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August 8, 2011

Champagnes | Ivories | and Browns – wedding design inspiration

champagnes | ivories | golds | browns

With the classic elegance of vintage charm peeking into contemporary wedding design, we’re seeing lots of champagnes, golds, ivories, and browns – often finished with a delicate touches of rosy pinks, pearls, and lace.

When we planned Christine and Dave’s wedding, the amazing Angelica over at Simply Beautiful Decor created this stunning design (read her blog post here!)

We also saw similar tones carried through by Decor With Grandeur at Dina and Gary’s wedding:

While the Champagnes and Ivories create a more seamless, monochromatic look, bright accents of bold browns can add a gorgeous definition to any wedding design! Here are some of our favourite inspirational photos we’ve stumbled upon:

{ Today’s tip from a Wedding Planner }

When selecting the colour scheme for your wedding, start with the colour of your dress – white, or ivory? (if you’re selecting off-white or “diamond white” – you can technically go either way with your decor).

If your dress is white, try and stick to blacks, charcoals, and whatever accent colour you love (purple, green, pink, blue) instead of browns and ivories. When meeting with your decorator, make sure they know to drape your head table and/or backdrop swagging in white.

If your dress is ivory, it will look discoloured against white fabric at your head table, so make sure to go with an ivory base – beautifully accentuated with softer colours (often for a more vintage-inspired look!)

Happy Designing!

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