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July 27, 2015

DIY Wedding Decor Tutorial :: Vintage Vanity How-To Guide

{ #WGxCalgary }

By: Krystal


DIY Vintage Door Wedding Decor How To Tutorial

Since making the trek back to Alberta I have found myself enthralled with all-things-DIY! My mom, also known as my inspiration, has really been showing me a whole new world of creativity.

I wanted to share something with all of you – we’ve been working steadily on this project together! If you follow my story you’ll be seeing this piece in the very near future. For now, I’m just going to give you the tips and tricks I used to create a vanity out of an old door. Amazing, right? This gem would look incredible at just about any shabby-chic, rustic, vintage-inspired wedding. *swoon*

Alright, let’s get started!

You will need:

1. vintage door

2. painter’s tape

3. electric sander

4. sandpaper (60 and 100)

5. chisel

6. jigsaw cutter

7. small desk

8. chalk paint (colour of your choice!)

9. cream chalk paint (I used American Paint Company – Limoges)

10. brown chalk paint (American Paint Company – Leather Books)

11. small shelf

12. clear wax (I used Van Gogh Furniture Paintology)

13. brown wax (Van Gogh Furniture Paintology)

14. cloths

15. paint brushes

16. wood glue

17. gorilla glue

18. butter knife

19. wax brush

20. decorative hooks

21. window / glass cleaner


Off we go!

To start this journey, I have two words for you:



You would be amazed as to what you can find! It’s like treasure hunting.

I found both my vintage door and desk for an amazing price at a garage sale.

All of the tools I’ve listed here can also be found at any hardware store. Or ask a dad or an uncle. They likely have them too (and most are more than willing to help you use them!)

DIY Wedding Decor Vintage Door Equipment How To

The paint we used was made by American Paint Company – Leather Boots and Limoges. They have SO many other great colours though…. look!

DIY Vintage Door Wedding Decor Tutorial Krystal Robertson

Oh. And two more words:



But I promise that if you put nothing but love into it, it’ll turn out beautifully! That, and it’s a pretty great bonding project to create with a family m ember, or even your main squeeze!

Now… here’s how I made it happen, step by step:

1. Finding your perfect piece.

Get creative and when you see something you love, try and envision what you could do with it! Make sure to take a “Before” photo…it’s so great to look back on all your hard work and progress.

2. Scrape. Scrape. Scrape.

Once you have your piece in a position that’s easiest for you to work with, take out your chisel or simple butter knife and go over the whole door to remove any large excess wood pieces prior to sanding. Make sure to do this first as wood will likely be flaky and dry due to its age.

3. Sand. Sand. Sand.

Get out that electric sander (or sandpaper, if you don’t want to purchase an electric one) – and it’s time to smooth out the wood. In case you didn’t know, sand paper comes in different grades – I used a 60 and a 100.

The original colour of my door was mint green, and because I didn’t want any of that residual colour to show through in my final product, I removed it entirely. If you happen to like the original colour of your piece, keep some of it in place! You’ll end up distressing it later, which will allow for that colour to show through.

Be prepared – sanding is tedious. If you’re not using an electric sander, this step will be time consuming – but it’s very important! You want your piece to be perfectly smooth, especially when you get to the painting part. Believe me, your future-self will thank you for being patient here.

4. Clean up

This is easy – grab a vacuum and clean up all excess wood.

Calgary Wedding Planner DIY Vintage Door Tutorial 1

5. Fine-tune

Take your desk and measure it accordingly so that all four legs connect with the ground properly. This step will vary depending on your piece because of the different types of desks and how much alteration each individual one may require. I had to use a jigsaw cutter to remove excess wood in order to achieve the perfect fit I was looking for. You might get lucky and not have to!

6. Double-check

Take a moment to re-check that your cuts are even, that your pieces sit and will fit properly.

7. Attach

Here’s where you attach your door to your desk. This step will vary depending on how your desk will fit against the panels on your door and how much of your desk will actually attach. I used a power drill to screw the pack piece of the desk to the door itself.

8. Yay!

You’re not done yet, but this is the basis of how your finished product will look! Celebrate! (but not for too long – there’s still more work to be done).

Calgary Wedding Planner DIY Vintage Door Tutorial 2

9. Tape

Grab your painter’s tape and tape off the inside of your door’s window. This saves having to scrape / wash accidental paint streaks down the road.

10. Paint

This is the fun part! Get out your paints! I used a cream colour.

11. More paint

I did one full coat of Limoges as my base. The reason for this? I wanted it to be the shade that peeked through after distressing the top colour. You’ll see.

12. Judgment call

I chose to stick to just one coat so that during the distressing process, some of the original wood would come through as well. It’s always such a nice touch to keep a bit of that original, vintage beauty! This step is entirely up to you.

Calgary Wedding Planner DIY Vintage Door Tutorial 3

13. Get Artsy

I wanted my vanity to be a piece in a colour not readily available. I chose to mix Limoges with Leather Boots and ended up with this really gorgeous blush-type colour. LOVE!

14. Paint some more + then distress!

Add two coats of your specific colour and allow a few hours for it to dry completely. In the photo demonstrated, I used the electric sander to achieve the distressed look I was going for.

15. Fine-Tune

I used my 60 and 100 grade sandpapers to distress the fine details. Distressing gives your piece the antique look we’re all crushing on so hard these days. Yes, it’s a ton of work for making something look old and worn.. but the end result is oh-so-worth-it!

16. Wax On

Get out your wax brush and clear wax. This is the step where your paint gets sealed and a slight glossy shine is added. Make sure to only apply the wax in small patches at a time – it dries quickly!

Calgary Wedding Planner DIY Vintage Door Tutorial 4

17. Wax. Wax. Wax.

Excess wax can be wiped off with a cloth.  Rub the wax in delicately so that it blends into crevices and cracks. Keep in mind that the wax really does dry quickly, so do this in small pieces.

18. (dark) Wax On.

Once your whole piece has been finished with clear wax (and you’ve removed all excess with a cloth), it’s time for the dark wax. Take your brush and, again, only work in small pieces as the wax dries quickly. Use circular motions and press the brush hard into the wood so all cracks are filled.

19. Two-toned

This photo demonstrates how dark the wax is in comparison to my paint colour, but don’t worry – it goes on dark and then can easily be wiped off to achieve the look you’re going for!

20. The choice is yours

You decide how light or dark you want your finished product to be by deciding how much of the wax you leave on or wipe away.

Calgary Wedding Planner DIY Vintage Door Tutorial 5

21. Step by step…

This piece is the shelf that will be attached to the middle of the door. The painting and distressing was done before it was attached – making it infinitely easier to work with!

22. Hooking Up

I found these super-cute hooks at Real Deals Home Decor in Lethbridge. Love! Position and measure them accordingly at the top or wherever you prefer to position them.

23. Attach + Secure

Once you’ve positioned the hooks where you’d like them to be, use your power drill and screws to firmly attach and secure.

24. Finishing Touches

We’ve painted our hooks with the main colour, and once attached to the door we waxed them with clear and dark wax and then lightly distressed them too. At this point we’ve also attached the ornate shelf to the middle of the door – fairly simple as we had attachments that easily screwed in.

Calgary Wedding Planner DIY Vintage Door Tutorial 6

25. Almost done!

Remove your painter’s tape. Such an easy and rewarding step.

26. Spot shine

Grab your glass cleaner and wipe down your window, removing any blotches or stains left behind by all your hard work.

Calgary Wedding Planner DIY Vintage Door Tutorial 7

DIY Vintage Door wedding decor close-up photo

DIY Vintage Door Wedding Decor How To Tutorial

DIY Vintage Door Vanity Wedding decor

There you have it!

You can prop this beauty up at the entrance to your wedding ceremony, use it as a Guestbook signing table, arrange photos of family weddings or In Loving Memory frames, and then bring it home after the big day to display your wedding pics, fresh flowers, or even makeup or jewelry!


Make sure to tag me in your own vintage furniture projects…. #WGxCalgary or @Krystal.WeddingGirl on Instagram and I’ll make sure to get them up on our blog as well.

Hugs and Kisses -

~ xo, Krystal


Krystal is a Wedding Planner and Bridal Lifestyle Blogger in the Calgary area.

Connect with her directly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by email: Krystal@WeddingGirl.ca

Krystal Robertson WeddingGirl.ca Calgary Wedding Planner

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July 25, 2015

Bridal Beauty :: Be Warned! | by All Glam Affair

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{ Beauty Trial Tips | be cautious of carelessness! }

We’ve planned nearly 200 weddings, but once in a while even we end up stumped with a wedding planning situation we’ve never seen before! What do you do when, after a her make-up trial, your bride-to-be ends up with puffy, infected, blotchy red eyes and an Emergency Room diagnosed infection / allergic reaction?? I mean, thank goodness it wasn’t her wedding day!

We reached out to Toronto-based make-up and bridal beauty pro, Sacha Parawan, owner and stylist at All Glam Affair to get her expert opinion:

Sacha Parawan Toronto All Glam Affair


“In situations like this, it’s clear that something very unprofessional took place. This is why I always tell my brides to do a trial before the big day! Make-up and hair trials are an opportunity to see how the artist works.”


“What should a Bride, heading to her trial, know in advance?”


“Trials are the time to ask questions. Inquire about proper, safe, sanitary techniques. Watch how the artist deposits and transfers makeup – this is a big indicator of whether they are, in fact, employing sanitary practices.”

We were told that Sacha (and all her artists) work with a sanitized spatula to deposit creams and colours.


“Make sure your artist has tons of brushes. These should be washed after every client and not just cleaned in between.”

Artists at All Glam Affair spray brushes with alcohol after every wash and keep those brushes separate from all other brushes and makeup in their kit.


“Should bridal beauty artists be certified?”


“There are many artists out there who are self-taught, and many others (like myself) who are certified. Some of us advertise our certifications and others choose not to. It’s important to me that my clients know I’m trained in the work I provide.”

Sacha’s final words of advice to any bride shopping for a mobile bridal beauty artist for her big day?

“Shop around. Opt for a certified, professionally trained artist. Do a trial!”


Check out how gorgeous Sacha made these recent WeddingGirl beauties!

View More: http://kthompsonphotography.pass.us/dan-genna

View More: http://kthompsonphotography.pass.us/dan-genna

WeddingGirl.ca Indie88 Wedding Contest Jessie Jim

Jessie Jim Indie88 Wedding Sacha Parawan WeddingGirl.ca


{ blog love }

Photography Credit: Katie Thompson Photography | PureStorm Studios


Book Sacha for your Toronto + surrounding area wedding day hair and makeup by visiting AllGlamAffair.com

All Glam Affair Toronto Bridal Beauty Sacha Parawan

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July 20, 2015

#WhenWeddingGirlsWed :: our very own Laura said “I Do!”

{ #WhenWeddingGirlsWed :: Laura + Ben }

WhenWedingGirlsWed Toronto Bridal Bloggers

It’s one thing to know weddings inside-out-and-backwards, to plan them daily, attend them weekly, and pour over hundreds of details for other brides, but it’s totally different when it’s one of your own who’s donning the pretty white dress!

The beautiful Laura joined our WeddingGirl family in early 2014. Since that time, we’ve watched this beautiful butterfly grow and transform in ways we never thought we’d see from her. She began as a shy, meek, timid little mouse whose passionate thoughts poured through in emails but whose in-person presence was too small to notice. When I first sat, one-on-one with Laura, I saw nothing but the jetplane-sized potential she harnessed inside… and I vowed to help her see it for herself. Well, mission accomplished.

Not only has this brave GirlBoss left the rat race to create a life she loves, she’s developed one of the strongest social media voices I’ve ever heard! Even in person, Laura now confidently asks questions, challenges beliefs, and makes things happen. Oh, and then there was that one time Carly and I showed up to Starbucks for a meeting and Miss Laura surprised us with luscious long locks of Little-Mermaid-Red hair!

We couldn’t love our pretty Ariel more than we do…. so imagine how special it was when we got to celebrate her very own Big Day together. The scene of the crime? Elegantly understated Alice Fazooli’s in Richmond Hill – one of the couples’ favourite restaurants. This was a private affair for immediate family to witness Laura and Ben’s lawful vows, in preparation for their romantic destination wedding in Cuba next month!

Sometimes, Laura smiles so big it takes over her entire face…. well, on the day she tied the knot with her main squeeze, her smile was even more magical than that.


Laura Arbelaez Toronto Wedding PureStorm Studios Photography

PureStorm Studios Toronto Wedding Photographer

Shades of Pink Wedding Flowers Candles Fraiche Floral Studio Toronto

Shades of Pink Bridal Bouquet Fraiche Floral Toronto

Macarons and Mint Toronto Wedding Favours

Laura Arbelaez Toronto Lifestyle Blogger PR Maven

First Look Wedding Photography Purestorm Studios Toronto

Laura Arbelaez Toronto Wedding Blogger WeddingGirl.ca

Laura Arbelaez Purestorm Studios Toronto Wedding Photography Blogger

Toronto Wedding Planner WeddingGirl.ca Laura Arbelaez Alice Fazoolis

Toronto Wedding Photographer Mark Wilson Purestorm Studios

Purestorm Studios Toronto Wedding Photographer Cinematographer

Toronto Bridal Lifestyle Blogger Laura Arbelaez Marries Ben

Shades of Pink bridal bouquet Fraiche Floral Studio Toronto

PureStorm Studios Toronto Mark Wilson Photography

Laura Arbelaez Toronto Bridal Lifestyle Blogger


Carly Whiteman Laura Arbelaez Mary Bratko WeddingGirl.ca



{ blog love }

Venue: Alice Fazooli’s, Richmond Hill

Officiant: White Orchid Weddings

Photography: PureStorm Studios

Design + Decor: Fraîche Floral Studio

Sweet Treats: Macarons & Mint


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July 17, 2015

WeddingGirl.ca + Opening Night Flowers @ One King West Hotel

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{ Pinks + Greens }

Opening Night Flowers Pink Blush Wedding Fifteen Hundred 3

Oh my goodness, it’s so amazing the spontaneous-combustion of creativity that happens when you multiply unique ideas by passionate spirits in the wedding industry! It’s no secret that One King West hotel, in the heart of Toronto’s elegant finance district, is a venue space near and dear to our WeddingGirl heart. Well, when we met the uber-talented Nick from Opening Night Flowers at Plannercademy™ earlier this year, there was no denying that we had to make magic happen together.

Yesterday, we did.


Nicholas is a floral visionary. There’s no two ways about it… this man sees things others don’t see and creates things unlike anything that’s ever existed before. He truly is a designer.

And then, we took that floral visionary and put him into a space as inspiring as One King West hotel.

One King West is a historic gem of a venue. Its unique spaces range from the lavish Grand Banking Hall seating 200+ to more intimate rooms for quaint parties for 50 or less. You can even host an elegant dinner gathering in the historic bank’s vault!

Yesterday, though, we chose to transform its more modern spaces: Fourteen and Fifteen Hundred – both meeting and luxury suite spaces that provide a backdrop for your nuptial celebration that few couples can boast.

Let’s throw into the mix one of the most uniquely talented wedding photographers to break into the industry lately, and we had on our hands one super-gorgeous afternoon!


Blush White Bridal Bouquet Opening Night Flowers One King West Hotel WeddingGirl.ca 2

Blush White Bridal Bouquet Opening Night Flowers One King West Hotel WeddingGirl.ca 3

Blush White Bridal Bouquet Opening Night Flowers One King West Hotel WeddingGirl.ca

One King West Hotel Fourteen Hundred Wedding Ceremony 4

One King West Hotel Fourteen Hundred Wedding Ceremony 3

One King West Hotel Fourteen Hundred Wedding Ceremony 5

Opening Night Flowers Pink Blush Wedding Fifteen Hundred 6

Opening Night Flowers Pink Blush Wedding Fifteen Hundred 4

One King West Hotel Fifteen Hundred Wedding 4

One King West Hotel Fifteen Hundred Wedding 1

One King West Hotel Fifteen Hundred Wedding 2

Opening Night Flowers Purestorm Studios Wedding

Opening Night Flowers Pink Blush Wedding Fifteen Hundred


{ blog love }

Photography Credit: PureStorm Studios

Floral Design: Opening Night Flowers

Chiavari Chairs: Detailz Chair Couture

Style Shoot Inspiration: WeddingGirl.ca

Venue: One King West Hotel

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July 13, 2015

Bridal Gown Shopping :: Expectation Management

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{ Reality vs. Made for TV wedding dress shopping  }

Say Yes To The Dress via Buzzfeed

Authored by: Angela Kerry


“Sooo…are you saying yes to the dress?” says a bride’s best friend, as I smile and nod as though I haven’t heard the question a million times before.

It’s a phrase I hear 9 out of 10 times when a bride is on the verge of choosing the one. It’s one of those brilliant, iconic phrases that sticks like glue and nearly every single bridal entourage uses it. Even other businesses in the wedding industry have claimed it for themselves. This one’s not going away anytime soon, folks.

Say Yes To The Dress TV show

I can’t say I watch Say Yes To The Dress religiously, but I’ve seen enough episodes to know the basic premise. Sure, there are some episodes with back stories that pull at your heart strings, and then there’s the other episodes where you wonder if people actually behave that way in their real-life… I mean, are brides actually this entitled? arrogant? Are friends and family actually this inconsiderate and abrupt?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trashing the show. I do think its fun to watch and get your bridal fashion fix. It’s a pretty solid research source for brides-to-be to learn the lingo, see the silhouettes, and get a sense of what styles are available before they start shopping themselves…. but….

Please, for the love of all that is right in saying yes to your dress - take that show with a grain of salt!

Say Yes To The Dress Kleinfeld

Producers create drama.

Brides are cast to be quirky.

I mean… how else would a show about girls trying on overpriced dresses survive otherwise?

So, my dear Brides-To-Be… with that in mind, here are some facts:

1. Yup… you often have to go through many No’s before you say Yes.

2. Definitely, the dress you were certain was made-for-you in a bridal mag may do absolutely nothing for you when you try it on (do not buy sight-unseen!)

3. No, not all beautiful bridal boutiques carry exclusively outrageous price tags.

4. Nope. Not all bridal stores allow you to peruse the racks on your own.

5. And no, there won’t always be scrutinizing pressure to buy from salespeople.

Basically, what you see on the screen isn’t at all how real-world dress shopping will go.

Here are some of the things you may run into, though:

Tears of Joy

If everything else tells you that you’ve found your dress, and you’re bursting at the seams with excitement – it’s okay if you don’t cry! It’s also okay if your mum doesn’t cry and your group of girls is entirely dry-eyed. Waterworks make for good TV. That’s all.


Love at First Sight

A wedding dress doesn’t fit or feel anything like our street clothing.

You know how hard it is to find a perfect pair of jeans? It’s rare for a bride to choose her gown on the spot. Rash decisions make for good ratings… they’re certainly not expected when making one of the biggest fashion decisions of your life.


Less is More

I’ve said it before … less is more. Choose 1-2 trusted folks to shop with, and leave the rest of your posse at home. Having a couch lined with eight of your most opinionated besties makes for great television controversy, but I promise – they only make the experience harder on you. Pick the gown you love, then host a “viewing party” in the comfort of your own living room…. and all the bottles of bubbly you want!



Size Does Matter

It can be difficult to commit to a dress if you can’t see how it’s suppose to fit on your own body.

Clamping a petite bride into a dress to fit, or adding extensions to a dress to hold a bride in can change the shape of the dress entirely (so don’t be surprised if that dress comes in and it’s not at all what you remember).

If you’re a Size 8, try on Size 10-12 gowns (though label sizing does change based on designer). Shop at boutiques that carry a broad range of sizes and let’s keep the discouragement to a minimum, shall we?


Stand Your Ground

So while we’d like to think that the attitude and harsh honesty we see on TV is, well, made for TV… the truth is, sometimes even your nearest and dearest can be downright rude. While every group’s dynamic is different, remember that these folks are your sounding board, not your decision makers. Make this clear before you shop together.


And a Message to the Bridal Party…

To the older sister who thinks she knows what’s best for her baby sister;

To the fashionista-friend turned self-assured stylist;

To the bored bridesmaid who said ‘Yes’ to being a part of the wedding party but has 65 things she’d rather be doing;

And to the mother who thinks her opinion should be the final choice….

I encourage you to certainly give your opinions – but please save them until after your bride has expressed her thoughts.

Help the bride talk through her options if she’s having a hard time making a choice.

Please keep her best interest at heart before you unabashedly share your mind.

She respects your opinion… don’t forget to respect hers. (Remember, it’s okay if the dress she loves isn’t your favourite!)


Whether THE dress was found at the end of a lengthy hunt, or by sheer happenstance on a rainy Wednesday afternoon… it’s time to celebrate! I don’t have any bells for you to ring in my boutique, but I promise, the moment will be just as celebrated as they are when televised to millions of homes. We’ll just be a bit more cautious to keep your international image entirely flawless!


Angela is the owner of Gown And Glory Consignment Bridal Boutique in Mississauga.

Gown and Glory Consignment Boutique Logo

Visit the WeddingGirl.ca Marketplace for a listing of bridal gowns available in her shop, and visit her website to book your appointment: www.GownAndGlory.ca

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June 28, 2015

#RibfestWedding | sneak-peek preview by Peter Dusek Photography

{ Once Upon a Toronto Ribfest … }

Sooo, Ribfest had a wedding…. and everything started with this guy.

Meet Hugh Williams – a man who sits on about a half-dozen different boards and is one of the key masterminds of Rotary Etobicoke . Hugh heard about the Indie88 Win-A-Wedding contest that all of us at WeddingGirl.ca brought to life, and he thought…. “Hey, why don’t we give away a wedding at Ribfest?” …. so, we did.

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 8

Rotary Etobicoke, as we came to learn in the past few months, is about community. This group is about charity, support, service-above-self, and about making an impact, a difference. The Toronto Ribfest isn’t just about BBQ sauce and pork-on-a-bun… it, too, is about making waves in the community and leaving a positive mark on so many more people than just hungry meat-lovers in annual attendance.

 And this year, Ribfest wanted to kick off summer with a sweet occasion, a wedding.

The contest was planned and a photoshoot was styled. We put a call out to Toronto looking for a saucy couple that knows #MarriageIsMessy. The entries poured in, but one stood out above all others.

Cue: Pamela and Francis.

With less than two weeks before their Big Day, there was a lot to do before these two said “I Do.” A whirlwind of last-minute everythings brought us to June 27th…. Wedding Day. (also known as torrential downpour day). Some gusty winds and sloshy grounds weren’t going to stop us…. these lovebirds spoke their vows, exchanged their rings, and celebrated Happily Ever After among family and friends (and pretty much every media crew in the city!)

Here’s  how the day unfolded courtesy of Rotary Etobicoke volunteer photographer, Peter Dusek.

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 2

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 3

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 4

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 6

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 7

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 9

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 10

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 11

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 12

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 14

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 15

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 13


This #RibfestWedding giveaway would not have been possible without the generous love, support, and contributions made by:

Rotary Etobicoke

Toronto Ribfest


Kettle Creek Weddings | Wayne Wright

Purestorm Studios

Boutique Linen Rentals

Cakeity Cakes

Designs By Liselle

Fraîche Floral Studio

Sheraton Toronto Airport


{ Blog Love } Photography Credits: Peter Dusek Photography

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June 20, 2015

Taylor Jackson + Lindsay Coulter | KW Wedding Photographers

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{ Italy Series }

by: Mary


You can’t be a part of the wedding industry without crossing paths with Taylor Jackson, wedding photographer. Our paths were initially lucky enough to cross years ago when I was still a wedding planning newbie. Since then Taylor’s artistic and creative talents have captured many WeddingGirl celebrations and I’ve watched him grow and develop his brand in ways that few entrepreneurs dare to dream.

And one of the best things to happen to Taylor in the past few years? Miss Lindsay Coulter. Lindsay’s passion, spirit, and crazy-amazing kindness emanate from her when she’s standing near you. She’s impossible not to fall in love with!

Together, Taylor and Lindsay make a dynamic photographic duo force to be reckoned with. These two live a life of doing what they love and inspiring others around them to do the same. They recently traveled to and through Italy, capturing their adventure and coming back to southern Ontario to share the beauty and magic of one of their favourite countries with their favourite people here at home.

A few days ago I decided to brave the traffic on the westbound 401 to attend a gallery opening at gorgeous Hacienda Sarria in Kitchener – one of Taylor and Lindsay’s top-rated wedding venues in southern Ontario. As expected, the photos were stunning, the venue was perfect, and the turnout was incredible. Working in one of the most dynamic and challenging industries ever, it’s so inspiring to see young dreamers leaving a mark on those around them and these two are impossible to ignore.

Taylor Jackson Lidnsay Coulter Italy series

Taylor and Lindsay traveled to Italy for nine days to capture the romance, passion, and lifestyle of the Italian culture.

“Italy inspires so much of the rest of the world.” – their 20-minute documentary captured the behind-the-scenes of narrow streets, unique AirBNB’s, and even getting their drone stuck in a tree. Though, we never did find out how they got it down?!

It’s so very obvious that the love for their craft that these two bring to weddings is what they take with them around the world: unique angles, creative perspectives and final products that can set any heart ablaze.

Take a peek at ItalySeries.com to see the adventure!

Taylor Jackson Lindsay Coulter Italy Series Kitchener Waterloo

God, it’s so crazy-clear how much these two love one another, and love what they do. How lucky we are to be a part of an industry that celebrates love at every corner – both that which our couples share, and the love that we have, as industry experts, in creating a day-to-day reality beyond our wildest imagination.

Follow Taylor and Lindsay’s photographic story unfold: @TaylorJackson and @LCoulterPhoto

Lindsay Coulter Taylor Jackson Wedding Photographers Ontario

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June 17, 2015

DIY Burlap + Lace Rose Bouquet | #WGxCalgary

{ WeddingGirl How-To … }

by: Krystal Robertson


If you haven’t received the memo that I love all things floral I’m here to tell you that I do! Very much so. Anything and everything! Now that I’m situated in Alberta I decided to get down to my country roots and think outside the box!

We all adore floral bouquets. How could you not? But wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to have it as a keepsake? Something sentimental to decorate your home? Well I came across flowers made from burlap material. It was love at first sight. I’d like to demonstrate how to make one of these beautiful bouquets for yourself!

Burlap Lace Wedding DIY Flowers Tutorial How To WeddingGirl.ca

Ready to get started? { Sidenote, I found everything at Micheals! }

You will need:

- glue gun

- glue sticks

- burlap fabric

- lace burlap fabric

- floral tape

- decorative ribbon

- circle tulle sheets

- twine

- sticks

- scissors

- raffia

- babys breath (artificial)

Burlap Lace Wedding DIY Flowers Tutorial How To WeddingGirl.ca 2
Burlap Lace Wedding DIY Flowers Tutorial How To WeddingGirl.ca 3


Start by getting your glue gun ready and put out a paper towel to avoid mess!
Lay out your non-printed burlap fabric and place the stick halfway up as shown. You really could use anything as a base but I thought that sticks really added that rustic feel that I was going for.


Glue the side of your stick facing up. Keep in mind that burlap fabric is not full and that glue is hot! I learned this lesson the hard way. Don’t worry, the glue will start to dry fairly quickly (and the burn only hurts for a second, I promise).


Hold the left side of the fabric with your left hand and roll the stick over. Hold for about 30 seconds to make sure the glue cools.


Grab your glue gun once more and glue the side of the fabric that the stick is under, you will only need to glue half of it as demonstrated.
Burlap Lace Wedding DIY Flowers Tutorial How To WeddingGirl.ca 4


Once you have glued the burlap you will then proceed to fold the fabric on top of the glue. After this step is completed simply roll the stick over onto the fabric. This creates the inside of the rose.


Roll a few times to get the look you desire.The middle will have a few rolls. Pull tight to make sure it is in place!


Once you have the inside arranged, glue the burlap together to keep it strong. Wait 30 seconds to make sure the glue is dry before letting go.


To make the petals, simply and loosely fold the remaining burlap fabric into a loop.
Burlap Lace Wedding DIY Flowers Tutorial How To WeddingGirl.ca 5


Continue to grab remaining pieces of burlap into loops and fold up. Every time you make a loop secure it to the fabric with glue. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to look perfect – that’s exactly the beauty of it all!


As you finish all the way around leave approximately 3-4 ” of burlap fabric.


Hold your flower at the base tightly and start to wrap around the excess fabric. Glue as you feel necessary.


Once you have waited a few moments for that glue to cool, grab a piece of twine and start to wrap around the base tightly. I made a couple of knots and tied them as tight as I possibly could!
Burlap Lace Wedding DIY Flowers Tutorial How To WeddingGirl.ca 6


Congrats! You’ve completed your first rose!

Set it aside and now grab a piece of tulle. Take your scissors and cut a hole in the middle. This also doesn’t have to be perfect as it just has to fit on the rose.

Start from the bottom and gently pull the tulle up to the base of the rose.


Voila! This is how it should look thus far.
Burlap Lace Wedding DIY Flowers Tutorial How To WeddingGirl.ca 7


Repeat these same steps for the amount of flowers you desire. My bouquet has 6 flowers! I used 4 regular pieces of burlap and 2 pieces of lace burlap to give it some dimension.

Once you have all your flowers gather them up together and arrange them as you wish – tall, short, loose, tight.

I added hints of baby’s breath and some raffia to each rose so all my stylistic elements tied in with one another beautifully.

Once you have your bouquet designed and shaped the way you like, hold the base tightly and grab your floral tape. (floral tape = awesome!)

Start wrapping the floral tape around all the sticks until it is tight and secure. Now take out your raffia and break it into small pieces. I looped mine for a fuller feel. Start placing and taping them at the base of your bouquet. It doesn’t have to be perfect because we will be covering the floral tape with stem wrap.


Now grab a piece of leftover lace burlap (about 4″ long). Get out that glue gun again!

On the edge of your lace burlap put glue all the way down the side and position over top of the floral tape (and across any imperfections you want to cover up).  Wrap tightly and glue in place.

Get out your decorative ribbon. I used a firm ribbon to hide my bouquet’s mechanics (a flimsy ribbon would be less forgiving). Cut a long piece, wrap around, and tie it into a bow! Easy peasy. Then cut another piece of ribbon and wrap around the base where you have put the lace burlap. I positioned mine right in the middle. Glue it down securely and symmetrically.

Add some glue onto the knot of your bow, put it right in the middle of your ribbon – and you’re done!

Congrats, lovely! You now have a beautiful bouquet to carry down the aisle, give to your bridesmaids, or use as decor around your rustic wedding space.

DIY Burlap Lace Wedding Flower Bouquet Tutorial How To



Krystal is a Wedding Planner, Bridal Life Stylist, and Blogger with WeddingGirl.ca in Calgary.

Follow her adventures on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!
Connect with Krystal directly: Krystal@WeddingGirl.ca

Krystal Roberston WeddingGirl.ca Calgary WGxCalgary Planner

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June 16, 2015

#RibfestWedding | Meet Ribfest lovers Pamela + Francis!

{ Toronto Ribfest 2015 }

#RibfestWedding Designs By Liselle Save The Date BBQ

A few months ago, Rotary Etobicoke connected with WeddingGirl.ca to create the most memorable Toronto Ribfest ever. Just a few short brainstorming sessions later, the #RibfestWedding was born and plans were underway to find Toronto’s sauciest couple to tie the knot.

A few weeks ago, we styled a gorgeous #RibfestWedding photoshoot…

#RibfestWedding Designs By Liselle Burlap Lace Stationery

#RibfestWedding Fraiche Floral Studio Toronto

#RibfestWedding Cakeity Cakes Toronto Burlap Lace Design

#RibfestWedding Place Setting BBQ

#RibfestWedding Design Styled Shoot

The theme was burlap, lace, and a hint of Ribfest-inspired creativity….. along with all the fixin’s of a good, old-fashioned BBQ cook-out!


(missed the full style shoot blog? Check it out here!)


We wanted Toronto to ditch their smokey, muddy preconceptions of what a Ribfest Wedding could be and imagine, instead, the simplistic elegance and gorgeous goodies that would await our winning couple!

{ the story }

The contest was open and the submissions came in. The stories were all special, but one in particular really touched our hearts:

We’re country-chic (rednecks) but with good manners! (And just look at Pamela’s Pinterest wedding board, it matches the Style Shoot decor to a T!)

We have silly personalities but also charm and wit; a combination of easy-going and precise… and, let’s face it, we’re planning on attending the Toronto Ribfest anyways, so we may as well just make it a family affair!

Pamela was born in Orillia, Francis – from Montreal… and together we made the best thing to happen to us: little 3-year-old Olivia.

We live in Angus, a small town outside of Canadian Forces base Borden, where Francis is currently serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

It’s been over five happy (yet some more difficult) years together… and we know that marriage is messy! 

A year ago, a tornado touched down and destroyed our home, only a day after Francis left for Manitoba on a tasking. 

It hasn’t always been easy, but the life we’ve created is entirely worth it. We’ve fallen, gotten back up, picked each other up, stood strong, and continued to love and laugh together. We know we are meant to stand by each others’ side until we can no longer stand at all… and even then, we’ll sit side by side, wrinkly and gray, in rocking chairs on the porch.

And just like that, our hearts melted.

This was our couple: a born-and-bred, true-blue Canadian, all-around kind-hearted pair, and their little girl… who stood for exactly what our #RibfestWedding, and Rotary Etobicoke is all about: fun, family, and building a better community together.


{ behind-the-scenes }

Just a handful of hours ago, the stage was set for an epic #RibfestWedding surprise.

Carly, Laura and Mary piled into a balloon-packed Jeep and drove northbound on the 400 to small-town Angus, just west of Barrie.

WeddingGirl Ribfest Surprise Roadtrip

It wasn’t long before our Surprise-Crew connected in Essa and developed our plan of attack.

“You’re going to set up your tripod at the edge of the street.”

“Right. I’ll use my prime lens to get a really tight shot.”

“You hold the balloons behind the garage door so that if she answers she doesn’t see them right away.”

“You’ll film?”

“You do the talking.”

Got it.

We rolled in….

RibfestWedding Surprise Contest Toronto WeddingGirl.ca 1

“Hi! Are you Francis?”


“Is Pamela home?”

“No, she’s working!”

……. #$%&.

With the help of some pretty amazing neighbours and some on-the-spot creativity, Plan B was devised in a few short seconds.

(the key to being really good wedding planners? nothing surprises you anymore!)

RibfestWedding Surprise Contest Toronto WeddingGirl.ca 3

RibfestWedding Surprise Contest Toronto WeddingGirl.ca 4

RibfestWedding Surprise Contest Toronto WeddingGirl.ca 5

We rolled out…

Laura Arbelaez WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Ribfest Wedding Giveaway

A quick jaunt over into Barrie brought us to a pretty little park just outside of Pamela’s work.

Cameras in place.

Balloons in place.

WeddingGirl decoys in place.

Plan B was in place… the stage was set and the surprise was going to be BIG!

RibfestWedding Surprise Contest Toronto WeddingGirl.ca 7

RibfestWedding Toronto Surprise Giveaway

WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Ribfest Wedding Surprise Giveaway 2

WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Ribfest Wedding Surprise Giveaway 4

Pamela Francis RibfestWedding Toronto Winning Couple Giveaway Contest

Pamela Ruttan Francis Cote Toronto Ribfest Wedding Winning Couple 2015

There’s something intoxicatingly magical about changing somebody’s love story.

The most gigantic Thank You in the world goes out to the amazing folks at Rotary Etobicoke and Toronto Ribfest for choosing us to plan this unforgettable celebration.

To Pamela and Francis….. buckle up, lovers! You’re getting married, and Toronto’s invited!

Francis Cote Pamela Ruttan Toronto RibfestWedding Winners


The countdown is on to the #RibfestWedding when #PamCis | #FraMela say “I Do!”

If you’d like to be a guest at this once-in-a-lifetime celebration, save your spot at EventBrite’s Ribfest Wedding event.

Follow Pamela and Francis’ (short!) journey to the altar on Facebook, by clicking here! You can also check out behind-the-scenes photos and footage on Instagram, @WeddingGirlca or by following #RibfestWedding






blog love:

photography credits for capturing this special day: PureStorm Studios

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June 13, 2015

#WGxCalgary | YYC’s newest wedding planner extraordinaire!

Filed under: #WGxCalgary,Author: Krystal Robertson,Bridal Blog — Krystal @ WG @ 1:37 pm

{ #WGxCalgary }

We’ve made it!

Safe and sound.

Home sweet home.

…. and I’m smiling from ear to ear!

Calgary YYC City scape Krystal Robertson Wedding Planner

Bless my mother’s heart, the moment I walked into the house I’ve had family and friends crowding into our space waiting to greet me. How truly amazing?! The love has been radiating all around me since the moment I arrived. I knew I had a support system here, but to come home and it be so readily available at that exact moment was one of the best feelings a girl could experience.

Things feel right.

I don’t know how to explain it entirely.

Not to mention that Darwin is absolutely loving life outside of the concrete jungle that is Toronto. He is barreling through the grass at the park across the street, chasing birds and whatever else catches his little eye. I suppose he feels the same way I do – we are home!

Krystal Robertson Darwin Calgary Wedding Planner

So here I go… putting everything I have into this industry. These new surroundings here are inspiring: not only beautiful but now conducive to achieving whatever my little heart desires. My mind is cluttered with visions of floral designs, dresses, and all-things-amazing.

Just like the mountains, lakes, and gorgeous fields around me, my possibilities really are endless.

Calgary Landscape Wedding Planner Krystal Robertson

Stay tuned for my new journey….

Oh, and next week I’m getting together with Lindsay Nickel Photography to chat about blogs, style shoots, and making things happen. You HAVE to check her out! She’s amazing!

~ xo


Krystal (+ Darwin)

Krystal Robertson WeddingGirl.ca Calgary Alberta Wedding Planner


Krystal is a Wedding Planner, Bridal Life Stylist, and Blogger with WeddingGirl.ca in Calgary.

Follow her adventures on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!
Connect with Krystal directly: Krystal@WeddingGirl.ca

Krystal Roberston WeddingGirl.ca Calgary WGxCalgary Planner

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