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February 3, 2015

Early morning musings of a pretty passionate WeddingGirl…

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Look up the word PASSION in the dictionary and you’ll find a definition somewhere along these lines:

Definition of Passion WeddingGirl.ca

This morning, as I sit on the 2nd floor of Jimmy’s on Gerrard, sipping an americano misto and slowly picking at my blueberry bran muffin… with remnants of henna on my wrist leftover from our Open House at One King West last week….  I’m completely overcome with passion.


I can’t decide what’s more responsible for my uncontrollable heart rate and spinning head – the two shots of espresso in my drink or the fact that I know, to my very core, that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing in my life. The shortness of breath, the beating heart, the spinning mind and the sheer sense of elation that’s come seemingly out of nowhere – maybe it’s caffeine. Maybe it’s passion.

You can’t fake passion.

You can’t pretend to be excited about something when you’re not.

You can’t force yourself to stay up all hours of the night, answer thousands of emails a week, work harder than you’ve ever worked before on anything that doesn’t get you high. The only way we’ll ever fight against all odds for something is if that very thing that makes us crazy is the same thing that gets us high. For some it’s a business. For some it’s a baby. For some, it’s love.

That’s passion.


Last night we began reviewing submissions for the Indie88 Wedding Contest. Not sure what all the #Indie88Wedding excitement is about? Well, we’re about to change two lives….


What makes this even more surreal? How very real it became when I saw the faces, stories, and heard the voices attached to these submissions. I’m asked often what’s made me passionate about planning weddings all these years. These days, I realize my passion rests more in embracing the love that couples have for one another than they do for oversized centerpieces and laser-cut escort cards.

The couples applying for the Indie88 wedding giveaway have a different sort of love. They’re not identifying with planning a wedding – they want to get married. That’s passion. These stories have left my eyes welled up with tears, my heart racing, and my skin covered in goosebumps from head to toe. That’s passion.

“And I get to be a part of this.”

I get to be a part of something bigger than myself.

I have the distinct privilege of changing lives (not just the two lives of our couple but the lives of everyone nearest and dearest to their hearts).

That’s passion.

And in between the incredible question responses and the heart-gripping video entries, I was carrying on a conversation with a friend of mine currently displaced 15,000 km away in Malaysia. His first journey alone. His first travel to Southeast Asia. His first time experiencing the life-changing transformations that happen, entirely without intent, when you remove yourself from a world you’ve always known and inject yourself into the biggest culture shock of your life.

That’s passion.

In hearing about his latest discoveries about the world and about himself, in listening to his tales of adventure to date and in seeing the snaps he sent along of this world otherwise unknown, my passion for my work within the WG brand was multiplied to the exponent of the passion burning inside of me to keep making things happen; things bigger than myself, bigger than the couples I plan for, bigger than the team I work with.

I found myself saying to him….

“Passion isn’t a choice. Passion is what happens when you successfully align outward actions with your inner purpose.” – and then, so surprised by how real this felt coming out of my fingers, I turned it into a quote…. so that I could read and re-read it over and over to remind myself of its truth.


I mean.. how can you willingly hurl yourself into a terrifying abyss unless you’re passionate about the idea of something you’ll find inside? It’s entirely counter-intuitive. It’s highly contradictory to the basic human instinct to survive. It’s…. ‘crazy’? But then again, ‘crazy’ is how I feel about people having babies… but just because it’s not right for me doesn’t mean that it can’t be precisely what someone else aspires toward, dreams for, wants.

Passion is subjective.

Our Indie88 couples are chosen to be passionate about a mutual life together.

Nick in Malaysia is passionate about changing his life.

And me? …

That’s when, in sitting back on this moderately uncomfortable bench and leaning away from the stylishly urban hipster harvest table I’m working on, I realize -

I’m swimming in passion; from every side, from every angle, against all the obstacles and odds and difficulties that come with what I do, I continue to be passionate about all of it.

Even though I may not have any of the answers.

Even though I may not have any idea of where I’m headed, why I’m headed there, or who I’m headed there with.

Even though I may be terrified every single moment of the day….

But I’ve always professed being passionate about leaning into the discomfort – and I am.

In a couple of days, the WeddingGirl brand will be celebrating her 6th birthday. It’s crazy how time has flown. This adventure has created and re-created me a half-dozen times over. As a self-admitted addict to growth and change, I’m finding passion in the creation and re-creation of who I am, of the events I plan, of the team I work with, and of the people I inspire to transform themselves.

It’s about doing that thing which you think you cannot do. It’s about never giving up on the thing you can’t go a day without thinking about. It’s about doing what scares you, and then showing others how they can do the same.

That’s passion.

Those whose submissions I’m reviewing for the Indie88 contest.

My friend Nick in a secluded mountain village in Malaysia.

The beautiful caterpillars-turned-butterflies of the WeddingGirl-multiplied team.

And the chameleon-girl inside of me who gets excited about shedding her skin and changing her colours with every failure, every lesson, every criticism.

That’s passion.

And, how lucky am I to be the lightning rod that attracts and disperses it?

Because that’s what life is about….

In the (paraphrased) words of Stars…. You need to hold on when you get (passion) and let go when you give it.

The Stars - 536

Oh… and did I mention that Stars retweeted me the other day?!? Pretty passionate about that moment too. Yay!

Stars Retweet WeddingGirl.ca

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February 2, 2015

#MeetThisGirl | Sacha Parawan

{ Meet Our Newest WeddingGirl }

Yesterday we introduced you to one of our Interns, Bayley…. and today, we’d love for you to meet our newest WeddingGirl – Sacha!


Sacha Parawan WeddingGirl.ca

When we first met Sacha last year it was obvious that behind these beautiful brown eyes there lay a restless passion just waiting to be set ablaze! This aspiring wedding planner is already stitched of a successful entrepreneurial thread – she’s the creative stylist behind All Glam Affair, one of our go-to wedding day hair and makeup designers! Deciding that she dreamed of more than just bridal beauty, Sacha decided to come on board with our team and turn her dreams into plans.

Today marks one month that Sacha has been a part of the WeddingGirl.ca group of planners, and here’s what she had to say about the time she’s spent with us so far:

“I can’t believe it’s been a month already! It has been a great experience so far and when I reflect back I am proud of my accomplishments this month. Time this month… I don’t even know where it went! Things have been overwhelming but in such a good way.

I am trying to be more active on the team and I want to contribute more. I’m searching to create the proper balance between all that’s going on. I aim to be more active soon and even start writing my blogs!

I have to say I think you and the girls are really amazing. I love that everyone is so open to ideas. No one is shot down for anything and everyone is caring to each other. It’s so important to have a shoulder to lean on. With the WGx team, luckily there are so many shoulders! Everyone is super friendly and takes challenges, feedback, and successes like a trooper. Everyone wants to improve their skills in one way or another.

What’s taken me by surprise… WG isn’t just about weddings anymore. To see how much has happened with this company in such little time really amazes me. And it just goes to show that hard work pays off! What’s made me really happy is to know is that I am surrounded by such positive personalities not just on Tuesday/Wednesday nights when we meet but I feel like you and these girls are like a little family.”

And she’s not wrong. To paraphrase Charles Bukowski: This team is mad and we’re magic – there’s no lie in our fire. But judging from how seamlessly this lovely lady has fit into our group so far, we don’t foresee it being a big adjustment. Just ask her how gorgeous that Chairman’s Office ended up being at the One King West Open House she helped us plan!

- and thanks to Emily Christine Photography for snapping this pretty pic of our gorgeous faces – Sacha and Leah.

View More: http://emilychristinephotography.pass.us/shades-of-white-1

Sacha’s adventures in wedding planning can be found by

friending her over on Facebook

and following her on Twitter and Instagram!

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February 1, 2015

#MeetThisGirl | Bayley Sarrasin

{ Meet Our Intern }

Meet Bayley. She’s our intern. And this is her first-ever blog.


Bayley Sarrasin WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Wedding Planner Intern 5

Today I begin my journey as a member of the @WeddingGirlca team and if I can be honest, I am petrified. Who wants to listen to an intern blabbing about planning dream weddings anyways?

As I think about it I start to realize that anyone who has never planned a wedding might just be waiting to hear my voice on the topic….  and boy do I have a lot I want to say.

So, here goes…

If you have never planned a wedding, or any event for that matter, who better to turn to than someone with actual real-world experience in that field who just so happens to be a member of one of the biggest and best-known wedding planning brands in the wedding planning industry?

In recent years engaged couples have turned to countless social media sites to assist in the planning of their wedding. What they likely fail to realize is that a computer screen with pictures can only take you so far and help you so much. So you think you’re saving money by not hiring a wedding planner? Truth is, the amount of stress you are able to avoid, and the amount of time away from your job researching and contacting vendors, and the amount you’ll overpay for un-negotiated contracts – will take a much larger toll on both your budget and your sanity.

Within our first few meetings with the WG team I knew this entire team was crazy successful for a reason. We are all so passionate about weddings and about making dreams come true (brides’ dreams, and our own!). We want our couples to realize that our first priority has nothing to do with the dollars they pay us…. it’s about doing what we’re awesome at to make some serious wedding plans come to life (on a budget).

During the execution of the first event of my WeddingGirl life I had a pretty quick, extremely eye-opening introduction to this event planning world. I always thought event planners looked at pretty pictures and dreamed up visually-appealing floral arrangements and decor. Let me tell you… I was mistaken.

After 10 hours of hauling decor and flowers, creating table displays and arrangements, I lay myself down for what I hoped would be a good night’s sleep only to realize ‘…Wait. I’m an event planner!’ This meant our team would be running on no more than 5 hours of sleep the next day… and we had to get through it together.

As exhausted as my body was, I didn’t manage to sleep a wink.

My mind was spinning with everything I had learned that day, everything I could never have known (by reading a wedding planning book) happened behind the scenes of an event. Nothing I’d ever read on social media could ever have prepared me for this. Regardless of the team’s exhaustion, we woke up bright and early (6 a.m.!) for the big day and made the most of it. We were there to impress and a lack of sleep wasn’t about to  get in the way of that! Oh. And the event was amazing.

I may be starting this journey as an intern, but I am determined to complete my formal training and continue my lifelong learning successfully as a WeddingGirl.


…. and we have no doubt that she will!

Thanks for choosing us, Bayley.

We’re so lucky to have you <3

You can find and follow Bayley’s internship journey with the WeddingGirl team on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Go find her and say hello.

WGx 2015

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January 25, 2015

#Indie88Wedding | One Couple. One Day’s Notice. For Real.

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{ #WGxIndie88 }


If you haven’t been tuned in to Indie88 – at 88.1 FM – then you should probably go do that immediately.

These fab folks and all of us at WG have been secretly plotting the planet’s most epic wedding giveaway for months now, and last week we made it airwave-official!

One lucky couple will get one day’s notice and tie the knot on the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day. If nothing else, their anniversary date will be pretty much impossible to forget!

If you haven’t been listening for the past few days, here’s what you’ve missed:

Monday, January 19th: 8:10 a.m.


Win A Wedding Indie88 Toronto WeddingGirl.ca

That’s when the madness began. Can you believe that the first entries for this contest began pouring in only minutes after it was announced?! We knew Toronto was filled with super-rad lovebirds!

The next day, we headed over to the Indie offices in Liberty Village to set the record straight on-air….

Indie88 Toronto Win A Wedding Contest WeddingGIrl.ca

Sidenote: if you’ve never visited beautiful Liberty Village at dawn, you should probably do that.

Sunrise Liberty Village Toronto

Did you know Indie88 broadcasts from a house in Liberty Village?

Their boardroom is an ex-bedroom, and their broadcast table is an old dining room table. Amazing.

Indie88 Broadcast room liberty village toronto

Never having had any radio experience before, this view was a bit daunting…..

Mary Bratko at Indie88 Toronto Radio

Did you miss the clip? Here it is!

Mary Bratko Indie88 Candice Matt Brian Morning After Radio Show

{ the Scoop }

So here’s how everything’s going down.

Couples in love need to apply at Indie88.com

Fill out the questionnaire.

Upload a photo (make it epic!)

Upload a video (make it even more epic!)  – (waiting until some brave dude decides to get down on bended knee in the video!)


Next week, we’re going to pick our two finalists… and then, the vote is YOURS! Our final two couples will be put to a vote and selected by our listeners. The winning twosome will find out on February 13th at 8:10 a.m. that they’re tying the knot the next day!

The WG team is going to play role of “Bridal Party” and whisk our couple off to Toronto City Hall to get a marriage license, to Made You Look on Queen West for custom wedding bands, and then to the gorgeous LoversLand on Ossington to choose a designer wedding gown! Purestorm Studios will be in tow, capturing all the excitement on camera while J. Company Designs busily sets up our stunning decor over at The Richmond.

Cue: Valentine’s Day

- or, Indie88 Wedding Day!

Our lucky couple will have slumbered soundly at One King West Hotel. They’ll be well rested before the beauty experts from Visage Yorkville arrive to make some gorgeous happen. Right around this time, Cookery Catering and Double Trouble Brewing Co. will be setting up at the venue, Paper & Poste will be pulling wedding day stationery hot-off-the-press, and the Fraîche Floral Studio will be putting last minute touches on some stunning floral designs. Not to mention, a stylishly sweet wedding cake will be rolling in from our friends at Le Dolci. Yum! Oh, did we mention that Dillon’s is going to be there too? Love may be sweet… but gin is definitely better.

The bride’s designer gown will be topped off with a custom-designed, one-of-a-kind headpiece from the oh-so-talented Blair Nadeau Millinery and all-the-while, Canadian Indie band, Stars, will be rehearsing at the Danforth in preparation of welcoming our winning couple and their wedding guests to their sold-out Valentine’s Day concert!

Danforth Music Hall Toronto Indie88 Wedding

This wedding is going to be off-the-hook… complete with all the things you’d expect from an unforgettable celebration – and a few things you wouldn’t! We’re slowly sharing top-secret details on the WeddingGirl.ca Instagram account. Can’t wait to find out?? Follow us @WeddingGirlca and find and follow our sponsors for hints about their contributions as well!

Indie88Wedding Toronto WeddingGirl.ca tweets

Remember…. go to Indie88.com, enter to win, and cross your toes – for a life-changing wedding from Indie88, Stars, and all of us at WeddingGirl.ca!


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January 24, 2015

Rayven & Ryan | Gage Park, Toronto

{ Dan Osadtsuk Photography }

There’s something so incredibly gorgeous about being in love. What makes that love more gorgeous is when the couple is so unique, so different, and so much in love that their uniqueness and difference becomes one and the same. We love the sharp edge of Rayven and Ryan – tattoos and unkempt hair – softened with how deeply they look at eachother, and how madly they love.

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 3

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 2

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 4

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 13

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 14

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 15

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 16

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 17

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 18

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 9

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 5

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 6

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 7

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 8

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 10

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 11

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 12



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January 21, 2015

Madeline + Gord | Crosswinds Golf and Country Club

{ Christopher Porto Photography }

Chris Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer

Christopher Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer Groomsmen

Chris Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer 5

Chris Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer 6

Chris Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer 8

Blush Bridesmaid Bridal Wedding Party Chris Porto

Christoper Porto Burlington Wedding Photography Groomsmen

Chris Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer 7

Chris Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer 4

Crosswinds golf and country club wedding ceremony

Crosswinds Golf Country Club Burlington Wedding Ceremony

Chris Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer 9

Chris Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer 10

Pink rose wedding ring diamond shot Christopher Porto Photography

Crosswinds Golf And Country Club Wedding Photography

Crosswinds Golf and Country club wedding blush pink party

Chris Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer 1

Chris Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer 3

Personalized Wedding Golf Ball Favour Fore-Ever Chris Porto

A note from the Photographer:

“I knew this one would be special the moment I peeked in on the beautiful bride as she was getting ready. The emotion on her face read like a book. It spoke of love and of joy and of the culmination of a lot of ‘i-dotting’ and ‘t-crossing’ (… more on that later).

It must be said that Madeline loves a lot of things: organization, detailed itineraries, planning, contingency planning (… it must be the teacher in her!)

She loves her university friends, bridesmaids (sisters-in-law, friends), her big brother, her parents.

All of this love was so very visible and tangible for those of us on the sidelines on her wedding day. Yet, as much as her eyes and smile showed her love for some things and some people, the Bride’s brightest eyes and biggest smile were saved for her best friend – her groom.

The Bride deserves credit for being meticulous and detail-oriented, but, in fairness, Ford is a stone-turner-over and a heart-on-his-sleeve-wearer as well. And in the moments his beautiful bride approached him on the arm of her doting father, Gord, too, revealed the measure of the depth of his love for her. Their exquisite, emotive ceremony – under threatening skies at stunning Crosswinds Golf and Country Club, was replete with what were, without a doubt, the most sincere and most adorable vows anyone had ever heard. There was barely a dry eye in the house!

Maddie and Gord are as perfect together as perfect can get. They even slipped in a teeny tiny lip-peck after their heart-busting vows – and blatantly before being officially pronounced as husband and wife. Shhh!

These two lovebirds held hands all day, exchanging soft glances, smiles, tender embraces and back rubs of support.

They elegant dining room was filled with handmade and heartfealt personal touches, all lovingly brought together by the thorough bride and her loyal ladies.

A day that I, for one, will never forget.”

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January 20, 2015

One King West Open House | #ShadesOfWhite 2015

#ShadesofWhite Open house: Jan. 18, 2015

The WeddingGirl.ca team was so excited to be a part of planning and hosting the annual open house at One King West Hotel & Residence in Toronto this weekend.


With our expertise and knowledge of the wedding industry, our team was able to bring some new and exciting ideas to the table. We partnered with Gown and Glory consignment boutique, and hosted Toronto’s first ever Wedding Gown pop-up shop! It was a hit with our brides, and some even walked away with their wedding gown!

gownandglory- shadesofwhite -onekingwest-toronto bridal

There was a Henna room for brides & their guests to experience a little bit of the South Asian culture. The colours were stunning and the team over at South Asian Wedding Boutique spent so much time perfecting every detail! Also a big shout-out to our wonderful henna artist, Deepali of Henna Kreations! She does amazing work!

henna room-photo Baffi collection - onekingwest -toronto

The Fifteen Hundred bridal suite was dolled up with fancy florals by Fraiche flower studio, bridal jewellry by AE Bumble, delicious smelling soaps and other toiletries from the Sweet Pea Soap company. We had some of the beauty experts from Visage Yorkville glamming up the brides and giving some wedding day beauty tips.


If you’ve ever been to One King West, then you’ll know that one of the coolest elements of their lobby is the staircase into the original bank vault. One of our team members put together a Groom’s Lounge, decked out with specialty pieces like wooden pocket squares from Baffi collection, Aristocrats handmade bow ‘n ties, and playing tables from Wildcard Experience.

thevault onekingwest -toronto- open house -wildcardexperience

Each room had a special touch from the talented designers at J. Company designs. Their team worked tirelessly to make sure each item was in place and the guests were absolutely ‘wowed’ by their work! We are so thankful to have a team like this to execute the BIG ideas always have! Chairs were provided by our friends over at Detailz Chair Couture.


Were you there?

What was your favourite part?

We’re so grateful for the help of these fabulous people:

Sarah TypesBB BlancThe Wedding Opera wedding blogPure Storm Studios, Emily Christine Photography, Dan Osadtsuk Photography Co.Serena Swan PhotographyToronto Popcorn company, Lemon Lily and Le Dolci for entertaining our guests, capturing the day, and providing everyone with incredible swag bag treats.

{Photography by Dan Osadtsuk Photography, the WG team, and vendors}

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January 15, 2015

Kristen + Siya | an Enchanted Boho Gypsy Wedding

gypsy boho bohemian rustic woodsy forest enchanted wedding


Kristen and Siya’s bohemian forest wedding is truly a dream come true. Shot entirely barefoot by Sara Monika Photography, this fairytale wedding day overflowed with free-spirited, loving friends and family, nature on every side, unique decor, heartwarming speeches, energetic dancing, and an undeniable special connection between best friends-turned-partners for life.

One of the bridesmaids describes Kristen and Siya’s love as something more intense than soulmates. It could be felt in the energy around them. Between them: pure love and acceptance of one another. No judgement.

The wedding was held at the couple’s family’s property in Ganaraska Forest. They are authors of the Fiction/Adventure series: Rise of the Prince and also operate an Inspirational Center: DASHTA Moments.  They work with individuals and small groups to guide them in their pursuit of an authentic life.  Their peaceful and calm environment is an ideal setting for people to discover who they really are, through self-inquiry and awareness of the world around them. 

The beautiful decor was the result of love and craftiness from friends and family; not only was the final result so unique and beautiful, but also incredibly meaningful to the bride and groom.

Moments before the ceremony began, the guests had a peaceful silent moment to take in the energy and the sounds of the nature – to be reminded of being present for the ceremony. Rather than chatter among the crowd or distracting cell phone chimes, all that echoed on the breeze were chirping birds and the soft bubbling of the creek flowing nearby. The natural silence transitioned into serene, ecletic music as Siya walked down the aisle to take his place and await his bride. 

The couple requested that the ceremony be unplugged: no pictures, no phone. The result? A more-present crowd, and a bride walking down the aisle without straining through a sea of iPhone paparazzi. 

Right before they exchanged rings, a ‘ring warming’ took place. Each of the bridal party members held the rings and projected good wishes and positive energy onto them. A beautiful touch.

Near the end of the night, a traditional Thai custom: couples and families received a ‘wish lantern’ – infused with their dreams and set off into the night sky. An unforgettable sigh. 

Gypsy Forest Boho Bride Toronto Wedding 1

DIY Wedding Sign enchanted-bohemian-forest-bride

Enchanted Forest Wedding Gypsy Boho Bride

Gypsy Boho Bride Enchanted Bohemian forest wedding






Gypsy boho rustic forest enchanted bride bohemian wedding


Gypsy boho bride-enchanted-bohemian-forest-wedding-102





Boho gypsy forest woodsy bohemian indie wedding

boho gypsy enchanted forest wedding indie bohemian bride


Gypso Boho Bohemian Forest Enchanted Wedding Bride










Boho Bohemian Gyspy Bride Enchanted Forest Woodsy Wedding DIY




Boho Bohemian Enchanted Woodsy Wooded Forest Wedding



gypsy boho bohemian rustic woodsy forest enchanted wedding


Forest Wooded Woodsy Boho Bohemian Gypsy Wedding






Instagram Wedding Day Hashtag DIY Sign Chalkboard


Boho Bohemian Gypsy Forest Enchanted Woodsy Rustic Wedding DIY



Gypsy Enchanted Forest Boho Indie Bride Wedding






Wish Lanterns Wedding Gypsy Boho Indie Forest Enchanted Bride




Newlywed, Kristen,  is an amazingly talented travel v-logger as well as an actress. Visit her blog at Hopscotch The Globe.



Photography by Sara Monika


Sara Monika Photographer Logo

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January 14, 2015

It’s his day too…

Filed under: Bridal Blog — WeddingGirl @ 5:42 pm

{ is there such thing as too-much-pretty? }

The other day I stumbled upon this gorgeous wedding shot by the oh-so-talented Serena Swan Photography.

… and then I noticed the curious chain of comments below it:

groom feeling out of place

That’s when I got to thinking…. is there such thing as too-much-pretty?

I mean, weddings are gorgeous.

Especially since the onset of wedding blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest, weddings just keep getting more and more gorgeous.

… but in all of this gorgeous, have we forgotten about the groom?

In the seas of whites, golds, blushes and lace, have we misplaced the fact that one-half of a wedding day belongs to a man? Same-sex weddings aside, how do you balance feminine dreams with a masculine touch?

We’d love to hear about / see the ways in which you gave your groom a chance to have HIS say in your wedding day!

Tag @WeddingGirlca on Twitter or Instagram to be featured,

or find us on Facebook: /WeddingGirl.ca

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Kristin & Warren | Muskoka Wedding

 { a True North love }

Today’s Indie-inspired blog feature comes to us from beautiful cottage country, Muskoka, in northern Ontario.  From the picturesque natural backdrops to the beautiful little group of gorgeous flower girls, every detail of this wedding will make your northern-loving heart pitter-patter.

The question is, though… would you be brave enough to get into a canoe on your wedding day??

Vine Birch Wedding Decor Muskoka

Bridal prep Muskoka Wedding Dan Osadtsuk Photography

dress Shot Muskoka Wedding Dan Osadtsuk Photography

Muskoka Wedding Dan Osadtsuk Photography

Blush Bridesmaids Flower Girls Romantic Wedding

Dan Osadtsuk Photography BRidal Portrait

Muskoka pier wedding ceremony blush khaki rustic

Blush Coral Bridesmaids peonies

Jewish Alternative Eco Rustic Wedding Lakefront Muskoka

With this ring i thee wed Dan Osadtsuk Photography

Bride Groom First Kiss Muskoka Wedding

Jewish Wedding Planner Muskoka

Muskoka Wedding Chairs Photography Dan Osadtsuk

Moonlight wedding pier muskoka waterfront romantic wedding photography

Muskoka Jewish Wedding Reception Party

Muskoka Wedding Photographer Dan Osadtsuk

Sparkler Newlyweds Bride Groom First Dance Dan Osadtsuk

{{ blog love }}

Photography Credit: The Dan Osadtsuk Photography Co.

Venue: Severn Lodge

Wedding Planner: Kristin Bloch

Floral / Decor: Berries & Blooms
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