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May 2, 2015
Posted by WeddingGirl

Derry + Daniel :: Rosewater, Toronto

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Blush White Bridal Bouquet Fraiche Floral Studio Toronto


It’s note often that, in follow up to a Bride and Groom’s big day, we, as their wedding planners, ask for a copy of the couples’ parents’ speech. Well, this was an exception.. and we trust that when you read what we’ve shared below, you’ll understand why.


For those of you who don’t know me I’m Frank and I am Daniel’s father.
I’d like to welcome you all, family, and friends, to today‘s festivities.
As parents approach a child’s wedding day it’s customary to reflect upon certain signposts in a child’s life that flesh out who they are. To say that your mom and I are proud of the person you are is an understatement. Your heart is bigger than this room. 

Today, Daniel, you have tied the knot with Derry: a beautiful, charming, intelligent and athletic partner. 
One day a few summers ago my wife, Judy, and I were having dinner on the patio at the Biermarkt on the Esplanade (great mussels by the way) when Matt Francis, Daniel’s best man, walked by. As part of our conversation Matt asked me if we had met Derry yet, whom Daniel had only been dating for a few weeks. I replied that we had and that we thought she was da bomb and that if Daniel screwed up this relationship he was a fool.
Well Daniel’s mom and I didn’t raise no fools.

Now I’m going to briefly address the newly wedded couple:

Daniel and Derry harken to your wedding vows. I am a big fan of said vows.
To get the job of marriage done, you must reflect, talk, and listen, both to what is said aloud and to what isn‘t, which is where the real truth so often hides.
You have to compromise – a wise word, that, as well as a practical art.
Now I’m not a fortune teller so I can’t tell you what awaits you in the years ahead, but marriage can, should, and must evolve. Don’t be alarmed and don’t resent it.
Be patient and kind, unflaggingly.
In the long run, it’s the unasked for kindnesses in troubled times that matter more than the extravagant gestures. Express gratitude, especially for the work that tends to be taken for granted.
Identify problems that arise, remembering that anger is flammable.
When you’ve behaved like an asshole, either of the two of you, remember that a sincere apology never diminishes the apologizer.
Wrong turns teach us the right way.
My greatest wish for the two of you is that through the years your love for each other will so deepen and grow, that years from now you will look back on this day, your wedding day, as the day you loved each other the least.
And lastly, an old African saying:
If you want to go quickly, go alone.
If you want go far, go together.

I toast you and love you both.”
This, was Derry and Daniel’s fairytale day….

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Matt Trimble Photography Wedding Toronto

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Toronto Wedding First Look Photography Distillery District

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Rosewater Room Toronto Wedding Ceremony Fraiche Floral Studio

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Rosewater Room wedding ceremony


Toronto Wedding Planner Rosewater Room Ceremony

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Toronto Wedding Photographer Matt Trimble Rosewater Room


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Officiant: Ann Forfar | Venue: Rosewater Room | Photography: Matt Trimble | Cinema: Robert Collins | Floral Design: Fraîche Floral Studio | Hair + Makeup: Niki Khalaj + Mona Kavazi | Accommodations: Omni – King Edward Hotel | Photobooth: Never Forget Photo | Cake + Cupcakes: Prairie Girl Bakery | Planning + Coordination: WeddingGirl.ca

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May 1, 2015
Posted by WeddingGirl

WGxPlannercademy™ :: welcome to the next level.


Name doesn’t ring a bell?

Well, that might be because we’re brand-spankin’-new! Not to planning weddings or being experts at events – but to taking everything you thought you knew about what it means to be ‘Wedding Planning Certified’ and turning it entirely on its head.

The girl who dreamed up the WeddingGirl brand decided to take it one step further. Rather than just sharing tips with Brides on spending, saving, and splurging on their wedding day, this wedding planner began to take a long, hard look at what being a successful Wedding Planner is all about.

Key word: Successful.

It’s easier than ever these days to call yourself a ‘wedding planner’; you buy a domain name, you create a blog, you sign up an Instagram account – and BAM! You’re a planner.

But…. are you making money?

Remember, the only thing that differentiates a business from a hobby is income.

Is what you’re doing helping you create the kind of life you love?

“A dreamer is someone who jumps of the cliff and builds wings on the way down.”




Sure, there’s tons of other wedding-planning-certification courses out there that claim to be the best-of-the-best in all-things-learning-how-to-pin-on-a-boutonniere …. but after you’ve Instagram’d a selfie with you and your shiny new Wedding Planning Certificate…. what happens then?

Aristotle once said, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

We call ourselves Plannercademy™ for short – so as not to take ourselves too seriously – and we believe in educating the heart (just ask the unicorn).

Canadian Wedding Planning Academy Plannercademy Toronto

All it takes is a quick tour of our @Plannercademy Instagram feed to see that we’re nothing like most ‘schools’.

Sure, we believe in teaching you the basics of wedding etiquette, event aesthetic, and vendor research – but more importantly, we aspire to inspire you to understand yourself in ways you’ve never even realized you didn’t before.

“The open environment promoted asking questions”

“It made me feel like I could actually learn it, and do it.”

“It made me feel excited to take the next step.”

Canadian Wedding Planning Academy Plannercademy Toronto Workshop

We ask questions.

Hard ones.

We challenge you.


We believe in putting students on the spot and teaching them how to feel uncomfortable – first in a warm, welcoming, relaxed learning environment – so that one day, they’re ready to face the real trials and tribulations of the event industry ‘out there’.

Still feeling hesitant? There’s nothing that a quick trip to our Essie Nail Polish Bar can’t solve!

Canadian Wedding Planning Academy Plannercademy Toronto Essie Nail Polish Bar

Learn to design.

Learn to plan.

Learn to be the driving force behind unforgettable events, with killer style – the kind that makes everyone around you swoon.

But beyond those… learn to brand yourself.

Learn to sell yourself.

Learn to keep getting up and getting back in the ring after you’ve lost the first round.

Our Babes of Directors are true-blue, real-world, Girl-Bosses. We’re living proof that you can earn a solid income while creating a life you love, doing what you’re most passionate about in the world. We’re here to teach you everything that YouTube can’t.

Plannercademy Toronto Canadian Wedding Planning Academy

We teach with champagne in our hands and fascinators in our hair.

We wear offensively sparkly outfits; you know, the ones that you see at Winners sometimes and think, “God… where would I ever wear that?”


And we laugh…. a lot.

Lisa Hardie Alex Howard Mary Bratko Canadian Wedding Planning Academy

All of us know that the life of a wedding planner isn’t about dull textbooks and boring banquet halls…. so why should your certification course be?!

We’re busting out the bubbles, mixing up mimosas, and eating cake for breakfast…  because those are the things that make life worthwhile!

Canadian Wedding Planning Academy Champagne Toast Toronto

Eat Cake For Breakfast Plannercademy Toronto Canadian Wedding Planning Academy

Champagne Donuts Plannercademy Toronto Canadian Wedding Planning Academy

The Plannercademy™ team is made up of real-world women who have accomplished real-world success.

We also bring in real-world role models, motivators, and those fabulous folks who’ve inspired us along the way – to share their stories with our budding entrepreneurs.

If nothing else in this entire world, we believe in community rather than competition…. and we can’t wait to watch you turn your dreams into plans.




Find additional information and register for our next Toronto Beginner Wedding Planning Certification workshop at www.Plannercademy.com


With love…

With love canadian wedding planning academy

Our inaugural Canadian Wedding Planning Academy workshop was sponsored by:

The Richmond

Aisle Planner

Purestorm Studios

Divine Furniture Rental

Opening Night Flowers

Gown + Glory Bridal Boutique

Your Shop Girl


Canadian Wedding Planning Academy Sponsors

Care to share your wedding- related success story with our next group of aspiring dreamers? We’d love to see you featured among our weekend session sponsors! And if you don’t get stagefright, maybe you can come up and share a few words from our Success-Story panel?

Send us a note: info@Plannercademy.com

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    just a girl who loves her job
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Derry + Daniel :: Rosewater, Toronto
Posted 02 May, 2015

WGxPlannercademy™ :: welcome to the next level.
Posted 01 May, 2015

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Posted 23 Apr, 2015

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