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October 20, 2014

This is the Tiffany Pratt.

{ colour is the new blush }

Authored by: Mary


Okay… so, I love whites and blushes and ivories and creams as much as every other Pinteresting fiend out there…. but one day (soon), brides are going to get bored of blush. And then what?


{ Meet Tiffany }

A few weeks ago our WeddingGirl, Leah came to our team meeting gushing about this girl named Tiffany Pratt.

Any girl who puts the word “The” in front of her name on social media is pretty rad in my books.


Oh. And she rocks coloured tresses like it’s nobody’s business.

She wins.

Tiffany Pratt Toronto Blogger Colour Stylist

Elsie DeWolfe once said… “I’m going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life.”

I think that Tiffany Pratt and Elsie DeWolfe would have gotten along. And, by gotten along, I think they would have put on colourful tutu skirts and sparkly shoes and had tea parties together. With cupcakes.

Not only is this designer|stylist|interweb maven totally stunning, she also leaves trails of her sparkling personality behind her everywhere she goes in social media land. Seriously, just follow her for, like, two seconds, and you’ll see what I mean.

My favourite was the day that she randomly dumped rainbow sprinkles on a wet, gloomy, dreary sidewalk, “To show you how good every colour looks with gray”. I mean, is there any better example on the planet? Not even close.


Alright. So, colour.

But more importantly….




Every single wedding we planned this summer was completely gorgeous. I found myself falling hard in love with blush over and over; cascading across tables, tied up into bouquets, and adorning beautiful bridesmaids. Even some of the most spectacular wedding gowns on the planet today have deviated away from traditional white and glean this stunningly soft pink hue that just adds a hint of romantic je ne sais quoi to the overall look of the day.



Tiffany Pratt Toronto Colour Wedding Stylist

There’s something so intoxicatingly playful about bright, bold, and eclectic colours unapologetically splashed around everywhere.

The entire wedding industry these days seems to have bought into this muted, understated (yes, elegant) monochromatic tone-on-tone design… but think back to the last time you stared at a blank page of a colouring book with a box of crayons within reach. Did you really only stick to one shade??


Tiffany isn’t afraid to stand out and that’s precisely why we love her so much. She isn’t afraid to sparkle.

And I’ve decided Brides shouldn’t be either.

A well-styled, colourful wedding can exude the exact same degree of elegance and timeless romance as a white-on-white affair.

Rainbow Bridal Floral Crown Devonshire Photographic

TheCaketress Purple Pink Gold Wedding Cake

Multicolour floral wedding ceremony backdrop Tiffany Pratt

Confetti And Co Toronto Canada

Rainbow Bridesmaid Dresses LGBT Lesbian Wedding Planners Toronto



Colourful Rainbow Bridesmaid Bouquets

Kate Spade DIY luxe wedding decor

So really, any way you look at it… colour is never a mistake.

Like any medium, sure, it can be mis-managed and taken to extremes that not even the boldest at heart can handle… but leave your designs to an expert and we promise, every single stitch of your big day is going to come up rainbows.

Are you bored with blush?

You should follow Tiffany immediately :: facebook | twitter | instagram

{{ blog love }}

Devonshire Photographic

The Caketress

Berkeley Events

Confetti & Co.

Joel Hannigan Photography



Erin Volante Floral

Fraîche Floral Studio

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Blog Love :: Cali-cool | Wilson Lee Photography

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{ Met this dude… }

Wilson Lee Weddings Photography Logo

Well, sort of met.

He emailed us, from Wilson Lee Weddings in California.

And we love him already.


{ subject line … }

“Degree of Awesome: NINJA status”

{ the note … }

I’m just a simple dude and family man trying to give brides-to-be the best experience out there.

I have a background in skateboarding, design and music and I shoot concerts and portraits for some pretty neat magazines.

I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and I currently reside near Yosemite at the base of the Sierras.

I am happy to service Nor Cal and So Cal as well as any town that has a beach.

I love dogs, baseball, gummi bears, and Trader Joe’s Mochi ice cream.


Wilson Lee Photography California Wedding Planner 1

Wilson Lee Photography California Wedding Planner 2

Wilson Lee Photography California Wedding Planner 3

Wilson Lee Photography California Wedding Planner 4

Wilson Lee Photography California Wedding Planner 5

Wilson Lee Photography California Wedding Planner 6

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October 19, 2014

When Vintage+Rustic meets Hipster+Awesome…

 { presented by Lucas and Tay Photo + Cinema }

There’s just so many vendors in the wedding industry these days, all of which do so much beautiful work, that it’s nearly impossible for us to keep up with all of the gorgeous. But once in a while, someone sends us something for feature that we just fall madly in love with at once!

Meet Lucas And Tay.

They’re an amazing Toronto-based couple; he shoots still, she shoots cinema, and together – they’re pretty freaking awesome.

Check out this gorgeous creative that combines the best of vintage, rustic, urban, and hipster charm.

We particularly like the Sailor Jerry’s and bacon. Nice touch, guys!

Lucas And Tay Toronto Wedding Photography

Fall Autumn Groom Bout Tweed Twine

Industrial Vintage Modern Gentleman Wedding Style

Lucas Tay Wedding Photography Cinema Toronto

Wedding Dessert buffet decor vintage industrial design

Lace Wedding Cake Design Toronto

Eco Twine Rustic Vintage Wedding Stationary Design

Autumn Fall Rustic Wedding Design

Hipster Urban Vintage Industrial wedding design decor

Lucas Tay Wedding Photography Toronto Cinema Videography


{{ Blog Love }}

Photography Credit: Lucas + Tay

Cinema: Lucas + Tay

Hair and Makeup: Arrowbow

Groom’s Attire: Gerhard Supply

Bridal Gown: Maureen Patricia Toronto

Floral Design: Cedar & Stone Floral Studio

Cake Design: Crumb & Berry

Vintage Furniture & Set Design: Vintage Rentals and Events

Stationary: Bueno Market


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October 17, 2014

Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica | #WGxWANDERLUST

{Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica, Runaway Bay}

Authored by: Lisa Hardie

As Mary and Linda set off to beautiful Jamaica, I am here sipping on a tea reminiscing about the trip I took to Jamaica back in May. And let me tell you; it was paradise.

I am there in spirit, ladies!

I turned into a wandering WeddingGirl when my husband and I took a kid-free trip in the Spring, and it was pure bliss (because having some alone time is hard to get sometimes!). We spent a week in Runaway Bay, surrounded by lush green mountains and blue skies (much like Linda was when she went to St. Martin).


Runaway Bay is a town in Saint Ann Parish on the northern coast of Jamaica and is considered one of the most naturally beautiful places on the island. There, we stayed at the beautiful Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica.


When you walk into the grand lobby of the resort, you’re greeted with nothing but smiles from the resort staff. The service at this resort was nothing short of exceptional. They truly aim to please; especially when the first thing they hand you is a welcome drink.

The resort itself is family-friendly and I was actually surprised at how many children were at the resort (including many infants). Having said that, we hardly noticed they were even there. There were no screaming or crying kids, there are plenty of kid-friendly activities, and the resort is so big that we hardly ever saw them. I guess that can happen when your resort has 850 rooms.

There are a lot of activities to do at the resort; this includes windsurfing, tennis, snorkelling, catamaran, kayaks, and bicycles. You can also check out the shopping centre or the nightly entertainment.

Or you can simply lie by the pool all day, for about three days in a row like I did. Bliss I tell you.


There are also plenty of things to do outside of the resort. We went on a tour to Ocho Ríos; a botanical garden tour, a visit to a local flea market, a visit to Dunn’s River Falls, and a truly authentic Jamaican Beef Patty make for a pretty great day. If you’re looking for a more relaxed excursion, take a raft ride down Martha Brae River.



The resort is also somewhat of wedding experts. There were a several weddings taking place there, and we even managed to catch a proposal in progress. It was magical.

Imagine getting married in a beautiful beach gazebo, followed by a lovely dinner on a lit beach patio. The food itself is amazing, and with five different restaurants to choose from you have plenty of options. Of course, staff members will be there every step of the way to provide you with prompt, excellent service.



I encourage you to check out this beautiful resort. The warm weather, amazing people, and stunning resort will be there to greet you – as well as the amazing sunsets!




If you’re interested in a destination wedding, be sure to get in touch – we’d love to help plan YOUR dream destination wedding!

To view more photo’s, follow me on Instagram! You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter.


Lisa Hardie WeddingGirl.ca Hamilton

Lisa Hardie is a Bridal Lifestyle Blogger and Wedding Planner at WeddingGirl.ca.

To have Lisa’s creative input and meticulous attention to detail for your wedding, make sure to email her at  lisa@weddinggirl.ca.

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October 15, 2014

New York Bridal Fashion Week 2015

From the Runway: J. Mendel Bridal Collection

Authored by: Leah Sandhu

Is anyone else excited to see what’s coming off of the Bridal Fashion runways?!  If you haven’t had a chance to catch up, here’s a selection of some of my favourite’s from the J. Mendel Collection. I’ve been working on our Bridal Look Book and have been dreaming about using some of these gorgeous gowns!






Photo source {J. Mendel Collection}

Who is your favourite bridal wear designer?

What dress are you dying to wear on your wedding day?

Stay tuned for more of my favourites! You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for more inspiration.


Leah Sandhu is a Fusion Wedding Expert and Bridal Lifestyle Blogger at WeddingGirl.ca.

To have Leah’s creative input and meticulous attention to detail for your Fusion celebration, make sure to Get In Touch! leah@weddinggirl.ca


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October 13, 2014

Meet Carly :: #TheNewWeddingGirl

Filed under: Author: Carly Whiteman,Bridal Blog,WGx — WeddingGirl @ 11:07 am

{ this is Carly }

Authored by: Carly Whiteman

(the newest WeddingGirl)

Carly Whiteman WeddingGirl.ca Hamilton Wedding Planner


That’s what I’ve been walking around for the last 48 hours saying.

Well, to be completely honest I’ve walked away from each WeddingGirl meeting and event over the last month with a huge smile and always the same reaction…


This “WoW effect” ( thats what I’m calling it) comes from me being absolutely amazed at the love, support,  and kindness that a group of intelligent, business savvy, smart witted, beautiful women (and AlphaGroom) exude so naturally and here I stand in shock.

Am I actually fortunate enough to be a part of this ?

To back track a little I should introduce myself.

My name is Carly, I’m from Hamilton, I’m raising 2 amazing kids, and have just about 10 years experience in the wedding industry.

I never anticipated coming out of the shadows from behind a business name, or discussing what I have to offer….

… but here I am.

And I’m all in!!

I’m ready to share my experience, put my ideas and concepts on paper, and spread glitter and a contagious smile wherever I go.

This is my transformation.

It’s happening when I least expected it, but taking that leap can move mountains and surround you with the kind of love you never anticipated; a sisterhood, a family, not through blood, but through bond.

So in the spirit of thanksgiving I cannot help but support what Mary wrote yesterday….

Be grateful every day.

Don’t limit your gratitude to one day a year.

I am so very grateful to be on this team.

This is the beginning of my dreams coming true.

I am unbelievably grateful to have this team support me and I cannot wait to introduce myself to all of you in person.

Girlboss quote

Happy Thanksgiving!  




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Alternative Late Night Buffet Ideas

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{Dare to be different when it comes to your late-night buffet.}

Authored by: Lisa Hardie

After the vows have been said and the formal dinner over, your guests are ready to party as your DJ drops the beat (yes, I actually did just say that). But after a while they have likely had a few drinks and need something to soak up all the alcohol.

Enter your late night buffet.

Gone are the traditional fruit and veggies trays; and those awful egg salad sandwiches that we used to see. It’s time to keep up with the trendy late night buffet tables that suit your personality. Don’t be afraid to talk to your caterer or venue on what matters to you; they should work with you to help make every detail just the way you want it. Of course, your wedding planner can help with that too.

Here are just a few idea’s to help make your late night buffet stand out.

1. Burgers and beer; a natural combination.

Burgrs and Beer - Pinterest Edited


2.  A doughnut bar; to satisfy your guests sweet tooth.

Donut Bar - Pinterest Edited


3. Taco bar; to keep the fiesta going.

Taco Bar - Indulge Party Blog Edited

4. A pizza bar; because quite honestly, who doesn’t love pizza?

Pizza Buffet - Abi Q photography Edited

5. For something completely out-of-the-box; how about a trendy food truck?

Food Truck Edited

The possibilities are endless when it comes to catering your event. Just have fun with it and make it your own; you’ll be sure to leave your guests wanting more!



Lisa Hardie WeddingGirl.ca Hamilton

Lisa Hardie is a Hamilton-based Wedding Planner and Bridal Lifestyle Blogger at WeddingGirl.ca. If you have any questions or are thinking about hiring a Wedding Planner, make sure to email her at lisa@weddinggirl.ca.

You can also be friends with Lisa on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter, and Instagram as well!


Blog Love::


Indulge Your Party

Abi Q Photography

Chaz Cruz Photogrphy

Serena Swan Photography

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October 12, 2014

thank you. thank you. thank you.

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{ Today I am thankful for…. }

Thanksgiving Thankful Wedding Place Setting

Just like Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a marketing ploy to remind people to love one another, Thanksgiving shouldn’t be a turkey-laden, pumpkin-adorned reminder to be grateful. Alas, whatever the outside reminder may be to take a moment and reflect inward on the all the incredible bounties in our lives, so be it.

Today, I’m taking a moment to express gratitude, and be thankful.

Today, I’m thankful for a fateful trip - an unexpected adventure to and through India and Nepal – that changed, forever, how I see life, love, business, and the world.

Mary Bratko India Instagram Eleghant

I’m thankful for a random, slightly drunken afternoon walk west on Bloor Street that gave rise to an idea that would change everything I knew about the company I’d built.

I’m thankful for those loving and supportive faces that showed up on that random evening back in January when, for the first time in ever, I sat in front of a group of  mostly-strangers and spoke aloud about this crazy idea.


I’m thankful for the faces from that crowd that believed so much in what I had to say that they decided to come on board and be a part of that wild dream.

I’m thankful, today, for that dream being more alive and more real than ever.

I’m thankful for WeddingGirl-Multiplied…. #WGx …. and for the group of people I’m surrounded by that remind me never to stop dreaming.

Little Black Dress Photoshoot Palais Royale

In alphabetical WeddingGirl order….

Today I’m grateful for Brenda – our tech-savvy, creative, sarcastic and baby-loving WeddingGirl who can write a stellar blog post on just about any topic in such a way that makes you want to re-read it over and over.

Brenda Hanks WeddingGirl.ca

I’m grateful for Carly, our newest WeddingGirl. And by newest I mean, literally less than 24 hours old. Carly and I met at a wedding years ago. Our paths crossed again at an event in the summer, and after some dreaming big together, WG was lucky enough to bring this passionate, driven, talented soul on board.

Carly Whiteman WeddingGirl.ca

I’m so grateful for our beautiful little Laura. This meek, timid little mouse is a Social Media Maven force to be reckoned with. In her own words, speaking in public may make her want to vomit, but put this brave traveler into any social media vessel and she’ll circumnavigate the earth. Twice.

Laura Arbelaez WeddingGirl.ca

I’m grateful for Leah. She may have just had to pass her #TheNewWeddingGirl title off to Carly, but this business-minded dreamer has been making things happen since her very first day with us in WG-Land. Whether it’s planning weddings, styling shoots, or changing the way things are done around here…. Leah’s going to scorch the earth and we’re so lucky to have her.

Leah Sandhu WeddingGirl.ca

Linda. Grateful doesn’t even begin to express my gratitude for Linda. Once upon a time I bribed Linda with cupcakes and champagne to be a friendly face of support at that WGx talk in January. That night she proposed to come on board. Since then, our best-friend-ship would never be the same again. Corporate strategy, media relations, nights out in little black dresses and cocktails on rooftop patios…. what’s more amazing than being in business with your bestie? Well, I guess, being in business with 7 of them….

Mary Bratko Linda Keeping WeddingGirl.ca Toronto

So very grateful for Lisa. Our Little Miss DIY who can make anything, do anything, and so far has been one of the few WeddingGirl’s to muster up the intestinal fortitude to post video selfie diaries. Lisa has coordinated a couple of gorgeous weddings with me and is planning a handful more – all while learning what it means to be a mum, be a stellar wife, all while chasing her dreams for Happily Ever After of her own.

Lisa Hardie WeddingGirl.ca Hamilton

And then there’s AlphaGroom. How can I not be grateful for a dude who’s brave enough to join a team of ALL-of-the-girls, be a high octane gentleman every time we get together, and, most importantly, watch our purses during WG-army outings. Thanks for being awesome, AlphaGroom.


And last but BY FAR not least…. to all of our beautiful brides, incredible vendors, and those friends and family who won’t ever stop supporting our mission to lace the world with cupcakes, glitter, and unicorns.

So while I may not agree that turning leaves and colourful gourds are required to remind us to acknowledge the awesome, I suppose any external reminder is a good one.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

thankful grateful blessed

{ blog love }


Typhanie Peterson Blog

Etsy :: ASign4Life

Serena Swan Photography




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October 11, 2014

WGxBOS :: Boston Blogpreneur Workshop | 11.02.14

{ Boston Beginner Blogger Workshop }

I love Boston.

I mean, how can you not?!


Craft beer.


- what’s not to love about this gorgeous place?

And in a few weeks I’m lucky enough to be heading back to that gorgeous place….  only this time, I’m bringing the Blogpreneur Workshop with me!

boston love graphic

{ what’s blogpreneur? }


“OoooOooo! You’re a blogger?! I want to be a blogger!”

…. if I had a nickel.


When we first announced WeddingGirl-University earlier this year, the primary motivating factor behind its launch was a deeply-rooted passion to share information, motivation, and ideas. It’s that whole “Give a girl a cupcake vs. teach her how to bake”-type proverb….

….. that is how it went, right?


WeddingGirl University is about multiplying….. and the Blogpreneur Workshop Series is about inspiring everyone to create a life they love by working online.

WeddingGirl University Logo

{ So…. who’s WG? }

We’re a team of event planners who spend their lives connecting.

Our days are spent designing, planning, coordinating, and attending some of the best moments of being alive. We snap, tweet, post, and buzz online to immortalize the parts of life that nobody ever wants to forget… and in this modern day of complete digital connectivity, it’s become clear just how life-changing the e-world can be!

Henna Kreations Burlington Deepali WeddingGirl.ca


We’re constantly getting asked why we take so many pictures.

As is most often the case when we explain what we do for a living, our response are met with an elated – “OoooOooo! I want to do that!” – and suddenly the clouds part and angels sing and our WGU logo appears in the sky like a foretelling bat-signal.

Okay… well, maybe there’s no bat-signal. But there should be.


Mary Bratko Entrepreneur Blogger Wedding Planner Toronto

Whether it’s telling someone that I’m a wedding planner or mentioning that I’m a blogger, I’m usually met with

1. Comments of disbelief (Yes, I assure you – I’m a blogger… and yes, it pays my bills)


2. Expressions of wanton coveting.

Indeed, I am a blogger. Once upon a time I decided to do away with my degrees in Psychology and Neuroscience and my plans for medical school.

These days, I don’t have to go to an office every morning.

I travel at least a dozen times a year.

I spend most days working in pyjama pants.

I get to mess around on the interwebs all day long and I’ve found ways to get paid to play on Pinterest (and Facebook, and Instagram, and Twitter!).

And on the days when I do decide to get dressed, it’s usually because I’ve been invited to special things by special people just so that I can tell other people about it.

Here’s the thing, though…. and let’s be serious: I never meant to end up here.

Mary Bratko Toronto Blogger Entrepreneur

A fortune twist of fate landed me where I am today – with multiple blogs and nearly 2 million views a year.

So what’s that mean?

It means that I’m living proof that anyone can start a blog and be crazy-successful with it! For real.


What previous attendees are saying:

You are such an amazing person and so inspirational. I love your story about how you got started in your business, and how successful you have become.”

“I am so glad that I attended your workshop and looking forward to more of your fabulousness. I learned so much, and as the saying goes you become like who you associate yourself with.”
“I am so excited to start applying all these thoughts that I have…What really stood out was that there are so many more possibilities out there!”

So, whether you work full time and are looking for a creative outlet, or you’re passionate about starting your own business, I have no doubt in the world that you can follow in similar footsteps to what WeddingGirl has become – a full time career, a blooming business, and a VIP pass to the kind of lifestyle you barely dare to dream of.

Mary Bratko Toronto WeddingGirl.ca

The Blogpreneur Beginner Blogger Workshop is an introduction to the basics of getting started in Blogland – it doesn’t matter whether you’re a business owner or an ambitious 9-to-5′er who dreams of being your own boss. Blogpreneur: Level I is about idea development, branding, introductory social media strategy, digital networking basics, and content creation. 

Subject matter doesn’t matter. Whether it’s weddings, babies, living green or HVAC systems – I know firsthand how amazing and rewarding blogging can be. Your ideas. Your terms. Your success.

Let’s do this!

{ Blogpreneur :: beginner }

Date: Sunday, November 2nd

Time: 2:30 p.m.

Location: Boston, MA (secret venue disclosed to attendees)

Cost: FREE!

RSVP: info@weddinggirl.ca

For additional details, please feel free to Get In Touch!

Register at Eventbrite ASAP.


{ Registration closes on Friday, October 31st at 11:59 EST – or whenever the 15 available spots are taken }




Can’t wait to meet you!

(and then watch you change the world)

(for real.)




Mary Bratko is the C.E.O. and Founder of Toronto-based, and internationally-recognized, WeddingGirl.ca.


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October 6, 2014

Once Upon a Time in Paradise

“I would rather own little and see the world than own the world and see little of it…”

Authored by Laura Arbelaez

Laura Arbelaez Cayo Santa Maria Cuba Memories Paraiso Azul Beach Resort Wanderlust Travel Tourism Traveller

Laura Arbelaez Sunwing Vacations Memories Paraiso Beach Resort Cuba Travel Tourism Traveler Blogger

As some of you know, once upon a time, I went to school for Interior Design. Before you say anything, no, it is not at all like in the movies or reality TV shows, THEY make it look easy! It is a lot of fun, but it also takes a lot of research, practice, and HARD work, lots of if! So it is no surprise that by the time I graduated, I was exhausted. After a few months of staying at school all night way too MANY times, eating pizza at 2 am everyday (because it is about the only thing that delivers at this time!), microwavable food for every meal, and #ZombieWalking from one class to the next and from one project to another.. it was no surprise that I was ready to take some time to recover.

As part of my graduation present, mom and I made our way to paradise: Cayo Santa Maria – Cuba

Cayo Santa Maria Cuba Memories Paraiso Azul Sunwing Vacations Travel Wanderlust Blogger Laura Arbelaez Nature

Cayo Santa Maria Memories Paraiso Azul Beach Resort Laura Arbelaez Travel Blogger Wanderlust

The year 2012 – I had seen my fair share of hotel reviews and had been fantasizing about travelling for months now. We decided to book our trip with Sunwing Vacations (as it was very affordable and had heard fabulous things!). We stayed at Memories Paraiso Azul… it is about an hour and a half away from the airport, so if you are considering staying at this resort, keep that in mind! I was thrown off by the amount of people who were not happy about it. I love road trips, so I personally enjoyed the ride very much. I will tell you this, it is totally worth it.

Let me just say that this is not a hotel review. You can find that in our Trip Advisor Account!

Cayo Santa Maria Memories Paraiso Azul Beach Resort Hotel Review Trip Advisor Sunwing Vacations Wanderlust

This blog is all about the journey and the lessons learned on this trip! We all travel for different reasons… We travel to unlock a little piece of who we are. We travel to explore and discover nature. We travel to enjoy everything this world and its people have to offer or we simply travel to relax, after all, we all need a little “me” time from time to time!

I want to tell you that it is OKAY to travel and not leave your resort
(or only once)…

Because that’s what I did, and at the time that was exactly what I needed. A week in paradise to gather my thoughts, figure out my next move, spend some quality time with mom, get in touch with nature, enjoy the sun, long walks on the beach and some of the most breathtaking sunsets that I have ever seen.

Memories Paraiso Azul Cayo Santa Maria Sunwing Vacations Travel Wanderlust Blogger

Memories Azul Beach Resort Explore Adventure Travel Blogger Wanderlust Paradise Nature

Laura Arbelaez Travel Blogger Explore Adventure Nature Memories Paraiso Azul Beach Resort Wanderlust Love

Although I only left the resort once (to go to a “Tourist Town” – A town made entirely for tourists, Pueblo Las Dunas), I learned so much about Cuba. I immersed myself in the culture by talking to the hotel staff and the few locals in the town. I heard some of the most amazing stories. Stories that begin with, “Once upon a time…” and end in tears because that is how much they touch your heart. We talked about politics, western society, and education. We also talked about gardening, fishing, hard work, faith and the universe…

I fell in love with #Cuba and its people BECAUSE I see the passion they have for life, for knowledge. They truly are happy and grateful with the “little” they have.

Cayo Santa Maria Cuba Tourist Town Pueblo Travel Blogger Wanderlust Explore Discover

Cuba Cayo Santa Maria Travel Blogger Wanderlust

Cayo Santa Maria Tourist Town Bar Tower Las Dunas Travel Blogger Wanderlust

If you are not aware of this, all levels of education in Cuba are free. Everyone is highly educated even if they “don’t look the part.” You may be surprised to learn that your gardener is a teacher, a science major, or even a lawyer. Cubans are the most warm hearted, loving, beautiful people I have ever met. Which is why this trip was so important to me.

Today, I wish I had photographs that reflect everything I learned during my stay. Yes, the photographs that I shared with you are all beautiful. I just wish I had photographs of these conversations, of those moments that I treasure so much, moments and people that changed my life. I wish you could see it all.

Cuba was a little reminder – Count your blessings, give thanks and be happy, TRULY happy!

Laura Arbelaez Travel Blogger Cuba Cayo Santa Maria Paradise Wanderlust Explore

If today I inspired ONE of you to travel, to visit Cuba and so many places like it, I would have done what I set out to do. This is an open invitation: explore and discover our magical world!

What are your travel stories? What have you learned so far? Find me and let me know!


Laura Arbelaez Wedding Girl Bridal Travel Lifestyle Blogger Social Media Stylist Wanderlust Wedding Planner

Have you been to Memories Paraiso Azul lately, would love to hear your thoughts! Lets take it further, have you or anyone you know gotten married at this resort? Message me for a chance to get featured in our website!


- Blog Love -

WGx Photoshoot: Serena Swan Photography

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