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June 28, 2015
Posted by WeddingGirl

#RibfestWedding | sneak-peek preview by Peter Dusek Photography

{ Once Upon a Toronto Ribfest … }

Sooo, Ribfest had a wedding…. and everything started with this guy.

Meet Hugh Williams – a man who sits on about a half-dozen different boards and is one of the key masterminds of Rotary Etobicoke . Hugh heard about the Indie88 Win-A-Wedding contest that all of us at WeddingGirl.ca brought to life, and he thought…. “Hey, why don’t we give away a wedding at Ribfest?” …. so, we did.

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 8

Rotary Etobicoke, as we came to learn in the past few months, is about community. This group is about charity, support, service-above-self, and about making an impact, a difference. The Toronto Ribfest isn’t just about BBQ sauce and pork-on-a-bun… it, too, is about making waves in the community and leaving a positive mark on so many more people than just hungry meat-lovers in annual attendance.

 And this year, Ribfest wanted to kick off summer with a sweet occasion, a wedding.

The contest was planned and a photoshoot was styled. We put a call out to Toronto looking for a saucy couple that knows #MarriageIsMessy. The entries poured in, but one stood out above all others.

Cue: Pamela and Francis.

With less than two weeks before their Big Day, there was a lot to do before these two said “I Do.” A whirlwind of last-minute everythings brought us to June 27th…. Wedding Day. (also known as torrential downpour day). Some gusty winds and sloshy grounds weren’t going to stop us…. these lovebirds spoke their vows, exchanged their rings, and celebrated Happily Ever After among family and friends (and pretty much every media crew in the city!)

Here’s  how the day unfolded courtesy of Rotary Etobicoke volunteer photographer, Peter Dusek.

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 2

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 3

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 4

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 6

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 7

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 9

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 10

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 11

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 12

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 14

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 15

#RibfestWedding WeddingGirl.ca Toronto Peter Dusek Photography 13


This #RibfestWedding giveaway would not have been possible without the generous love, support, and contributions made by:

Rotary Etobicoke

Toronto Ribfest


Kettle Creek Weddings | Wayne Wright

Purestorm Studios

Boutique Linen Rentals

Cakeity Cakes

Designs By Liselle

Fraîche Floral Studio

Sheraton Toronto Airport


{ Blog Love } Photography Credits: Peter Dusek Photography

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June 20, 2015
Posted by WeddingGirl

Taylor Jackson + Lindsay Coulter | KW Wedding Photographers

{ Italy Series }

by: Mary


You can’t be a part of the wedding industry without crossing paths with Taylor Jackson, wedding photographer. Our paths were initially lucky enough to cross years ago when I was still a wedding planning newbie. Since then Taylor’s artistic and creative talents have captured many WeddingGirl celebrations and I’ve watched him grow and develop his brand in ways that few entrepreneurs dare to dream.

And one of the best things to happen to Taylor in the past few years? Miss Lindsay Coulter. Lindsay’s passion, spirit, and crazy-amazing kindness emanate from her when she’s standing near you. She’s impossible not to fall in love with!

Together, Taylor and Lindsay make a dynamic photographic duo force to be reckoned with. These two live a life of doing what they love and inspiring others around them to do the same. They recently traveled to and through Italy, capturing their adventure and coming back to southern Ontario to share the beauty and magic of one of their favourite countries with their favourite people here at home.

A few days ago I decided to brave the traffic on the westbound 401 to attend a gallery opening at gorgeous Hacienda Sarria in Kitchener – one of Taylor and Lindsay’s top-rated wedding venues in southern Ontario. As expected, the photos were stunning, the venue was perfect, and the turnout was incredible. Working in one of the most dynamic and challenging industries ever, it’s so inspiring to see young dreamers leaving a mark on those around them and these two are impossible to ignore.

Taylor Jackson Lidnsay Coulter Italy series

Taylor and Lindsay traveled to Italy for nine days to capture the romance, passion, and lifestyle of the Italian culture.

“Italy inspires so much of the rest of the world.” – their 20-minute documentary captured the behind-the-scenes of narrow streets, unique AirBNB’s, and even getting their drone stuck in a tree. Though, we never did find out how they got it down?!

It’s so very obvious that the love for their craft that these two bring to weddings is what they take with them around the world: unique angles, creative perspectives and final products that can set any heart ablaze.

Take a peek at ItalySeries.com to see the adventure!

Taylor Jackson Lindsay Coulter Italy Series Kitchener Waterloo

God, it’s so crazy-clear how much these two love one another, and love what they do. How lucky we are to be a part of an industry that celebrates love at every corner – both that which our couples share, and the love that we have, as industry experts, in creating a day-to-day reality beyond our wildest imagination.

Follow Taylor and Lindsay’s photographic story unfold: @TaylorJackson and @LCoulterPhoto

Lindsay Coulter Taylor Jackson Wedding Photographers Ontario

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