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July 31, 2010

Adventures in Bridal Bootcamp with trainer Tamara Brouwer!

By Laura || married on May 29th, 2010 || Bridal Bootcamp Survivor

As a reality TV junkie, I applied (pleaded) to get on Slice TV’s “Last 10 Pounds Bridal Bootcamp”. For the 3rd (and final) time, I received the same email stating that they only accept people who live in Vancouver. Time for Plan B. I now had to find a personal trainer, buy my own shiny new set of workout gear, and resign to the fact that a camera crew wouldn’t be following me around. I belonged to a gym in the city, but they would only allow me to buy personal training packages that included at least 24 sessions. This bride didn’t have that kind of cash.

Enter Tamara Brouwer.

I knew of Tamara because she was a personal trainer at the gym I was a member of. She not only had a reputation for making you sweat but also being able to speak to what a person should be eating to maximize their health and workout. I knew she was the one that I needed to help me with my personal ‘Operation: Bridal Bootcamp’. Tamara had started her only ┬ápersonal training business, so I met with her to chat about my goals. I wasn’t looking to lose a certain amount of weight, as I was already fairly active. Rather, I wanted someone who could be tough but fair so that at the end of 6 weeks, I felt amazingly confident when all eyes were on me.

For 6 weeks, Tamara came to my house at 6 a.m. She made sure I maximized my effort for each exercise. She changed up exercises to always keep me engaged and interested by using a mix of kettlebells, weights, steps, and her stopwatch.

Her programs were customized just for me. She also gave me a food journal to record what I was eating so that she could provide feedback. It was important to her that what I was eating maximized the effort I was putting into my workouts. She was truly invested in me and my goals.

I can’t always say I was excited to get up at 6 a.m., but Tamara always came with an energetic and great attitude. One of the most important aspects when working with a trainer is connection and she had my full trust. I knew she was making my goals her goals.

On my wedding day, I felt fabulous! I had that final burst of confidence knowing all the work that I put my body through for 6 weeks had paid off. When I stepped onto the scale a few days after my wedding (post-honeymoon), I was 6 lbs. lighter with 1.5% less body fat. At our final session together, Tamara went through a series of testing with me and we discovered that I had gained 30% more endurance and strength than our baseline from the first session. Even though I am not training regularly with her anymore, she is still a support for me, giving me advice and encouragement.

Tamara Brouwer’s credentials include Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor Specialist, and Nutrition and Wellness Specialist.

Her passion and motivation is the baseline for her success with clients.

Since 2006, she has been creating specific workouts and providing strong nutritional guidance to clients so they are able to gain confident, energy, and strength.

She trains boot camps and circuits for Brides-To-Be to maximize results and to ensure they feel absolutely gorgeous on their wedding day.

You can contact Tammy at 905-650-8538, or at tbrouwer2002@msn.com to start making your wedding day dreams come true!

Weight and inches are the only thing you have to lose!

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