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November 17, 2014

#MeetThisGirl :: Caryl Baker Visage, Yorkville

{ this is Kyla }

Authored by: Mary Smirle, one of Kyla’s favourite people.



Let’s be honest.

If you know Toronto—whether you live there or just read about it—you know about Yorkville.



Stores that would turn away Julia Roberts even AFTER the makeover, no matter what a big mistake it might be.  Huge, in fact.

Yup. That’s Yorkville.

And right there, the neighbourhood lynchpin: the gorgeous, tempting money pit that is Holt Renfrew.

Oh, hello there, Holt’s.

What’s that?

Can I buy a nail polish for $35 RIGHT NOW so I look like I belong?

Why yes.

Yes, I can.

Can I do it without the inevitable Renfrew Regret that comes after I leave the luxe glamour of the store?

Well. There’s the rub.

Enter Kyla Garritano.

Kyla Garritano Caryl Baker Visage Yorkville Holt Renfrew Center

Kyla knows her Holt.

She knows her luxury.

She knows quality when she sees it.

She lives by Andy Warhol’s quip, “I’ve never met a person I couldn’t call a beauty.”

And Kyla’s bringing her own fabulous sense of style to a new location inside the Holt Renfrew Centre in lovely Yorkville.

Kyla is now the proud owner of Toronto’s newest Caryl Baker Visage boutique, a brand known as “The Face Experts”.

Caryl Baker Visage Yorkville logo


She’s so incredibly excited to combine her own vision of a beautify boutique spa (known to her friends as the Kylab) with the established expertise of one of Canada’s most well-known, but still affordable industry authorities.

Kyla might not initially seem like a determined, driven businesswoman.

She’s a vivacious blonde who can talk a mile-a-minute when she’s on a role—her enthusiasm and love of her work is positively palpable when she really gets going.

Kyla Garritano Visage Yorkville Holt Renfrew Centre Toronto

But it would be a bad idea to dismiss her because of this exuberance and her youthful appearance; she’s used to being underestimated, and, she admits, revels at times in pulling the drop cloth off the mannequin, revealing the oceans of brains behind her tsunami of words.

Part of the reason she speaks so quickly is simply because she has so much knowledge to share.  With a background in finance and IT, her management success in both the for-profit and the charitable sectors spans 16 years, a remarkable length for a woman of her age.

That, and, well… she’s fabulous.

 Kyla Garritano Visage Yorkville Toronto

Before opening the Kylab, Kyla was the Director of Finance and Administration for an educational non-profit organization that spanned Ontario and had reserves in the seven-digits. When her not-for-profit closed its doors in 2013 after its parent org decided to shift its focus, she decided it was time to pursue one of her two passions: beauty.

(The other is food; if you want to really reach Kyla’s heart, compliment her eyelashes and then ask her where to find the best sashimi. Or salumi. Or cupcakes.)

She’s parlaying this management experience into her new salon:

“Treat someone well,” she notes, “and they’ll treat you better.”

Kyla loves the hands-on role she’s taking, relishing the title of General Manager as much as Owner.

She’s not interested in selling snake oil; for her, it’s about figuring out what works with each client’s natural beauty.  It’s about the ingredients, about what each actually does to help keep the skin healthy and happy, and how to enhance the face.

“After all, if a product doesn’t benefit you, doesn’t suit you, well, there’s no value in selling it to you. You won’t be happy and you won’t want to come back.”

The new spa at #VisageYorkville plans to offer services for bridal parties and other significant life events (I have high hopes she’ll have a special service designed for my most favourite of the Prom Looks, the Sparkle Prom). Kyla hopes, however, to also bring in a clientele interested in making the most of their natural beauty in a way that’s suitable for the corporate world.

War Paint Women Girl Beauty Quote

And that’s what it comes down to, in the end.

She just wants to make people happy.

She wants women to leave her salon after their facials and treatments floating on air, knowing they look great, and maybe more importantly, knowing how to do it themselves in-between times.  For those days when there’s that important meeting or dinner with the potential in-laws.  Those days when you might not be able to justify a professional make-up application—that’s the knowledge, the information Kyla wants to share with her clients.

You know the style she means when you talk to her: that elusive “polished but not overdone, neat but certainly not like I tried TOO hard…” style that we are expected to be able to knock off in less than 10 minutes in the mornings while blow-drying our hair and brushing our teeth, while maybe wrangling a child or small puppy with one foot.

And she thinks a lot of what would make that possible is having that little bit of extra confidence that comes from being just a little pampered and treated well.

Beauty Women Lipstick quotes

After all, to turn back to Andy, “Beauty really has to do with the way a person carries it off.”


As we anxiously await the Grand Opening (slotted for December 12, 2014) follow Kyla and the #VisageYorkville spa on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

And you actually probably should… the giveaways this team has set for their big reveal are pretty exciting!

When you visit, be sure to let all of us know what little touch of glamour the #VisageYorkville team brought into your day for a chance to be featured.

Now, go and get gorgeous!


The WeddingGirl.ca Meet This Girl blogs showcase inspiring and powerful women who change brides’ lives.

Be sure to visit our other #MeetThisGirl features:

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November 10, 2014

#WGxGentsExpo – Toronto Nov. 14 -16 2014

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{ Be there }

The Gentlemen’s Expo is this weekend in Toronto – are you going?

Is your gentleman going?


Contests, incredible guest speakers, and awesome vendors are a few reasons to check it out (Here are 10 more if anyone still needs convincing!).


Get ready Toronto, this weekend all gentlemen {and gentlemen in training} will get to see, sample and peruse some of the best brands out there!!



Team Weddinggirl is pumped to be checking out the event – with the ever-gallant AlphaGroom at our side! Stay tuned to the blog to hear all about the gentlemanly awesomeness we find.

Want to join us?

We have a pair to weekend passes to give away!

1. Connect with me (Linda) and AlphaGroom on the social media channel of your choice (Facebook, Twitter,  or Instagram).

2. Post a picture of something “Gentlemanly” (bonus points for inventive/funny entries!) with the following tags: #WGxGentsExpo #AlphaGroom

3. Winner will be contacted Thursday morning!

And remember guys….



Connect with The Gentlemen’s Expo Team over on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for all the updates!

Good luck!

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August 21, 2014

Custom Designed Wedding Gowns | Toronto

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{a Fab WG find}

E.L.A. Designs Toronto Logo

Looking for a fun and creative option to picking a bridal gown off the rack or from the mostly unattainable pages of your favourite wedding magazine?

You should probably consider working with a designer to create your dream dress… and guess what? it’s not even going to break your budget!

Wedding Dress custom design

We were recently introduced to E.L.A. Designs by the lovely Amena, who wanted to share her mother’s beautiful dresses with brides-to-be everywhere.

Contrary to rumoured wedding beliefs, having your wedding and bridesmaid dresses custom designed (and created exactly to your specifications!) can often cost less than any bridal boutique price tag. Oh, and you’re guaranteed the perfect fit, every time!

Custom styling that works with your unique body shape, as well as a dedicated designer to bring your dress dreams to life? Sounds like a match made in bridal heaven!


Fashion Designer Elizabeth Lee Adeghe is an oh-so-talented creative who has been creating gowns for brides in and around Toronto and Ottawa for nearly a quarter of a century. This woman knows bridal gowns!

Together with her daughter and business partner Amena, they’ve recently opened a Toronto-based showroom where they host private consultations. It’s where the stuff that gorgeous is dreamed up, designed, and brought into existence. So, pretty much, magic happens!

This magical land of all-things-gowns is currently booking one-on-one consultations for mid-September. Get your leading ladies together, head over to meet Elizabeth and Amena, and let your wildest dress dreams run rampant. The only thing you’re limited by is your imagination, so be sure to come with an open mind and creative spirit (and maybe bring the stilettos you plan on strutting in!)




Check them out in our Vendor Showcase!

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February 8, 2014

#WGxTCBS :: a surprise Bridal Show giveaway!

{ Toronto Charity Bridal Show 2014 }

Today’s the day – the official launch of the 2014 Toronto Charity Bridal Show - and we couldn’t be more excited to be in attendance with both the production crew for Hitched: Abroad and the new #WGx team!

The show is taking place at Brighton Convention Centre and tickets are still available at the door! (with all proceeds going to charity)

We’re going to be doing a live casting call ::


… and we’re going to be meeting and greeting with brides to chat all-things-wedding!

You’re going to get your first chance to meet the beautiful new faces of #WGx in person.


{ #WGxTCBS }

What better way is there to celebrate such a special weekend that’s being planned in support of a handful of incredible charities?

Paying it forward!

Around these here WG parts, 2014 is about multiplying, and the new #WGx team was created to give back.

That’s exactly what we’re going to be doing this weekend!


{ TCBS Wedding Contest }

One lucky bride is going to be waking up on Monday morning with a smile and a huge sigh of relief knowing that she walked away from the Toronto Charity Bridal Show armed with her strongest ally in Wedding Planning crime – a team of event planners!

The #WGx group will be “hiding” a WG giveaway somewhere at the TCBS. All nine women will be texting, Tweeting, and Instagram’ing secrets, clues, and details of the hiding spot and the prize itself:

 - an inclusive wedding



and coordination package

valued at over $3500!


Just follow the #WGxTCBS hashtag via social media and the more #WGxTCBS tags we see pop up on YOUR statuses | tweets | insta-pics, the more clues we’ll give you!

Come back and check out the WG blog on Monday to meet our winner!

Good luck!




*For a complete list of contest rules and regulations, please contact info@weddinggirl.ca

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January 30, 2014

Toronto Charity Bridal Show 2014

“Those who are happiest

are those who do the most for others”

- Booker T. Washington

When I was approached to speak at the Toronto Charity Bridal Show there was nothing that could have stood in my way. Not only is it an incredibly humbling honour to be regarded as an “expert” in something I love, but the entire philanthropical inspiration behind this event, with proceeds going to four notable charities, stirred me immediately.

SickKids logo Ontario Shores Foundation logo CAMH logo Lakeridge Health logo

{ why care? }

We all have a story.

As you read this, I want you to choose one person, near and dear to your heart, who suffers from mental illness: depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, an eating disorder. The diagnosis doesn’t matter. The struggle is the same.

Have you thought of them?


Now think about why you love that person.

Think about how they’ve made you feel.

Think about how they’ve cared for you in moments that you needed it.

Think about what they’ve done for you, likely without being asked.

Think about how different your life would be if they were to not be a part of your world.

And think about their struggle.

Think about the demons they face, the battles they wage, the steps they take to win the war over invisible illnesses.

….. and support TCBS for them.


And if you’re one of the fortunate few who don’t know anyone afflicted by mental illness, then think about that young newlywed couple who welcomed a beautiful baby in to the world, but have spent every day at The Hospital For Sick Children since their little one was born.

Think of the time, money, research, and love poured in to keeping that little one alive… knowing that the world of those two in love revolves around the health and wellbeing of the life they created.

….. and support TCBS for them.


If you don’t know anyone whose life has been touched by Sick Kids Hospital, then take a moment to picture in your mind how much it would mean for your parents and grandparents to receive quality health care should the need ever arise (*touch wood*). Think about your local hospital and consider how it would impact countless lives should that facility shut down.

….. and support TCBS for them.


{ my Story }

Before I created WeddingGirl, I was in school with a dream to become a psychiatrist. I earned degrees in Psychology and Neuroscience and was passionately motivated to work in the forefront of mental health services. My resumé highlighted positions as a Child/Youth Worker, a Crisis Intervention Counsellor, and Mental Health Researcher.

“What does one life really matter?”

If it wasn’t for the support of mental health organizations like CAMH, and Ontario Shores… if it wasn’t for the relentless passion of the faces behind Sick Kids or community hospitals like Lakeridge Health…. our lives would be very, very different.

……my life, would be very, very different.

And that’s why I’m supporting the Toronto Charity Bridal Show.

Mary Bratko Toronto Charity Bridal Show 2014

… and I’m not the only one!

Dozens of the top industry professionals across the Greater Toronto Area are coming together on February 8th and 9th at the Brighton Convention Centre to showcase the best of planning a wedding in 2014, and beyond!

{ show your support }

Whether you’re getting married, know someone who recently got engaged, or just want to come out and support four amazing causes, please show your love and pick up your tickets for the Toronto Charity Bridal Show.

Or you can just grab a pair of tickets and come visit me!


And if you haven’t heard and seen the excitement of Hitched: Abroad and #WGx lately….


The Production Crew of our new Wedding Reality TV show, as well as a lovely group of fresh new faces that have come on board with WG-multipled will be at the show as well.

Come meet us, stroll through all the lovely, and most importantly, show your support for Toronto’s only bridal show planned with the kindness of paying-it-forward.


We can’t wait to see you there!




ATTENTION: Wedding Vendors

If you’d like to come on board with the TCBS and I, please contact us for details on booth space and ways in which you can get involved. There’s definitely no better love worth spreading than that which we have for the work that we do!



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January 26, 2014

a Sculpted Love :: 3D printing :: Crowtrees Studio, Toronto

Crowtrees Studio Toronto logo

One random autumn afternoon, while working away over Americanos at White Squirrel,  Rui came over and said hello.

“Are you a wedding planner?”

“Yes, indeed!”

“Have you ever seen 3D image printing?”

Intrigue ensued.

Rui and James own Crowtrees Studio, specializing in 3D imaging and 3D printing in Toronto and across the GTA.

Beyond wedding cake toppers or mantle showpieces, these Toronto artisans have propelled art in to the future by creating three dimensional print outs of life’s most special milestones… weddings, babies, or just being in love. These sculptures capture the intricate details of moments most worth remembering: embracing an expecting belly or holding an elderly hand you never wish to let go.

Mary Bratko 3d Image Scan Crowstrees Studio Toronto

Toronto Maternity 3d printing Studio Crowtrees

CrowTrees Studio Toronto 3d printing sculpture

Crowtrees Studio Toronto 3d printing

Toronto 3d Printing Crowtrees Studio

The technology behind this process is designed to be immediate and interactive. The artists love what they do and want their subjects to feel the same. Their scanning process allows them to be spontaneous, just like real life. The 3d printing technology isn’t about manufacturing, it’s about personalization.

Hindu Bride 3d Printing Art Toronto

Crowtrees Studio Toronto 3d printing statues

“It’s not about little plastic figurines, it’s about capturing uniquely you.”

Rui and James have created a studio that allows them to become your personal Michaelangelo or Degas…. and have a great time doing it.

Through the use of a 3D imager, all the details of real life are captured and transposed in to a digital workspace  where they’re corrected and refined with meticulous detail.

Couture Wedding Cake Topper 3d Printing Toronto

Couture Wedding Cake Topper 3d Printing Toronto 2


Once the digital figure is captured perfectly, the printing process begins.

Choose your material: sandstone, acrylic, various kinds of plastics, sterling silver, bronze, gold-plated, stainless steel, ceramic finish…. one day they even hope to be able to print in chocolate!

Depending on the material and size of the figurine, printing can happen is as little as a few hours… and the moment is sculpted forever.

“We’ve even had clients ask us to scan them with their pet, on their new motorcycle, sitting in their favourite chair or posed with their game winning hockey stick.”

“These days, photographs remove us from experiences. This is about returning to tactile interaction, an image with depth and context. The technology is advancing in leaps and bounds and we’re so excited to see where it takes us.”

Agreed! And with that, it’s so exciting to announce WeddingGirl.ca’s Sculpted Love contest! Enter to win your very own custom-printed 3-D moment.



{ Giveaway }

One lucky WG reader is going to win a customized 3-d work of art (a $500 value). This prize includes an imaging session, post-scan digital clean-up and preparation to print a set of 1/15th scale figurines (approximately 5″ tall) in a class, timeless, white silk finish.

Toronto 3d sculpture Printing Crowtrees Studios

To enter, please visit the Crowtrees Studio page on Facebook and upload a photo of the scan you’d like re-created with a caption about why this particular moment was so special to you.

Get creative!

(just make sure the “pose” can be held for a few minutes during scanning!) – a winner will be chosen and announced on February 14th, Valentine’s Day.

Good luck!





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May 15, 2013

UBER :: Toronto Black Car Service :: WG Promo Code

{ so this is why we love UBER! }

(and why we think you should too)

UBER logo


“Uber is everyone’s private driver”.

First introduced to Uber when Courtney and I were invited to the UNIUN industry open house last month, I started out completely unfamiliar with the service and totally skeptical of signing up for a smartphone app with a credit card number. It wasn’t until a super-helpful Uber rep, Lucas, took the time to tell us more about who they are and what they do that I opted to set my uncertainties aside and live on the edge….

Uber Toronto Black SUV Driver Service


… and my first thought after the black car dropped us off that evening? Where has this service been all of my life?!

{ all about UBER }

Uber is an on demand car service application for smartphones. It’s so easy to download the free Uber app for iPhone/Android - search, select, download.

Once you’ve signed up your account (yes, it’s totally safe to give them your credit card!) – just pick the vehicle you’d like, press a button, and a car with your own private driver arrives to your location in minutes. Cars range from Lincoln Town Cars to Cadillac Escalades, with traditional taxi cabs available as well.

And remember that credit card I was so uncertain with sharing? Well – it’s brilliant! It means I can just hop out of the car once we’ve gotten to where we’re going and I don’t have to worry about whether anyone has cash on hand, change for a tip, etc. No more pit stops at gas station ATM’s when you unexpectedly find out your cab doesn’t take plastic in the middle of your ride (I speak from experience!)

Within a few minutes of getting out of the car, UBER emails you a detailed receipt (and by detailed, I mean VERY detailed!) – date, time, distance traveled, average speed, map, driver’s name, car type. Perfect for record-keeping.

UBER’s black car service is priced at approximately 30% more than the average cab and gratuity is always included (so $13 vs. $10? – totally worth it). It’s also found in 25 + markets worldwide, from Toronto to San Francisco, New York to London. You can rely on the service anywhere, without worrying about how you’re going to get from A to B. LOVE IT!

Since signing up for UBER that night at UNIUN I’ve used the service multiple times on my own and never cease to be amazing at its promptness, efficiency, and totally high-end feel. I mean, really – who doesn’t want to live a life of having their own private black car to shuttle them around??

{ UBER on your wedding day }

Since learning about the UBER service I’ve shared the details with all our Toronto WG-couples. Get in touch with us to have the UBER team set up personalized promo codes on behalf of WG for your wedding party, family, and guests. This entitles all of them to their first ride free as well. It’s an amazing alternative to that pricey late-night sedan you considered booking through your limousine service (and ensures everyone gets home safely, despite all the shots they did at the bar!)

{ a ride on US }

When I love something this much, I want everyone else to love it too. I chatted with the folks over at UBER and they were awesome enough to set up a specialized promo code for new UBER users.

Download the app and use the code WeddingGirl to get your first free black car ride (in Toronto, up to $30). The code is active now and expires on December 31st 2013 – so even if you’re not from the Toronto area but you know you’ll be going downtown at some point this year, stash the details and take a ride on us!

Happy UBER-ing!

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May 13, 2013

Bottle Green :: sparkling cocktail hour wedding drinks

{ Bottle Green Sparkling Drinks }

bottle green drinks logo

Last week we met with a bride and groom who are planning a beautiful August wedding in a vineyard in Niagara On The Lake. As we sat with their venue coordinator and confirmed details about the flow of the day, menu notes and bar details, we found ourselves brainstorming a fairly commonplace element of outdoor wedding ceremonies: the refreshment station.

Over the years we’ve urged brides planning outdoor wedding ceremonies to have cold drinks available to guests as they arrive or leave the ceremony to ensure everyone is satisfied and comfortable despite sunshine and warm temperatures.

We’ve seen everything from simple DIY cucumber water and lemonade stands to elaborate white-gloved champagne service.

DIY Cocktail Hour Refreshment Stand Wedding Ceremony

If you’re looking to quench your guests’ thirst in a chic, stylish, and budget-savvy way, you need to try Bottle Green!

If you’re not familiar, make sure to check out their wide range of creative and original flavours, including delicate cordials, pressés and tonic waters! Even their presentation is a feast for wedding guests’ eyes.

Bottlegreen DIY Cocktail Hour Wedding Ceremony Reception Refreshments

These tasty treats are not only perfect for a sunny afternoon ceremony refreshment stand or cocktail hour, but also a great non-alcoholic alternative to champagnes and pricey sparking wines at your reception.


{ how to DIY }

Fill a themed container with ice and let your sparkling drinks chill before guests arrive. Whether you’re using stainless steel buckets or an old canoe, your refreshment stand can be styled to make as much a WOW-factor impression as the yummy drinks you’re serving!

If you’re getting married at an inclusive venue that’s willing to have servers pass refreshments to your guests, inquire about bringing in your own drinks or having the catering staff order these little lovelies directly.

You can get a hold of the lovely folks over at BottleGreen here!

{ just a hint of sparkle }

The other day two cases of Bottle Green’s Pomegranate & Elderflower sparkling showed up on our doorstep. With its soft blush hue and just the perfect amount of sparkle, this spring water based drink has a touch of exotic flavour with just a hint of carbonation. It’s the perfect afternoon wedding champagne alternative!

BottleGreen Pomegranate and Elderflower



{ how to WIN }

And since we have an extra case of delicious drinks to give away, all you need to do is follow us on Twitter for details! We’ll be giving one lucky bride this sparkling treat later this week! (must be available for pickup in the Greater Toronto Area).


Good luck!



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April 16, 2013

{WG Media} :: Persona :: trendy bridal jewelry

{ Persona :: stylish bling for the modern bride }

(and for all her bridesmaids too!)

Persona Logo Toronto

We just got back from a super-swanky media event at the gorgeous Windsor Arms Hotel in Yorkville. Invited by the lovely Jennifer and Astrid of PersonaWorld, we had the opportunity to learn more about Persona jewelry, styled by a group of Toronto-based designers that draw inspiration from fashion runways and use only the finest materials from around the globe.

Persona is a collection of chic and unique jewellery comprising of interchangeable beads and charms that can be worn on bracelets, earrings and necklaces – and we even got to take a bit of sparkle home with us!


Thanks to the girls at Persona we indulged in some delightful afternoon tea treats, and even had our fortunes told by a Tea Leaf Reader!

Windsor Arms Hotel High Tea Toronto

 Mary Bratko WeddingGirl.ca Tea Leaf Reading Toronto

Courtney Tredwell WeddingGirl.ca Social Media Stylist Tea Leaf Reading

These uniquely designed and personalized pieces are the perfect way to showcase your story with your wedding day frocks, or express your gratitude and sentiment towards bridesmaids and special women in your family.

We’re looking forward to showcasing more of Persona’s beautiful designs and collaborating on a WG giveaway soon!

Stay tuned!

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April 11, 2013

Colin Cowie : Wedding Chic : autographed copy giveaway

{ a Colin Cowie giveaway }

Mary Bratko Courtney Tredwell Colin Cowie Giveaway

Once upon a time, Mary and Courtney met Colin Cowie. He was introducing his new destination wedding designs exclusive to Hard Rock All-Inclusive resorts, and told Courtney that she looks like Taylor Swift.

Colin Cowie Toronto Hard Rock Cafe

Romantic White Carnation Centerpiece Colin Cowie Toronto

Colin gave the WeddingGirls two copies of his style guide, Wedding Chic. They’ve kept one book to inspire their oh-so-gorgeous wedding designs, but asked Colin to sign the other in the hopes of spreading the design-love.

Colin Cowie Wedding Chic book

We are so excited to see Colin’s cutting-edge trends shine through the wedding industry in 2013 that The Flower Shop @ WG is giving away an autographed copy of his inspiration guide to the trendiest lover of all-things-chic that we can find.

Whether you’re getting married or just love to lavish yourself in all-things-beautiful, Colin’s oh-so-luxe designs are sure to set ablaze the most opulent stylist’s imagination.

Autographed Wedding Chic Colin Cowie Giveaway

Want to win? just show us your style! Head over to the Flower Shop @ WG page on Facebook and post a photo on our wall of something that shows us how trendy you are! It can be a photo of you sporting a killer outfit or hair-do, a pic of a chic room you’ve styled, or a snapshot of the unique engagement ring you’re showing off.

Know of a super-trendy bride-to-be? You can enter the contest on her behalf! (just be sure to ask for permission first).

We’ll have our friends vote on their favourite, and ask your friends to do the same! The popular favourite will be selected on April 18th and his/her autographed copy of Wedding Chic will finally meet its new trendsetter.

Good luck!

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