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January 25, 2015

#Indie88Wedding | One Couple. One Day’s Notice. For Real.

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{ #WGxIndie88 }


If you haven’t been tuned in to Indie88 – at 88.1 FM – then you should probably go do that immediately.

These fab folks and all of us at WG have been secretly plotting the planet’s most epic wedding giveaway for months now, and last week we made it airwave-official!

One lucky couple will get one day’s notice and tie the knot on the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day. If nothing else, their anniversary date will be pretty much impossible to forget!

If you haven’t been listening for the past few days, here’s what you’ve missed:

Monday, January 19th: 8:10 a.m.


Win A Wedding Indie88 Toronto WeddingGirl.ca

That’s when the madness began. Can you believe that the first entries for this contest began pouring in only minutes after it was announced?! We knew Toronto was filled with super-rad lovebirds!

The next day, we headed over to the Indie offices in Liberty Village to set the record straight on-air….

Indie88 Toronto Win A Wedding Contest WeddingGIrl.ca

Sidenote: if you’ve never visited beautiful Liberty Village at dawn, you should probably do that.

Sunrise Liberty Village Toronto

Did you know Indie88 broadcasts from a house in Liberty Village?

Their boardroom is an ex-bedroom, and their broadcast table is an old dining room table. Amazing.

Indie88 Broadcast room liberty village toronto

Never having had any radio experience before, this view was a bit daunting…..

Mary Bratko at Indie88 Toronto Radio

Did you miss the clip? Here it is!

Mary Bratko Indie88 Candice Matt Brian Morning After Radio Show

{ the Scoop }

So here’s how everything’s going down.

Couples in love need to apply at Indie88.com

Fill out the questionnaire.

Upload a photo (make it epic!)

Upload a video (make it even more epic!)  – (waiting until some brave dude decides to get down on bended knee in the video!)


Next week, we’re going to pick our two finalists… and then, the vote is YOURS! Our final two couples will be put to a vote and selected by our listeners. The winning twosome will find out on February 13th at 8:10 a.m. that they’re tying the knot the next day!

The WG team is going to play role of “Bridal Party” and whisk our couple off to Toronto City Hall to get a marriage license, to Made You Look on Queen West for custom wedding bands, and then to the gorgeous LoversLand on Ossington to choose a designer wedding gown! Purestorm Studios will be in tow, capturing all the excitement on camera while J. Company Designs busily sets up our stunning decor over at The Richmond.

Cue: Valentine’s Day

- or, Indie88 Wedding Day!

Our lucky couple will have slumbered soundly at One King West Hotel. They’ll be well rested before the beauty experts from Visage Yorkville arrive to make some gorgeous happen. Right around this time, Cookery Catering and Double Trouble Brewing Co. will be setting up at the venue, Paper & Poste will be pulling wedding day stationery hot-off-the-press, and the Fraîche Floral Studio will be putting last minute touches on some stunning floral designs. Not to mention, a stylishly sweet wedding cake will be rolling in from our friends at Le Dolci. Yum! Oh, did we mention that Dillon’s is going to be there too? Love may be sweet… but gin is definitely better.

The bride’s designer gown will be topped off with a custom-designed, one-of-a-kind headpiece from the oh-so-talented Blair Nadeau Millinery and all-the-while, Canadian Indie band, Stars, will be rehearsing at the Danforth in preparation of welcoming our winning couple and their wedding guests to their sold-out Valentine’s Day concert!

Danforth Music Hall Toronto Indie88 Wedding

This wedding is going to be off-the-hook… complete with all the things you’d expect from an unforgettable celebration – and a few things you wouldn’t! We’re slowly sharing top-secret details on the WeddingGirl.ca Instagram account. Can’t wait to find out?? Follow us @WeddingGirlca and find and follow our sponsors for hints about their contributions as well!

Indie88Wedding Toronto WeddingGirl.ca tweets

Remember…. go to Indie88.com, enter to win, and cross your toes – for a life-changing wedding from Indie88, Stars, and all of us at WeddingGirl.ca!


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January 24, 2015

Rayven & Ryan | Gage Park, Toronto

{ Dan Osadtsuk Photography }

There’s something so incredibly gorgeous about being in love. What makes that love more gorgeous is when the couple is so unique, so different, and so much in love that their uniqueness and difference becomes one and the same. We love the sharp edge of Rayven and Ryan – tattoos and unkempt hair – softened with how deeply they look at eachother, and how madly they love.

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 3

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 2

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 4

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 13

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 14

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 15

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 16

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 17

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 18

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 9

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 5

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 6

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 7

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 8

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 10

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 11

Dan Osadtsuk Photography Punk Indie Alternative Wedding Bride Toronto 12



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January 21, 2015

Madeline + Gord | Crosswinds Golf and Country Club

{ Christopher Porto Photography }

Chris Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer

Christopher Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer Groomsmen

Chris Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer 5

Chris Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer 6

Chris Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer 8

Blush Bridesmaid Bridal Wedding Party Chris Porto

Christoper Porto Burlington Wedding Photography Groomsmen

Chris Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer 7

Chris Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer 4

Crosswinds golf and country club wedding ceremony

Crosswinds Golf Country Club Burlington Wedding Ceremony

Chris Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer 9

Chris Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer 10

Pink rose wedding ring diamond shot Christopher Porto Photography

Crosswinds Golf And Country Club Wedding Photography

Crosswinds Golf and Country club wedding blush pink party

Chris Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer 1

Chris Porto Photography Burlington Wedding Photographer 3

Personalized Wedding Golf Ball Favour Fore-Ever Chris Porto

A note from the Photographer:

“I knew this one would be special the moment I peeked in on the beautiful bride as she was getting ready. The emotion on her face read like a book. It spoke of love and of joy and of the culmination of a lot of ‘i-dotting’ and ‘t-crossing’ (… more on that later).

It must be said that Madeline loves a lot of things: organization, detailed itineraries, planning, contingency planning (… it must be the teacher in her!)

She loves her university friends, bridesmaids (sisters-in-law, friends), her big brother, her parents.

All of this love was so very visible and tangible for those of us on the sidelines on her wedding day. Yet, as much as her eyes and smile showed her love for some things and some people, the Bride’s brightest eyes and biggest smile were saved for her best friend – her groom.

The Bride deserves credit for being meticulous and detail-oriented, but, in fairness, Ford is a stone-turner-over and a heart-on-his-sleeve-wearer as well. And in the moments his beautiful bride approached him on the arm of her doting father, Gord, too, revealed the measure of the depth of his love for her. Their exquisite, emotive ceremony – under threatening skies at stunning Crosswinds Golf and Country Club, was replete with what were, without a doubt, the most sincere and most adorable vows anyone had ever heard. There was barely a dry eye in the house!

Maddie and Gord are as perfect together as perfect can get. They even slipped in a teeny tiny lip-peck after their heart-busting vows – and blatantly before being officially pronounced as husband and wife. Shhh!

These two lovebirds held hands all day, exchanging soft glances, smiles, tender embraces and back rubs of support.

They elegant dining room was filled with handmade and heartfealt personal touches, all lovingly brought together by the thorough bride and her loyal ladies.

A day that I, for one, will never forget.”

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January 15, 2015

Kristen + Siya | an Enchanted Boho Gypsy Wedding

gypsy boho bohemian rustic woodsy forest enchanted wedding


Kristen and Siya’s bohemian forest wedding is truly a dream come true. Shot entirely barefoot by Sara Monika Photography, this fairytale wedding day overflowed with free-spirited, loving friends and family, nature on every side, unique decor, heartwarming speeches, energetic dancing, and an undeniable special connection between best friends-turned-partners for life.

One of the bridesmaids describes Kristen and Siya’s love as something more intense than soulmates. It could be felt in the energy around them. Between them: pure love and acceptance of one another. No judgement.

The wedding was held at the couple’s family’s property in Ganaraska Forest. They are authors of the Fiction/Adventure series: Rise of the Prince and also operate an Inspirational Center: DASHTA Moments.  They work with individuals and small groups to guide them in their pursuit of an authentic life.  Their peaceful and calm environment is an ideal setting for people to discover who they really are, through self-inquiry and awareness of the world around them. 

The beautiful decor was the result of love and craftiness from friends and family; not only was the final result so unique and beautiful, but also incredibly meaningful to the bride and groom.

Moments before the ceremony began, the guests had a peaceful silent moment to take in the energy and the sounds of the nature – to be reminded of being present for the ceremony. Rather than chatter among the crowd or distracting cell phone chimes, all that echoed on the breeze were chirping birds and the soft bubbling of the creek flowing nearby. The natural silence transitioned into serene, ecletic music as Siya walked down the aisle to take his place and await his bride. 

The couple requested that the ceremony be unplugged: no pictures, no phone. The result? A more-present crowd, and a bride walking down the aisle without straining through a sea of iPhone paparazzi. 

Right before they exchanged rings, a ‘ring warming’ took place. Each of the bridal party members held the rings and projected good wishes and positive energy onto them. A beautiful touch.

Near the end of the night, a traditional Thai custom: couples and families received a ‘wish lantern’ – infused with their dreams and set off into the night sky. An unforgettable sigh. 

Gypsy Forest Boho Bride Toronto Wedding 1

DIY Wedding Sign enchanted-bohemian-forest-bride

Enchanted Forest Wedding Gypsy Boho Bride

Gypsy Boho Bride Enchanted Bohemian forest wedding






Gypsy boho rustic forest enchanted bride bohemian wedding


Gypsy boho bride-enchanted-bohemian-forest-wedding-102





Boho gypsy forest woodsy bohemian indie wedding

boho gypsy enchanted forest wedding indie bohemian bride


Gypso Boho Bohemian Forest Enchanted Wedding Bride










Boho Bohemian Gyspy Bride Enchanted Forest Woodsy Wedding DIY




Boho Bohemian Enchanted Woodsy Wooded Forest Wedding



gypsy boho bohemian rustic woodsy forest enchanted wedding


Forest Wooded Woodsy Boho Bohemian Gypsy Wedding






Instagram Wedding Day Hashtag DIY Sign Chalkboard


Boho Bohemian Gypsy Forest Enchanted Woodsy Rustic Wedding DIY



Gypsy Enchanted Forest Boho Indie Bride Wedding






Wish Lanterns Wedding Gypsy Boho Indie Forest Enchanted Bride




Newlywed, Kristen,  is an amazingly talented travel v-logger as well as an actress. Visit her blog at Hopscotch The Globe.



Photography by Sara Monika


Sara Monika Photographer Logo

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January 14, 2015

It’s his day too…

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{ is there such thing as too-much-pretty? }

The other day I stumbled upon this gorgeous wedding shot by the oh-so-talented Serena Swan Photography.

… and then I noticed the curious chain of comments below it:

groom feeling out of place

That’s when I got to thinking…. is there such thing as too-much-pretty?

I mean, weddings are gorgeous.

Especially since the onset of wedding blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest, weddings just keep getting more and more gorgeous.

… but in all of this gorgeous, have we forgotten about the groom?

In the seas of whites, golds, blushes and lace, have we misplaced the fact that one-half of a wedding day belongs to a man? Same-sex weddings aside, how do you balance feminine dreams with a masculine touch?

We’d love to hear about / see the ways in which you gave your groom a chance to have HIS say in your wedding day!

Tag @WeddingGirlca on Twitter or Instagram to be featured,

or find us on Facebook: /WeddingGirl.ca

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Kristin & Warren | Muskoka Wedding

 { a True North love }

Today’s Indie-inspired blog feature comes to us from beautiful cottage country, Muskoka, in northern Ontario.  From the picturesque natural backdrops to the beautiful little group of gorgeous flower girls, every detail of this wedding will make your northern-loving heart pitter-patter.

The question is, though… would you be brave enough to get into a canoe on your wedding day??

Vine Birch Wedding Decor Muskoka

Bridal prep Muskoka Wedding Dan Osadtsuk Photography

dress Shot Muskoka Wedding Dan Osadtsuk Photography

Muskoka Wedding Dan Osadtsuk Photography

Blush Bridesmaids Flower Girls Romantic Wedding

Dan Osadtsuk Photography BRidal Portrait

Muskoka pier wedding ceremony blush khaki rustic

Blush Coral Bridesmaids peonies

Jewish Alternative Eco Rustic Wedding Lakefront Muskoka

With this ring i thee wed Dan Osadtsuk Photography

Bride Groom First Kiss Muskoka Wedding

Jewish Wedding Planner Muskoka

Muskoka Wedding Chairs Photography Dan Osadtsuk

Moonlight wedding pier muskoka waterfront romantic wedding photography

Muskoka Jewish Wedding Reception Party

Muskoka Wedding Photographer Dan Osadtsuk

Sparkler Newlyweds Bride Groom First Dance Dan Osadtsuk

{{ blog love }}

Photography Credit: The Dan Osadtsuk Photography Co.

Venue: Severn Lodge

Wedding Planner: Kristin Bloch

Floral / Decor: Berries & Blooms
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January 13, 2015

Emily Christine Photography | Grand Bend Wedding

{ Boho-Beach meets Garden-Gypsy DIY wedding }


Indie Wedding Emily Christine Photography Toronto 20

Not only is this bride absolutely stunning, her wedding is the stuff that boho-gypsy dreams are made of: a private beachfront on Lake Huron, backyard cottage party, and to top it off – an entirely DIY design!

Niagara Beach Wedding Fort Erie Emily Christine Photography

DIY boho beach garden indie wedding bride

DIY Backyard Garden Woodsy Bride Niagara

DIY Woodsy Garden Wedding Emily Christine Photography

Indie Wedding Emily Christine Photography Toronto 14

Boho gypsy beach wedding bride

Beach boho gypsy indie bride

beach boho bride gypsy wedding fort erie canada

Beach DIY Boho Indie Rustic Wedding NIagara

Indie Wedding Emily Christine Photography Toronto 15

boho backyard gypsy rustic DIY wedding

Indie Wedding Emily Christine Photography Toronto 9

Boho backyard indie bride DIY wedding

Backyard DIY patio lantern string light wedding


{{ blog love }}

Photography: Emily Christine Photography

Venue: Private Residence in Oakwood Park, Grand Bend | Lake Huron

Decor: DIY

Florals: DIY

Wedding Gown: H&M

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Oliver & Bonacini acquires The Carlu | Toronto Wedding News

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{ have you heard? }

One of Canada’s highest-profile restaurant and events company will assume operation of one of Toronto’s downtown historic event spaces.

OLIVER & BONACINI RESTAURANTS - Oliver & Bonacini acquires

Earlier today, Oliver and Bonacini (O&B) announced the expansion of its events portfolio to include the iconic and grand-scale Toronto venue, The Carlu.

Originally opened in 1930 as “Eaton’s Seventh Floor,” The Carlu was designed by French architect Jacques Carlu. In 2003, the space at 44 Yonge Street in College Park was reopened as “The Carlu” event venue after an extensive renovation led by Jeffry Roick and Mark Robert. Now recognized as one of Toronto’s best examples of Art Moderne architecture, The Carlu has been designated as a National Historic Site of Canada, and has played host to royalty on several occasions, as the preferred space for high profile social fetes, conventions and corporate celebrations.

Managing director at The Carlu said,

“The Carlu has long been considered the gem of Toronto’s event scene, with a sterling reputation as one of Canada’s premier event destinations. With O&B’s extensive portfolio of venues, and their consistency and excellence of cuisine and service, The Carlu was a natural fit. We are confident that they can lead the venue to even greater heights,”

In recent years, O&B’s growth in the event sector has included the historic Arcadian event complex at Hudson’s Bay Queen St., Toronto; Malaparte at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, Toronto; the Toronto Region Board of Trade; Windermere House, Muskoka; Westin Trillium House, Collingwood; and most recently, Trump Toronto. O&B is also actively working on newly constructed event spaces in Calgary and Montreal that will be introduced over the next 18 months. A key goal of the company is to develop an extensive “one-stop” portfolio of top-level event spaces to accommodate every client need, from social and wedding requirements, to full-service corporate conferences and events.

Andrew Oliver, president of Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants quotes:

“We’re very excited to be managing this magnificent venue and couldn’t be happier to be bringing our passion for food and service to The Carlu’s distinctive setting of elegance and grandeur.  We have great respect for what’s been accomplished at The Carlu. Working with The Carlu events team, we look forward to continuing the legacy of excellence that has been upheld throughout the years.”

The official transition of The Carlu management to O&B will take place on March 2, 2015.

The Carlu Stock

Don’t worry, Brides:

All existing catering and venue contracts at the venue will remain in place and be honoured, with clients continuing to work directly with their Carlu event specialist to coordinate all logistics.

Effective immediately, clients will also have the opportunity to book O&B as their caterer for all future events.

For more information please visit:

Website: OliverBonacini.com

Twitter: @OliverBonacini

Facebook: OliverBonaciniRestaurants

Instagram: @OliverBonacini

{About O+B }


Oliver & Bonacini (O&B) is recognized as one of Canada’s leading fine dining restaurant, events and catering companies, operating 12 unique and innovative restaurants in Ontario. Operations include à la carte dining, quick service dining, catering and special events. Restaurants include AmericaAuberge du Pommier, Bannock, Biff’s Bistro, Canoe, Canteen, Jump, Luma, and Oliver & Bonacini Café Grill (Toronto, North York, Blue Mountain, Oakville).

Operations are supported by an in-house bakery and chocolate/confections shop, O&B Artisan. The company’s private dining and events division, Oliver & Bonacini Events and Catering, manages a number of large-scale event facilities, including Arcadian, Toronto Region Board of Trade, Malaparte at TIFF Bell Lightbox, Windermere House on Lake Rosseau in Muskoka, and the Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto (in collaboration with INK Entertainment).

In 2011, Oliver & Bonacini partnered with Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC), completing their first project in spring 2012 at Hudson’s Bay Queen Street store, Toronto. They are currently in development with a second grand-scale project slated to open in late 2014 at Hudson’s Bay Calgary Downtown.

In 2013, O&B was named a preferred catering provider to the Royal Ontario Museum, Design Exchange, The Round House at Steam Whistle Brewing and all INK Entertainment event venues, in addition to launching its own direct-to-venue catering service, O&B Caters. Oliver & Bonacini credits its success to the development of a strong company culture, where excellence of food quality and service are valued above all else.

{ About The Carlu }



The Carlu is an historic event space in Toronto. Known for many years as the “Eaton’s Seventh Floor”, The Carlu is one of Toronto’s best examples of Art Moderne architecture. In 1930, the Eaton’s department store chain opened “Eaton’s College Street”, an imposing Art Deco store at the intersection of Yonge Street and College Street. The matriarch of the Eaton family, Lady Flora McCrea Eaton, retained the noted French architect Jacques Carlu to design the seventh floor of the edifice. Between 1931–1965, the venue was home to the Eaton Operatic Society, and played host to major performers of the day, including Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, and Frank Sinatra.

In 2003, the seventh floor was reopened after an extensive restoration. The raked floors were removed from the auditorium to return the space’s original movable seating. Other modifications had to be made to the auditorium so that modern acoustical equipment could be used. Even the original Lalique fountain, which had long been believed lost, was restored to its place at the centre of the Round Room. The venue’s new name was chosen to honour the architect that had originally designed the space. Since its re-opening, The Carlu has hosted numerous high-profile events, including concerts,
galas, weddings and fashion shows.


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It’s like laaa-aaaace, on your wedding day…

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{ … Everything Lace }

Or, “A Timeless Fashion That Will Probably Never Go Out Of Style.”

Royal Wedding Lace Gown Design


{ lace on gowns }

Very few wedding fashions have withstood that stand of time. Once upon a time, WeddingGirl Heather shared with us the history of the wedding gown herself:

“We’ve always assumed that wedding gowns were white to denote purity.

Well, in fact, until February 10th, 1840 when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert and wore a remarkable white satin dress with lace, this was not a leading trend in the world of weddings at all.

Brides usually wore their best dress, which often was brightly coloured or heavily patterned. Some even showed the colours of their house. These dresses were designated as their best  because they hid a dirty hem well. When Queen Victoria appeared in white, a fabric colour sure to show any signs of dirt, it was a symbol of both her purity and of her wealth; suggesting that she can afford to wear a dress that will get dirty and most likely not worn again.”

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert Wedding Photo 1840

So whether it’s white, ivory, or tie-dyed pink, lace itself is certainly a style that isn’t going anywhere fast.

Unless that lace, specifically, was on your mother’s gown….  in which case, it’s likely yellowed (and sitting down with her a few months before the wedding to figure out how to bleach it white without disintegrating after 30 years in the basement… well, that’s a different blog all together).

Whether you wear a zero or a sixteen, consider yourself modern or timeless, the versatility and endless elegance of lace will blow you away.

But, if all-lace gowns aren’t your style, here’s some lace love that will awe your guests and make your Pinterest friends jealous of how you were able to add such perfect touches of feminine allure:


{ lace in blooms }

A bouquet can be given a touch of old world charm or honour a loved one if you have lace that belongs to a family member that you would like to carry on your special day. Consider this an opportunity for your something old, something borrowed, and maybe even your something blue.

Lace Bouquet Stem Wrap Darin Fong Photography


{ lace and print }

A touch of lace on your invitations or thank you cards adds an elegant look. Very classy.

It doesn’t stop there. Consider some of the options pictured below as your dream up the whimsical look for your day.

lace wedding day details

The possibilities are endless. Don’t get me wrong you can certainly get out of hand with too much of a good thing, but with the right advice and a keen eye for all things whimsical your weddinggirl wedding planner can give you great advice and execute a lace filled fantasy.

You know what goes oh-so-well with lace? brooches! Check out Carly’s vintage brooch bouquet and floral alternatives, here!


{ blog love :: photo credits }

 Anne Adams  | Mi Belle  |  Samantha Maide  |  Cramer Photo

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January 11, 2015

#WeddingGownPopUpShopTO :: Toronto’s first-ever!

{ Bridal Pop-Up Shop, January 18th }


The countdown is officially on for Toronto’s first ever wedding gown pop-up shop at the luxurious One King West Hotel!

Gown and Glory Consignment Boutique is setting up racks upon racks of amazing designer dresses available (first-come-first-serve) for amazing discount prices! These new, sample, and previously-loved gowns are reduced by up to 80% off their retail prices!

There will be dresses for every size and ever budget, ranging from sizes 2 to 24 – and available to touch, feel, and try on. All of these glittery gems have been carefully curated by fashion expert Angela Kerry – all current designers, and all available to go home with their new Bride this weekend!

Photo 1

NEW Callista, style 4190, Size 20. Retails $1425 – event pricing $825

Gown and Glory’s inventory includes popular designers such as Maggie Sottero, Allure, Alfred Angelo, Sophia Tolli, Pronovias, Casablanca, Enzoani, Essence of Australia, Paloma Blanca, Alfred Sung, and Mori Lee – to name a few.


{ < $1000 }

Here’s a sneak peek at just a few of the amazing gowns priced under $800.


Watters, Emerson, Size 6. Retails $1850 – event pricing $725

 Allure wedding dress gown and glory

Allure 2606, Size 14. Retails for $1600 – event pricing $725

Mori lee wedding dress gown and glory

Mori Lee, 153, Size 4. Retails for $1450 – event pricing $650

Allure wedding dress-2 gown and glory

NEW Allure, 8862, Size 12. Retails for $1180 – event pricing $675

Mia Solano wedding dress gown and glory
NEW Mia Solano, M1225, Size 8. Retails for $1100 – event pricing $700

{ < $500 }

Here’s a look at just a few of the gorgeous gowns priced at $500 or less.


NEW Vera Wang White, VW351044. Size 12. Retails for $728 – event pricing $425

Sophia tolli wedding dress gown and glory
Sophia Tolli, Y1902. Size 14. Retails for $1200 – event pricing $475

Gown and Glory’s dresses are all unique, from various designers and from collections within the past three years, giving you many styles to choose from. The Pop-Up-Shop will be showcasing bridal fashion’s hottest trends: from lace, tulle skirts, cap sleeves and much more!

photo 4-2

NEW Martina Liana, style 441. Size 10. Retails for $2400 – event pricing $1550

There are some HUGE deals to be had, and you may be lucky enough to go home with one of these amazing pieces!

Pronovias Idilio

NEW Pronovias, Idilio by Manuel Mota, size 8. retails for $5000 – event pricing: ONLY $1200!

Enzoani Finley wedding dress gown and glory

Enzoani, Finley, Size 10. retails for $3200 – event pricing: ONLY $825!

The entire inventory will be updated the week before the event on www.gownandglory.ca, categorized by size. Check out what’s in stock before you stop by the pop-up shop and make notes of some of your favourites.

Amazing gowns.

Amazing prices.

All at an amazing venue! – how can you go wrong?

Join us on Sunday, January 18th, 11am -4pm in the King Gallery

1 King Street West, Toronto


If a more intimate one-on-one shopping experience is what you prefer, private appointments are available at Gown and Glory Consignment Boutique.
Contact Angela, angela@gownandglory.ca, 416-573-4240 to book a time that works for you.

*HST is applicable on all listed prices.

Cash or Credit Card will be accepted on site.


RSVP for the Pop-Up Shop by visiting EventBrite to secure your fitting time!



Gown and Glory Consignment Boutique Logo


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