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February 26, 2015

Satisfying Your Inner Green Goddess

{ Going green with your wedding invitations }

Authored by: Bayley Sarrasin

The date has been set. You’ve chosen the most perfect eco-friendly venue you could find, and you’ve been successfully ticking off the boxes on your wedding to-do list.

You’ve got almost all of your details sorted out except for one last piece – designing the perfect “green” wedding invitation.

Inner Green Goddess Invitation

You’ve spent the last 20 minutes staring at a design, and are starting to question everything about it. Is it too colourful? Is the font legible? Is it really cute as you first thought, or is it just tacky?

Invitations are seen as the gateway into your wedding. They give your guests a feel for the theme and formality of your big day. The more elegant your invitation, the more formal the affair. After spending countless hours trying to figure out how to make your wedding as eco-friendly as you are, you now need to communicate your eco-chic style through your invitation.

Traditional wedding invitations tend to produce a lot of waste more often than not. As soon as the wedding is complete, all of the guests go home and throw away their invitations. Here at WeddingGirl x Green, we have come up with a few suggestions that should satisfy your inner Green-Goddess.

While using recycled paper is a good alternative, and a great first step towards going green, a good way to satisfy your inner Green-Goddess is to go with plantable seed invitations! These invitations allow your guests to plant the invitation once the wedding is done, and a variety of flowers will grow as a result! Unique and oh-so-eco-friendly!  There are several companies that can provide these plantable invitations, but one of our favorites is Invitation Twist. They offer DIY options for the creative types as well as a variety of pre-set themes we think you will fall in love with.

Inner Green Goddess Invitation 2

Online wedding invitations, or evites, are becoming more and more common for less formal weddings. You can design your own website (satsifying your inner techie maybe?) or use one of many free template sites out there to provide your wedding and RSVP information to your guests. Simply send an email with a link, and you’re set to go!

If you’re planning a more formal event, or just want the traditional invitation feel, there are still green options out there for you! Using a postcard for an RSVP avoids the need for an envelope for the RSVP card. Alternatively, you can ask your guests to RSVP through email alone. Also consider waterless printing and plant based inks to green up a traditional invitation package.

We hope these tips have helped inspire your inner Green-Goddess.  Not only will going green help the environment, it will share the eco-love with your family and friends.


Bayley is a WeddingGirl Intern.

You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

 Bayley 2


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Photography Credits: Dan Osadtsuk Photography / Emily Christine Photography

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February 25, 2015

First Impressions: Looking Your Best to Enhance the Dress | Gown And Glory Consignment Boutique

{ The Do’s and Don’ts of Bridal Gown Shopping }

By: Angela Kerry

Gown And Glory Consignment Bridal Boutique

You know the saying, “oh she’d look good in a paper bag”. Well unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of always looking good dressed.

A few months ago we talked about the Top Ten Rules For Being A Super-Awesome Wedding Dress Shopper. This time, we’re digging even deeper! With todays fashions of flowy tops, layered looks and boyfriend jeans, we’re not used to wearing form fitting, figure flattering garments that hug and enhance all of our curves. So if you’re not initially comfortable with how you look in various bridal silhouettes, it always helps when you can envision the entire look, and here’s some simple Do’s and Don’ts to help enhance how you look in each dress (to help you wear it well), in hopes that you’ll find ‘the one’ that is perfect for your personality, your body and your confidence.

1. Look The Part

This means: do your makeup and hair!

I’m not suggesting you get a full updo and professional makeup done every time you go to a bridal boutique, but do lightly freshen up your face with a bit of mascara and lipgloss.

Wear your hair in a way that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

If you look like you just rolled out of bed, it really does affect the overall impression a gown makes. At the very least: have a shower, bring a hair clip, wear deodorant and minimal-to-no perfume.


2. Control Unflattering Variables

DON’T go to try on wedding gowns when you’re all sweaty after the gym

DON’T go dress shopping after a meal at your favourite Korean BBQ.

Believe it or not, the odours that are either directly from your body or aromas that have stuck to your clothes and body, will also stick to the dress. In the case of boutique’s similar to Gown and Glory, we only carry one dress of each, off-the-rack and ready to purchase. So they must be cared for, because if one is not the dress for you, it is ‘the one’ for another bride.


3. Mind Your Undies

DO wear proper undergarments. When you first start shopping, you may not know whether you will love a ballgown or a more fitted gown, therefore, you may not be prepared with the proper undergarments. If you decide on a ballgown, in some cases you could wear red boycut underwear if you wanted and no one would know because the skirt is so substantial. On the other hand, a mermaid gown would show every seem, colour, flaw or uneven surface under the dress. Because it’s unknown what you will be trying on from shop to shop, wear a nude coloured undergarment that smooths everything out to ensure there are no panty lines or otherwise. You will be able to view each dress as it should look on you without the distraction of lines and bulges. Some girls are lucky enough to try on a gown that seems like it was made for her body in every way, but this is a rare occurrence so you don’t want to be dwelling on how the dress is puckering at your panty line or that you can see your belly button. Believe me, it’s more distracting than you think.


4. Mind Your Bra

DON’T wear your most fun, fluorescent polkadot bra with ruffles on the edges. However flirty and cute, it will throw the whole look off when you’re trying to concentrate on what you like most about a dress. If you intend on wearing a bra under your gown on your wedding day because you have a fuller bust, or merely because you would feel more comfortable doing so, bring one that is strapless if you have one, and wear one that is neutral in colour i.e. white or nude.  (it is not necessary to go out and buy a strapless bra for the shopping process, we’ll just tuck the straps in if necessary).



5. Stand Tall

DO bring a pair of heels. Ones that you have already chosen to wear on your wedding day, or ones with a heel height that you know you’re comfortable in. Although most dresses you try on will be way too long for you anyway, even with heels, and you’ll be standing on a pedestal to get the full perspective of the dress, it’s not a bad idea to try the dress on with a pair of shoes in the desired height you would most likely wear on your wedding day. Wearing a heel often changes your stance making you stand with better posture.


6. Wash Up

DON’T forget to come with clean hands. It never fails, when a girl puts a dress on that she feels  stunning in, or that has a fabric that is luxurious to the touch, she almost always starts caressing herself and rubbing her hands all over the dress. I don’t mean this in an awkward, inappropriate way, but it’s an automatic reaction that I think we all do when something feels good against our bodies, just like how you might constantly rub a cozy blanket you curl up with on the couch. But with consistent rubbing and friction, some fabrics more than others, will take on dirt and absorb the natural oils from our hands, ultimately leaving markings on the dress.


7. Accessorize

DO bring any special jewellery or accessories that you know you will be wearing regardless of the dress you decide on. Often women find the dress first then accessorize afterwards. But if there is a family heirloom or accessory pieces you love, wearing them will help you visualize the complete picture.

Gypsy boho bride-enchanted-bohemian-forest-wedding-102

8. Take Photos

DO bring your camera! I encourage taking pictures of your favourite dresses, and highly recommend it. If you decide to shop at more than two stores, I guarantee that it will become difficult to remember which ones you liked best and from what store…especially if you’re shopping with others. Everyone views a dress differently, so a dress without a photo is sure to cause confusion when your discussing your options. Once you have narrowed the photos down to your favourite 2 or 3 dresses, download them to your computer so you can view them on a larger scale to compare your favourites side by side, instead of flipping back and forth on your phone. Then to make your decision; it just comes down to process of elimination.


9. Open Your Mind

DON’T disregard a dress even before trying it on just because you read somewhere that a certain shape doesn’t flatter your body type. Some experts say that certain dress silhouettes suit specific body types. Although true, from a general standpoint, please remember that this is a guideline only. I’ve had girls avoid an entire style family simply because she was told it didn’t suit her body type. Go into the shopping experience remembering that every dress is built differently depending on the designer, specific dress proportions and design details. Each dress will fit every body differently depending on her proportions.

10. Trust Your Gut

If it catches your eye, try it on.

If you love it, wear it.



Style is in the eye of the beholder! And any girl who has tried on a wedding gown can attest to the fact that a well structured dress can really transform the body. But, in the same light, a dress itself is just fabric while it’s hanging on a hanger.

A body can transform a dress!



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Photography By: Pure Storm Studios / Sara MonikaErin Kate Photography


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February 23, 2015

And the Oscar goes to…

{Wedding Ready Gowns}

By: Leah Sandhu

Did you watch the Oscars last night? Who were you routing for to win Best Picture?

If you’re like me, and only watch to see what show stopping dresses come down the red carpet, then we can be friends.

If you read this post about alternative wedding dresses, you’ll know that there are so many options outside of the ‘big puffy white wedding dress’! I’ve pulled some of the top looks worn by stars such as Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Anna Faris, Lupita Nyong’o and Zoe Saldana, to show you how you can take a designer dress, and wear it as your wedding dress.

 Zuhair Murad - Anna Faris - Jenna Tatum-Dewan - designer dress - Oscar Red carpet

(one of my personal favourite designers, Zuhair Murad!)

Zoe Saldana - Atelier Versace custom gown

Faith Hill - J. Mendel - Jennifer Lopez - Elie Saab - Oscars red carpet

Kerry Washington - Miu Miu gown

Marion Cotillard - Dior Haute Couture gown - Felicity Jones - Alexander McQueen Oscars 2015

Lupita Nyong'o Calvin Klein Collection custom

What do you think? Would you wear a designer gown instead of a traditional wedding dress?

Photos via: Who What Wear | Huffington Post

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Why Do You Charge So Much?

{Why Investing in a professional Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist is worth it}

Authored by: Sacha Parawan

Back in December one of our own WeddingGirls, Laura, wrote a fantastic blog about the trials of hiring a discount wedding planner and why it’s not a great idea. However happy it may make your budget to book vendors at bottom-of-the-barrel prices, you get what you pay for (and we want to make sure its great!).

Let’s face it – you invest a lot of money (and time!) in planning your big day. You have planned for everything from the pre-wedding events,  décor, photography, your wedding planner, flowers, centerpieces, wedding favors, and of course that once-in-a-lifetime wedding dress.  Nobody knows better than us here at WeddingGirl.ca the real cost of a wedding. We know when and where to pinch your pennies (and when and where you should consider splurging) to help you create your perfect day, on your perfect budget.

So after all that hard work, why cheap out when booking your makeup artist and hair stylist?


As a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist with All Glam Affair (oh, and wedding planner with WeddingGirl.ca), I can tell you one of the questions I get asked a lot is “why do you charge so much?“. This sentence is sometimes chased by “my sister’s friend said she would do my makeup for free, and I can probably copy a hairstyle off of youtube…“. Although this may sound like a great idea, it probably isn’t. The last thing anyone wants is extra wedding day stress caused by hair and makeup struggles. Every bride wants to look and feel her best – and she should! You only get one shot a this afterall!

So here are my top 5 reasons why you should budget for a professional makeup artist and hair stylist on your big day:

1. A professional will often travel to you, arrive on time,  and  be ready to cater to your specific needs. Prepping in comfortable atmosphere will allow you to relax and enjoy this pampering moment even more (and you can sleep in a bit longer rather than travel to the salon!).

2. You’ll have access to high-quality products. Professional makeup artists and hairstylist have kits that are worth well over $2,000 in order to cater to every skin type and skin tone. You are not just paying for their skills but also the quality of products used on your skin.

The last thing you want to happen on your wedding day is to have your makeup fade away half-way through the ceremony, have your foundation rub off on your Grooms’ black tuxedo, or even worse – have black mascara running down your face from your happy tears at the alter because someone didn’t think to use waterproof mascara.

3. When you hire a professional you have their ultimate commitment, and a signed contract. The risk of hiring someone without a contract means that they can cancel at any time, including the day of the wedding with no recourse (or backup plan).

4. Professionals are passionate about what they do and take great pride in their work. They will bring an assistant for larger groups,  additional resources if needed such as a high chair and makeup lights, and will often go the extra mile for clients such as getting things like hair extensions, hair fillers, or even the shade of lipstick used in the trial run for them to keep on their wedding day.

5. Professionals know the various tips and techniques that will help enhance your look. They will know the specific colours that will highlight your beautiful eyes or can cover up that small blemish that you’ve been staring at for days.


When you hire a professional makeup artist and hairstylist, you’re not just getting your makeup done with loose curls. Their fees include their skills and experience, professional training, their extensive kit of clean and quality products (because nobody wants someone’s old used mascara), and their calm and relaxing manor which will get your day started off right!

Until next time fabulous beauties!


Sacha Parawan is a Bridal Lifestyle Blogger and Wedding Planner. Connect with her at sacha@weddinggirl.ca

You can find her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram as well!

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Photography Credit: Pure Storm Studios

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February 17, 2015

Vendor Love

{South Asian Wedding Boutique}

Written by: Sacha Parawan

If you attended the Shades of White Open House at One King West last month, you would have seen the gorgeous work by South Asian Wedding Boutique in our Henna room.

View More: http://emilychristinephotography.pass.us/shades-of-white-1

We searched high and low for the perfect vendor that would be able to pull off the glamorous design that we had been envisioning. When we stumbled upon South Asian Wedding Boutique, we instantly fell in love with their work! We were so excited when Arooj said yes to coordinating our Henna room decor with us! From the very first email, she gathered our ideas and concepts and was diligent in asking all of the right questions.

When the WeddingGirl team walked in on the morning of the open house, everyone was astounded with what this team had delivered! The décor team has transformed this room into the most stunning Henna room any girl could have asked for!

View More: http://emilychristinephotography.pass.us/shades-of-white-1

They included pillows, draping, a sitting area, and not to mention a fabulous mandap fit for a princess. Can you imagine having your henna or haldi done under this beauty?!

View More: http://emilychristinephotography.pass.us/shades-of-white-1

The style was very traditional yet had bit of a Moroccan feel to it as well. They incorporated traditional Indian décor, a chandelier and mirror under the mandap which created an intimate feel. The value of what this team provided to us was just over $1700!

View More: http://emilychristinephotography.pass.us/shades-of-white-1

They are truly talented and delivered even beyond what we had visioned, and provided us with excellent customer service. The WeddingGirl team wants to send a HUGE thank you to the South Asian Wedding Boutique team, and is excited to work with them again in the future.

Were you at the Shades of White Open House at One King West?

Did you get to check out this fabulous henna room?

Also, a big thank you to Emily Christine Photography for all of these beautiful photos, and capturing this room perfectly!


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February 13, 2015

Tom & Lisa’s Toronto Wedding | Hamstra Photography

{ Distillery District Wedding: Tappo Wine Bar }

Some couples just have it, you know? And, when you combine that kind of love with a bride wearing a champange coloured dress, you know you have to share their wedding with the world!

Tom and Lisa’s wedding was held on a gorgeous October evening at Tappo Wine Bar in Toronto’s hip Distillery District. The perfect location for these lovebirds to tie the knot!

From the Photographers:

When we sat down with Lisa and Tom to discuss the plans for their wedding day, we asked Lisa if there was anything special that tied their wedding day together – we quickly determined it was champagne! From her champagne coloured dress, to the champagne diamonds in her wedding bands; even the ceremony was closed with a champagne toast. It was such a fitting theme for this effortless love-struck couple. Everything about their day was an honest celebration of hope and love found. We were so thrilled to be part of Tom and Lisa’s special day – cheers!

wedding ring - hamstra photography

Hamstra photography - beauty details - earrings- Toronto wedding 1

Hamstra photography - Toronto wedding- bride

Hamstra photography - Toronto wedding- bride groom - champagne

Hamstra photography - Toronto wedding

feet - hamstra photography

Hamstra photography - Toronto wedding-Distillery District

Hamstra photography - Toronto wedding-Distillery District3

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Thank you Sarah for sharing this beautiful wedding with us! You captured it perfectly!

Check out Hamstra Photography for more of their beautiful work!

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February 12, 2015

#SocialMedia: More than just a number’s game!

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart…!”

Laura Arbelaez Social Media Stylist Lifestyle Bridal Blogger Canada Instagram Toronto

Authored By: Laura Arbelaez

Did you know that most introverts excel at social media? It’s the perfect way for those who are (dare I say) “Socially Awkward” to express themselves and experience the world like never before. I can say with all certainty that Social Media is my #passion, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Watching my social media accounts grow over the past year has been an emotional rollercoaster! The key to being successful in social media is staying relevant to your audience, which means constantly updating status’, photos, and responding to comments.

Did you know that for a fair price you can buy Instagram followers? Sadly, it’s true.

As a Social Media Stylist I am well aware of the importance of BIG numbers. Over the last couple of days I have been contemplating the pros and cons of this matter. You must understand that buying followers is an illusion. There is no real value in them. At the end of the day, you are not spreading your message, knowledge and experiences with people that are genuinely interested in what you are sharing.

When you take the time to engage with your audience, the outcome is extraordinary… I have met fantastic wedding vendors and remarkable human beings online. The following are just a few of what I consider to be Social Media #SuccessStories.

After months of following Lemon Lily Tea and The Toronto Popcorn Company on all things Social Media, I finally had the marvelous opportunity to work with them on one of our latest projects; The #ShadesOfWhite Wedding Lounge and Open House at One King West. Meeting the creative and brilliant minds behind these companies, hearing their awe inspiring stories and trying first hand their unbelievably amazing products was an incredible experience!

The Toronto Popcorn Company Bridal Lifestyle Bloggers

I have no doubt we will be seeing a lot more of the Toronto Popcorn Company and Lemon Lily Tea around here! Don’t forget, #ShopLocal!


Toronto Wedding Photographer Dan Osadtsuk Photography Bridal Lifestyle Weddings

Another one of the talented and coolest business owner I had the pleasure of meeting through Social Media is Dan from Dan Osadtsuk Photography. Let me just start by saying that wedding photographers have my utmost admiration! They gracefully capture moments that we can keep forever. You may remember Dan from one of our recent real Indie wedding features this year! We also had the opportunity to collaborate with him on the #WGLookBook project!

Finally, a social media success story will always be connecting with Toronto brides. Have you been following along with our #WGxIndie88 Win a Wedding Contest?

WeddingGirl.ca and Indie88 are giving away a wedding to one lucky couple this Valentine’s Day! The finalists are down to #SamanthaandJonathan and #JessieandJim and we can’t wait to hear who the winning couple will be tomorrow at 8:10 am. You have until midnight TODAY to cast your vote! This is the power that social media can have.

Toronto Weddings Indie 88 Wedding Girl Social Media Contest

Toronto Weddings Indie 88 Wedding Girl Bridal Lifestyle

These people, these companies have touched my life in one way or the other. Creating an online community is what social media is all about. It’s a lot more than just a number’s game!!

The question remains, do you think buying followers worth it? Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and let me know!

{ Blog Love }

Serena Swan Photography / Pure Storm Studios

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February 11, 2015

This One is Personal

{ Turning a negative into a positive }

Authored by: Lisa Hardie

Let me be up front and honest; this post isn’t about weddings.

It’s not about sparkly unicorns, lavish parties, or cupcakes.

Instead, I’d like for you to get to know me a little bit better.

I am the fun-loving Hamiltonian who has a serious thing for cupcakes; but I am also a wife, mom, sister, aunt, friend, and now…

… a full-blown entrepreneur.

And that right there scares the shit out me. (Sorry Mary, I know I said I’d never say that again but it’s still true!).

The truth is, up until a couple of months ago, I’ve been a full-blown corporate woman for almost nine years. Nine. Almost a full decade. I started working in the world of HR right after I finished college and spent the past nine years working for the same company. Talk about loyalty.

I guess it wasn’t mutual because I was laid off as a result of restructuring. Not fun.

When One Door Closes

I have to admit; it was really unexpected (though I guess those situations always are). I was shocked, saddened, and I really didn’t know what to do. I cried. I called my sister. I called my husband (and made him come home from work). We went for breakfast and then that afternoon I went for a manicure and pedicure. I deserved it after all.

Not a completely bad day considering how it started.

My point though? I’m 100% going to turn this into something positive.

Yes it’s a pretty crappy feeling when you lose your job, but I also see it as a clean slate. An opportunity to do something I truly love and was meant to do.

This was my sign – I am no longer meant for the corporate world.

I am meant to set my own schedule; be my own GirlBoss. I am meant to live out my dream.

I can now spend some time volunteering at my son’s school; I can keep up with my daily activities and chores without trying to be super mom; I can prepare healthy meals at home; I can spend more time with my family; and I can spend more time focusing my efforts on doing what I love, which is planning weddings (and everything else that comes with being a WeddingGirl).

Leap of Faith

Just because one door closes it doesn’t mean another one will automatically open. First, make sure the first door stays shut and then work as hard as you can to pick the right door. Don’t just take on the first thing that comes at you as you might end up with some regrets.

As it turns out for me, WeddingGirl has been my right door all along.

Deep down I knew it, it was just hard to make the official transition and I am happy I now have that opportunity.

It’s true that sometimes life throws you unexpected punches. Things go wrong in life, situations change, people change. But the question then becomes, how can I make it better?

You make it better by changing your outlook on the situation. Ask yourself how you can turn the negative into a positive. Picture the change as a clean slate that can be painted anyway you want it.

And own it.

Make it happen.

Be happy because you have the right to be. And trust me, you do.

Oh, and try not to let anyone dictate when you can take your vacation.

Be Happy Quote


Lisa Hardie is a Hamilton-based Bridal Lifestyle Blogger and Wedding Planner. Connect with her at lisa@weddinggirl.ca

Like Lisa’s page on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram as well!

Lisa Hardie WeddingGirl.ca Hamilton


{Photo Credit}

Serena Swan Photography

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February 5, 2015

My New Journey …. | #WGx by Sacha Parawan

{ … and why I joined WeddingGirl.ca }

Sacha Parawan WeddingGirl.ca


As a formal self-introduction to the WGx team I just want to say how happy I am to be here!

I met Mary in early January 2014. From the moment I heard her speak at her first session at the University of Toronto, I knew I was in the right place. There were so many women at that session who wanted to hear what she had to say.


It wasn’t just the cupcakes, champagne and treats that made my night. What inspired me most about Mary was how confident she was when she spoke. She demonstrated an obvious passion for what she does and I could tell she was enthusiastic about helping others.



I made sure to introduce myself to Mary before I left and I thanked her for holding this event. Although I did not keep in touch with Mary I still followed her journey on social media. That’s how I found out about another session she held in November 2014 – which I decided to attend. After meeting with her a second time around I just felt that this is someone I’d love to work with and get to know better.

I had procrastinated on my wedding planning journey for quite some time and I was just at the point where I needed to start and get my life to where I wanted it to be. I decided to take a leap of faith and met with Mary a third time. This again reassured me that I am doing the right thing for myself. I’ve always felt positive vibes when around her and from what I can tell, she’s a great leader.

In my #NowOrNever moment, I decided to join the WeddingGirl.ca team. I have to say, having met everyone on this team, I am so very proud to be a part of everything that is going right now. This brand is doing BIG things … and fast! But that’s not the reason I joined. I joined because these women on the #WGx team are so supportive to each other and are always there for each other. There’s nothing like working with an actual TEAM who is supportive of one another.

I have no idea where my journey will lead me but what I do know is amazing things are happening and its right around the corner. I can’t wait for you all to see what this remarkable team of WeddingGirl’s has in store for 2015.

Believe me when I say you will be amazed.



Sacha WeddingGirl


As one of our newest WeddingGirl members, Sacha was recently featured in a #MeetThisGirl blog.

Find and follow Sacha’s journey on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


{ blog love }

Photog Credits: Emily Christine | Jeff Ridout

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February 3, 2015

The Bold Truth: Venue vs. Wedding Coordinators

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{ the low-down on what it really takes to plan a wedding }

Authored by: Lisa Hardie

We throw around the term ‘Wedding Planner’ a lot around here; after all, it’s what we do.

But what’s becoming apparent these days in Wedding-Planning-Land is that what we do is largely misunderstood by the very audience we do it for.

Most brides think wedding planners are a lavish luxury, available exclusively to those with jetplane-sized budgets. They may understand that there are lots of reasons to hire a wedding planner, but they also seem to think that just because their venue coordinator boasts a wedding-planning certification they’re home free. Truth is, these roles are extremely different.

Here’s why.

Venue Coordinators

Venue Coordinators work for…. that’s right, the venue. – NOT you. Please don’t confuse this!

Venue Coordinators are the liaison between you and their in-house operations team.

Venue Coordinators will always do what’s in the best interest of the venue.

Don’t get us wrong – we love our Venue Coordinators. These talented folk end up being our right-hand in executing seriously stunning weddings…. but ultimately, Venue wedding planners have one main role: to enact their contracted services…  and these are items exclusively associated with the venue.

Once your dinner’s been served these guys often head home for the night (unless explicitly otherwise stated in your contract). This leaves you with minimal support for the remainder of the night – a banquet manager or head server who’s busy making sure food and beverage are taken care of. Sure, your late night buffet will come out more-or-less on time (well, except for that one wedding of ours when the venue just forgot to order Late Night all together)… but you’re on your own for everything else: an Advil, blister band-aids, and figuring out which limo your overnight bag ended up in.

Another thing to keep in mind when working with a venue coordinator is that depending on the space you’ve booked, they might be floating between more than one wedding on your special day. How’s that for things potentially going awry?

B+M 86


Wedding Planners

As wedding planners, our role is to mitigate risk.

We don’t only play a role in the pretty parts of designing your big day or the serious parts of negotiating it…. most importantly, we’re your right hand on the day-of…. while you’re busy being in love, we’re busy making sure everything stays on point and on time.

Not to pat ourselves on the back or anything, but we play a pretty big role when it comes to anticipating and resolving things that spin things sideways. The moment you hire a wedding planner, we become your real-world problem solvers, schedule-planners, event designers, a built-in relationship and family therapist, dress-picking girlfriend and partner-in-wedding-planning crime.

We don’t work for a venue.

We work for you.

Planning a wedding is pretty stressful. We promise, that stress will exist regardless of how much we plan, negotiate and problem-solve… but we make sure you’re not dealing with it along.

Remember that one time Laura wrote a post about being a seasoned wedding planner? No? You should read it, here.

Spare your sister.

And don’t expect your Venue Coordinator to be your Wedding Planning Fairy Godmother!

When it comes to your wedding day, it’s a wedding planner that steers you in the directions you should go. We help you pick vendors and help you make smart spending choices and answer your dozens and dozens of emails about how many cupcakes you should order. We’re also the ones that need to assure you no one will care about whether you use the 60lb or 90lb cardstock for your place cards. Oh, and we’re the ones that teach you what place cards are and how they’re different from escort cards. It’s basically our job to take your wedding planning dreams and turn them into wedding day realities.

No big deal.

Except, for… it’s totally a big deal!

By the time you wake up on Wedding Day Morning, we’ve already carefully curated your design elements and worked alongside your vendors to make it come to life. We’ve meticulously planned your entire day-of itinerary – not just from the moment you arrive at the venue! We’ve ensured you’ve scheduled breakfast, reminded your wedding party not to have any staining sauces on your lunch sandwiches, and we’ve packed stain remover just in case someone forgets.

We’re the ones that text your Maid Of Honour to make sure you pack your flats for when your killer stilettos start to pinch your toes (we all know they will).

We’re the ones that remind your Best Man to grab the rings before they head out to the ceremony.

We’re the ones that bribe your Flower Girl with gummy bears to stop crying and walk down the aisle.

We keep your family on time and set out the 200+ burlap-wrapped mason jars to create a tablescape more sunning than anything you planned for.

Oh.. and we were the ones that told you a month ago that we definitely don’t need more than 200… so you could tell your mum to tell her friends to stop making them.

B+M 100

So, does it make sense now?

It’s not that we don’t like Venue Coordinators, quite frankly, we love them. They’re the behind-the-scenes, unsung heroes of your reception – the ones running back into the kitchen to get a vegan option together for your friend from 2nd Year who decided a week before your big day that she’s swearing off meat forever. Together with your Venue Coordinator we make judgment calls on service times when you uncle’s speech runs way past the time you gave him to speak and we decide together what the best course of action will be for gently cutting off that rowdy date your cousin brought.

Basically, together with your Venue Coordinator, we’re the team behind Team You – we make things happen on your behalf and when things go wrong we do our best to make sure you never find out.

Seems like a pretty solid investment to us.


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