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December 18, 2014
Posted by WeddingGirl

Oh… *you* can just coordinate my wedding for me, right?

{ spare your sister }

Should I hire a wedding planner quote


It makes us sad to know the cold, harsh realities of Wedding Planning Land:  a lot of couples feel there’s no need to invest in a Wedding Planner.

What’s worse? If they do think they could use a planner, they think it’s perfectly acceptable to find one on Kijiji. *bangs head on desk repeatedly*

Unfortunately, it seems like DIY is the new wedding trend (Thanks, Pinterest…. ) and what comes next is a fate even more unfortunate – for the beloved family member or unsuspecting friend that you leave in charge of managing your big day. We can just picture it now….

“Surprise! You’re invited to my wedding! …. aaaand I’m going to have you set up the ceremony decor before you get dressed, coordinate deliveries with vendors while you’re getting your hair done, move flowers from the ceremony to the reception, and walk through the venue during Cocktail Hour making sure that all the tables are set for the correct number of guests. Okay?”

Nope. This is not okay.

What budget-savvy couples are missing is the fact that they’re (unintentionally) setting their loved ones up to fail.

Why? It’s simple: spare your sister! (or aunt, or highschool friend that you didn’t really want to invite anyways).

Most people just don’t have the knowledge, skills or EXPERIENCE that it takes to successfully plan or coordinate a wedding day.

Think big-picture:

A wedding is a production.

It’s a large-scale, meticulously-planned, detailed, time-sensitive production that needs to be executed seamlessly to be the kind of perfect that every bride dreams it to be.

And more importantly – every wedding is different…. so even if you helped one friend, once upon a time, with their big day, there’s nothing to say that this time around things won’t go entirely off-the-rails…. on your watch.

Consider this a wake-up call. (we’ve been doing a lot of those lately).



This is why you should invest in a wedding planner:

Do I need a wedding planner toronto weddinggirl.ca

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

I’ve attended and assisted enough weddings to know that whether you are having a lavish affair or an intimate gathering, the reality is this:

Do I really need a wedding planner Toronto Royal Canadian Yacht Club

Things need to be gathered, transported, sorted, carefully placed and arranged at the ceremony and reception sites. A wedding planner is responsible for helping you plan how things will be gorgeous; a wedding coordinator is the one overseeing the set up and cleanup of these items while you’re off getting gorgeous all morning.

Oh… and item-placement? That’s only the half of it.

The other half: managing people.

We all have that one person in our lives who works in high-stress situation and deals with people all day long… so why don’t you ask them how this story ends?

Coordinating a wedding is a lot more complex than what most people can ever imagine.

Would you really expect your family, or friends, to make sense of your rehearsal itinerary? your morning prep schedule? Or how about your vendor delivery timeline? Would you ask your parents to be the ones running around frantically to summon family members for photos during cocktail hour? Should your volun-told bestie be the designated bridesmaid because you need someone to cue speeches on time?

To be responsible for giving you the perfect wedding day, if you ask any true-blue wedding coordinator, is entirely unfair. I mean, they’re supposed to be celebrating with you – not scurrying around with a Vendor Contact List and Floorplan in their hands! That’s our job.


Check back for when we tell you why hiring a Kijiji Planner could be Wedded Bliss suicide.


Laura Arbelaez WeddingGirl.ca

Laura is a Social Media Maven – and she loves every minute of the fact that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have taken over her life!

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Posted by WeddingGirl

A day in the life of a wedding planning GirlBoss…

{ WGx }

written by: mary


The WG team is growing, and as these once-corporate employees slowly convert to self-employed GirlBosses, I’m watching them make adjustments, tweaks, and changes to the way they govern their days and lead their lives.

At one of our team meetings this week, one WeddingGirl asked how I spend my days…..

This was the answer she got:


A day in the life of a self-employed GirlBoss….

0930 – woke up

1000 – drove to get coffee

1030 – did groceries to make breakfast

On those travels I decided on how we’re going to approach the our latest PR proposal. I received a text from one of the executives at a company we’re coordinating a largescale event with – she was updating me on the status of some of our most recent vendor acquisitions.

*mental check*

I’ve been mulling around super cool ways to present our PR pitch.

God, this is going to be a ton of work.

Alas, one of the WeddingGirls has already canceled her weekend plans to help me pull this off. Amazing.

I’ll likely be heading to Niagara on Sunday for breakfast with Mama and Papa Bratko – I’ll stop in Hamilton on the way back to meet with her. Hmmm.. where’s the best coffee in Hamilton?


Okay. Back home.

1130 – Venue has confirmed meeting space for an upcoming meeting. My mind is ripped back to the reasons I’m hosting said meeting – the agenda, the background, the audience, the way I plan on custom-tailoring my information to most benefit my attendees.

I put a quick shout-out to the WG team group on Facebook to update them on the status (and let them know they’re all welcome to attend.)

A quick check of my emails: 2260.


I need to address a cake quote for an upcoming wedding.

There’s a photographer in another province inquiring about advertising on our website. Instead of seeing marketing dollars, I see an opportunity to expand to her city.

*mental note to mull over said expansion*.

Another client wants to schedule a meeting for Friday.

The WG team has started working on a collaborating online platform to manage our projects… I think I’ve received what looks like an invite to join it. Great, something new I need to learn. (should I have written that in my sarcastic font?) Alas… I’m here to work with them. Onwards.

Got a super lovely email full of kindness and support from another WeddingGirl.

Noticed she’s updated her email signature to the super chic new one we adopted last week. I support this.

Read my daily inspiration note. I like it.

Skip over an email about a blog that I know will require an extensive amount of follow-up. I’ll come back to that later.

Get an update from a bride about a photographer she’s not super excited by. Our search continues.

Another bride sends a note to confirm she’s finalized her stationary details.

*mental note* – must begin her design board development in the next few days.

Send a note to a 2016 couple about a function space that I think would be perfect for them.

Send a note to another couple about a photographer that I think would be a perfect fit (had to remember to CC those girls on the WG team who are anxious to start planning weddings on their own).

Email a decorator to set up a lunch date to talk about a design proposal for a super strategic function we’re executing together. He agrees to meet at my preferred time in my preferred spot. Amazing. They have stellar gyoza.

*scribble that lunch date into my day planner*

I realize I haven’t added Friday’s meeting to my dayplanner yet.

I receive an inquiry from an aspiring planner who wants to work for us…. respond with details for us to meet and greet. Looking forward to it.

I follow up on some emails that I’ve owed one of the WeddingGirls for over a week now. She’s eager to get on board and help with finalizing details for one particular event and my lack of response was stopping her from being able to do her job. Shoot.

Some updates come in for another wedding that affect the entire team – I go back into our Facebook group to pass along the note.

Spend a few minutes deleting unnecessary emails re: one particular event…. manage to get my Inbox down to 2226.

Receive a note back from another venue that we have a meeting confirmed for Tuesday. I get up from my cross-legged spot on the couch to grab my pink dayplanner to scribble those additional meeting details into it.


I realize that I’ve somehow managed to spill nailpolish remover in my office bag; not much of it, but enough to wreck the nail that landed in in when reaching for my planner. Planner seems to be safe, though. All’s well.

I scribble all meeting dates and times into the planner. I try to always book meetings between 11-2…. it usually means I’ve missed morning rush hour traffic and haven’t yet hit afternoon rush hour traffic. Very strategic. I also know that I’m bound to get stuck in traffic sometimes. I don’t let it sour my mood or affect my presentation. It’s just a part of doing business in Toronto and I’m grateful for the *privilege* of being a business owner in one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

I pick meeting locations that have convenient parking (and good food). Or good coffee. Or wi-fi.

One vendor sends along a Gmail Calendar invite. It’s scheduled for 30 minutes off from the time we agreed to. I need to send back a note to confirm that either she has it wrong or I do. Turns out she does. She updates the invite.

As I’m staring at the top 10 emails in my Inbox, I’m reminded that there’s a pretty hefty email from another client that I know I need to respond to, as well as a note from a vendor who was hoping to meet with as soon as possible but haven’t had a chance to respond with availability.

The pressure of ‘drowning’ starts to set in and it’s barely lunch time.

… one thing at a time.

I’m constantly receiving an influx of ‘small talk’ emails – I respond pleasantly and make mental notes to remember the details of everyone’s holidays and family plans so that I can ask about them after the holidays.

*mental note to enhance customer service despite feeling like you’re gasping for air*.

Updates to a hefty radio station giveaway are confirmed. I send a note updating the team. We’ll now be collaboratively working alongside one another to finesse the details of the plans and make them spectacular. I’m excited about this one!

Created my first Asana project as per an email I received from a bride and her associate planner and I ironing out ongoing planning details.

Also go in and updated another WeddingGirl’s project with notes about details I’ve just received from the executive.

I don’t hate this platform.

Another WeddingGirl updates her email signature.  I can’t help but smile about the fact that I directly lifted it from a lawyer and now we’re all using it. I offered to pay for his coffee in return. He refused… so perhaps I’ll write about how awesome he and his firm’s work are on the blog. (which reminds me that I haven’t opened or responded to that one note about that blog thing I need to take care of …. off to do that now).

Inbox down to 2223.

Deleted a note that I was CC’d on between a planner and a Groom – these are my favourites, since they usually don’t require any action from me.

Emailed back about that blog thing.

Realize I haven’t eaten yet. Begrudgingly get up from my spot on the couch to nourish myself.

1230 – while scarfing down eggs I’m figuring out my strategy for the evening’s planner session: topics, questions, discussion points. Send all the attendees an email confirming location.

Check my inbox, back up to 2230 since sitting down for breakfast.

Added “how to bring additional vendors on board (for an upcoming event)” to my mental strategy task list… will give this some thought.

A WeddingGirl reminds me that we haven’t heard back from a new inquiry on a meeting time and that this still requires follow-up. Grateful to her for doing it on my behalf.

Get a bounce-back email from Asana that I can’t just reply to a thread in my email because settings are set to send emails from “info@WG” instead of wg@gmail …. lame. Decide to keep an Asana window open along my task bar to update as needed (alongside about a dozen entrepreneurial articles that I keep open to remind myself to read).

Read this great article: http://time.com/3610313/kat-cole-cinnabon/

A cake quote comes in. I carefully review it. It doesn’t seem to match what I remembered their original quote to be. Have to go back through my emails to double check a note sent on Dec 2 that quoted an entirely different price. Email the pastry chef back to ask why the difference in cost. Send a follow up email to the bride letting her know her quote is still baking.

Respond to the out-of-province photographer.

*mental note to my to-do list to think of strategies for this expansion*.

Today’s daily-subscription message :

“Note from the Universe”

Sure, we have an “Advanced Self Help” department here, Mary!

Down the hall and through the doors with the sign that says, “Help Others.”

Yeah, same-same, because the therapy that comes from helping someone else is one of the most advanced ways to help yourself.

Shhhhhh… please do not tell a single soul!

- seems largely applicable.

1300 – sign up for Natalie MacNeil’s “Conquer Club” – for women entrepreneurs. I try and reverse-engineer the success of others and use it to keep myself inspired when being a GirlBoss totally sucks.

I reread one of the WG’s love note emails she sent me that morning.

I’m reminds that I need to confirm our new corporate mailing address.

Also makes me think that I need to give some thought to Fraîche Floral Studio development strategy (another mental to-do)

Read an email from another WG with a blogpost that my mind seems to tell me we’ve already published but I’m not sure. Off to the website to verify.

Yet another WeddingGirl has submitted a blog about brooch bouquets.. which reminds me I still haven’t published her lace blog from last week. I feel shitty for dropping the ball on that. Off to the WG website to make at least this first blog happen.

While I’m downloading the images I was sent for the brooch blog, I realize that I have an opened (unsent) photography email that I was working on for a couple this morning that I entirely forgot to send. Finish off that email and send it away.

1310 – email to the couple sent.

Two of the brooch blog’s images were broken in the email so I ask the WeddingGirl to re-send. One of her images reminds me that I still owe one of our couples a revised floral quote.

Another “to-do”.

- back to writing the blog.

- get distracted with notifications in our Facebook group about one girl’s note re: a couple of upcoming projects.

Go back to Asana to create the thread to discuss the pitch but realize I’m not getting the blog post done.

Back to the blog.

(the fine art of constantly reminding yourself that you’re distracted).

“Does what I’m doing right now pay my bills? No? Stop doing said thing.”

1345 – blog post done.

Added in a few photos from previous weddings I’ve planned as well as cross-linked to a blog from back in 2011 – which was super popular in traffic but clearly was written and edited before I had any clue what I was doing. Take the time to update that blog as well.

1400 – back and forth emails about a cake / cupcake situation.

Schedule another planner’s blog post for tomorrow.

Haven’t reviewed that lace post yet.

Answer text messages from WeddingGirls that I’ve been ignoring in an effort to try and get this editing done.

I’m reminded that I need to create an Asana thread about marketing goals. Off to do that now.

1410 – Asana post complete.

I’m going to get coffee.

(feeling bogged down that I still haven’t responded to that one super-important email… and can’t event remember the other important thing I was supposed to respond to.)

1420 – still haven’t left for coffee.. but have updated the original vintage bouquet blog. Wow, so many comments on this vintage WG gem (pun intended).


1600 – get coffee.

Walk my dog.

Go to Winners to find an outfit for that evening’s strategy session.

Decide I prefer to buy exclusively on Clearance to keep things unique and outside of my comfort zone. Entire outfit = $75 with shoes, tights, and scarf.

Anxiety about the evening starts to set in. I’m wondering what I’m going to say, who’s going to be there, how it’s going to go.

Email inbox is at 2223.

A super stressed-out bride sends a super-stressed-out note.

Must address.

Get an email request for an interview with WeddingPlannersInTheCity.com.  I agree to it and assume they’ll connect with me in the next day or two.

Start to watch the clock and get nervous about my session.

Follow up with a bride who wants to get together to chat planning before the Xmas holidays.

Some more vendor back-and-forth.

Should probably give some thought to food prior to tonight’s session. I haven’t eaten anything since the eggs.

Get an inquiry for vases in Alberta.

I’m reminded that I’ve been thinking about Canadian distribution for our “shops” for years. I’m not in a position to be figuring it out now. I explain to said inquirer that shipping to Alberta will likely cost more than the vases she’s inquiring about. I feel horrible. Apologize profusely. Carry on.

1715 – arrived at my session.

Still haven’t eaten dinner.

Have cute purple tights with cute new black shoes though.

Will figure out where there’s decent enough lighting to instagram said fashion statement.

Our company name is on the readerboard again.


Would be lying if I said there wasn’t tiny bits of butterflies to see WG’s name alongside other big corporate names.

Pretty lucky to be getting the kind of hospitality we’re greeted with in the city.

Random girl in Louboutins walks. She has no idea how to walk in stilettos, is probably about 21, and hanging off the arm of a 60+ year old dude. The Dior bag waving around in her hand pretty much tells the story. Clearly I’m doing it wrong – this ‘working for myself’ bit. Maybe I need a sugar daddy? I spend about 48 seconds debating said proposal in my head. I decide against it and go back to planning my meeting notes.

I sit down and breathing for the first time all day.. and almost anxious that I’m not even sure where to pick up on my work / food / social media strategy / book … — should probably work on some kind of a script. Off I go.

Stop and muster up a way to take a purple-tight-selfie for the WeddingGirl who texted to remind me that I should.


2310…. finally in bed.

I’ve ignored my Jeep’s plea for oil for weeks and almost seized my engine on King Street driving home.

Good times.

$60 of gas station oil later, I think I’m good.


Breakfast was the only meal I’ve managed to eat.

Time for bed.

The end.


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