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July 30, 2009

A beautiful wedding ceremony “extra”

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My dear friends over at Studio67 have some incredible wedding moments captured, both through their creative photography and cutting edge cinematography. Their cinema work is the kind of work I could sit and watch over, and over, regardless of the fact that I’ve already seen it dozens of time. The other day, while perusing Wanda and Brian’s Blog, I came across the Same-Day-Edited wedding video of Corina and Dan (found about 5 entries down from the top). They had the most beautifully unique concept at their ceremony and I had to share it with all of you!! (but you should really go watch the video for yourself!)

At the entrance to their ceremony, guests were offered a rock… just a plain, simple, river rock. At the beginning of the ceremony itself, the officiant explained to the guests that it is believed that thoughts possess energy, and that throughout the wedding ceremony, guests were asked to infuse their thoughts of health, happiness, and well-being, into the rocks they held. While exiting the ceremony, guests returned the rocks to a basket, allowing the newlywed couple to take them and place them (as decor?) around their home. How lovely!!!

Better yet, if you buy the river rocks wholesale, you end up with extras you can use as escort cards at the reception! Now that’s creativity on a budget!!!


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