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February 16, 2012

w3 v.2.0 – Contest Q+A :: Win a $10,000 wedding package!

{ Phase I – the race is on! }

Wowee! It’s only been a couple of days since we launched the 2012 Wedding Threesome contest details and we already have some super eager brides going head-to-head to get through Phase I of our contest! Couples are required to have a minimum of 100 of their Facebook friends Like + Join + Add all three of the Threesome Vendors on Facebook (it’s not as easy as it sounds!)

Last year, we saw some serious creativity in Phase I: Notes, Groups, Tagging, Emails, and even some begging + pleading and (playful) threatening! One bride emailed us that she was hosting an Open House + Wine and Cheese night at her place, and friends weren’t allowed inside until they sat down at her computer and Liked+Joined+Added all of us, while another one donated a dollar for each “vote” to a local charity!

This year, our competing brides are already stepping it up! We’ve seen websites with linking instructions, highly efficient tracking systems, and very (VERY!) well-instructed friends! Good job, Ladies!!

We’re curious to see how everyone steps up their game this year. There are lots of creative ways to get people involved!


{ helpful hints }

Rick + Jay + Mary decided to share some hints for Phase I…. so here are a few to get you started!

1) You ARE allowed to have other people {PIMP} their friends to join on your behalf (so long as those friends are posting that they’re supporting YOU) – (hint: give them a set of instructions that they can re-post!)

2) You ARE allowed to use our contest details, photos, and instructions across various social media without requesting special permission

3) Make sure to show some LIKE to all those peeps who worked hard to help you out (hint hint)

4) People are more likely to oblige when they know why they’re helping – so be sure to direct them to THIS POST to have it all make sense!


In the midst of all this excitement, Rick, Jay, and Mary have been receiving all kinds of questions about the details of what we’re doing… so we compiled them all, answered them as best we could, and wanted to share the details with all of you!

{ Q + A about our Wedding Threesome }


1. How are we keeping track?

Rick: “Well kids that part is up to you. What we suggest is you have your friends put something along the lines of “vote #57 for steve and kelly”.

Mary: Or you can track back and see our respective walls, “Like” the comments you’ve taken a note of, and keep track yourself. One bride is actually keeping track that each friend like + add + join ALL THREE pages (which they need to do) and she’s tagging the friends who haven’t in specific notes to (kindly) remind them to do so. Brilliant!!

Again, we’re not counting the LIKES + ADDS + JOINS…. you are! (though we will cross-reference to verify!)


2. OMG! This is so hard! How do I keep track of who Likes + Joins + Adds?

 Rick:  “Get them to tag their post, not just mention you. This way every time your name is mentioned you will receive a notice from fb. Simply count daily and make a post at the end of each day on our wall, or hire someone to make a computer program that tracks it for you. I bet someone on the Captivate team would be your monkey!”
Jay: *scowls at Rick*
Mary: *rolls her eyes*


3. Who can enter?

Rick: Anyone can. We’ll travel anywhere you want us to go…. just keep in mind that travel expenses are not part of this contest. With that being said, to spend about $2000 on travel to get a $10,000 wedding package is a pretty sweet deal in our opinion!

Rick follows up….. “Though, there are some certain “sketchy” destinations we probably won’t travel to, so if you’re questioning, it’s probably good that you contact one of us to check.”

Jay: You don’t have to be engaged. You just have to be planning a wedding in 2012 or 2013. (This is just a $10,000 incentive to pop the question!)


4. What if we’ve already booked one of you?

Mary: If you already have a standing contract with one of us, you can still enter the contest. Just be aware that your contract details still stand – you just receive 3 for the price of 1!

5. Is this for rizzle, ma nizzle?

 Jay: “What the hell does that even mean?”
Rick: “I have no idea. I think they are asking if this contest is for real or if it’s fake?”
Mary: “Just ask Brenda + Kris – last year’s winners!” (click HERE to meet them!)

6. What is Phase II of the contest, and when is it happening?

Jay: “The first part of the contest is completed at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday March 13th.”

Rick: “As for what the next stage is…. well, get your pencils sharpened boys and girls, you’re heading back to high school! (not literally!).

Mary: “Oh, and by the way, there will be a third stage as well”.

Rick: “Rick. This ain’t gonna be a cake walk.”



7. Are you guys crazy? Why would you give all this stuff away?

Rick: “Well that all depends on who you talk to. If you talk to our doctors, the answer would probably be yes”

Jay: “Umm, speak for your own doctor, Rick! If you talk to our past clients, then the answer would be more along the lines of “No, they’re just super awesome people that love to have a great time”

Mary: “And clearly, we’re having a great time!”

“Clearly” – Rick adds.

Jay:  “We know there are lots of deserving couples out there that would love to have us be a part of their wedding. So we figured we would go out and find them and make one of them really happy.”

Mary: “Yeah, hopefully the non-winners don’t hate us.”

Rick: “So long as we announce the winner on time this time.”

Mary + Jay: *nod in agreement*

8. Will you be doing this again?

*Rick looks at Mary…. Mary looks at Jay….. Jay looks at Rick (smiles and waves), and all three of them simultaneously take a deep breath and do some serious thinking…..”

All Three (in unison) : “Yeah, why not!”


9. Did Mary really dye her hair red?

 Rick: “Yes, but only parts, not all, it looks super uber cool….such a fashionista!”
Mary: “Thanks, Rick. And Valvano Salon Spa!”

10. Did Rick finally shave?

Jay: “Not yet. He was spotted walking through the forest by bigfoot stalkers and now has to explain himself to the authorities.”
Mary: *rolls her eyes*

11. Is Jay’s arm sore from putting on and taking off his glasses the whole time you guys were filming?

Rick: “Yes, it’s currently in a sling and he is laid up in bed being fanned with palm leaves and fed grapes by little monkeys.”
Mary: “It’s true.”

12. Who the heck are Adam and Adrian? What role do they play?

Rick: “Watch this - http://youtu.be/JcSUWP0QNeY - the dude on the left with the beer stein is me, the old dude on the right is Jay, the monkeys represent Adam and Adrian”.

{ a quick Contest Rules review }

Just to remind all of you…..

Contest Rules:

1) Contest entrants can be located anywhere in the world

2) Participating couples must be getting married in 2012 or 2013.

3) A minimum of 100 Likes | Joins | and Adds are required to enter Phase II of the w3 v. 2.0 contest

4) Contest entrants must keep track of their own PIMP-ing totals (although, we will be cross-referencing to make sure we’re not being duped!). 

5) Contestants can use any means necessary to get their friends to Like + Join + Add our pages (short of threats and other illegal stuff that can get us in trouble). Last year, contestants got super-creative with events, pages, groups, websites, emails, and tagging. Feel free to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pin, Call, Text…. whatever you have to do to help your $10,000 cause! (bonus points and honourable mentions WILL be awarded for creativity!)

6) The Threesome Vendors reserve the right to use any and all images of contestants for promotional purposes (unless specifically stated otherwise by the contestants themselves)

That is all!

Good luck to all Phase I contestants!

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