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November 4, 2010

Add a bit of aerial flair to your wedding reception! | Shanyn Pollard | PoleFit.ca

Get to know Pole!

Back in March, I introduced all of you to my friend Shanyn, founder of PoleFit.ca and S.A.S.S. – Shanyn’s Artistic Strength Studio!

Today’s blog post is written by Shanyn, to all of you, as an inspiration to add a bit of flair to your wedding reception!

I’ve been to a handful of wedding receptions over the past few months and they were beautiful! However, I did get to view them from a very unique perspective as I was 20 feet above the guests and wedding party performing aerial silks. I watched as everyone starred in amazement as I wrapped myself in ribbons of silk executing spins, drops and poses complimenting the romance of the evening.

My name is Shanyn Pollard and I’m an aerialist, circus school coach and pole fitness instructor. The services that I provide range from fitness classes, bachelorette parties and entertainment.

I’m the owner of SASS (Shanyn’s Artistic Strength Studio) in Stoney Creek, Ontario. My studio offers pole dance fitness classes, group or private, aerial silks classes, resistance training, cardio training and more.

Classes are offered to women of all shapes and sizes who want to have fun while getting fit. SASS is an un-biased environment where women are supported by one another in achieving their goals.

Pole parties are also a huge hit for bachelorette parties! In your home with my portable pole or in my studio with 10 poles, I can teach you and your bridal party 12-15 moves on the pole. By the end of the party everyone in attendance will learn to perform a choreographed routine to music! It’s always a great way to start the fun!

Finally, once your wedding day has arrived, you can have a live aerial silks performance at your reception. It’s definitely a very magical touch guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on those closest to you.

Aerial arts have become my passion over the past 4 years and I’ve just been awarded Best Pole Tricks in Canada at the Canadian Pole Dance Competition in Vancouver, September 11, 2010.

I’m also on the Board of Directors for the Pole Fitness Instructor Certification Canada, a commission dedicated to ensuring safety to all pole enthusiasts.

As a wedding planner, I’m honoured to showcase Shanyn’s talents to my brides who are looking to add some touches of unforgettable to their wedding evening – and I’m excited to share this with all of you!

To read more about Shanyn’s classes and performances, and to see a video of her first wedding performance, click here!

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