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March 6, 2014

Details, details…. | hangers, ice cubes, and manicures, oh my!

 { Wedding Day Details }

Authored by: Laura Arbelaez

Laura A.


I learned no detail was too small. It was all about the details.” – Brad Grey

This quote has echoed in my heart for the last couple of days. Then, I just knew. I knew there was something to be shared, as it perfectly defines any Wedding Day.

Weddings are more than just invitations, flowers, linens, food and cake. These are just some of the general guidelines, but there are infinite things that can be created. It truly is all about the details. It is also about creativity, imagination and presentation.

You will also need an open mind.

If you would like to see something unique on your wedding day, it should be tailored to you. Having something custom designed does not necessarily mean expensive. All it takes is research, knowledge and the right vendors to pull it off. Playing even the smallest part in making a wedding day unforgettable is every vendor’s aspiration.

Over the past year, having assisted at a number of weddings and after looking at tens of thousands of wedding photographs, here are a few things that I have noticed that could make a difference on your wedding day.

Every girl wants her wedding dress photographed and unless you buy or rent a mannequin, chances are it will be hanged. Take a look at those wedding dress photos on Pinterest again. Do you notice anything out of place? Have you considered investing on a custom designed hanger? It will not only make for stunning and unique photographs but it will also make for a really nice keepsake.

Personalized Wedding Hanger Bridal Details 2

Custom DIY Bridal Wedding Day Hanger Beach Theme

Personalized Wedding Hanger Bridal Details

As much as I love the traditional French manicure, I would love to see brides showing off their personalities through their nail art design. Talk to your nail technician; show her your wedding dress, colour scheme and accessories! Wouldn’t it be perfect if your nails complemented your bouquet? What if they tied in with the overall theme of your wedding? Have fun with it!

DIY Glitter Nails Wedding Bridal Beauty

Glitter Nailpolish Bridal Wedding Manicure

Bridal Manicure Nail Design

Custom Themed PInk Brown Glitter Bridal Manicure

Having worked as a Server for many years, I had a long time to think about this one. Every venue will offer water on your wedding day. That’s a fact. Have you considered offering your guests water infusions? They are super refreshing, they look sensational and everyone loves them!

Fruit Infused Water

Fruit Infused Water Wedding Reception Decor


What about a little DIY project? Have you thought of making fruit or floral ice cubes for your wedding reception? These are just a wonderful idea! Consider placing these fabulous decorated ice cubs on the water pitcher on every table; or what about an infused water bottle for each guest? That…that will be something to talk about!

Lemon Blueberry Mint Ice Cube Wedding Decor

Edible Flower Herb Ice Cubes Wedding Details

Fruit Herb Designer Ice Cubes Wedding Details

Food for thought!

The options are endless. Just know that there are no small details and that every detail on your wedding day counts.

Stay tuned for more!



Laura is a Bridal Lifestyle Blogger and Social Media Stylist at WeddingGirl.ca. To have Laura feature your product or service in a media blast or blog spotlight, make sure to Get In Touch! You can follow Laura on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well.


{ photos sourced from Pinterest.com – via Laura’s board, found here }


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March 5, 2014

wedding day “Friendors” | Serena Swan Photography

{ my thoughts on “Friendors” }

By: Serena Swan

So, you really need your hair done!

You are talking it over with a friend over coffee and she says to you “Well I just got a new pair of shears and would love to help you out!”. The scissors that she has are the same ones that the pros use and she’s offering to do it super cheap/free. Why not let your friend try her hand at your hair??

I know what you’re thinking right now… HECK NO!!

So if you wouldn’t let your random friend try out her questionable hair cutting skills on your hair (that will eventually grow back) why would you let a friend take on the job of capturing one of the biggest days of your life? A day, mind you, for which there will be no do-overs.

Serena Swan Toronto Wedding Photographer

My name is Serena and I am a girl who likes to make lists. So with that, here is a list with my top reasons to invest in a professional photographer:

A Backup for the Backup. A friend or someone starting out may have a really great camera but in most cases it is their only piece of equipment. As time has taught us, sometimes things break or malfunction. If a camera or other piece of equipment decides to throw in the towel in the middle of your wedding day, you want to know that there is a backup right there to take over the job.

Knowledge is Power.  Wedding days, as we all know, are very hectic. The photographer has to be organized and ready for anything. From organizing family and details, dealing with changing light conditions, to creating all those amazingly natural-yet-posed portraits. When you have never undertaken an event of this magnitude, it’s hard for a new photographer to know what moves to make. This can make the day run far less smoothly and often results in missed moments that you can’t get back.

Two is better than One: Everyone knows that two is better than one! On your wedding day a professional photographer will more than likely working closely with a second shooter. This gives them the ability to give you two points of view as the day progresses. As one photographer is capturing shots of the bride walking down the aisle with her father the other is snapping away at the groom’s expression when he sees his beautiful bride for the first time. The added benefit to the second shooter is yet another backup should the unthinkable happen.  If, heaven forbid, something happens to one piece of equipment, it’s not a total loss because you have both a back-up photographer in addition to back-up equipment.

We work for you.  The mindset between someone who you have hired to photograph your wedding and a friend, who is helping you out, is very different. For a professional photographer every wedding is a test of their skill, and every client is a test to their reputation. They are going to work hard for you from start to finish because they know that you have made an investment in their art. Issues can arise when hiring a family member or friend to photograph your wedding. Just ask Mary of WeddingGirl.ca about her thoughts on “Friendors”. These arrangements can create a scenario where there is no line between guest and vendor. Along with the “to party or to work?” conundrum, there is also the possibility of dealing with issues once the wedding is over. If you are unhappy with the wait time or the images themselves, it can become something that can put a wall between you and a lifelong friend or family member. No one wants that elephant in the room at Christmas Day brunch!

The Edits.  Once the wedding day is over, it’s just the beginning for your photographer. Next comes the backing up of your images to ensure their safety, and then the culling and editing. It takes dozens of hours to go through thousands of frames captured throughout your day. The software and equipment used for editing may be something your friend/family member has never used or may not even own. You may feel like its okay for the images to just be given to you on a disc, as-is… but how do you think you’ll feel spending hours scrolling through poorly-lit images, un-cropped and un-edited… with imperfections and bright red EXIT signs for all the world to see? Much like strolling through an art gallery of half-finished paintings, your wedding photos will be incomplete and you’ll be left disappointed.

If she’s not a licensed hair stylist, you wouldn’t risk your tresses in the hands of unabashed passion for all-things-hair.

The same goes for photos.

Everyone has a camera these days…. but your wedding photographer is an artist. Let them paint the day of your dreams.

Serena Swan Photography Toronto


Serena Swan Photography Logo

Serena Swan is a Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer in the Hamilton, Niagara, and Toronto area and the official photographer of the #WGx team.

Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for life through her lens.

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On being a hopeless romantic | #WGx

Filed under: Author: Carmelina Karas,Bridal Blog,Love — WeddingGirl @ 10:00 am

Authored by: Carmelina Karas

Carmelina Karas WeddingGirl.ca WGx Toronto

Growing up, there were many things that I always aspired to be. A designer, a singer, an actress – all these things were full of creativity and passion. What I had never bargained for was I found it was less important the “career” path that I chose, but most important how I approached life as a whole.

As my years progressed from childhood to becoming an adult, I quickly came to the realization that I had to like…no…I had to love what I was doing. Therefore, love became my job.

I decided to enter the magical world of weddings and make weddings my life.

Whether it’s attending a bridal show, planning a wedding, or browsing social media for new wedding inspiration – I am hopelessly in love.

Being in love with the most romantic and beautiful time in a couple’s lives has its perks. Everyone that you come in contact with has a loving and dedicated and happy vibe. Yes, things do go haywire in the wedding planning process as the stress gets to some and life just happens. But, at the end of the day, you are all working together to join this couple in wedded bliss and send them off to their happy ever after.

There are times during the engagement where couples may forget the end goal and why they decided to start this journey in the first place, but a quick reminder of how they met, their proposal story, and their vision for their new future together gets them right back on track.

My vision for my own future in the wedding industry is constantly being molded and shaped and is expanding. The more people I meet, ideas I see, and inspiration I get creates new dreams and hopes and goals for me to shoot for. If I am in a rut, I open up a wedding magazine. If I am out of ideas, I log in to Pintrest. If there is ever a time that I wonder just how any choices or decisions are made when there are so many options out there, I just remember to follow my heart. After all, it was my heart that chose my career path.

That career path became my life path. And – my life path is love.

Heart Love Photography
Carmelina is the Co-Editor of the WeddingGirl.ca magazine and the Founder and Editor of The Wedding Planner Magazine. She is a Wedding Planner with WG and a lover of all-things-in-love. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
For wedding planning inquiries with Carmelina, make sure to Get In Touch!
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February 27, 2014

Where is it legal to have a same-sex wedding? | #WG{=}

{ #GlobalLoveIsLove }

Authored by: Vanessa Adams

Vanessa Adams WeddingGirl.ca Toronto



While Destination Weddings have become extremely popular with mainstream couples, unfortunately many couples in the LGBT community must lead their wedding plans with wondering where is the best, safest, place that they can legally tie the knot. It’s so sad to consider that in 2014 there are still so many places on the planet that openly reject same sex unions.

The idea of celebrating the ceremony, reception and honeymoon with friends and family in a beautiful country sounds like a dream come true, but many LGBT couples must first ascertain that they are choosing a safe space in which they can openly celebrate their right to love and wedlock.


WG{=} is a public stand for love never being wrong, and we’re hoping to inspire the entire industry to follow suit.

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 3.23.15 PM

After learning that one of my #WGx Girl’s brother was being denied a same-sex wedding at the resort of their dreams, I knew I needed to explore the legalities and attitudes in the destination wedding industry.

Imagine, as a newly engaged man or woman, having to contact a resort venue and ask the question– “Will you allow me to marry my best friend despite the fact that we are of the same sex?” How debilitating must it be to, in that moment of joyous excitement, face critical judgment and rejection.

In 2014, countries around the world that allow same sex unions include:

Argentina, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Uruguay, France, Iceland, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Scotland, Britian(England and Wales) – as of March 29, 2014, and Mexico (Quintana Roo and Mexico City only)

In the United States, legal marriage status depends on each, individual state. Presently, only 17 allow for same sex unions. Kudos to California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jershey, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, as well as Washington D.C.

Despite the global limitations there are still so many beautiful places to run away and celebrate your own Happily Ever After.

What about an ultimate travel experience to South America, where you can exchange vows in the lush rainforests of Brazil?

Brazillian Destination Wedding Planners

Perhaps your heart yearns to say “I Do” beneath the glistening moonlight at the base of the Iguazu Falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina? – how’s that for a wedding to remember?

Brazil Wedding Planners Iguazu Falls

And if you’re a couple with an adventurous spirit, make sure to follow the Hitched: Abroad page on Facebook; it’s the world’s first extreme destination wedding reality TV series hosted by WeddingGirl.ca’s own Mary Bratko!

If you can dream it, we can help make it a reality. For inquiries on planning your destination wedding together, make sure to Get In Touch!

Two Dresses.

Two Suits.

One Love.

and because…..


LGBT World


:: Photography Credits (in order of appearance)

Timothy G. Laman

Fred Miranda

– sourced at Travel.NationalGeographic.Com


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Hitched: Abroad — the world’s FIRST extreme destination reality TV show!

… this is what happened when WG met Barking Mad Media

Once upon a time, a girl who loved weddings discovered that she had a bit of a gypsy soul.

Mary Bratko WeddingGirl.ca India

Gypsy Soul

One morning she sat down with a producer, The Producer, and they had coffee.

“I just want to live a life that lets me travel the world and tell a story.”

By the time their lattés were finished, Hitched: Abroad was born.

Hitched: Abroad would become the world’s FIRST extreme destination wedding reality TV series, for all those couples who want to break up with beige and for all those adventurous television viewers who would never otherwise admit to watching a “wedding show”.

But first, The Producer and The Gypsy-Souled Wedding Planner needed to make sure they worked well together. She wanted to make a difference, and he offered to film it. This happened:

Mary Bratko WeddingGirl.ca Toronto

After the #WGx Casting Call came Attempt #1 at shooting the promo reel for Hitched: Abroad. It was really cold.


They reconvened a few days later, but indoors this time, to plan for their show’s first public appearance at the Toronto Charity Bridal Show:


And shortly thereafter, the official Hitched: Abroad promo reel went live!


Along the way, the oh-so-lovely Serena Swan came on board as the official set photographer and she’s been capturing behind-the-scenes moments ever since!

Mary Bratko Hitched Abroad Promo TV shoot

Mary Bratko Serena Swan Photography

Mary Bratko Hitched Abroad Toronto

Be sure to LIKE the Hitched: Abroad Facebook page to follow all the latest, greatest, and behind-the-scenes shenanigans as we make our way around the world in search of love, laughter, and Happily Ever After!

{ Casting Call }

If you, or someone you know, wants to celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime love with a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, we want to meet you! Please contact Jeff at Barking Mad Media for instructions on how to apply to featured on the show.

:: and here’s sending lots of Love + Credit out to the beautiful Julie of Julie Ann Studios for providing hair + makeup.

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February 26, 2014

bridal thoughts | by Brenda Hanks | #WGx

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the truth about saying i do… from a girl who did.

Authored by: Brenda Hanks

Brenda + Kris - Rick Denham Photography C Hotel Hamilton Carmens WeddingGirl.ca planner Photography 4


There is something that happens to a girl once a ring slides onto the third finger on her left hand.

She changes.

A spark ignites.

She is no longer just a girl – she is a bride.

Almost every bride will have at least a few things in common. She will be excited and probably a bit nervous for the big day. She will have a stack of wedding magazines on her table and a PVR filled with wedding TV shows. These things right here are the root of wedding planning bliss.


“With sparkly jewellery comes great responsibility” – unknownEveryone knows that weddings are full of emotion. What only some realize is just how emotional wedding planning can be. For some brides this is their golden hour. They will love picking and planning each and every detail. For others this can bring stress and frustration. Not often do you see the brides on TV run into the issues and emotions that a real life bride may face. However, with a little preparation and understanding, every bride can make it through. I promise. Consider this your wedding survival guide for all the things nobody else is going to tell you.

The Dress

Brenda + Kris - Rick Denham Photography C Hotel Hamilton Carmens WeddingGirl.ca planner Photography 9

Picking out your dress is one of the most personal wedding planning experiences. For such a seemingly simple task it can still turn out to a big process. This is why it’s so important to be realistic regarding your dress.

Be realistic (and confident!) with your body. 
Look at your body and decide what you want to emphasise and if there is anything you want to downplay. Try on every dress in your closet and decide what you love about each dress, and how it emphasizes your shape. Also be aware that wedding dress sizes are not real world sizes. Be prepared to go up as many as 2-4 sizes! (and don’t worry about it, no one will know.)

Be realistic about your entourage. 

Some brides bring a large group, some go alone with mom. Who comes with you to pick out your wedding dress can make or break your shopping experience. Be aware that bringing 20 of your closest friends means 20 differing opinions. At the same time, if you bring only 1 person who usually doesn’t have an opinion you may as well be shopping on your own.

Be realistic about your experience.

You wont get a “Say Yes To The Dress” experience from an off-the-rack store. Book at least one appointment at a nice dress shop to ensure you get the royal treatment. When you do find that special dress, don’t worry if you don’t shed tears of joy, I have only ever seen that on TV.

I only have one tip about buying your wedding dress. If your gown is not a “cash and carry” purchase, use a credit card if possible. It’s your last line of defence should something happen to the store you purchase your dress from.

The Day

Kris + Brenda - December 3 - Wedding Photos 2
Every bride deserves a dream wedding. What that dream looks like is different for everyone. One thing for sure is that once you plan your wedding, you will never look at another wedding the same way again. There is so much to think about and even more to do. Whether you choose to unleash your inner bridezilla or let your partner do all the work, here are my favourite tips to planning your perfect day.

Hire a planner or coordinator.

If possible, find a spot in your budget for a wedding planner or Day Of coordinator. These people exist for a reason and are good at what they do. When your wedding day comes and you’re in the midst of hair and make-up, you don’t want your phone to be the one ringing because the decorator brought the wrong linens.

Stalk your venue. 

Once you’ve chosen your venue, if possible pop in every once in a while around noon on Saturdays. This is prime wedding prep time. This will enable you to see different décor options taking place. Take pictures of what you see that you love. This is especially effective if you have a lot of time leading up to your wedding. Note: Depending on your venue this kind of visiting could be totally inappropriate. Use your discretion. If you can’t visit your venue, check out their social media presence. Often venues are tagged in photos from other peoples weddings.

Choose a full service package. 

Certain venues cater to weddings exclusively. These places will sometimes offer you an all inclusive type packages. Depending on how much work you personally want to do, this can be an amazing choice. Look for venues that include not only food and beverage, but linens, décor, lighting and music. Some will even include an officiant if you book the wedding on location.

Expect the unexpected. 

No matter how much planning and prep you do something will go amiss. If you are expecting this to happen it will sting that much less when it does. If you have an experienced planner in your corner its likely you wont even know anything went wrong. However, If you choose to go it alone, try to assign a family member or friend you trust to each wedding related department. For example, Aunt Amelia can handle caterer inquiries, while Cousin Carey liaises with the florist.


This one seems like a no-brainer, but when you’re laying awake at 4 am the night before your wedding you’ll think back to this article (and hopefully smile!).

Once a bride, always a bride” – unknown


The Relationship

It is very important that I keep this clear and concise. While a marriage may do many things for your relationship, it will never ever make a bad one better. If you are not ready for this step, or you have any doubts in your relationship, please speak to someone you trust.

Post Wedding Blues

Chances are you have never heard of this before, not everyone will experience it. You’re more likely to go through this if you are the hands-on, DIY type of bride. You have spent all your free time working on this big event, putting your heart and soul into every detail, and then in a day, its over. Please know this is okay – you are not alone. Finding a new activity or hobby may get you back in the spirit. May I suggest crafting your own thank you cards? :)



{{ Blog Love :: Photography credit @RickDenhamPhotography }}


Brenda Hanks Bridal Lifestyle Blogger WGx WeddingGirl.ca

Brenda Hanks is a Burlington-based Bridal Lifestyle Blogger.

To follow her and/or submit for product or service reviews, find her on Facebook or contact directly at Brenda@WeddingGirl.ca

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February 24, 2014

Laura’s Thoughts on #WGx

Filed under: Author: Laura Arbelaez,Bridal Blog,WGx — WeddingGirl @ 11:11 am

{action begins with a MOVEMENT }

Authored by: Laura Arbelaez

Laura A.


WeddingGirl Multiplied started off as a dream. It later developed in to an idea. Not too long ago, it became a reality and now, NOW it is a movement. After introducing all the beautiful new faces of WG, this is the final step; this is the essence of #WGx.

#WGx is about creating extraordinary and genuine moments.

#WGx is about Bridal Lifestyle, all-things-beautiful, weddings and celebrations.

#WGx is about exquisite food, spectacular venues, stunning flowers, magnificent cakes and above all, luxe …. on a budget.

#WGx is about being kind, thoughtful, passionate and grateful.

#WGx is about facing our fears and changing OUR worlds together.

#WGx is about hopes and dreams, Love and Happily Ever After.

#WGx is about meeting new people, discovering new places and venturing in to the unknown together.

#WGx is about teeny tiny steps and giant victories. It is about being Epic.

#WGx is about new ideas, new projects, and new adventures; it is all about doing great things together.

#WGx is about Hitched Abroad, Wedding Girl TV, Wedding Girl Equals, Fraîche, The Be Epic Project, Blogs and so much more.

Follow our movement. I promise you, never a dull moment.

Stay Tuned!

Christian Arbelaez Graphic Design for WGx

{ Graphic Design Credit: Christian A. Arbelaez }

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February 22, 2014

do one thing a day that scares you | #WGx

Filed under: Author: Bianca Guarnaccia,Bridal Blog,WGx — WeddingGirl @ 4:52 pm

{ from Mary }

This morning I met for lattés with two of the girls from the #WGx team. Our conversation ebbed and flowed, twisted and turned, from all-things-social-media to all-things-travel. Back and forth. Here and there. Just like real-world business does.

The clincher, though?

I was the only one at the table with any kind of entrepreneurial experience.

That’s the thing about WeddingGirl-multiplied.

Once upon a couple of months ago, I decided I wanted to take the life I have built for myself and inspire others to do the same for themselves. I dreamt a dream, and WGx was born.


This morning, I met for lattés with two of the girls from the #WGx team, and one of them in particular bravely admitted to struggling.

“I feel lost and not found.” she said to me.

“Well then thank goodness I’m here to help!” I reassured her.

Together we just talked.

We talked about her hopes, her dreams, her fears.

She dared greatly to be open and honest with me. She had absolutely no idea how to get started on writing a blog.

I channeled every ounce of leadership strength I had…. peppered with a bit of real-world, human, “I’m just a girl too” empathy. We tossed in some tangible pieces of advice and guidance as well.

Together, a teeny-tiny action plan was born.


A few minutes ago, I received an email.

The subject line said: “I did it.”  – and my heart danced for her.

I couldn’t be more proud to introduce all of you to Bianca. This is her first blog. Ever.


{ from Bianca }


I am absolutely terrified to write this.

Sharing my personal feelings has never been something I thought could shape someone else’s world.

I expect it to be something that will hinder my success.

I don’t want the world to know me as the girl who’s afraid to take the first step in living out her dream.

I don’t want them to know that I’m scared to fail.

I don’t ever want them to see me make a mistake.

But you know what? It’s going to happen.

I’m going to live out my dream.

I’m going to make mistakes and I might fail at a task or two. But one thing I will never do is give up.

If I gave up on my dreams I would have never have traveled the world. I wouldn’t have written Mary an email introducing myself. and I would have never fueled the idea that is now WGx.

I’m not being overconfident, but a little part of me is smiling.

In an indirect way I have changed the lives of 10 people without even trying and they have changed mine.


The last month has been nothing but changes.

I went from no work options to endless possibilities.

You can’t even imagine what’s going through my head right now.

My mind has not stopped fantasizing about what beaches I’ll get to see or what cafés I’ll drink at or in which shopping market I’ll find my new favourite shoes.

If you actually break down what I’m trying to say, it’s “Thank you”.

Thank you for giving me a chance. Thank you for bringing us together. Thank you for letting us share your passion, Mary – and Thank you for letting me live out my dream.


And to Bianca, I say (on behalf of the entire #WGx team)… Thank YOU… because you’re not being over-confident at all. You were the spark that made this idea burn. How’s THAT for changing the world?

:: to read the post that Bianca’s email inspired, click here.

To show your love and follow Bianca’s journey,

find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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The History of Wedding Fashion | #WGx

The question is…

where DID the wedding dress come from?

Authored by: Heather Kane

Heather Kane WeddingGirl.ca


When you begin to think of your wedding, images of a stunning white gown, trailing veil accompanied by a beautiful bouquet are most likely going to be crossing your mind. These are all traditions made trendy and customizable over the years…. but have you ever wondered where they originated?

Being the history nut and wedding freak that I am, I had to do a little research and find out why these particular details have become an unquestionable, timeless staple in nearly every wedding for as long as I can remember.

You may be surprised by what I found!

Brent Foster Wedding Photography Toronto

{ the Dress }

Usually white to symbolize purity.

Well, in fact, until February 10th, 1840 when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert and wore a remarkable white satin dress with lace, this was not a leading trend in the world of weddings.

Brides usually wore their best dress, which often was brightly coloured or heavily patterned. Some even showed the colours of their house. These dresses were designated as best  because they hid a dirty hem well. When Queen Victoria appeared in white, a fabric colour sure to show any signs of dirt, it was a symbol of both her purity and of her wealth; suggesting that she can afford to wear a dress that will get dirty and most likely not worn again.

So, Ladies, don’t feel obligated to wear an all-white gown, just pick the best dress for you!

(and check out this stunning Jenny Packham, Joy, worn by our own oh-so-gorgeous Chelsea when she married her best friend, Ryan)

 Jenny Packham Joy Vintage Inspired Bride Stone Mill Inn St. Catharines

{ the Veil }

Cathedral, Flyaway, Mantilla, and Birdcage:   all different styles of veils.

But why do we wear them? When I worked in a bridal salon, I used to tell my brides that “a princess also gets to wear a tiara, but only brides get to wear a veil”. Though, as elite as it sounds, it’s not fully true.

Veils are often worn during religious ceremonies to show respect as well as humility. It was believe that by wearing a veil a bride would be hidden and protected from evil spirits who would otherwise seek to attack her and render her barren.

This tradition was also embraced to hide the bride from her groom during an arranged marriage where things like wealth and power were of greater importance than marrying for love.

In Victorian times, outward displays of wealth and status were elucidated via the weight, length,  intricate details and quality of the bridal veil.

Bride And Groom Bridal Veil MINK Creative Photographic

{ the Bouquet }

Whether it’s a lush peony bouquet or a single calla lily, wedding flowers are another staple to the beauty of a wedding day.

Aside from their natural elegance and sweet smell, what was it that first allured us to carrying these blooms down the aisle on the most special walk of our lives?

It is said believed to originate in the time of the Plague, when garlic and dill were clenched and held over mouths and noses to protect against, and help prevent the spread of, this terminal illness.

In more recent historic times, more beautifully scented flora was added to the traditional cluster of garlic and dill. Being that personal hygiene was not as methodically practiced as it is today, some speculate that the flower bouquets were designed to help the bride smell more attractive to the groom.


{ the Toss }

So then why get rid of the flowers?? Tossing the bouquet (as well as the garter) is tied to another tradition all together.

00336_d_and_c_20140101_RD2_3595_Rick Denham Photography


In France, brides were considered lucky. It was common for the guests to attack the bride during the ceremony and rip a piece of her clothing to hold on to for its good luck (believed to spread over to the entire family).

As you can imagine, this is tradition left brides horrified and tattered at the alter. To protect his bride, the groom would toss her garter to keep all the snatchy fingers at bay.

Regardless of the fact that the traditional staples of our modern-day wedding  come from various historic beliefs and superstitions, I firmly believe that the best thing about planning a wedding is making it something personal to you. Feel free to do away with aged myths, or embrace them completely – which ever gets you more excited!

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and do what makes you happy. As contemporary as I like to be, my natural fondness for history tends to lead me down a more traditional, timeless, classic path.

And since I LOVE researching this stuff, if you have a question about why something wedding-related is the way it is, make sure to give me a shout and ask!


Facebook: /heatherweddinggirl.dotca

Twitter: /heatherwedgirl

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February 21, 2014

meet Brenda | #WGx

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{ meet Brenda! v.2.0 }

My name is Brenda.

And I am an addict.

….. an addict of all-things-wedding and now, all-things-baby!

Oh. and Facebook.

Aaaaand the internet, in general, I guess.

I love stuff.

Technically, this isn’t my first foray in WeddingGirl World.

Just a few years ago, my husband Kris and I were the lucky winners of the first Wedding Threesome contest hosted by Mary at WG, Rick Denham Photography and Captivate Bridal. (you can read about my thoughts on that here!)

Wedding Day Threesome Contest Rick Jay Mary Kris Brenda

Sure I seemed like an ordinary bride but I think I surprised Mary with my slight obsession with almost every detail. Once the wedding was over, we knew we’d have to work together somehow one day.


Oh, and if you think I know stuff about weddings….. man, I am a a baby know-it-all thanks to this handsome man that came in to our lives!

Brenda Hanks WeddingGirl.ca Family Photo

Rumour has it there’s some exciting all-things-baby coming to WeddingGirl…..



But until then, I amjust  so excited to be part of the new #WGx team!

I promise to bring you awesome blog content and fresh ideas!

Let me know what you want to hear more about by emailing me at brenda@weddinggirl.ca.

Mary Bratko Brenda Hanks WeddingGirl.ca

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