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November 10, 2014

#WGxGentsExpo – Toronto Nov. 14 -16 2014

{ Be there }

The Gentlemen’s Expo is this weekend in Toronto – are you going?

Is your gentleman going?


Contests, incredible guest speakers, and awesome vendors are a few reasons to check it out (Here are 10 more if anyone still needs convincing!).


Get ready Toronto, this weekend all gentlemen {and gentlemen in training} will get to see, sample and peruse some of the best brands out there!!



Team Weddinggirl is pumped to be checking out the event – with the ever-gallant AlphaGroom at our side! Stay tuned to the blog to hear all about the gentlemanly awesomeness we find.

Want to join us?

We have a pair to weekend passes to give away!

1. Connect with me (Linda) and AlphaGroom on the social media channel of your choice (Facebook, Twitter,  or Instagram).

2. Post a picture of something “Gentlemanly” (bonus points for inventive/funny entries!) with the following tags: #WGxGentsExpo #AlphaGroom

3. Winner will be contacted Thursday morning!

And remember guys….



Connect with The Gentlemen’s Expo Team over on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for all the updates!

Good luck!

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October 28, 2014

Gown and Glory | Toronto Bridal Consignment Boutique

{ bridal style on a budget }

We know better than most that magic happens when we dare to dream.

Angela Kerry, a wife, mother and fashion lover, is the creative mind behind Toronto’s leading consignment bridal fashion boutique, Gown and Glory.

Gown and Glory Consignment Boutique Logo

Angela’s story is passionate and colourful – dotted with trials, tribulations, dreams, aspirations.. inspiring us with her ‘never-give-up’ attitude!

Choosing to be a stay-at-home mom, Angela wants to play an integral role in the lives of her little ones. She also has a business baby to attend to. She balances a busy family alongside building a company that brides in the Greater Toronto Area need to know about.

“Focused on building the business for two years, my husband and I juggled and adapted. I don’t know if I’d call it fate, or simply just taking the leap and going for an opportunity that presented itself – one that seemed like it was meant to be.”

Angela Kerry Gown Glory Bridal Fashion Stylist Toronto

Angela had never worked in the wedding industry before, but she strongly believed that if you have the core skills to provide absolutely exceptional customer service, you can learn the details of any industry.

“There was certainly a learning curve to understanding what women-in-love wish for: silhouettes, fabrics, bridal lingo…”

It didn’t take long for her to figure it out and feel completely confident in providing brides the expertise and devotion they look for in a wedding vendor.

Above all else, Angela continues to provide an unparalelled customer experience – Her intimate studio allow every bride that crosses the threshold to feel as if she’s the only one.


{ the Consignment Stigma }

The stigma around consignment wedding gowns is about as ‘cool’ these days as black and white damask.

Once upon a time, wearing a previously-worn wedding gown was scoffed at…. but then again, once upon a time, wearing white on your wedding day meant something entirely different too!

Wedding planning reality check:  times are changing.

Gone are the days of ‘bad luck’ in wearing a previously-loved gown.

There’s no magic hex on wedding dresses that have been loved, worn, dry-cleaned, and returned to their original state of immaculate gorgeousness.

Oh…. and did we mention that most of the gowns at Gown And Glory have never been worn at all? Brides are constantly changing their minds, and that translates to some serious savings for all you budget-conscious wives-in-training out there.

The way we see it? Every bride needs to know about this hidden gem: a unique shop that offers racks upon racks of alternatives for the budget-savvy, eco-conscious, educated and discerning bride anxious to make careful and meaningful choices when it comes to planning her big day.

“It’s an unconventional and intimate place to find your dream wedding gown at a price that you can really feel good about.”

Gown And Glory Toronto Bridal Consignment Boutique 3

Gown And Glory Toronto Bridal Consignment Boutique 2

Gown And Glory Toronto Bridal Consignment Boutique 1

Gown And Glory Toronto Bridal Consignment Boutique 4

Gown And Glory Toronto Bridal Consignment Boutique 5


{ the Experience }

Angela says it best…

“Once a bride starts the dedicated process of searching for her gown, she’ll quickly learn that finding the perfect dress is not only about its style or price tag - it’s about the experience!”

Each bride at Gown And Glory is guaranteed to have an experience like no other boutique they’ve visited: completely private, un-intimidating, informative, and stress-free. Brides are invited to come on their own or with their favourite people – all of which are made to feel at home, at ease, and pampered in this unpretentious and inviting atmosphere.

All the celebrities these days are doing the private-shopping, luxe boutique thing — and brides can be doing it too!

The Gown and Glory Boutique closes its doors to any other bride for up to two hours of private shopping. The one-on-one personalized service is something larger bridal shops often struggle to deliver, and it’s something Angela knows is ineffective when making such a big decision.

“There is no pretension, no judgement and definitely no pressure to purchase or to conform.”

The gowns in Angela’s shop are curated from a broad range of designers, from up to three years of designer collections. Brides will have the opportunity to see and try on many dresses not available in stores and might even stumble upon the one they’ve been searching for for years!

A bridal treasure, indeed!

“We feature new and once-loved gowns from many well-known designers: Maggie Sottero, Pronovias, Melissa Sweet, Alfred Sung, Allure, Mori Lee, Paloma Blanca…. They’re all within three years of production, so brides can be assured that the styles are current.”

No puffy sleeves here, Ladies!

The boutique also carries a selection of jewellery, hair accessories and veils.

If this wasn’t enough of a bridal dream-come-true, Angela also offers style demonstrations as an independent stylist for Henkaa convertible bridesmaid dresses; one dress that can be worn in an endless array of ways; perfect for a diverse bridal party!


{ the Bride }

What we love most about Gown and Glory? The diverse spectrum of brides that benefit from this experience.

The Budget-Savvy Bride:

Brides looking for dresses under $1000. Those on a budget. Brides getting married later in life, living with their partner, buying a house, paying for their own wedding. These brides are more money-conscious than their splurging counterparts.

The Eco-Conscious Bride:

These brides want to make meaningful choices when it comes to planning their big day – decisions that positively impact society, decrease their wedding’s carbon footprint. The power of many single acts of green-love make a huge difference when multiplied by the exponent of one another!

The Second-Time Bride:

This bride did the elaborate storybook fairytale wedding the first time around and realizes that this time it’s a dress she’ll wear for one day – a day that goes by so fast – and she wants to be more sensible in how her money is spent.

The Last-Minute Bride:

Sometimes brides don’t have all the time in the world (or, 6-10 months!) to order a wedding gown. Buying off the rack is the more time-efficient option when planning a quaint cottage wedding, a destination elopement, or simply preferring a planning timeline that doesn’t prolong the wait for the big day. After all, when you meet the person who you want to spend forever with – you want forever to being as quickly as possible!

The Petite Bride:

Imagine how difficult it is for petite brides (i.e. size zero to four) to narrow down the style of many dresses because so many sample gowns these days come in sizes ten to twelve! It’s important to see, clearly, how a dress will actually fit – and the Gown And Glory Boutique carries every range of sizes available for trying on to your heart’s content!

The Larger Bride:

Just as super petite girls will struggle to find dresses to try on that fit their frame, those brides who need larger-than-sample sizes often feel discouraged and humiliated when dress shops carry limiting samples. Angela stocks dresses up to size 20.

The Sensible Bride:

A wedding gown is the single most elaborate, most expensive, piece of clothing most women will ever buy, ever wear (for only one day – even a few hours for some!). These brides want to make smart choices with how their budgets are spent – elaborate price tags don’t interest them.

The Consigning Bride:

And once “I Do” is all said and done…. Gown and Glory provides past-brides, or brides that have changed their mind, the opportunity to recover some of their costs – all while helping brides-to-be save upfront on theirs!

Gown and Glory is for smart women looking for ways to save the money they’ve worked hard to earn.

All of us at WG believe previously-loved, pre-owned, consigned are all practical and viable options that caters to sensible budgets without compromising fashion and style.

I mean, who doesn’t want to save up to 75% off retail pricing?? We know we do.

Wedding Gown Art

Searching for your perfect dress?

Visit the Gown And Glory Boutique website and

get in touch to set up your personal shopping experience!


Angela was featured in a WeddingGirl.ca “Meet This Girl” post.

Click here to read her story.

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October 27, 2014

#MeetThisGirl | Gown + Glory Consignment Boutique

{ this is Angela }


She wished to be a dancer.

She’s a chocoholic.

She owns a banjo but doesn’t know how to play it.

She loves red wine and refuses to avoid it even though she’s allergic to it.

She’ll tell her life story to anyone who will listen, but one day she decided to set all of the world’s drama aside and just focus on creating the life that she loved… and that’s precisely what made us fall in love with her!


Angela, the remarkable woman and visionary business-owner behind Gown & Glory Consignment Bridal Boutique knows brides.

Gown and Glory Consignment Boutique Logo

With her passion for fashion and an eye for style, Angela’s personal guidance and assistance – in helping a bride make what’s arguably the single-biggest wardrobe investment in life – is what makes all the difference.

“I love what I do. I want every bride that leaves my shop to know that how they looked truly mattered to me.”

Brides at Gown and Glory aren’t just faceless paper dolls in a long chain alongside hundreds of others.

“Every woman who comes into my shop, regardless of whether she’s shopping or consigning, is helping to build my business.”

Angela’s honesty and humour, kindness and compassion, made our visit to her boutique even lovelier than the elegant decor and the rows upon rows of gorgeous gowns. She’s just the lovely sprinkles atop an already-awesome cupcake.

Angela Kerry Gown Glory Boutique Toronto

When putting together outfits comes naturally, and looking ‘put together’ comes from an exceptional ability to fuse the ordinary with the unexpected (and getting complimented on it!) – Angela’s love for fashion has always sat at the forefront of her zest for life.

“I don’t profess to be a style guru, and I’ve never shopped high-end… but I know what looks good and what doesn’t; regardless of brand, era, trend, or style.”

Runway styles don’t work for everyone. What looks good on a celebrity won’t always make a real-world woman feel gorgeous, and pricey fashion fads are sometimes far more cringeworthy than their thrift-shop timeless counterparts. We looove Angela’s luxe on a budget approach to fashion, and more importantly, her ability to style real brides on real budgets, in really gorgeous gowns!





Call it what you want….

“It’s the thrill of discovering that unique find, piecing together an idea that nobody else will have, or stumbling upon that incredible sale that you just can’t pass up. Even if it’s a piece found in all the mainstream shops, the magic happens in how you make it yours.”

- we couldn’t agree more.


 So then came the big question….

How can I spend my days doing what I love, and get paid to do it?

Angela could have been a really great stylist or personal shopper. Dreaming super big, she could have rocked the fashion design world. For a period of time in her late 20′s she dabbled in fashion drawing. Entirely self-taught, this #GirlBoss even drew her wedding suit for the elaborate wedding she never had… nothing like what she actually wore.

Angela Kerry Gown Glory Fashion Boutique Mississauga

Angela Kerry Gown Glory Bridal Fashion Style Toronto

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Angela grew up working in her family’s small business, and when she found herself outgrowing her small childhood town she decided to graduate from high school and spread her wings to fly as far away as they would take her.

Even with a university degree in Business, this fierce creative still wasn’t satisfied.

“It wasn’t until I graduated and traveled for six months to ‘find myself’ that I realized I could be a part of the fashion world.”

All she had to do was the age-old adage…. put  her mind to it.

Angela dreamed of being a personal shopper, so she gained fashion retail experience in a less-than-glamorous role – travelling with a retail store that made its rounds to seniors’ homes across Ontario. Glamorous? Not in the least. Effective? Most definitely. Before she knew it, this budding fashionista was interviewing for a Personal Shopper position at Holt Renfrew. Without a client list, an entirely commission-based position wasn’t ideal, so instead, Angela was offered a job assisting the head of the Personal Shopping department. She turned it down.

“My excitement was beyond… but… at the time, I guess I was scared.”

Angela opted to accept a less-risky and more comfortable role as an Account Manager at a brand design firm.

“Although still in a creative world, I wonder to this day where my life would have gone had I accepted that job at Holt.”


 All of us at WG believe that everything that happens is the best possible thing.

Angela, too, believes in fate; and that the path you choose – whether by choice, necessity, or chance – will eventually lead you to something great.

“As cliché as it all sounds, it was truly love at first sight when I met my husband. (For me anyway!)”

Angela Kerry Toronto Fashion Bridal Style Consultant

They met at an end-of-year party in their last year of university.

They dated long-distance for six months, followed by her departure for a previously-planned work-abroad trip to Australia with a friend.

“All odds seemed to be stacked against us.”

Their mutual passion was so undeniable, though, that Angela’s main squeeze took a leave of absence from his job and joined her in Australia.

“We traveled together for two months, then flew to New Zealand where we lived in a van for six weeks. Then it was Fiji for two weeks where we stayed on a remote island with no running water or electricity.”

Talk about a ‘make or break’ relationship!

“We learned a lot about one another, and experienced the times of our lives.”

…. most importantly, they did it together.


It’s assumed that when you’re in the wedding industry, that you, yourself, will have an elaborate wedding, gown, set of plans.

“After living together for three years, my husband proposed to me unexpectedly.”

They were engaged for two years and prioritized buying their house over planning a wedding.

“We started to plan a traditional wedding, in my hometown, at the local Civitan Hall.” but it wasn’t what Angela had envisioned for her big day.

“I didn’t want anything glamorous, but I did have a vision.”

Her vision was a rustic barn wedding, dancing under the stars beneath string lights, outdoors. They found a venue which proved to be entirely out of their budget. Not wanting to settle for something that wasn’t her, and feeling overwhelmed by the logistics of making it happen, the wedding planning process was quickly become less and less enjoyable.

“That’s when we decided to go to Mexico.”


With a handful of their nearest and dearest in tow, Angela said “I Do” on the beach.

“I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. It was perfect.”

And her dress was perfect for her and perfect for their setting – but it wasn’t easy to find!

“I had a vision, like most brides do… but sometimes our visions just don’t exist.”

She searched high, low, and then (ironically?) walked into Holt Renfrew as a last resort. Not a place she would normally shop due to her thrifty budget… but, there it was,

“Lit by the gods,”

… just put there on the floor.

“It was perfect.”

Angela Kerry Toronto Wedding Fashion BRidal Stylist


These two lovebirds didn’t waste any time setting out to build a family.

Their first born, Cameron, came after a year of being married, and a year and a half later, their daughter, Morgan, was born.

“It wasn’t all wedded bliss. I experienced the most challenging year of my life, then spent a year on auto-polit, survival mode.”

It was when baby Morgan turned one that Angela decided she would stay at home with the kids instead of going back to work.

That was the year Angela’s third baby, Gown and Glory Bridal Boutique, was born – the perfect fusion of a passion for fashion, a bias for budgets, and a love-of-all-things-in-love.

Gown and Glory Toronto Wedding Used Dress Store


Focused exclusively on building her business for two years, Angela and her little family juggled, adapted, felt swamped. She struggling with an overwhelming feeling to have a third little one, and after almost seven years of marriage, came miss Isla.

The juggling continued.

With her two oldest in school, and an established business that needed to be maintained, Angela spent her time doing what any true-blue-entrepreneur will spend her days doing – figuring out a way.

Come back tomorrow when we excitedly, and with infinite amounts of pride, feature our first-ever official spotlight on Gown And Glory Consignment Boutique on the WG blog!

Stay Tuned!


Be sure to visit our other #MeetThisGirl features:

Tiffany Pratt

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October 20, 2014

This is the Tiffany Pratt.

{ colour is the new blush }

Authored by: Mary


Okay… so, I love whites and blushes and ivories and creams as much as every other Pinteresting fiend out there…. but one day (soon), brides are going to get bored of blush. And then what?


{ Meet Tiffany }

A few weeks ago our WeddingGirl, Leah came to our team meeting gushing about this girl named Tiffany Pratt.

Any girl who puts the word “The” in front of her name on social media is pretty rad in my books.


Oh. And she rocks coloured tresses like it’s nobody’s business.

She wins.

Tiffany Pratt Toronto Blogger Colour Stylist

Elsie DeWolfe once said… “I’m going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life.”

I think that Tiffany Pratt and Elsie DeWolfe would have gotten along. And, by gotten along, I think they would have put on colourful tutu skirts and sparkly shoes and had tea parties together. With cupcakes.

Not only is this designer|stylist|interweb maven totally stunning, she also leaves trails of her sparkling personality behind her everywhere she goes in social media land. Seriously, just follow her for, like, two seconds, and you’ll see what I mean.

My favourite was the day that she randomly dumped rainbow sprinkles on a wet, gloomy, dreary sidewalk, “To show you how good every colour looks with gray”. I mean, is there any better example on the planet? Not even close.


Alright. So, colour.

But more importantly….




Every single wedding we planned this summer was completely gorgeous. I found myself falling hard in love with blush over and over; cascading across tables, tied up into bouquets, and adorning beautiful bridesmaids. Even some of the most spectacular wedding gowns on the planet today have deviated away from traditional white and glean this stunningly soft pink hue that just adds a hint of romantic je ne sais quoi to the overall look of the day.



Tiffany Pratt Toronto Colour Wedding Stylist

There’s something so intoxicatingly playful about bright, bold, and eclectic colours unapologetically splashed around everywhere.

The entire wedding industry these days seems to have bought into this muted, understated (yes, elegant) monochromatic tone-on-tone design… but think back to the last time you stared at a blank page of a colouring book with a box of crayons within reach. Did you really only stick to one shade??


Tiffany isn’t afraid to stand out and that’s precisely why we love her so much. She isn’t afraid to sparkle.

And I’ve decided Brides shouldn’t be either.

A well-styled, colourful wedding can exude the exact same degree of elegance and timeless romance as a white-on-white affair.

Rainbow Bridal Floral Crown Devonshire Photographic

TheCaketress Purple Pink Gold Wedding Cake

Multicolour floral wedding ceremony backdrop Tiffany Pratt

Confetti And Co Toronto Canada

Rainbow Bridesmaid Dresses LGBT Lesbian Wedding Planners Toronto



Colourful Rainbow Bridesmaid Bouquets

Kate Spade DIY luxe wedding decor

So really, any way you look at it… colour is never a mistake.

Like any medium, sure, it can be mis-managed and taken to extremes that not even the boldest at heart can handle… but leave your designs to an expert and we promise, every single stitch of your big day is going to come up rainbows.

Are you bored with blush?

You should follow Tiffany immediately :: facebook | twitter | instagram

{{ blog love }}

Devonshire Photographic

The Caketress

Berkeley Events

Confetti & Co.

Joel Hannigan Photography



Erin Volante Floral

Fraîche Floral Studio

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October 19, 2014

When Vintage+Rustic meets Hipster+Awesome…

 { presented by Lucas and Tay Photo + Cinema }

There’s just so many vendors in the wedding industry these days, all of which do so much beautiful work, that it’s nearly impossible for us to keep up with all of the gorgeous. But once in a while, someone sends us something for feature that we just fall madly in love with at once!

Meet Lucas And Tay.

They’re an amazing Toronto-based couple; he shoots still, she shoots cinema, and together – they’re pretty freaking awesome.

Check out this gorgeous creative that combines the best of vintage, rustic, urban, and hipster charm.

We particularly like the Sailor Jerry’s and bacon. Nice touch, guys!

Lucas And Tay Toronto Wedding Photography

Fall Autumn Groom Bout Tweed Twine

Industrial Vintage Modern Gentleman Wedding Style

Lucas Tay Wedding Photography Cinema Toronto

Wedding Dessert buffet decor vintage industrial design

Lace Wedding Cake Design Toronto

Eco Twine Rustic Vintage Wedding Stationary Design

Autumn Fall Rustic Wedding Design

Hipster Urban Vintage Industrial wedding design decor

Lucas Tay Wedding Photography Toronto Cinema Videography


{{ Blog Love }}

Photography Credit: Lucas + Tay

Cinema: Lucas + Tay

Hair and Makeup: Arrowbow

Groom’s Attire: Gerhard Supply

Bridal Gown: Maureen Patricia Toronto

Floral Design: Cedar & Stone Floral Studio

Cake Design: Crumb & Berry

Vintage Furniture & Set Design: Vintage Rentals and Events

Stationary: Bueno Market


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September 16, 2014

for Brides that are bored of ruffles and lace…

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{ blog love :: Wild Orchid Baking Company }


Ruffles and lace are crazy-gorgeous.

We have loved every bit of vintage, rustic, artisan whimsy that’s graced the pages of wedding magazines this year, and that’s unfolded at every one of the beautiful Happily Ever After’s we’ve planned….. but something fresh is always welcomed!

Stumbling upon this confectionary gem from the Wild Orchid Baking Company in New Hampshire, it’s clear to see that new trends are peeking around the corner.

Does this stunningly sweet treat remind anyone else of those adorable tights we used to wear in gradeschool??

White Black Heart Pink Poppy wedding cake Wild Orchid Baking Company

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September 8, 2014

an intro to Cakecademy … beginner Q+A

{ WG University presents… }

an introduction to Cakecademy :: / kāk ‘ kadəmē


1. A place of study or training designed for a person or company offering something in a special field. 
2. A society or institution of distinguished (some call us crazy) entrepreneurial dreamers who know how to make your sweetest wishes come true.

WeddingGirl University Logo

Haven’t heard of WeddingGirl-University? Read all about it here! We believe that anyone can dream a dream and earn a living doing what they love.

“Vendorcademy is for anyone who’s ever been told, ‘You should really start a business!’
Whether it’s making cakes, designing stationary, arranging flowers, taking photos -
being creative is something that feels so natural to creative-types that
they often overlook the fact that they can get paid to do it!”

- Mary Bratko, Founder of WGU


Luvvly Cake Co Logo

Our newest course offering in the WGUVendorcademy is the much-anticipated Cakecademy, brought to you by the Luvvly Cake Co.
Amy knows all-things-sweet, and as a relatively-recent newbie turned wedding-cake-designer-extraordinaire she’s passionate about sharing her insider tips and tricks with aspiring confection artists.

Luvvly Cake Co. Toronto - Jessica + George Wedding Cake 2

Luvvly Cake Co Burlap Lace Mint Green Wedding Cake

Toronto Wedding Planner Peach Vintage Cake Luvvly Little Cake Co

PInk Black White Wedding Cake the Luvvly Cake Co  Toronto

From humble beginnings as a stay-at-home mum who began by making birthday cakes for her little boy, in a few short years Amy has learned lightyears worth of lessons when it comes to designing, baking, decorating dream wedding cakes. Alongside gumpaste and fondant, Amy has had to overcome the challenges of branding a business, re-branding a company, developing social media strategies and aligning herself with industry experts.

“In the beginning I dreamed of connecting with an expert who could answer some questions, share some guidance. Not a single pastry chef responded to my notes. To them, I was the competition.”

Instead of keeping her trade secrets behind lock and key, Amy is offering to give back.

Toronto Wedding Contest Luvvly Cake Co

“The Cakecademy is not a YouTube Tutorial and it’s not an investment of thousands of dollars into an expert intensive. It isn’t a baking course, nor is it an advanced curriculum involving gold leaf or wired gumpaste blooms – it’s right in between. Relatable, approachable, and inspiring… Cakecademy is exactly what I wish had existed when I first got started.”

Perfect for creative minds with a serious sweet tooth, stay-at-home parents and aspiring entrepreneurs, Cakecademy workshops are beginning next month.
Before you commit to coming on board, the WGU team is hosting an introductory Q+A session with Amy herself. She’ll be chatting about things like:
  • The who’s, what’s, where’s, and how’s of starting a cake business
  • Types of events
  • Business Branding
  • Self Promotion

She’ll be sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly of venturing into the world of pastry artistry – filling you in on the honest truth of all the things she wished she’d known.

For additional information on the Cakecademy workshop or to sign up for the Q+A session, email info@WeddingGirl.ca – subject line, “Cakecademy”.

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August 21, 2014

Custom Designed Wedding Gowns | Toronto

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{a Fab WG find}

E.L.A. Designs Toronto Logo

Looking for a fun and creative option to picking a bridal gown off the rack or from the mostly unattainable pages of your favourite wedding magazine?

You should probably consider working with a designer to create your dream dress… and guess what? it’s not even going to break your budget!

Wedding Dress custom design

We were recently introduced to E.L.A. Designs by the lovely Amena, who wanted to share her mother’s beautiful dresses with brides-to-be everywhere.

Contrary to rumoured wedding beliefs, having your wedding and bridesmaid dresses custom designed (and created exactly to your specifications!) can often cost less than any bridal boutique price tag. Oh, and you’re guaranteed the perfect fit, every time!

Custom styling that works with your unique body shape, as well as a dedicated designer to bring your dress dreams to life? Sounds like a match made in bridal heaven!


Fashion Designer Elizabeth Lee Adeghe is an oh-so-talented creative who has been creating gowns for brides in and around Toronto and Ottawa for nearly a quarter of a century. This woman knows bridal gowns!

Together with her daughter and business partner Amena, they’ve recently opened a Toronto-based showroom where they host private consultations. It’s where the stuff that gorgeous is dreamed up, designed, and brought into existence. So, pretty much, magic happens!

This magical land of all-things-gowns is currently booking one-on-one consultations for mid-September. Get your leading ladies together, head over to meet Elizabeth and Amena, and let your wildest dress dreams run rampant. The only thing you’re limited by is your imagination, so be sure to come with an open mind and creative spirit (and maybe bring the stilettos you plan on strutting in!)




Check them out in our Vendor Showcase!

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August 18, 2014

WG x the Ancaster Wedding Show | 2014

{ WGxAWS }

Chalkboard pens, cupcake trays, one-hole punches and little black dresses.

These were just a few of the last-minute details the WG team meticulously arranged in the final hours leading up to their latest exciting project – sponsoring (and being a part of!) the Ancaster Wedding Show.



Some vendors out there are Wedding Show pros – they can do their setup and teardown with their eyes closed and know the spiel inside-out-and-backwards.

Not us.

In the nearly six years I’ve lived in WeddingLand, never have I ever been a part of a wedding show – so when the organizers of the AWS got in touch and invited us to come on board, I looked to the WG team for all the support and inspiration they could give.

“We need to make it different.”

“It has to be unique.”

“We should have cute giveaways.”

We sat and brainstormed and made spreadsheets and conjured up a plan.

We scoured every Homesense, IKEA and Winners from Scarborough to Niagara.

In the end, a DIY vs. Luxe design, Kate Spade inspired, bright, bold, punchy setup is what we brought to life!

Kate Spade Quote Pink Black White inspired wedding


{ DIY vs. Luxe }

Our goal was to showcase to brides how wedding funds can be spent or saved, and how designs could be gorgeously executed either way.

Do-It-Yourself | Budget

Standard white cotton linens, covered venue chairs, a wrapping paper runner, wrapping paper + ribbon wrapped tin cans, inexpensive blooms, wholesale votive candles, and standard venue tableware. We added silk napkins, themed favours and stationary, plastic IKEA place mats, and a DIY mini- pink champagne guest favour.

Behind our table setup? A DIY ribbon backdrop: trendy, and oh-so-simple to create.

Kate Spade DIY luxe wedding decor

Pink Champagne Wedding Favour Istilia Roche Stationary

Luxe on a budget

A sequin linen overlay, black and white striped runner, chiavari chairs, sparkly beaded place mats, themed dinnerware, coloured stemware, stemmed votive holders, and a high-low floral design. The same silk napkins were folded into trendy bows and tied with Kate Spade signature polka dots, accented with matching stationary, finished off with truffle chocolate guest take-aways (pink and black, of course!)

Behind the deluxe table: an eye-catching hot pink + sparkling rosette backdrop.

Kate Spade Wedding Design Istilia Roche Toronto

Kate Spade Wedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Planners

A Note to our Supporting Cast

When we first put a call out to vendors who’d like to come on board in our stylings, never could we have ever expected such a heartfelt outpouring of responses. From slews of hair and makeup stylists to handfuls of stationary designers and decorators, we were seriously feeling the love when vendors offered to amp up our design. In the end, we were surrounded by some incredible people… a few familiar faces and a handful of new ones…. and we are so grateful! Each of these vendors believe in enhancing value, in helping brides make smart spending choices, and in making things gorgeous without breaking the bank (just like us!)

The WGxAWS project would not have been possible if it wasn’t for Paje over at Honor Beauty. She showed up in Ancaster, bright and early, and beautified our team. Hair, makeup, and even vegan + cruelty-free, homemade lip glosses for each of us to take home – this lovely lady did a stellar job and was an absolute pleasure to work with. There’s something so magical that happens when women are not only doing what they love, but feel beautiful doing it. Paje, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your time and energy! We absolutely can not wait to share your latest and greatest transitions with our WG audience!

If you look around closely in the next few weeks, you might see some lovely ladies sporting some gorgeous mehendi on their hands, wrists, or even ankles / legs (a few girls got creative with their henna tattoo placement!). We were so pleased to welcome Deepali of Henna Kreations to the show, who alongside Leah and WG-Fusion, shared a love for cultural diversity by offering brides and vendors an opportunity to experience ethnic beauty.

Henna Kreations Burlington Deepali WeddingGirl.ca

A note of appreciation goes out to the amazing woman behind Istilia Roché who lovingly created the pink, black, and bling stationary that accented our table design. From Kate Spade quotes to glitter cards, every piece of stationary we showcased yesterday was made with the same sparkle that this woman exudes in person – and we’re lucky to know her.

Kate Spade Pink black White wedding stationary Istilia Roche

The WG team definitely boasted one of the sweetest setups at the show,  giving away hundreds of mini cupcakes created by Ryan and Stacey at Above And Beyond Cupcakes. Vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, lemon…. hundreds of stunning little beauties that attracted hundreds of brides and garnered comments like, “This is the best cupcake I’ve ever had!” – over and over again. We watched people have a cupcake, wait a few seconds, and then take another one – they were that good. As wedding planners, we really do get to eat a lot of cupcakes – and when really, really amazing creations strike our radar, we take notice. These lovelies weren’t only totally delicious, they were seriously stunning… and a beautiful accent to our display.

Pink Black White Cupcakes Above Beyond Niagara

Fraîche Floral.  Oh, Fraîche – how we love you. Not only have you become a passion project for various members of the WeddingGirl team, you give brides on a budget a stunningly gorgeous alternative to boring, budget blooms. Daring to be different, braving to be bold, and boasting the “brightest pop of colour” in the entire show (a quote we heard over and over and over) – these flowers were seriously stellar.

Mary Bratko WeddingGirl.ca AWS 2014

Thank you, J. Company for the napkins, chair covers, and linens!

Kate Spade Wedding Place Setting Pink Black White Silver Sparkle

We couldn’t have pulled this off if it wasn’t for each and every one of you. Thank you!


A Note to the Brides we met


Our beloved Brenda came up with this hashtag at one of our team meetings, and it seems our WG brides agreed!

It was such a lovely surprise to see so many familiar WG faces at the show yesterday, especially the ones that we know drove from far and wide to visit! Even more heartwarming was the opportunity we had to welcome all of the new brides into our world of all-things-awesome.

HennaKreations Burlington Wedding Planners

A Note to the WG team

What more can I say?

When we get together, we make things happen. And we make it epic.

For all of us, the AWS this past weekend truly was a labour of WG love.

From planning spreadsheets and cupcake flags to colour-coordinated truffles and the Starbucks coffee that showed up mid-afternoon… pretty wicked things happen when we get together. While a few of the WeddingGirls were missing in the flesh, they were with us in spirit and in our hearts all day. Thanks for being awesome, Ladies!

WeddingGirl.ca Ancaster Wedding Show 2014

WeddingGirl.ca team Toronto


Finally, a Note to Tiffany

Last but (certainly) not least….

There’s something to be said for putting on a really, *really* great wedding show. There’s a reason WG has never exhibited at a show before, and it’s because most of them… well…. most of them suck.

I speak on behalf of every girl on the WG team that being a part of such a beautifully planned, meticulously executed event yesterday was an absolute privilege! Tiffany, we heard nothing but lavish praise all around – from brides, from family members and friends, and vendors alike.

Your hard work and energy shone through in every single detail of the day and it felt as though we set up, blinked, and it was over.

The lineup outside the doors to get in yesterday afternoon was an incredible testament to how much you know (and love!) your industry.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, a hundred times over, for allowing us to be a part of it! We can’t wait to start gushing about next year!




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July 29, 2014

Priya + Ryan | One King West | WG Fusion

{ fusion Love }

Authored by Leah Sandhu, WG-Fusion


There’s something so special about seeing two cultures come together. The joining of two very different families and seeing them share their traditions with one another is truly beautiful, and Priya and Ryan’s wedding was no exception.

Toronto Wedding Planner Leah Sandhu

The brightly coloured sari’s and the bride’s handmade red reception lengha were stunning. I mean, really, how gorgeous is this bride?!?  All of the outfits were handpicked across the globe in India, making the cultural elements that much more authentic.

Toronto Hindu Wedding Bride Bridesmaid Saris

The Grand Banking Hall at 1 King West was the perfect fit for this sophisticated affair. The moment Priya and Ryan walked through the doors, the architecture immediately caught their attention and they knew it was where they wanted to celebrate their marriage. As explained in their Thank You speech, the Newlyweds had opted for a private ceremony surrounded exclusively by closest friends and family, while their lavish reception was the party they threw to thank everyone for their unyielding love and support. And what a party it was!

Leah Sandhu Toronto Fusion Wedding Planner

Ribbons Twine Photography Wedding Toronto

Toronto Indian Hindu Wedding Planner Leah Sandhu

Leah Sandhu Toronto Wedding Planner

Toronto Hindu Wedding Planner WeddingGirl.ca

Toronto Indian Wedding Planner Leah Sandhu WGx

Urban Indian Hindu Bride Toronto

One King West Toronto Wedding Venue

Sandra Kennedy Floral Design Toronto Wedding Decor

Ribbons Twine Wedding Photography Toronto

The oh-so-talented Grenville Pinto entertained the guests during dinner with his alternative take on a traditional sound. The passion he has for his art oozes from his every note and he draws guests into the magic while enveloping them in the sounds of electric violin. The night unfolded with food, dancing, and a stylish Scotch bar.

Scotch Bar Wedding Toronto One King WestFusion Hindu Indian Wedding Planner Toronto Leah Sandhu

{{ Vendor Love }}

Venue: One King West Hotel & Residence

Photography: Ribbons & Twine Photography

Décor: J Company

Floral Design: Sandra Kennedy (Family Friend)

Hair Stylist: Fancy Face Inc.

Make-up Artist: Lush Brush Hair and Makeup

Wedding Dress: Mori Lee Designs

Shoes: Le Chateau

Suits: Vera Wang

Bridesmaids Sari’s: Purchased from India

Invitations: Seahorse Bend Press

Menu Card/ Scotch Menu: Emily Stephenson

Ceremony Program: Leah Sandhu

Entertainment: Grenville Pinto


Leah_Indian Bridal portrait1

Leah Sandhu is a Fusion Wedding Expert and Bridal Lifestyle Blogger at WeddingGirl.ca.

To have Leah’s creative input and meticulous attention to detail for your Fusion celebration, make sure to Get In Touch!

Find Leah on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest |  leah@weddinggirl.ca

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