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September 3, 2015

Real WG Wedding :: Navy Hall, Niagara On The Lake

{ Emily + Kevin }

When we first met Emily and Kevin it was clear that their love for one another was genuine, strong, and free-spirited. These two lovebirds share just about every passion in life – bicycling, travel, education, and a relaxed urban lifestyle in one of Toronto’s loveliest pockets.

We planned this wedding together from start-t0-finish keeping a few tidbits at the forefront of our priority list. This wedding needed to be authentic, affordable, and absolutely unforgettable. Judging from how gorgeous the photos came out, I’d say we succeeded! It was actually almost impossible to narrow these photos from PureStorm Studios down to just the most beautiful highlights of the day. God, we love a first look! And an atypical wedding dress! AND a wild, ferny, bridal bouquet!…. okay, enough gushing…. take a peek for yourself. (prepare to swoon!)

Niagara On The Lake Wedding Price Of Wales Hotel

Niagara On The Lake Wedding Photographer Purestorm Studios Mark Wilson

Purestorm Studios Toronto Wedding Photographer Mark Wilson

Toronto Wedding Photographer Mark Wilson Purestorm Studios

Purestorm Studios Niagara Wedding Photographer

Nautical Gold Anchor Wedding Purestorm Studios

Green White Fern Bridal Bouquet Fraiche Floral Studio Toronto

Father Daughter First Look Wedding Photo Purestorm Studios Mark Wilson

Groom Morning of photography Toronto Wedding PureStorm Studios

Niagara Wedding Photographer Mark Wilson Purestorm Studios Toronto

First Look Wedding Photography Niagara On The Lake Mark Wilson 1

First Look Wedding Photography Niagara On The Lake Mark Wilson 2

First Look Wedding Photography Niagara On The Lake Mark Wilson 3

Niagara Wedding Photographer Mark Wilson Purestorm Studios WeddingGirl.ca

Fraiche Floral Studio Green White Bridal Bouquet Niagara Florist

Niagara On The Lake Wedding Photography Mark Wilson Photographer

Must Have Wedding Photo WeddingGirl.ca

Navy Hall Niagara On The Lake Riverview Wedding Ceremony

Pink Yellow Orange Wedding Flowers Ceremony Fraiche Floral Studio

Niagara On The Lake Navy Hall Wedding Ceremony Decor

Navy Hall Niagara River Wedding Ceremony Photography

Niagara Wedding Photographer Mark Wilson

Sunset Wedding Photography Niagara On The Lake

Navy Hall Wedding Niagara On The Lake Toronto Planner

Niagara On The Lake Wedding Stationery Details

Kate Spade Centerpiece Pink Yellow Orange Purple Fraiche Floral Studio

Niagara Wedding Photography PureStorm Studios Mark Wilson Toronto

Toronto Wedding Planners Niagara On The Lake Navy Hall

… and they lived happily ever after <3

{ Blog Love :: Officiant: White Orchid Weddings | Venue: Navy Hall | Photography: PureStorm Studios, with Dan Osadtsuk | Catering: Touch of India + Highland Chef, David Glover | Floral Design: Fraîche Floral Studio | Decor: Simply Beautiful Decor | Accommodations: Prince of Wales + Harbour House | Design + Planning + Coordination: WeddingGirl.ca  }

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August 27, 2015

Real WG Wedding :: Audrey + Jonathan :: Whistle Bear Golf Club

{ #McBash2015 }

This past May, we had the opportunity to plan Audrey and Jonathan’s wedding at the stunning Whistle Bear Golf Club. Audrey and Jonathan are one of those couples that are just meant to be together. Their love of travel, their silliness, and their overall adventurous spirits, made this one incredible day. From the bold red designer florals to their Star Wars themed wedding cake, this wedding is one to remember.

Here’s how the day unfolded:



Whistle Bear










{ Blog Love }

Venue: Whistle Bear Golf Club | Photography: Lucas + Tay | Hair + Makeup: Pro Makeup by Natasha | Florals: Fraiche Floral Design Studio | Sweets + Treats: Too Nice To Slice | Entertainment: Nth Degree Entertainment Group | Linen Rentals: Jodi Leigh Designs | Planned + Coordinated by Lisa and Mary of WeddingGirl.ca

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July 25, 2015

Bridal Beauty :: Be Warned! | by Glam Beauty by Sacha

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{ Beauty Trial Tips | be cautious of carelessness! }

We’ve planned nearly 200 weddings, but once in a while even we end up stumped with a wedding planning situation we’ve never seen before! What do you do when, after a her make-up trial, your bride-to-be ends up with puffy, infected, blotchy red eyes and an Emergency Room diagnosed infection / allergic reaction?? I mean, thank goodness it wasn’t her wedding day!

We reached out to Toronto-based make-up and bridal beauty pro, Sacha Parawan, owner and stylist at Glam Beauty to get her expert opinion:

Sacha Parawan Toronto All Glam Affair


“In situations like this, it’s clear that something very unprofessional took place. This is why I always tell my brides to do a trial before the big day! Make-up and hair trials are an opportunity to see how the artist works.”


“What should a Bride, heading to her trial, know in advance?”


“Trials are the time to ask questions. Inquire about proper, safe, sanitary techniques. Watch how the artist deposits and transfers makeup – this is a big indicator of whether they are, in fact, employing sanitary practices.”

We were told that Sacha (and all her artists) work with a sanitized spatula to deposit creams and colours.


“Make sure your artist has tons of brushes. These should be washed after every client and not just cleaned in between.”

Artists at All Glam Affair spray brushes with alcohol after every wash and keep those brushes separate from all other brushes and makeup in their kit.


“Should bridal beauty artists be certified?”


“There are many artists out there who are self-taught, and many others (like myself) who are certified. Some of us advertise our certifications and others choose not to. It’s important to me that my clients know I’m trained in the work I provide.”

Sacha’s final words of advice to any bride shopping for a mobile bridal beauty artist for her big day?

“Shop around. Opt for a certified, professionally trained artist. Do a trial!”


Check out how gorgeous Sacha made these recent WeddingGirl beauties!

View More: http://kthompsonphotography.pass.us/dan-genna

View More: http://kthompsonphotography.pass.us/dan-genna

WeddingGirl.ca Indie88 Wedding Contest Jessie Jim

Jessie Jim Indie88 Wedding Sacha Parawan WeddingGirl.ca


{ blog love }

Photography Credit: Katie Thompson Photography | PureStorm Studios


Book Sacha for your Toronto + surrounding area wedding day hair and makeup by visiting GlamBeauty-BySacha.com

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July 20, 2015

#WhenWeddingGirlsWed :: our very own Laura said “I Do!”

{ #WhenWeddingGirlsWed :: Laura + Ben }

WhenWedingGirlsWed Toronto Bridal Bloggers

It’s one thing to know weddings inside-out-and-backwards, to plan them daily, attend them weekly, and pour over hundreds of details for other brides, but it’s totally different when it’s one of your own who’s donning the pretty white dress!

The beautiful Laura joined our WeddingGirl family in early 2014. Since that time, we’ve watched this beautiful butterfly grow and transform in ways we never thought we’d see from her. She began as a shy, meek, timid little mouse whose passionate thoughts poured through in emails but whose in-person presence was too small to notice. When I first sat, one-on-one with Laura, I saw nothing but the jetplane-sized potential she harnessed inside… and I vowed to help her see it for herself. Well, mission accomplished.

Not only has this brave GirlBoss left the rat race to create a life she loves, she’s developed one of the strongest social media voices I’ve ever heard! Even in person, Laura now confidently asks questions, challenges beliefs, and makes things happen. Oh, and then there was that one time Carly and I showed up to Starbucks for a meeting and Miss Laura surprised us with luscious long locks of Little-Mermaid-Red hair!

We couldn’t love our pretty Ariel more than we do…. so imagine how special it was when we got to celebrate her very own Big Day together. The scene of the crime? Elegantly understated Alice Fazooli’s in Richmond Hill – one of the couples’ favourite restaurants. This was a private affair for immediate family to witness Laura and Ben’s lawful vows, in preparation for their romantic destination wedding in Cuba next month!

Sometimes, Laura smiles so big it takes over her entire face…. well, on the day she tied the knot with her main squeeze, her smile was even more magical than that.


Laura Arbelaez Toronto Wedding PureStorm Studios Photography

PureStorm Studios Toronto Wedding Photographer

Shades of Pink Wedding Flowers Candles Fraiche Floral Studio Toronto

Shades of Pink Bridal Bouquet Fraiche Floral Toronto

Macarons and Mint Toronto Wedding Favours

Laura Arbelaez Toronto Lifestyle Blogger PR Maven

First Look Wedding Photography Purestorm Studios Toronto

Laura Arbelaez Toronto Wedding Blogger WeddingGirl.ca

Laura Arbelaez Purestorm Studios Toronto Wedding Photography Blogger

Toronto Wedding Planner WeddingGirl.ca Laura Arbelaez Alice Fazoolis

Toronto Wedding Photographer Mark Wilson Purestorm Studios

Purestorm Studios Toronto Wedding Photographer Cinematographer

Toronto Bridal Lifestyle Blogger Laura Arbelaez Marries Ben

Shades of Pink bridal bouquet Fraiche Floral Studio Toronto

PureStorm Studios Toronto Mark Wilson Photography

Laura Arbelaez Toronto Bridal Lifestyle Blogger


Carly Whiteman Laura Arbelaez Mary Bratko WeddingGirl.ca



{ blog love }

Venue: Alice Fazooli’s, Richmond Hill

Officiant: White Orchid Weddings

Photography: PureStorm Studios

Design + Decor: Fraîche Floral Studio

Sweet Treats: Macarons & Mint


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June 4, 2015

She Said Yes! | Toronto Proposal Planners | One King West Engagement

{ Surprise Marriage Proposal }

When Giordano sent a note to us all the way from New York City asking to help him plan a surprise proposal for the love of his life, our first question to him was: Why do you love her?

She’s loving, caring, and has the best sense of humour. She’s artsy, with a Bohemian style! She’s so talented. She’s creative in writing poems, an amazing communicator. She has a smile that knocks me off my feet. She is so beautiful!

And with that…. we knew everything we needed to know. A few short weeks, a handful of emails, and we set off to create a once-in-a-lifetime proposal for this love-of-a-lifetime pair.


Toronto Engagement Photographer Mark Wilson Purestorm Studios

One King West Surprise Engagement Proposal Champagne

Toronto Engagement Proposal Surprise Photographer Mark Wilson

Grant Suite One King West Hotel Surprise Marriage Proposal

Toronto Proposal Planners Surprise Engagement Yellow One King West 3

One King West Hotel Toronto Romantic Surprise Engagement Proposal

One King West Hotel Surprise Engagement Proposal Photography

One King West Hotel Toronto Surprise Proposal Engagement Planners

One King West Hotel Toronto Grant Suite Surprise Marriage Proposal

Balloon Surprise Engagement Proposal Photo Idea

New York Proposal Surprise Engagement Photography PureStorm Studios

NYC Manhattan Surprise Engagement Proposal Planners Photographer PureStorm Studios WeddingGirl.ca

NYC Surprise Proposal Engagement Planners

Manhattan Surprise Proposal Engagement Planners WeddingGirl.ca

Lifestyle Photographer Toronto Purestorm Studios

Adam Cooke Toronto Guitarist Wedding Acoustic Soloist

Surprise Engagement Proposal One King West Hotel Grant Suite Toronto

One King West Hotel Private Suite Proposal

Chef Jonathan LeBlanc Catering Food Co Toronto

Chef Jonathan LeBlanc Food Co Catering Toronto One King West Hotel

Chef Jonathan LeBlanc Food Co Catering Toronto Wedding Chef

Grant Suite One King West Hotel Surprise Engagement Proposal

Surprise Proposal Toronto One King West Grant Suite

One King West Surprise Proposal Engagement Planners WeddingGirl.ca

New York City Surprise Engagement Proposal Planners WeddingGirl.ca

Toronto Proposal Planners WeddingGirl.ca

Toronto Engagement Photographer Mark Wilson Purestorm Studios

Toronto Surprise Engagement Proposal Planner WeddingGirl.ca

Toronto Wedding Engagement Photography PureStorm Studios

Toronto Engagement Photographer PureStorm Studios

Toronto Surprise Engagement Planners Cloud Park Downtown

Surprise Proposal Toronto PureStorm Studios WeddingGirl.ca


{ blog love }

Venue: One King West Hotel & Residence | Photography: PureStorm Studios | Catering: LeBlanc Food Co. | Music: Adam Cooke | Floral Design: Fraîche Floral Studio | Event Design: WeddingGirl.ca

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May 27, 2015

The Perfect Wedding Shoe for You

{ 5 factors to consider when shoe shopping }

Authored by: Angela Kerry

Until you’ve been there yourself, you would never guess that finding the perfect wedding shoe could be just as hard as finding the perfect dress. But it is! Most of the time anyway.

A great pair of shoes (that you can comfortably walk in) can make you feel sexy, confident and empowered. But if you’re like me, I’ve bought shoes that were too small, thinking that I could stretch them out,  or boots that I *had* to have, but the heel was maybe two inches too high for me. Trust me when I tell you my husband was not impressed having to practically carry me as I latched onto his arm, barely able to walk, both times I wore them.

Why are we are willing to torture ourselves, or specifically our feet, for the love of shoes?!

It’s because shoes say a lot about our style and personality.  They can make us feel great when we wish our outfit could be better, when we’re having a bad hair-day, or if we’re feeling self-conscious about our bodies. The perfect shoe can do all these things and more…

Shoes Always Fit Image

…but for your wedding day, make sure you think it through.

With all the items you need to think about for your big day, nobody really spends time coming up with a strategy on how to manage your bridal-tootsies, but you should! It’s going to be a very long day, and it would be unfortunate if all you can think about is how much your feet hurt and when will finally be OK to take off your shoes.

It’s a pretty popular practice for a bride to wear high heels for the ceremony and photos, but then change into her hidden pair of flats or flip-flops for the dance floor. Recently, I heard about a bride who changed her shoes 5 times throughout the course of the wedding day! Cheers to her! What a great way to justify your shoe fetish, especially if you can wear them again.

So, with your perfect pedicure in mind, here are 5 things to think about when considering the perfect wedding shoe for you.

1. Comfort is key

Just how long will your wedding day be? From the time you’re up and dressed, until you collapse on the dance floor, you will have a pair of shoes on your feet. If these shoes hurt your feet, you won’t be able to focus fully on anything else. If you’re not used to wearing heels, you might not want to start now. There is an art to walking naturally in a heel, so if you’re a beginner, give yourself time to perfect it. Comfort is key for an enjoyable day and night, so consider opting for a shorter wedge, or kitten heel. If you do opt for that sky high stiletto, plan to change into flats, strappy sandals, or go barefoot when it’s time to hit the dance floor.

Bridal Flats


2. Vertically challenged

Consider how tall your fiance is. If you’re almost the same height as him, you may want a shorter heel so you’re not towering over him (unless he likes you in heels of course). On the other hand, maybe he’s a foot taller than you and you want to gain some height with a heel. If you want to build up some height, while maintaining comfort and stability, go for sturdy wedges. If height is the opposite of what you need then wear a flat from beginning to end. Your feet will love you for it.

Donna Karan Wedge


3. Practicality

We all know that fashion isn’t always practical, but keep in mind where your wedding ceremony will be held. You may love wearing heels, but those signature sky-high stilettos you normally wear might not make sense for your day. A backyard garden wedding, or the trek down a cobblestone walkway to an outdoor alter, could result in a wobbly and awkward walk, or worse – a sprained ankle. If you’ve actually forgotten how to walk in flats, consider a wider wedge heel for outdoor venues. For beach weddings where a stiletto heel will just sink in the sand, shop for strappy sandals. My personal favorite are the new barefoot sandals – I love them – and what a great bridesmaid gift too!

Barefoot Sandals


4. The style of your dress

Not every type of shoe will suit every type of dress. Consider the proportions of your dress in relation to your height, as well as considering the silhouette of the gown. For example,

- If you’ve choosen a sheath dress, you can often see the toes of the shoes when you’re standing still, and always when you walk, so you want a shoe that is not too bulky, but rather delicate and perhaps strappy, so that the foot isn’t the focal point at first glance.

- If you’re wearing a ballgown or more of a full skirt, be creative with your shoes, choose a pop of colour or a fun print!

- If your dress is a tea length or a high/low cut dress, your shoes will be a prominent part of the overall look. They will be a focal point of your entire outfit. Have fun with it. Shoes can be an art piece.

Blue Polkadot

Some brides like to choose a shoe that suits their theme if they have one - for example,  cowboy boots or a pair of converse. But if a traditional ivory wedding shoe is what you love, there are some unbelievably gorgeous options out there, beyond the basic dyable satin pumps.

Important note: style is subjective. If you see beauty in it, if you love it, wear it…and rock it!

5. Reusability

This is the practical side of me talking. If you’re not going for a more traditional wedding shoe, why not get a pair of shoes that you can’t wait to wear again, especially if you’re budgeting to spend a small fortune on them. It’s very difficult to incorporate those white satin dyable pumps into your everyday wardrobe, as they do look distinctively bridal (this is the same reason it’s unlikely you’ll wear a satin or taffeta bridesmaid dress again). However, if you’re a shoe girl, it’s just too sad to buy a pair of shoes that you know you can only wear once. Whether you’re buying for comfort or style, thinking about wearing them after your wedding will give you more bang for your buck. A shoe with colour, pattern, or unique details can create a signature wedding look that is all your own.

Christian Louboutin


Happy Shoe Shopping!

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May 19, 2015

#HamiltonWeddingGownPopUpShop | May 24

{ Gown & Glory is coming to you, Hamilton! }

The countdown is on for what is expected to be a Wedding Gown Pop-up Shop like no other.

Gown and Glory Consignment Boutique is officially coming to Hamilton (and our very own Hamilton WeddingGirl, Lisa Hardie, couldn’t be happier!).

Join us on Sunday May 24, from 12:00 – 4:30 pm at the Art Gallery of Hamilton (123 King St. W.). Click here to view the map.

Racks upon racks of amazing designer dresses will be available, first-come-first-serve, and will include brand new and sample gowns, as well as previously-loved gowns, reduced by up to 80% off their original retail prices! 

There will be dresses for every size and budget, including sizes 2 to 22, available to touch, feel, and of course to try on. All of these glittery gems have been carefully curated by fashion expert Angela Kerry – to ensure they are all created by current designers, and all perfect and available to go home with their new Bride this weekend!

Attend the event and enter for a chance to win an additional $200 off your dress!

Admission is complimentary! 

You can RSVP directly via our Facebook event HERE.

And if you’re curious to know what you might find, here are some real-world Gown and Glory Brides, as well as some of the gowns that were used as part of our WGLookBook.

Lazaro trumpet EDITED


WG-Green-82561-1 EDITED

Toronto Wedding Photographer-71

_MNB1832-Exposure EDITED

{ Blog Love }

Marcie Costello Photography | Dan Osadtsuk Photography | Serena Swan Photography | Emily Christine Photography

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May 2, 2015

Derry + Daniel :: Rosewater, Toronto

{ #DnDsayIDo }

Blush White Bridal Bouquet Fraiche Floral Studio Toronto


It’s note often that, in follow up to a Bride and Groom’s big day, we, as their wedding planners, ask for a copy of the couples’ parents’ speech. Well, this was an exception.. and we trust that when you read what we’ve shared below, you’ll understand why.


For those of you who don’t know me I’m Frank and I am Daniel’s father.
I’d like to welcome you all, family, and friends, to today‘s festivities.
As parents approach a child’s wedding day it’s customary to reflect upon certain signposts in a child’s life that flesh out who they are. To say that your mom and I are proud of the person you are is an understatement. Your heart is bigger than this room. 

Today, Daniel, you have tied the knot with Derry: a beautiful, charming, intelligent and athletic partner. 
One day a few summers ago my wife, Judy, and I were having dinner on the patio at the Biermarkt on the Esplanade (great mussels by the way) when Matt Francis, Daniel’s best man, walked by. As part of our conversation Matt asked me if we had met Derry yet, whom Daniel had only been dating for a few weeks. I replied that we had and that we thought she was da bomb and that if Daniel screwed up this relationship he was a fool.
Well Daniel’s mom and I didn’t raise no fools.

Now I’m going to briefly address the newly wedded couple:

Daniel and Derry harken to your wedding vows. I am a big fan of said vows.
To get the job of marriage done, you must reflect, talk, and listen, both to what is said aloud and to what isn‘t, which is where the real truth so often hides.
You have to compromise – a wise word, that, as well as a practical art.
Now I’m not a fortune teller so I can’t tell you what awaits you in the years ahead, but marriage can, should, and must evolve. Don’t be alarmed and don’t resent it.
Be patient and kind, unflaggingly.
In the long run, it’s the unasked for kindnesses in troubled times that matter more than the extravagant gestures. Express gratitude, especially for the work that tends to be taken for granted.
Identify problems that arise, remembering that anger is flammable.
When you’ve behaved like an asshole, either of the two of you, remember that a sincere apology never diminishes the apologizer.
Wrong turns teach us the right way.
My greatest wish for the two of you is that through the years your love for each other will so deepen and grow, that years from now you will look back on this day, your wedding day, as the day you loved each other the least.
And lastly, an old African saying:
If you want to go quickly, go alone.
If you want go far, go together.

I toast you and love you both.”
This, was Derry and Daniel’s fairytale day….

King Edward Hotel Wedding Toronto Matt Trimble WeddingGirl.ca 1

Matt Trimble Photography Toronto Groom Photo

Toronto Urban Chic Groom Blue Suit Bowtie

King Edward Hotel Wedding Planner Toronto WeddingGirl.ca

Matt Trimble Photography Bridal Morning Photos

Matt Trimble Photography Wedding Toronto

Morning Mimosa Wedding Photography Matt Trimble

King Edward Hotel Wedding Planner Toronto WeddingGirl.ca 1

Matt Trimble Photography Toronto Wedding Bridal Portrait

Fraiche Floral Design King Edward hotel Toronto

Fraiche Floral Studio Blush White Bridal Bouquet

Matt Trimble Bridesmaid Photography Toronto Wedding

Matt Trimble Wedding Photography Toronto

Matt Trimble Photography Wedding Ring Macro

King Edward Hotel Toronto Bridal Wedding Photography

Coral Bridesmaid Wedding Party Toronto

Coral Bridesmaid Fuschia blush white wedding flowers

First Look Wedding Photography Distillery District Toronto

Toronto Wedding First Look Photography Distillery District

Distillery District Toronto Wedding Planner

Blush White Bridal Bouquet Fraiche Floral Studio Toronto

Coral Navy Wedding Toronto Planner

Fraiche Floral Studio Distillery District Toronto

Rosewater Room Toronto Wedding Ceremony Fraiche Floral Studio

Matt Trimble Wedding Photography Flowergirl

Rosewater Room wedding ceremony


Toronto Wedding Planner Rosewater Room Ceremony

Blush Coral Wedding Receiving Table Decor

Blush White Wedding Receiving Table Decor

Matt Trimble Engagement Photographer Toronto

Fraiche Floral Bridal Bouquet Blush White dusty miller

Paper and Poste Escort Cards Toronto Wedding Stationery

Best Day Ever Wedding Cake Topper Toronto

Rosewater Room Toronto Wedding Head Table

Father Daughter Dance Wedding Photogto

Toronto Wedding Photographer Matt Trimble Rosewater Room


{ Blog Love }

Officiant: Ann Forfar | Venue: Rosewater Room | Photography: Matt Trimble | Cinema: Robert Collins | Floral Design: Fraîche Floral Studio | Hair + Makeup: Niki Khalaj + Mona Kavazi | Accommodations: Omni – King Edward Hotel | Photobooth: Never Forget Photo | Cake + Cupcakes: Prairie Girl Bakery | Planning + Coordination: WeddingGirl.ca

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April 20, 2015

Atypical Wedding Bands | Cobalt Rings

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{ innovative metals to say “I Do!” }

CrownRing Innovative Metals Cobalt Wedding Bands


Everything in wedding planning these days is changing… we’re tying the knot in barns instead of churches, wearing fascinators instead of veils, and rocking bright-coloured spikes instead of traditional bridal footwear…. so then tell me, why would wedding bands stay the same as they’ve always been?!

There are so many new and exciting changes to wedding day jewelry, including these really sharp innovative metals cobalt rings that totally set themselves apart from their underwhelming 14k gold counterparts!

CrownRing Wedding Bands Cobalt Innovative Metals Unique


Our friends at CrownRing.com make these super-attractive designer pieces for surprisingly affordable price points. These metal masterpieces are spiffy, shiny, and and remarkably durable – so if your main man works with his hands he’ll be pretty grateful! Who knew that cobalt metal looks this good without the typical dulling over time that’s such a drawback of pricey platinum??

Oh.. and you’re not sacrificing customizability in the least! These beauties can be easily engraved with personalized meanings special to your day. Win-Win.

Cobalt wedding band? Good wedding band?  Either way – everyone’s living happily ever after!

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April 14, 2015

How To Shop For Your Wedding-Gown-Body-Shape…

 { Get to know your wedding gown body type }

Authored by: Angela Kerry

Wedding Gown Body Shape StrictlyBridal.com

So, you’ve fallen in love with a specific wedding dress that you saw on a Size Zero model posed in an awkwardly uncomfortable angle. You know the one –  hands on hips, awkwardly hunched over, legs crossed like she has to pee. Sure, her eyes are a little sunken in and her cheeks are a bit bony… but, god! that dress is incredible!

Weird model pose aside, you love the gown she’s rocking and you’re totally certain it’s the one for you.

… until you try it on.

That’s when the love stops.

So now you’re disappointed, left to start again from pages of those teeny tiny models… and you’re struggling to figure out where your bridal plans went so horribly wrong.

The truth is, my love… it’s not you… it’s them.

For real.

The step you’re missing in your bridal gown dreams is figuring out which design of dress actually flatters your body shape!

Sure, that perfect dress looks great on the seriously underfed model…. but, if you’re anything like me, and you enjoy chocolate cake for dessert once in a while – I’d rather that dress not fit me anyway!


It’s not that your body isn’t perfect for the dress….. it’s actually the exact other way around.

Don’t you worry your pretty little bridal head – I promise you that there is an amazing dress out there for you… and it’s not anything like needles in haystacks – you just need to know your tastes, know your shape, and flatter your assets (wherever they may be).


{ Wedding Gown, meet Body Shape … }

Experts say there are anywhere from 6 to 12 body-type categories in the world.

They say that every person fits into one of those categories.

A quick search of Google images will result in so many versions and namings of body types that it’s no surprise that us girls get confused! Do yourself a favour and check out ShopYourShape.com. These body shape guides are totally self-explanatory and super realistic:


ShopYourShape.com screenshot


Keep in mind that body type charts and guidelines are generalizations.  They only take into account ratios between shoulders or chest, waist, and hips – without accounting for height and overall size of each individual person.

Are you short or long-waisted?

Is your torso longer than your legs or vice-versa?

Do you have a large or small bust-line?

So many factors come together to influence how a wedding gown looks and sits on women’s bodies.

Wedding Dress Body Shape Style Guide WeddingGirl.ca

As a tried, tested, and true wedding dress-connoisseur, I don’t tell brides to avoid shopping for specific silhouettes based on body type…. ever.

My advice is always to try on everything that catches your eye. I pinky-swear, you won’t know how it looks until you try it on!

Sure, we know that certain silhouettes flatter some body-types more than others, but don’t stick yourself into one silhouette category because of what body-type guidelines tell you.


{ Dresses aren’t created equal }

So, one strapless gown was way too revealing for you…. but that doesn’t mean that all of them will be!

One waistline might dig into your side and picker at your hip bone, yet the next one we pull of the rack could fit your waist-to-hip proportions just right.

It’s kind of like playing Little Red Riding Hood with wedding gowns.

While the straps on one dress might make you look bulky and broad, others might give you the right amount of delicate detailing to take your shoulders to a gorgeous feminine shape. While some trumpet-style gowns are tight around the thighs, the very next one might have a higher flare – making it totally comfy to dance around in!


{ Dress Dictionary }

Here’s a quick intro to wedding dress lingo that you should probably peruse:


- easy to wear and flatters almost every body-type

- fitted bodice, defining the waistline, and gradually flares out right around the mid-hipline.

A modified A-line is a bit more fitted around the hip and bum, with a slimmer skirt. A modified A-line may be too tight around the hips of a Pear body-type, and may accentuate the midsection of an Oval/Diamond body-type. However, those brides could simply go up in size and alter the top to fit if they find a dress they love.




- the classic princess look – cinched at the waist with a large bell-like skirt.

Ballgowns vary in their bodice styling, with fit options including the natural waistline, basque waistline (just at top of hipline), or dropped waistline (mid-hipline).

I wouldn’t say that any one body type should avoid a ballgown, however, if you are on the shorter side, short-waisted, and full figured, sometimes a ballgown with a natural waistline can make you look stocky.

MoriLee 1970


- Surprise, surprise.. this gown is shaped like.. well, a trumpet!

- fitted from the bust-line through to the thigh

- trumpet-shaped skirt starts to gradually flare out around the mid-thigh area.

Oval/Diamond body-types often avoid this shape as it can define their mid-section. Pear body-types can certainly wear this silhouette, particularly when they love to flaunt their hip and thigh assets, but if they have a much smaller upper body, they will have to get a dress in a size that fits their largest parts and alter the rest of the dress to fit.



- a mermaid is not a trumpet

- while quite similar, the fitted part of the skirt of a mermaid is tight right down to the knee then flares out into a trumpet skirt.

A true mermaid is much harder to walk in because you have less material and space to move your legs. Because this silhouette is so fitted, it accentuates your curves, and for some women it can tend to make them look more hippy than they are. Pear and Oval/Diamond body-types generally try to avoid this silhouette.

MoriLee 1653


- often similar to the trumpet silhouette

- defined by a fitted bodice with a dropped waistline ending at the top of thigh, below the bum, or to the mid-thigh. The skirt often flares out from a defined line rather than a gradual continuation into the skirt.



-  often referred to as a column dress

- usually has little to no structure built into the dress.

The fabric on a sheath gown is often cut on the bias, and drapes over the body for a close fit. The sheath silhouette typically hugs every curve, so it can be a trickier style to pull off for those who are more self-conscious about their body. Because it lacks in the structure that often helps to define the waistline, this silhouette can often create a boxy look.



So here’s to you, pretty girl:

  • If you are shorter in the neckline – avoid heavy straps or illusion necklines! Opt for sweetheart or deep V-necks instead.
  • If you have a longer neckline – a strapless dress that starts at your bust-line often sits quite low, appearing as though it needs to be pulled up. Opt for V-neck with straps, halter, or off-the-shoulder styles instead.
  • If you have a rectangular or athletic boyish body-type, a fitted trumpet style will really define your waist and give you the illusion of an hourglass figure – that va-va-voom you never knew you had!
  • Stuck in a boxy dress? Adding a sash to any dress will instantly define your waistline!
  • If you have a pear or inverted-triangle body-type (larger on the top or bottom) and you love to flaunt your curves, don’t feel like you need to hide them. Simply look for a dress that fits your largest parts, then alter the rest of the dress to fit everywhere else.
  • If you’re trying to camouflage a fuller tummy, avoid dresses that tighten up under the belly button and around the hip, bum and thighs. Choose a dress that has a gradual flare from your widest part.
  • Short? Sometimes the fit & flare and dropped waist styles can appear to cut you in half. Although they may elongate your bodice, they may make your legs look short. When you’re looking at a dress on you, don’t forget to step off the pedestal to see how your actual height affects how the proportion of the design looks.
  • Well endowed? If you have a larger bust-line you don’t have to wear straps to hold everything up. Straps can often make you look bustier if you have a shorter neckline, especially if the straps are too substantial. If you are going for a strapless fit, make sure that the top of your dress comes up and over the top of your bust – tou don’t want the top of the strapless to sit too low (leaving your dress looking too small, giving you bust overflow, and potentially resulting in a clothing malfunction that nobody wants on their wedding day!)
  • Some dresses are better suited for taller girls. If you’re shopping consignment and fall in love with a mermaid gown that was worn by a 6′ bride while you’re used to rocking a solid 5’5, the proportions of that gown won’t fit you properly. Don’t be disappointed – at least you know what you love and are that much closer to finding it!
  • If you’re ordering a dress new, most dresses can be ordered in 3 different lengths – i.e. petite fitting around a height of 5′-5’2″, regular 5’7″ and tall 5’11”. For even taller girls, extra length can be ordered as well.


Stressed about finding your perfect dress? Contact Angela@GownAndGlory.ca for some love and support along the way. Schedule an appointment at Gown And Glory Bridal Boutique to get to know your body shape and learn how to shop-for-your-shape in a private, intimate, bridal boutique atmosphere.


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