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April 23, 2015

#WGxCalgary | Meet This Girl

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{ Meet Krystal Robertson }

Krystal Robertson WeddingGirl.ca Calgary Wedding Planner 11

Ask this blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty how she stumbled upon the WeddingGirl.ca brand, and there will be stories of an afternoon in the dog park involved! Seems that Krystal and WG Founder, Mary, had more in common than just their furry sidekicks the day they met at Stanley Park in downtown Toronto.

Krystal Robertson WeddingGirl.ca Calgary Wedding Planner 7

{ in her own words }

So, here I am, introducing myself for my dream job.

As I sit here and write this I’m smiling from ear to ear!

My name is Krystal, and I’ve been dubbed “the new WeddingGirl”.

First and foremost, I’d like to mention how blessed I feel to have the opportunity to share my creative vision.

I love everything vintage, lace and floral-inspired.

I’m a big scrapbooker and DIY enthusiast along with being an animal lover, vegetarian, and a little known secret; I’ve seen every Sex and The City episode at least five times.

My dog Darwin is my fuzzy little best friend and travel is one of my biggest passions; I’ve been everywhere from Australia to Southeast Asia. Travelling really helped me gain the confidence I needed to be independent and made me realize how truly fortunate I am for all I have in my life.

Krystal Robertson WeddingGirl.ca Calgary Wedding Planner 9

Krystal Robertson WeddingGirl.ca Calgary Wedding Planner 2

Krystal Robertson WeddingGirl.ca Calgary Wedding Planner 3

As for this new endeavour with the WG team… the emotions I currently have range from pure excitement to total nerves.  It tugs at my heartstrings to have people believe in me in a way that I never dreamt possible and all of this really has come up at the perfect time in my life. I’m a firm believer that people come in and out of your life at the exact moment that you need them to, whether to teach lessons, cure heartaches, or to form long-lasting relationships.

All of the above are happening for me at this very moment.

Toronto has been my home for the past five years but it’s time to get back to my country roots.

Alberta here I come!

Let’s do this!

Expanding the WeddingGirl team out to Calgary!

Buckle up ladies!



Krystal Robertson WeddingGirl.ca Calgary Wedding Planner 6

Krystal Robertson WeddingGirl.ca Calgary Wedding Planner 4


Krystal’s adventures in wedding planning can be found by

friending her over on Facebook

and following her on Twitter and Instagram!

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April 14, 2015

This is My Body, and I Want That Dress!

 { Know your body type }

Authored by: Angela Kerry

You fall in love with a specific dress that you see on the next to nothing size 0 model posing in those unrealistic stances. You know the one –  hands on hips, awkwardly hunched over, legs crossed like she has to pee. No bride ever stands like that on their wedding day (when will the magazines learn?!).  Weird model pose aside, you love the dress and you’re sure it’s the one for you…  until you try it on, and that’s when the love stops. So now you’re left to start again from scratch to see what actually suits you and your body.

Sure, that perfect dress looks great on that seemingly perfect girl, but it may not look the same on you.

It’s not that your body isn’t perfect for the dress – it’s that the dress just isn’t perfect for your body.

Don’t stress –  there is an amazing dress that exists for everyone. You just need to find the one that will enhance your best assets, and make you feel like a million bucks.

Many experts say there are anywhere from 6-12 body-type categories in the world,  and that every person fits into one of those categories. A quick search of Google images will result in so many versions and namings of body types. For your reference, here is my favourite from ShopYourShape.com. Their body shapes guide really seems to be the most realistic and self-explanatory example.

Something important to keep in mind: Many body type charts and guidelines are generalizations, and only take into account the relationship between the shoulders or chest, waist, and hips, without taking into account the height and size of the person, whether they’re short or long-waisted, have shorter legs with a longer torso, or vice-versa, matched with a large or small bust-line. Collectively, all of these factors will affect how a wedding dress looks and sits on the body. Finally, we can’t forget weight - a 110lb ‘straight-shaped’ bride will undoubtedly look very different in the very same sheath dress being worn by a  160lb ‘straight-shaped’ bride.

Think  “Who wore it best?”

So, presuming you’ve been dressing yourself for the last 20 years at least, you probably have a good idea of what proportions suit you best, what your best assets are, and the body parts that always seem to give you a problem when you’re trying on clothes. I get it - trying on clothes is hard enough work when nothing seems to fit or look good. Trying on wedding dresses is a whole new ballgame – sizes are different, the fits are different, overall just very different garments than our everyday clothing…

So what comes next then? Is it as easy as just trying on dresses until you find the one?  Sometimes it is!

As a wedding dress-connoisseur, I would never tell you that you should shop for specific silhouettes based on your matching body-type. My advice is always to try on everything that catches your eye and makes you wonder. Believe me when I say,

You won’t know how it looks like until you try it on.

Yes, of course we know that certain silhouettes flatter some body-types more than others, but don’t pigeon hole yourself into one dress silhouette category because of what expert body-type guidelines tell you because every dress is not made equally! Examples of what I mean by this are:

  • One strapless dress could be too revealing, whereas the next sits just right.
  • The waistline of one ballgown might dig in and pucker at your hip bone, whereas the next could fit your waist to hip proportions perfectly.
  • The straps on one dress could make you look bulky and broad, whereas the next could have just the right amount of delicate detailing.
  • The fit of one trumpet style gown may be too tight around the thighs to pull off your famous dance moves, whereas the next may have a more gradual, or higher flare making it easier to move around in.
  • The unstructured fit of one sheath dress may look frumpy on you, whereas the next will flow and cling to all the right places to flatter your body.

Wedding dress style: 101

It can be challenging when you’re scouring the pages of magazines or online shopping, as so many designers and writers use dress silhouette and style names interchangeably. Don’t worry if you get confused with what style you’re really looking for. Ballgowns and A-lines, columns and sheaths, fit & flare and trumpet, trumpet and mermaid… what’s the difference?

Here is a quick introduction on wedding dress styles and lingo.

The A-line is easy to wear and flatters almost every body-type as it typically has a fitted bodice, defining the waistline, and gradually flares out right around the mid-hipline. A modified A-line is a bit more fitted around the hip and bum, with a slimmer skirt. A modified A-line may be too tight around the hips of a Pear body-type, and may accentuate the midsection of an Oval/Diamond body-type. However, those brides could simply go up in size and alter the top to fit if they find a dress they love.


The Ballgown is the classic princess look – cinched at the waist with a large bell-like skirt. Ballgowns vary in their bodice styling, with fit options including the natural waistline, basque waistline (just at top of hipline), or dropped waistline (mid-hipline). I wouldn’t say that any one body type should avoid a ballgown, however, if you are on the shorter side, short-waisted, and full figured, sometimes a ballgown with a natural waistline can make you look stocky.

MoriLee 1970

A Trumpet silhouette is shaped exactly as it’s name describes, like a trumpet. The dress is fitted from the bust-line through to the thigh, and the trumpet shaped skirt starts to gradually flare out around the mid-thigh area. Oval/Diamond body-types often avoid this shape as it can define their mid-section. Pear body-types can certainly wear this silhouette, particularly when they love to flaunt their hip and thigh assets, but if they have a much smaller upper body, they will have to get a dress in a size that fits their largest parts and alter the rest of the dress to fit.


 A Mermaid silhouette is often mistaken for a trumpet. They are quite similar, however the fitted part of the skirt of a mermaid is tight right down to the knee then flares out into a trumpet skirt. A true mermaid is much harder to walk in because you have less material and space to move your legs. Because this silhouette is so fitted, it accentuates your curves, and for some women it can tend to make them look more hippy than they are. Pear and Oval/Diamond body-types generally try to avoid this silhouette.

MoriLee 1653

A Fit and Flare silhouette is often similar to the trumpet silhouette. It is defined by a fitted bodice with a dropped waistline ending at the top of thigh, below the bum, or to the mid-thigh. The skirt often flares out from a defined line rather than a gradual continuation into the skirt.


A Sheath silhouette, often referred to as a column dress, usually has little to no structure built into the dress. The fabric is often cut on the bias, and drapes over the body for a close fit. The sheath silhouette typically hugs every curve, so it can be a trickier style to pull off for those who are more self-conscious about their body. Because it lacks in the structure that often helps to define the waistline, this silhouette can often create a boxy look.



Ultimately, be true to you! If you like it, try it. If you love it, wear it!




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April 10, 2015

#WGLookBook 2015 :: Real Women. Real Looks. Really Pretty.

{ #WGLookBook }

Our highly-anticipated WeddingGirl.ca LookBook is finally complete!

Julia Park Photography WGlookbook Orange

Inspiration for this project? Simply…. being real.

Coco Chanel Quote Being Real WGLookBook

Those expert-designed wedding scenes that adorn the pages of bridal mags and planning blogs are eye-candy at its finest, but they’re becoming so wildly inaccurate to the logistics of wedding day realities; and, let’s face it, most wedding day budgets. Oh, and, seriously, could those bridal models get any skinnier?! All of that stops here. 

We’re flying in the face of the typical industry trend: stunning styled shoots reserved for six-figure budgets.

We’re going against the grain and using real women, with real bodies, to showcase really gorgeous gowns.

We’re inspired by every colour of the rainbow to create celebrations that are a true reflection of your love story.

The #WGLookBook isn’t just about real women, real dresses, and realistic decor concepts. These pages are bound with dreams. Look closely and you’ll see the fibers of dozens of passionate individuals intricately woven together to create something amazing: aspiring planners, interns, volunteers, and creative spirits with a common goal – to make everything around them beautiful. 

The oh-so-fabulous Tiffany Pratt introduces the importance of colour, Angela Kerry of Gown & Glory Boutique dissolves the stigma around consignment, and our very own Lisa Hardie shares the realities of turning inspirational dreams into wedding day plans.







We’ve taken every colour of the spectrum and beautifully crafted inspiration pages from designer to DIY, opulent to understated – to inspire brides everywhere, on every budget, to dream.

Dream big.

Dream in colour.

Dream on whatever your budget.

Let these pages of colour inspire you. See things from new angles and look at your wedding day plans from a different perspective. See styles in urban galleries, on rustic farms, from Haute Couture Glam to City Hall Chic.

Real women.

Real looks.

Really pretty designs.

To view the LookBook in fullscreen mode, click here.


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April 9, 2015

Feeling Humbled

{ The Hamilton Spectator’s Readers’ Choice Awards }

A few weeks ago I woke up to a friend’s Facebook message congratulating me on being nominated for the Hamilton Spectator’s Readers’ Choice Awards.

I was a bit taken aback because it was so unexpected, but I was oh so excited.

I felt, and still feel, completely humbled.

I’ve personally only been in the wedding industry for about a year and a half, but now that I’ve been truly following my passion, I really can’t picture myself in any other industry.

Working with my couples is always such a pleasure, not only because I think they’re all awesome, but because each couple is so different and unique that I can’t help but love make their wedding dreams come true.

So thank you for your nomination. 100 times over, thank you!

And if you haven’t had a chance to vote yet, you can do so (everyday if you’re up for it), up until July 31, 2015.

Simply click HERE and vote for Lisa Hardie.


Lisa Hardie is a Hamilton-based Bridal Lifestyle Blogger and Wedding Planner. Connect with her at lisa@weddinggirl.ca

Like Lisa’s page on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram as well!

lisa hardie weddinggirl.ca


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April 3, 2015

Getting Married, Round II :: #RealWGBrideBlog

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{ this is what I know … }

by: Amy Liza, Bride-To-Be.

Never BEen Kissed

At the end of the film “Never Been Kissed”, an adorable and highly under-appreciated rom-com starring Drew Barrymore, Drew’s character is writing a piece for her newspaper. Her voice is heard saying, in all of its wistfulness: “Someone once told me that to write well you have to write what you know. This is what I know.”

I could quote Mark Twain, the originator of that saying, but Drew Barrymore is my spirit animal, so here we are.

And this is what I know: I’m a divorcée and I’m getting married for the 2nd time.

Typing the word “divorcée” makes most people cringe.

It’s a label.

It screams FAIL WHALE.

It screams “I wear dark sunglasses, chain smoke, carry a small dog in my Chanel purse, and I may or may not have gotten the house in the Hamptons as part of my settlement.”

But I digress.

Anyway, it’s generally a word that brings judgment and turned up noses.

I was also once a wedding planner.

I became WPIC certified post-divorce.

Those fun facts about me mean I know some things. Not all of the things, but some of the things. So I want to share what I know, as someone about to get remarried, and as someone who has been exposed to the weddings of many different couples. Oh, and as someone who is so excited and scared at the same time, just like any other bride-to-be.

When you say “YES!” to a proposal, or someone says yes to yours, it’s the promise of forever (and the awesome wedding to come) that lights everyone up with excitement. You carefully craft your announcement photo for Instagram or Facebook, with fancy filters and clever hashtags like #helikeditsoheputaringonit or #doesthisringmakemelookengaged.

does this ring make me look engaged ring selfie


Suddenly, rainbows are everywhere you go!

Unicorns weep with joy at your news!

It’s a ring on THAT finger, a message to the world that someone wants to be with you, and you with them, until you’re old and crusty and you sit on a porch together yelling at the youth of tomorrow to get the hell off of your lawn.

If that made you dance with glee and toss glitter into the air, please sit down.

It’s time for real talk.

*brushes glitter off laptop*

Not for one second do I want to take away from the bliss that is a wedding.

The excitement of planning your big day is undeniable: A wedding is truly a beautiful and wonderful event.

But it’s an EVENT.

A point in time.

One day of your life.

One single day where you wear a beautiful gown (that I really hope doesn’t cost more than your wedding because THAT IS CRAZY TALK.)

I’m putting a lot of emphasis on it being a one day thing, because marriage is an entirely different kettle of fish. It is not an event. It is not one day. It is a lifetime of commitment to one person. It is good days and bad days. It is really loving that person even though they leave the peanut butter knife on the edge of the sink, or their socks on the kitchen counter. It is a commitment to making things work even if sometimes things are scary, difficult and/or frustrating.

Your relationship, your marriage, is like a garden and you need to tend to it. There will be no flowers, no fancy Kale, nor any heirloom tomatoes unless you take care of your garden every day.

Rain or shine.

You cannot be asleep at the switch, and expect your kale to be bountiful, your tomatoes to be juicy, or your marriage to be successful.

That one day of your life, your wedding, will not fix the things that are already malfunctioning in your relationship.

If you’re arguing all the time, a wedding won’t fix that.  If you’re insecure in your relationship, getting married won’t make it better.  If you’re not sure you want to get married, but he/she asked you, and your families are on you for grandkids so you may as well…a wedding won’t make you suddenly want to be married. I could say it a million different ways but I have a word limit (I think), so I’ll leave it at this: Your wedding isn’t a solution. It’s a celebration.

I’ll wait while you write that down somewhere.

There are many reasons why my marriage didn’t succeed, but mainly it fell apart because we had no foundation. I think I knew we’d fail before he even proposed, but I was so desperate to make things right in my world after my Mom died.

On my wedding day, I received an early card from a family friend, Carol. I read it before I walked down the aisle. That card is the one single thing I kept from my first marriage. Carol was an older woman, very close to my Mom. She was married with three grown sons who themselves were married with kids. She was a brassy New Jersey Italian, an off-Broadway actress, a recovering alcoholic. She was the most authentic woman I’d ever met, and I loved being around her for that reason.

Her card sits in a box of memories, and I kept it because it was so honest.

It terrified me.

Instead of the usual platitudes one gets in a wedding card, she had written the following:

“…the truth is, nobody knows what’s going to happen. And even after you’ve done it for an indeterminable amount of time…you still have no idea how it works. You just keep trying and you create a relationship with lots of emotions, lots of comfort, and sometimes discomfort. Lots of work and play. Good times and not so good times. You’ll do this all together, and you still won’t know. Here’s the secret: It is what it is.” 

Wait a minute.

Who says that to a bride on their wedding day?!

I really wish more people were this honest.

Carol is now in assisted living in California with Alzheimer’s and I WISH I could call her and thank her.

She doesn’t remember me anymore.

I am sharing her wisdom with you, because she said what all engaged couples need to hear: Being happily married is a lot of hard, albeit beautiful, important work. I learned some best practices for a successful marriage from the one that failed. I still take Carol’s words to heart. I stay true to myself as much as I can. The mister and I are set up for success with a solid relationship, and our foundation is strong. We’ve had some pretty rough moments, and I can safely say we’ve earned this wedding, and this marriage. We work very hard to maintain what we’ve built, and though we’re giggly and silly about this wedding planning, we’re not glossy-eyed and bathed in glitter, thinking that a wedding is the overall destination.

I’m so very excited to marry my penguin.

And if that reference escapes you, set some time aside to watch “Never Been Kissed” this week. I mean, I’ve mentioned it twice here, so just go watch it please and thanks.

Yes, it’s on Netflix.

You’re welcome.

…. and ALL of this is to say that being married to the one you love is one of life’s greatest joys.

The most important gift you can give to each other is honesty and authenticity.

Don’t race to get married because you have a timeline to follow, or you’re being pressured by your friends and family.  Like a house, you need to lay the foundation first. Build it to last forever. And once it has proven it can withstand storms and other nonsense, go ahead and plan yourself one awesome wedding.

With glitter.

~ xo,






To share your own pre-wedding-day thoughts with fellow Brides-To-Be, submit your #RealWGBrideBlog writing for considering to info@WeddingGirl.ca

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April 1, 2015

The hottest new wedding trend you haven’t heard of…

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{ Brides and Cats }

Authored By: Brenda Hanks

As any avid WeddingGirl reader would know, we love to keep up to date with the hot new trends in the wedding world. Recently a hot new trend has started taking North America by storm…



Why carry a beautiful bouquet when you can stroll down the aisle carrying a cuddly cat? This trend also brings a really soft touch to your wedding photos.


Talk about spicing up the boring old bouquet toss! Your girls will never know what hit them!


Still looking for a way to incorporate your kitty? What about a furry ring bearer or flower girl?


Or consider adding a cat to your dress for a personal touch?


Cats are showing up everywhere – check out this sweet invitation suite we found!


Trend or foe?

Does this post have you purring for more?

Would you kitty-up your wedding day?

Happy April Fools day!

{ photog love }

These totally inspiring cat-snaps are courtesy of: Ivan Malafeyev, BridesThrowingCats.com, ORBrideMag.com, DailyMail.co.uk, WeddingInvitations-UK.co.uk.

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March 30, 2015

WGLookBook: Atlantis Pavilions

Recently, we were lucky enough to hold the last LookBook photoshoot in the amazing Metropolitan Room at the Atlantis Pavilions in Toronto. This room features 30 foot floor-to-ceiling windows with amazing views of the Toronto skyline and Lake Ontario. If you have never visited, add this location to your must-see list!

Metropolitan room, Atlantis Pavilion, Toronto

Our photographer for this shoot was the amazing Joti from Oottum fine Photography.  Joti and her assistant (and husband) Jay, are a dream to work with! They are an incredibly talented team, and we can’t wait to share all of  the gorgeous shots they captured for us!

As you know, our LookBook shoots are colour-themed, and this time we were styling a purple Sangeet. To give you a little lesson on Indian wedding traditions, a Sangeet is a celebration held for a bride before a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony. Purple has historically been associated with royalty, magic, mystery, and piety, so it’s the perfect colour to use for a Sangeet!

We were spoiled by Manish and his team from Dulhan Mandap who created a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind mandap design, which was created just for us! It  incorporated lush velvet fabrics in every shade of purple. Not a single detail was missed!


OOTTUM Fine Photography--Wedding-Girl-Purple-Sangeet-Styled-Shoot-Atlantis-Pavilion--014

Country Lane Floral Design created some beautiful pieces to enhance the entire look of the mandap. The floral ring around the lantern made for a beautiful focal point, and the floral garlands around the gold urns made for an inviting entrance to the mandap.

OOTTUM Fine Photography--Wedding-Girl-Purple-Sangeet-Styled-Shoot-Atlantis-Pavilion--038

Sacha, the talent behind All Glam Affair, did an amazing job getting our beautiful model Sonia camera ready. Sonia’s makeup incorporated hints of purple to tie into the overall look, and her hair was the perfect combination of elegance and glamour.
OOTTUM Fine Photography--Wedding-Girl-Purple-Sangeet-Styled-Shoot-Atlantis-Pavilion--002-2
What is an Indian wedding without the dazzling details? We were so excited when Jami from Jewel Flash Tatts came on board to create a unique tattoo design specifically for us! I had been eyeing these gold foil tattoos for so long, and this was the perfect opportunity to try them out. Jami created a henna inspired design that fit perfectly with the bridal look, and we hope to inspire brides to try it out for themselves!
OOTTUM Fine Photography--Wedding-Girl-Purple-Sangeet-Styled-Shoot-Atlantis-Pavilion--018-2
Sometimes I meet new vendors that I just can’t wait to work with, and Vibrance Designs was one of them. Puja and I met over Twitter, and I instantly fell in love with her hand illustrated designs. Her work is so in tune with the latest trends, and she takes the time to make every mark count. Thank you Puja for the stunning Invitation suite you made for us.
A project like this can’t come together without support from our entire team. Thank you ladies – especially to our interns who not only modeled outfits, but steamed and prepped them all for the shoot!
OOTTUM Fine Photography--Wedding-Girl-Purple-Sangeet-Styled-Shoot-Atlantis-Pavilion--026-2
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March 24, 2015

#ShopLocalSeries | A Celebrity Limousine

{ Toronto’s Primiere Limousine Service Provider }

Authored by: Lisa Hardie

When we started our #ShopLocalSeries, we introduced you to Luxe Drive, Toronto’s Ultra-Luxury Chauffeur Driven Auto Service.

This time, we’d like to introduce you to A Celebrity Limousine.

A Celebrity Limousine is Toronto’s premiere Limousine service provider, and Luxe Drive’s go to for high end limo service. We were actually referred to A Celebrity Limousine by Luxe Drive and we’re so happy to have made that connection! After just one chat with Rob, the owner of the company, we knew good things would happen (which I guess has been the norm lately!).

It was Thursday February 12 of this year when we first connected with Rob; the day before our #Indie88Wedding winner would be announced. We were in a bind with trying to find a limo provider to whisk around our winning couple as they prepared for their wedding with just 24 hours notice.

That’s when Rob and his team stepped in without question, without hesitation…it was like a match made in wedding heaven.


With over 15 years of experience, A Celebrity Limousine is the most reputable limousine service in the GTA, specializing in weddings. They have been awarded the #1 Limo Service in Toronto by Readers Choice for several consecutive years.

Partly what sets them apart is that they actually own their entire fleet of vehicles for which they guarantee your limo of choice will arrive on your wedding day and not a different subcontracted limo (a big plus when servicing such a large city!).

Here are just a couple of vehicle’s they offer.




Aren’t they stunning?

So the next time you need premiere limousine service, be sure to contact Rob and his team.

We know he’ll go the extra mile to ensure you’re receiving the best possible service ever; just like he did with us.


Interested in being featured in our #ShopLocalSeries? Be sure to contact media@weddinggirl.ca with the hashtag ‘#ShopLocalSeries‘ in the subject line for more information.

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March 17, 2015

WGLookBook: Evergreen Brickworks

{ Going #Green on your Wedding Day }

The WeddingGirl.ca team loves when couples make “green” choices when it comes to their wedding plans. Check out WGxGreen for our eco-friendly division, focusing on greener events for a cleaner world.

With today being St. Patrick’s day, I thought it would be fitting to post about our green photoshoot that took place at Evergreen Brickworks.

This venue is a dream! During my first visit, I wandered the aisles of the brick kilns, and couldn’t stop snapping photos of the colourful graffiti art.


There are so many elements of this venue that I adore, but what I love most of all is the innovation of the facility and the opportunities that are available to people in the city to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


On a cold and snowy January day, our team had the privilege of working in the Holcim Gallery, showcasing some of Toronto’s best talent!

Stayed tuned for the WeddingGirl.ca LookBook coming soon, to see the full look, with photography by the talented Dan O. from Dan Osadtsuk Photography.

For now, here are some sneak-peak shots to get you in a greener mood for spring!


The team at Fraiche created a stunning tablescape that played off of earthy elements such as moss and driftwood, and a wintery bouquet full of lush greenery.


Invitation Twist used plantable seed paper to design a beautiful stationery set to inspire brides to use eco-friendly alternatives, while still looking traditional and gorgeous!


My favourite details were the green belt, veil, and headpiece worn by our beautiful model, Samantha, made especially for her by one of Toronto’s top milliner’s, Blair Nadeau Millinery. Thank you Blair! We can’t wait to share your work with everyone!


The cupcakes and cake were made by Nicole from Cakeity Cakes. When she was describing her idea of making fondant succulents and putting them on top of chocolate cupcakes with oreo crumbs to look like dirt, I thought the idea was so cute and fun, and it really added a playful element to a more serious shoot. For the record, they tasted as amazing as they looked!


We can’t giveaway all of the juicy details yet, but I want to say a huge thank you to the LushBrush team that made our bride look stunning, and Gown and Glory for providing us with a gorgeous dress that made Samantha look and feel like a real bride for the day.

If you’re looking for more eco-friendly wedding ideas, check out one of our previous posts about Satisfying your Inner Green Goddess, and Evergreen Memories which offers some great favor ideas!

Be sure to stayed tuned for our LookBook launch soon! To keep up behind the scenes and see some sneak peek photos, like our Facebook page.

Thank you to our very own WeddingGirl Laura for these amazing photos!

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#WGRealBrideCampaign | #WGLookBook :: naturally, beautifully-bride…

“8 Month Wedding Beauty Timeline”

“18 Stunning Makeup Looks For Brides”

“28 Prettiest Wedding Hairstyles”

“Bride-To-Be Beauty Tips”

“Detox Your Way To The Altar!”

Just a quick search for “Beautiful Bride” on Pinterest, and never will a girl ever feel as much pressure to be beautiful as she does the moment she agrees to be wed.

Bridal Beauty

Lose weight!

Tone up!

Eat well!

Slim your arms!

Curve your bum! (but not too curvy!)

Oh… and do it all between now and your wedding day…. while maintaining your job, your family, your social life, and sanity.

It’s tough being a bride!

But who came up with these standards of bridal beauty anyway?!?

Somewhere in the regime and routine and rules, it seems we’ve forgotten everything about the girl the guy (or girl) fell in love with in the first place!

Bridal beauty standards these days have been mass-marketed, extra-exploited, pretty much entirely unattainable objectives of weight-loss formulas and faddy work-out apps to make you feel like a less-than-acceptable version of your flawless bridal self.


Sure, Monique Lhullier spared no expense in finding a super-stunning bride to wear her super-stunning bridal collection… but did you know that only 5% of women naturally have the “ideal” measurements that this gorgeous gown is flaunted on?

So basically, line up 20 brides… and maybe one of those brides might be able to pull off this dress.

Am I the only one who thinks that’s insane?

Why do we keep allowing the wedding world – designers and stylists alike – to continue setting this superficial (artificial?) ideal?

And who came up with this entirely insane bridal beauty standard in the first place??

In all fairness, it wasn’t always this way.

Here’s how the world used to view its prettiest brides:

Ancient Greece (500-300 B.C.) – plump and full-figured.

Full Figured Bride Callisa 4153 Gown Glory Bridal Consignment Toronto

Victorian England (1837 – 1901) – corsets were worn to have cinched waists, with long hair to promote their femininity.

sottero midgley topaz corset bridal gown consignment toronto

Roaring Twenties (1920′s) – women favour a genderless look; downplaying waists and wearing bras that flattened their breasts to create a curve-less, boyish body.

BCBG Maxine Consignment Toronto Cheap Wedding Gowns

Golden Age of Hollywood (1930s-1950s) – Hays Code in effect; movie stars started flaunting curvy bodies with slim waists. This was the Marilyn Monroe era.

Allure 8920 Toronto Cheap Wedding Gown Dresses Consignment Boutique

Swinging Sixties (1960s) – Twiggy unknowingly initiated a change from curvy to tall and thin through her modelling.

Alfred Angelo 8501 Toronto Cheap Wedding Gowns Dresses Gown Glory Consignment

Supermodel Era (1980s) – also known as the Aerobics Fad; the ideal body became tall, slim, athletic but still curvaceous.

D1639 Essence of Australia Toronto Cheap Wedding Dresses Gowns

Heroin Chic (1990s) – beauty is now seen as thin, withdrawn, and pale.

Casablanca Couture B086

2000’s – today we need to be skinny but healthy; large boobs and bums but a super-flat tummy. Simple, right?

Stella York 5679 Toronto Cheap Wedding Gowns

We agree emphatically, these brides are GORGEOUS! But what happens when you’re not the teeny-tiny Size 0-2 that designers’ top gown models boast?

{ Standing Up For The Cause }

In recent years many people, celebrities and non-celebrities alike, have decided to stand up for women against unrealistic expectations and standards. Even though it was done in subtle ways, the impact left behind was impressive.

Shailene Woodley is a prime example of a naturally beautiful woman. She chooses not to wear makeup for many red carpet appearances and numerous award shows. Despite her unconventional approach, she’s praised constantly for her exquisite complexion and raw look.

2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards - Arrivals

Who says transforming into the “ideal beauty” is what will determine your success?

Rebel Wilson has, on numerous occasions, explained that her focus in life is to be amazing in her field of work: acting and comedy.

She has graciously decided to ignore the standards and remain herself, which, might I add is magnificent!

Rebel embraces her curves and focuses on what truly matters, her own happiness and accomplishments in life, work, and love.


{ What WE’RE choosing to do… }

As much as we’d like to think that brides around the world love what we do here in our little corner of WeddingLand, the truth is, we can only begin to wish to change the industry.

What we can change, though, is ourselves.

Did you know we’re launching a WeddingGirl LookBook? Yup.

Real women.

Mike Streeter Photography Hamilton WGxLookbook

Real sizes.

WG Lookbook Dan Osadtsuk Photography

Really gorgeous wedding looks.

Julia Park Photography WG Lookbook

And in anticipation of our LookBook launch? We’re turning to you, our REAL-world brides, to show us how you’re celebrating the real kind of beautiful that you plan to be on your wedding day!

Are you love-love-loving your plus-sized bridal gown?

Are you rocking a DIY-manicure down the aisle?

Are you trading in perfectly-polished curls for your natural, just-a-touch-wavy, tresses?


Hey…. we’re not asking you to ditch concealer on your big day… but we are hoping to hear that there’s at least one bride out there who’d prefer to toast her flute of bubbles without worrying about how many stairs she’ll have to climb to burn it off.

Tell us the ways in which you’re choosing to fly in the face of unattainable bridal beauty and, instead, walking down the aisle as a perfectly, naturally, beautifully-you bride. Watch your stories be shared by our WeddingGirls, and maybe together, we can create a whole new bridal beauty trend; one that doesn’t involve a Stairmaster and lip injections.

Tag #WGRealBrideCampaign and #WGLookBook in your post.

We can’t wait to share it!


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