learned no detail was too small. It was all about the details.” – Brad Grey

This quote has echoed in my heart for the last couple of days. Then, I just knew. I knew there was something to be shared, as it perfectly defines any Wedding Day.

Weddings are more than just invitations, flowers, linens, food and cake. These are just some of the general guidelines, but there are infinite things that can be created. It truly is all about the details. It is also about creativity, imagination and presentation.

You will also need an open mind.

If you would like to see something unique on your wedding day, it should be tailored to you. Having something custom designed does not necessarily mean expensive. All it takes is research, knowledge and the right vendors to pull it off. Playing even the smallest part in making a wedding day unforgettable is every vendor’s aspiration.

Over the past year, having assisted at a number of weddings and after looking at tens of thousands of wedding photographs, here are a few things that I have noticed that could make a difference on your wedding day.

Every girl wants her wedding dress photographed and unless you buy or rent a mannequin, chances are it will be hanged. Take a look at those wedding dress photos on Pinterest again. Do you notice anything out of place? Have you considered investing on a custom designed hanger? It will not only make for stunning and unique photographs but it will also make for a really nice keepsake.

Personalized Wedding Hanger Bridal Details 2

Custom DIY Bridal Wedding Day Hanger Beach Theme

Personalized Wedding Hanger Bridal Details

As much as I love the traditional French manicure, I would love to see brides showing off their personalities through their nail art design. Talk to your nail technician; show her your wedding dress, colour scheme and accessories! Wouldn’t it be perfect if your nails complemented your bouquet? What if they tied in with the overall theme of your wedding? Have fun with it!

DIY Glitter Nails Wedding Bridal Beauty

Glitter Nailpolish Bridal Wedding Manicure

Bridal Manicure Nail Design

Custom Themed PInk Brown Glitter Bridal Manicure

Having worked as a Server for many years, I had a long time to think about this one. Every venue will offer water on your wedding day. That’s a fact. Have you considered offering your guests water infusions? They are super refreshing, they look sensational and everyone loves them!

Fruit Infused Water

Fruit Infused Water Wedding Reception Decor


What about a little DIY project? Have you thought of making fruit or floral ice cubes for your wedding reception? These are just a wonderful idea! Consider placing these fabulous decorated ice cubs on the water pitcher on every table; or what about an infused water bottle for each guest? That…that will be something to talk about!

Lemon Blueberry Mint Ice Cube Wedding Decor

Edible Flower Herb Ice Cubes Wedding Details

Fruit Herb Designer Ice Cubes Wedding Details

Food for thought!

The options are endless. Just know that there are no small details and that every detail on your wedding day counts.

Stay tuned for more!



Laura is a Bridal Lifestyle Blogger and Social Media Stylist at WeddingGirl.ca. To have Laura feature your product or service in a media blast or blog spotlight, make sure to Get In Touch! You can follow Laura on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well.


{ photos sourced from Pinterest.com – via Laura’s board, found here }


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February 22, 2014

The History of Wedding Fashion | #WGx

The question is…

where DID the wedding dress come from?

Authored by: Heather Kane

Heather Kane WeddingGirl.ca


When you begin to think of your wedding, images of a stunning white gown, trailing veil accompanied by a beautiful bouquet are most likely going to be crossing your mind. These are all traditions made trendy and customizable over the years…. but have you ever wondered where they originated?

Being the history nut and wedding freak that I am, I had to do a little research and find out why these particular details have become an unquestionable, timeless staple in nearly every wedding for as long as I can remember.

You may be surprised by what I found!

Brent Foster Wedding Photography Toronto

{ the Dress }

Usually white to symbolize purity.

Well, in fact, until February 10th, 1840 when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert and wore a remarkable white satin dress with lace, this was not a leading trend in the world of weddings.

Brides usually wore their best dress, which often was brightly coloured or heavily patterned. Some even showed the colours of their house. These dresses were designated as best  because they hid a dirty hem well. When Queen Victoria appeared in white, a fabric colour sure to show any signs of dirt, it was a symbol of both her purity and of her wealth; suggesting that she can afford to wear a dress that will get dirty and most likely not worn again.

So, Ladies, don’t feel obligated to wear an all-white gown, just pick the best dress for you!

(and check out this stunning Jenny Packham, Joy, worn by our own oh-so-gorgeous Chelsea when she married her best friend, Ryan)

 Jenny Packham Joy Vintage Inspired Bride Stone Mill Inn St. Catharines

{ the Veil }

Cathedral, Flyaway, Mantilla, and Birdcage:   all different styles of veils.

But why do we wear them? When I worked in a bridal salon, I used to tell my brides that “a princess also gets to wear a tiara, but only brides get to wear a veil”. Though, as elite as it sounds, it’s not fully true.

Veils are often worn during religious ceremonies to show respect as well as humility. It was believe that by wearing a veil a bride would be hidden and protected from evil spirits who would otherwise seek to attack her and render her barren.

This tradition was also embraced to hide the bride from her groom during an arranged marriage where things like wealth and power were of greater importance than marrying for love.

In Victorian times, outward displays of wealth and status were elucidated via the weight, length,  intricate details and quality of the bridal veil.

Bride And Groom Bridal Veil MINK Creative Photographic

{ the Bouquet }

Whether it’s a lush peony bouquet or a single calla lily, wedding flowers are another staple to the beauty of a wedding day.

Aside from their natural elegance and sweet smell, what was it that first allured us to carrying these blooms down the aisle on the most special walk of our lives?

It is said believed to originate in the time of the Plague, when garlic and dill were clenched and held over mouths and noses to protect against, and help prevent the spread of, this terminal illness.

In more recent historic times, more beautifully scented flora was added to the traditional cluster of garlic and dill. Being that personal hygiene was not as methodically practiced as it is today, some speculate that the flower bouquets were designed to help the bride smell more attractive to the groom.


{ the Toss }

So then why get rid of the flowers?? Tossing the bouquet (as well as the garter) is tied to another tradition all together.

00336_d_and_c_20140101_RD2_3595_Rick Denham Photography


In France, brides were considered lucky. It was common for the guests to attack the bride during the ceremony and rip a piece of her clothing to hold on to for its good luck (believed to spread over to the entire family).

As you can imagine, this is tradition left brides horrified and tattered at the alter. To protect his bride, the groom would toss her garter to keep all the snatchy fingers at bay.

Regardless of the fact that the traditional staples of our modern-day wedding  come from various historic beliefs and superstitions, I firmly believe that the best thing about planning a wedding is making it something personal to you. Feel free to do away with aged myths, or embrace them completely – which ever gets you more excited!

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and do what makes you happy. As contemporary as I like to be, my natural fondness for history tends to lead me down a more traditional, timeless, classic path.

And since I LOVE researching this stuff, if you have a question about why something wedding-related is the way it is, make sure to give me a shout and ask!


Facebook: /heatherweddinggirl.dotca

Twitter: /heatherwedgirl

Instagram: /heatherweddinggirldotca

{ blog love :: photography credits }

Brent Foster

Captivate Bridal

mINK Creative

Rick Denham

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February 18, 2014

Tips and Tricks for finding Your Perfect Dress


Authored by: Heather Kane



You said, “Yes!” with a big eager smile, and now your hand is decorated with the most beautiful and sentimental piece of jewelry you have ever worn. So, now what?

For most brides, the dress is the next priority!

Wedding Dresses on a rack

You gather together your mother, sisters, friends, and cousins and make a mad dash to any bridal store that will allow you to walk in without an appointment. You try on as many dresses as you possibly can and take as many selfies as possible to help document the fun time had for looking back on years from now.

Actually, if this is your plan, I highly recommend that you take a moment to read this and reconsider how you plan to begin the journey of finding the right dress for YOU.

Having worked in a bridal salon for years, I’ve seen many successful and unsuccessful attempts made by brides to find their dream dress. I have seen what should be a happy and exciting moment turn into an event more stressful than required. This is precisely why I would like to give you a few pointers on what to (and not to!) do:


 wedding budget

Everyone has a budget.

Even Donald Trump!

So before you begin to shop for a dress, determine who will be paying for it and how much is agreed upon to spend.

I recommend having a lower budget with an extra amount you would be willing to spend if it is the right dress for you.

Be firm and make sure your bridal consultant and any others helping you pick out a dress are all aware of your budget before you start rocking pricey frocks int he fitting room.

Nothing is more heart-wrenching than seeing a bride fall in love with a dress and then having to watch her walk away from it because, in the end, she isn’t able to buy it.



One of the most exciting and important moments of planning a wedding is going gown shopping, and no moment between saying, “Yes!” and “I Do!” is more magical than when a bride finds her dress! It is for this reason that everyone will want to come with you and offer their “help”.

The truth is, each person who comes with you will have an opinion. They’ll get confused between finding a dress that they, themselves, like versus one that’s perfect for you. These are two VERY different things!

So who should you invite?

Let’s start with the person whose opinion matters to you the most. In most cases, this is the bride’s mother or guardian. Regardless of who it is, it should be someone who knows you best. Even though this person may have a different style in mind than what you’re looking for, they should be willing to compromise their own personal opinions for the bride’s dream of her perfect gown.

Your Maid of Honor, a woman you’ve decided is closest to you of all your friends, is another great companion for dress shopping. You’ve designated her a role that requires her help, and you already trust that she will always have your best interest in mind. Your “MOH” is the perfect candidate to share your wedding dress adventures with!

Some brides choose to bring old family friends, grandmothers, or other bridesmaids. This is understandable. However, my advice would be to take as few people as possible while you search for your main dress contenders. Once you’ve narrowed down your selections to the final few, then book another appointment and come back with the rest of your entourage to help make the final decision. Or if you’ve already made the choice yourself, bring in the gang to show off your final selection (but make it clear that you will not be trying on any other dresses).

This way you are still completely in control of picking your dream gown but you can include all those who matter to you in the special moment(s).

Couture Wedding Gown



You are a bride.

And whether or not you decide you want to go with a full-blown ball gown or a knee-length, white, summer dress, you must still look the part of a bride. This means preparing yourself before you go trying on dresses!

Freshen up.

You may need help in the change room and don’t want to be caught wearing your lucky field hockey socks that you haven’t washed from your first winning game!

If you are planning on wearing a fitted gown, be sure to wear appropriate under garments required to achieve a flawless, seamless look.

Style your hair similar to what you have in mind for your wedding day. It can be tricky to picture yourself with a tiara and veil in a pretty dress when you have a messy ponytail that’s greasy and falling out of your ratty hair elastic.

Don’t forget to touch up your make-up and consider waterproof mascara just in case you have one of those sentimental Hollywood moments that you may or may not have been expecting. Just be careful not to go overboard with the glam and avoid caking on foundation that will most likely get all over those beautiful white dresses you’re styling! Nobody wants to see skin-coloured smears left behind by previous brides.

The dresses you try on while you’re wedding gown shopping are most likely the single most expensive articles of clothing you will ever wear. Please remember to take extra care! Take your time and be sure to not get any deodorant or makeup on them. Be careful not to snag zippers. Lift the dress up when you walk out of the fitting room so that the delicate late trim doesn’t get caught on the door hinges or your stiletto heels.  - the Bridal Stylists will thank you!



Speaking of those Bridal Stylists, they are there to help you. Trust them!

If you are anything like me, you have been dreaming of what your wedding dress will look like since you were a little girl. Perhaps you have even stashed a few pictures of your favourites in a secret gallery on your smartphone or Pinterest.

I definitely recommend bringing those pictures in with you when you go wedding dress shopping. They’re a great starting point in describing to the bridal consultant what details you like most about the dresses you’d like to try on.

Oftentimes,  a bride knows that she likes a dress but it takes a bit more time for most to realize what it is, specifically, that they like about it. A good bridal stylist will ask you questions about your wedding so that she can have a better idea of what kind of dress would be best suited to the overall style of your event. If she doesn’t ask, offer up the information yourself!

Most importantly, trust the expert.

I can’t emphasize this enough.

Stylists know their inventory better than you could.

They have seen how each dress looks on every body shape.

Be open minded and be willing to try what they suggest, even if it is not a style you were considering before. A dress they suggest may have some element to it that you didn’t realize would look really, really flattering on you!



Shopping for your wedding gown is supposed to be one of the most exciting adventures you will embark on while being engaged.

Have fun with it!

Bring some snacks with you to munch on in between store visits to help keep your energy high.

Trying to find the right dress can be an exhausting task, both physically and emotionally. Stay positive and enjoy the time spent together creating memories with those you love most.

Each dress you try on brings you closer to “The One” so do your best not to stress about the ones that don’t give you goosebumps.


They say that finding the perfect dress is like finding the perfect man; when you think you have, stop looking!

One of the biggest mistakes a bride can make is trying on too many dresses. Ten is plenty, 20 is average… anything more and you’re asking for trouble. Consider the weather, think about the terrain you’ll be trudging, and be genuine and authentic to your own personal style. If you’ve never been the ballgown-type, don’t think your wedding day calls for Cinderella style.

You know you’ve found “The One” when you start comparing all others to it.

And don’t let those wedding dress reality shows trick you… it’s okay if you don’t cry!

All that matters is that your wedding dress makes you feel beautiful. It’s being in love that will make you sparkle.

Rick Denham Photography


So I would like to wish you a big Congratulations! – and all the joy you can have while hunting for your special dress!

If you think you have some specific questions before heading out to begin your search, feel free to email me: heather@weddinggirl.ca

Personal styling consultation and shopping service is also available. Make sure to get in touch!

Happy Dress-ing!


:: Blog Photo Credits (in order of appearance)



Taylor Jackson Photography

Rick Denham Photography

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February 10, 2014

fraîche Floral Atelier :: by WeddingGirl.ca

atelier definition

Atelier is the French word for a workshop.

A studio.

A place of creation for an artist or a designer.

And at fraîche, it’s no different.

WeddingGirl.ca has been styling, planning, and coordinating weddings for years. And what does every single one of these Happily Ever After’s have in common? A bride and groom looking to make their day as gorgeous as humanly possible, without breaking the bank.

A couple of years ago, The Flower Shop @ WG was born; styling beautiful bridal blooms for all our couples looking to tie their knots  on a budget. Last summer we stepped outside the WG box and began to offer Flower Shop stylings to non-WG couples, and this year we’ve taken the lovely to a new level…..

Introducing ….. fraîche for WG:

Fraiche Logo1resized

:: custom-designed floral fashion

:: styled exclusively on a budget


{ bridal bouquet fashion }

As a wedding planner, Mary has spent countless hours working alongside hundreds of brides looking to outfit their wedding day in floral frocks that accessorize their I Do‘s in much the same way as a killer tote or a stylish new pair of shades.

Flowers aren’t meant to be the showpiece of your big day; you are.


A bridal bouquet is a lot like that stunning set of gorgeous chandelier earrings that you pair with your favourite little black dress every single time you wear it. 

Sure, the dress makes a statement on its own….  but it’s that last little hint of sparkle that instantly turns said little black dress in to nothing short of a masterpiece.

It’s the single royal purple anemone purposefully positioned, asymmetrically, in to a “starry night”-inspired arrangement.

Blue Purple Celestial Inspired Bridal Bouquet fraiche floral1

It’s the gorgeous succulent placed perfect in the center to give depth and character to a vintage, shabby-chic design.

That’s what it means to fashion flowers.

Niagara Budget Flower Wedding Design Decor

Just as brides come in different shapes and sizes, so should bridal bouquets. And just as every bridal gown and wedding day boasts patterns and textures hand-chosen with love, so should flowers be styled to seamlessly incorporate all the elements of your picture-perfect day.

The romantic hue of your bridal gown, the grape vines among which you’ll be wed, the vintage cameo locket your grandmother gave you when you were a little girl – your wedding day is a colourful tapestry of moments and memories immortalized forever in the photos you’ll show your grandkids one day. Why should the bouquet you’re holding in those photos be designed with any less love?


No, we won’t re-create “that one bouquet {you} saw this one time on Pinterest”. But we will ask you to bring a photo of it, as well as pictures of other all-things-wedding that you love!love!love!…. and somewhere between those, plus the story of how you fell in love, a budget-savvy approach to design, and a tiny touch of je ne sais quoi - together we’ll set out to style.

At fraîche, floral fashion is about ensuring that a bride is wearing her flowers, and not the other way around; that her custom-crafted blooms aren’t just a mindless replica of another Pinner’s blushing dreams, but styled just like the love she’s celebrating: magical, unforgettable, and, without a doubt, once in a lifetime. 


To follow all our latest and greatest fraîche stylings, check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

To make a date to sketch out your own wedding day designs with us, make sure to get in touch!

We can’t wait to make things gorgeous with you!



{ blog love :: sending out photography credit to Serena Swan, Taylor Jackson, and Holly Thomas }


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October 8, 2013

:: Tara Keely designer wedding gown for sale


{ Previously – Loved }

This stunningly beautiful Tara Keely Bridal gown is far too gorgeous to only grace the world with her presence one time.

Her classic ivory lace and soft tulle are accentuated perfectly with a timeless, lace-trimmed sweetheart neckline; strapless with a plunging back and sweep train.

A super-secure zipper closure is elegantly covered by satin buttons and the gown is tailored with a bow at her natural waist.

Tara Keely lace tulle wedding dress gown



{ the Details }

Tara Keely Bridal Couture :: Style 2056

Purchased as a bridal size 8, this wedding dress is the perfect fit for a street-size 6, 5’11″ in heels.

Alterations include the bodice, added cups, added bustle.

Of course, she’s only been worn once and has been dry-cleaned and perfectly preserved while she waits to meet her new blushing bride.

Paid: $2,700 + alterations.

Asking: $1,500 OBO

For additional information or to contact the seller directly,

Please feel free to get in touch!


{ Photography Credit :: Taylor Jackson }

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April 16, 2013

{WG Media} :: Persona :: trendy bridal jewelry

{ Persona :: stylish bling for the modern bride }

(and for all her bridesmaids too!)

Persona Logo Toronto

We just got back from a super-swanky media event at the gorgeous Windsor Arms Hotel in Yorkville. Invited by the lovely Jennifer and Astrid of PersonaWorld, we had the opportunity to learn more about Persona jewelry, styled by a group of Toronto-based designers that draw inspiration from fashion runways and use only the finest materials from around the globe.

Persona is a collection of chic and unique jewellery comprising of interchangeable beads and charms that can be worn on bracelets, earrings and necklaces – and we even got to take a bit of sparkle home with us!


Thanks to the girls at Persona we indulged in some delightful afternoon tea treats, and even had our fortunes told by a Tea Leaf Reader!

Windsor Arms Hotel High Tea Toronto

 Mary Bratko WeddingGirl.ca Tea Leaf Reading Toronto

Courtney Tredwell WeddingGirl.ca Social Media Stylist Tea Leaf Reading

These uniquely designed and personalized pieces are the perfect way to showcase your story with your wedding day frocks, or express your gratitude and sentiment towards bridesmaids and special women in your family.

We’re looking forward to showcasing more of Persona’s beautiful designs and collaborating on a WG giveaway soon!

Stay tuned!

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